CD-125 - History of the Cutter Family
of New England - Supplement

by William Richard Cutter, 1875

History of the Cutter Family of New England - Supplement -  A genealogical CD-ROM, copyright 2006, Dee Dee King,  The book has been digitally scanned to a high quality CD-R.  To view the file, you must have Adobe Reader, which is available free from

The book contains 97 pages of the descendants of the Cutter family of New England, a supplement to William Cutter's previous 365 page book - sorry, but we do not have access to the other book.   This booklet contains nice genealogical and historical records of the family  - a must for their researchers.  The are four index pages with lots of last names.  The CD is searchable.

These images were scanned to .pdf and require Adobe Reader to view.  Reader is available for free from  The images were digitally enhanced for the best possible quality.  Because we try to preserve the books and not "break them down" during the scanning process, some of the pages may be a bit crooked. We scan using grey scale, which makes the file a bit larger, but helps to keep the text crisp.  There may be an off-white background, depending on the quality of the original.  Sometimes there may also be a "halo" shadow from the scan. Some of our original books were in poor condition, but if the original is readable, the CD image will be also. These are such great resources, a few blemishes should be acceptable for such old, rare books.

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