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CD- 0102    Bay County Michigan 1919 Directory Entries 

CD-0106 Resident and Business Directory of Hingham, Mass., 1885

CD-0108  -  Resident & Business Directory of Canton, Mass. for 1887

CD-0109  -  Annals of Tazewell County, Virginia Vol 1 -  by John Newton Harmon, Sr, 1922. 

  Annals of Tazewell County, Virginia Vol 2-  by John Newton Harmon, Sr, 1922. 

CD-0116  -  The Pittsburgh Directory for 1815

CD-0117  -  Westbrook Resident and Business Directory, 1897  [Maine]

CD-0120  -  Walton's Vermont Register, 1917

CD-0121  -   History of Seward County, Nebraska and the Reminscenses of Territorial History -                       by W W Cox, 1905.

CD-0122 - History of Montville, Connecticut, Formerly the North Parish of New London from 1640                   to 1896  -   compiled by Henry A Bake

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