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Erath County Texas Obituaries
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Erath County Texas Obituaries, Y

We indexed 14,684 obituaries for folks connected to Erath County, Texas. Area genealogist Marilyn Ewers dedicated years to collecting these files. They are provided through this site with permision from the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.  Obituaries generally start in the mid-1980s, but there are a few from earlier years. All years through 31 December 2006 have been consolidated into alphabetical lists by the first letter of the surname.
Y-004Yager, Stephen
Y-003Yancy, Albert
2001-156   Yancy, Arbie Draper
2002-074   Yancy, Lee
Y-010Yanez, Joe Antonio (Tony)
Y-009Yanez, Jose Antonio
2001-167   Yantis, James Collins
Y-001Yantis, Roy Otho
Y-008Yantis, Ruth C
Y-002Yarborough, Leta June
2006-078   Yarborough, Russel Bryan
2006-052   Yarbrough, Arthur Ray
Y-011Yarbrough, Betty Lanell Crain
Y-004Yarbrough, Canty Lee
Y-005Yarbrough, J W (Jake)
Y-007Yarbrough, Joy Anson
Y-005Yarbrough, Juanita Parker
Y-001Yarbrough, Katie M
2005-195   Yarbrough, Mary Kathryn
2005-196   Yarbrough, Mary Kathryn
Y-005Yarbrough, Oleta
Y-002Yarbrough, R M
Y-003Yarbrough, Riley E
Y-010Yarbrough, Willie Delight
Y-011Yardley, Doss
2005-067   Yardley, Opal Christian
2002-011   Yates, David Ray
Y-003Yates, Dossie
2003-063   Yates, Durelle Ware
Y-007Yates, Lucyle Lawson
Y-006Yates, Marty Paul
Y-010Yates, Neoma
2002-037   Yates, Roxie Bell
Y-011Ybarra, Filomena
Y-007Yeakley, Flavil R, Sr
2005-130   Yearsley, David Malcolm
Y-006Yeates, Earl Jackson
Y-011Yeates, Elsie
Y-010Yeates, James E
2006-113   Yeates, Jessie Lou
Y-001Yerby, LeeRoy
Y-003Yoakum, Virgil Lee
2005-122   Yoakum, Zella Mae (Scottie)
2001-031   Yocham, Alta Bernice
2001-082   Yocham, Grover Glenn (Red)
2005-076   Yocham, Jerry Lynn
Y-002Yocham, Loyd H
Y-008Yocham, Nora Mae
Y-006Yohner, Jon Scott
Y-006Yoho, Kathy Faye
2003-062   Yonnie, Pearl
Y-002York, Albin W
Y-006York, Alton (Hoss)
Y-001York, Bob
Y-006York, Calvin C
Y-008York, Eddie Bea
Y-011York, Eddy
Y-007York, Eleanor M
Y-004York, Geneva Elizabeth
2000-163   York, Gwendolyn Fay
Y-004York, Jethro Edward
Y-001York, John Michael
Y-001York, Maudie
2006-174   York, Rocky
2002-106   York, Rosa Lee
2000-093   Young, Aretta
Y-002Young, Baldwin Nash
2002-083   Young, Barbara Faye
Y-008Young, Ben
Y-005Young, Clayton Ofrail
Y-004Young, Gertrude O
2002-168   Young, Jack Earl, Sr
2002-002   Young, Jackie Rayborn
Y-007Young, Jake L
Y-007Young, Jean S
2001-104   Young, Jewell D (Joe)
Y-003Young, Joseph K
2001-013   Young, Larry Joe
Y-005Young, Lena Mae
2003-198   Young, Louis Edward (Joe)
2005-088   Young, Lucy Elizabeth Betty
Y-002Young, Lucy Leona
2001-063   Young, Mary
2001-055   Young, Nell
Y-002Young, Octavia H
2002-187   Young, Pearlie Mae
2001-073   Young, Rayford O
2006-100   Young, Ruby Pearl
Y-003Young, Sallie J
Y-004Young, William Herman
2000-052   Young, William Robert (Bill)
2005-075   Youngblood, Glindeth Nell
2006-013   Youngblood, James Ray
2000-112   Yowell, Tillman (T J)
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