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Erath County Texas Obituaries
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Erath County Texas Obituaries, W

We indexed 14,684 obituaries for folks connected to Erath County, Texas. Area genealogist Marilyn Ewers dedicated years to collecting these files. They are provided through this site with permision from the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.  Obituaries generally start in the mid-1980s, but there are a few from earlier years. All years through 31 December 2006 have been consolidated into alphabetical lists by the first letter of the surname.
W-067Wacker, Marjorie Miller
2001-061    Waddell, Betty Ann
W-017Waddell, Clifford
2003-169    Waddle, Archie Wilbert
2002-052    Waddle, Edith Joan
2002-136    Wade, Alfretta
2003-133    Wade, Ben Charley
2004-141    Wade, Billy Lee
W-024Wade, Charles Edwin
2005-208    Wade, Delia Marie
2000-104    Wade, H E
W-078Wade, Lonye
2002-161    Wade, Michael Richard, II
2006-050    Wade, Sandra L
W-046Wadlington, Donald R
2005-053    Wadlington, Mavourleen
2005-150    Wadsworth, Walter Ray
W-060Waggener, Ruth D
W-093Waggoner, Allen Fain
2004-090    Waggoner, Dan Ross
W-077Wagley, Evy Mae
W-122Wagman, Harold H
2006-121    Wagman, Irene
W-023Wagner, Robert Harris
2006-186    Wagner, Ruth Howe
2006-025    Wagner, Wanda
W-001Wahl, Wayne
W-053Waits, Wayne W
W-103Waits, William L, Jr
W-025Wake, William Henry
W-127Wakefield, Catherine
W-008Wakefield, Cressie Lelia
W-003Wakefield, Lloyd P
2003-219    Wakefield, Myrle
W-103Walden, Roxie T
2006-134    Waldie, Mary Grissom
W-042Waldrep, Beulah B
2002-132    Waldrep, Ines Viola
W-004Waldrop, Ola Constance
W-113Waldrup, W E Pete
W-020Walker, Carlos (Carlas) Lynette Harlow
W-058Walker, Charlene
2001-082    Walker, Charles Durwood
W-072Walker, Charles R
W-105Walker, Dale
W-129Walker, Delton E
2002-063    Walker, E E (Flash)
W-004Walker, E Elbridge
2006-058    Walker, Eddie Rivers
W-001Walker, Effie
W-074Walker, Elvin A
W-007Walker, Emma
W-120Walker, Eula
2001-035    Walker, Euna Bell
W-052Walker, Faye Lennie
W-075Walker, Frankie Jean
W-097Walker, Georgia W Evans
2000-050    Walker, Harvye Lee
W-044Walker, Henry A
W-049Walker, Ida Ann
W-013Walker, J C
W-052Walker, J D
W-123Walker, J D
W-124Walker, J D
W-033Walker, James Franklin (Son)
W-032Walker, Janna Lee
W-126Walker, Jean
W-098Walker, Jesse Floy
2001-178    Walker, Jewell
2000-001    Walker, Juanita
2000-171    Walker, Leona Evelyn
2004-170    Walker, Lyra Fayne Coan
W-030Walker, Martha Jane Wolverton
W-073Walker, Martha Louise
W-031Walker, Mattie L
W-002Walker, Nell Jane
W-011Walker, Nora Lee
2006-024    Walker, Norma Jean
W-032Walker, Orval D (Jimmy)
2003-062    Walker, R D
W-076Walker, Robert Clinton (Robbie)
W-110Walker, Robert H
W-103Walker, Rudene
W-086Walker, S B (Sam)
W-070Walker, Stephen E
W-021Walker, Susie N
2004-066    Walker, Ted
W-069Walker, Thelma Newcomer
2001-175    Walker, Ulon Edward (Jelly)
W-028Walker, Verlyn
2006-191    Walker, Vieta Cox
W-036Walker, Willie Ward
W-090Walker, Willie Whatley
2003-199    Walker, Woodrow
2006-152    Walkoviak, Mary Edna
2002-081    Wall, Aaron
2003-057A  Wall, Jay
W-017Wall, Lee Lyle
W-041Wall, Lloyd A
2005-070    Wall, Mabel V
W-040Wall, Mack W
W-119Wall, Mike Junior
2002-017    Wall, Patsy
W-037Wallace, Bart Edwin (Eddie)
2002-156    Wallace, Beadie Pearl
W-093Wallace, Bob
W-099Wallace, Gertrude Osborn
2002-112    Wallace, Helen Elizabeth
W-032Wallace, Hilda Davis
W-100Wallace, Lena Betty
2006-055    Wallace, Maude
2003-119    Wallace, Pauline
W-055Wallace, Ruby Marie
2004-005    Wallace, Russell
2004-005    Wallace, Russell Farrell
W-092Wallace, Stella Louise
W-075Wallace, Vernon
W-125Wallace, W A (Bill)
W-128Waller, Craig
W-032Walles, Ethel Wilson
W-054Walles, John E
2003-063    Walling, Alice Mae
W-054Walling, Anna Leone
2006-113    Walling, Lloyd Ray
2006-047    Walling, William Lee
2005-202    Wallis, James E (Bud)
W-129Wallis, Travis L
2001-128    Walls, Cloven (C B)
2006-042-43Walls, O T
2006-130    Walraven, Robert Garner Jr
W-053Walser, Audrey (Chandler)
2003-086    Walston, Morris
W-026Walsworth, Jim
W-030Walsworth, Mattie Edith
W-085Walter, Nellie Gordon
W-061Walters, Billy C
2001-052    Walters, Melba
2005-185    Walters, William Shane
W-098Walther, Matthew
W-081Walton, Ann S
2000-052    Walton, Beulah
2000-122    Walton, Crawford
2003-086    Walton, Donna Charlene
2006-019    Walton, Estelle Cook
2003-091    Walton, Gassaway
2002-039    Walton, Gertrude (Trudy)
2003-029    Walton, Herman E (Chuck)
W-025Walton, Les
2001-003    Walton, Montsy
W-078Waltrip, Erah F
W-074Wand, Larry, Sr
W-015Wann, James M
2004-088    Ward, Aaron F
2004-165    Ward, Barbara
W-089Ward, Ben Ford
2001-120    Ward, David
W-129Ward, Harold D
W-028Ward, Hilda F
2004-084    Ward, Hilley Reese
W-087Ward, Iva M
W-043Ward, James Richard
2005-094    Ward, Jenean
W-027Ward, L A
2001-058    Ward, Leone L
W-073Ward, Loyle Nance
W-129Ward, Margaret Irene
2003-212    Ward, Myrtle
2001-108    Wardlaw, Beryl Chastain
W-125Wardlaw, Jack
2002-024AWardlaw, Marie Wafford
2002-165    Wardlaw, Richard David
W-009Wards, Ida Bell
W-049Ware, Buna
W-066Ware, Dorothy
W-110Ware, Gary Andrew
J-032  Ware, Peggy Lynn
2000-161    Ware, Velma
2002-154    Waren, Alice Louise
W-064Warfford, Forrest Penry
2004-155    Warfford, George Alexander
W-064Warfford, Hilda
W-044Warford, Opal Jo
2004-151    Warner, Billie Bruce
W-121Warner, Billy Joe
W-017Warner, Edmond Religh (Ted)
2003-049    Warner, Mary "Earline"
W-014Warner, Phrone
W-030Warnock, Maude L
W-121Warren, Ben B
W-039Warren, Betty Evelyn
W-040Warren, Bill
2005-078    Warren, Billie Merle
2004-041    Warren, Cecil Doyle
W-033Warren, Darrell D
W-034Warren, Daryl
W-109Warren, Dorothy Dell
2004-160    Warren, Glenna Leo
W-055Warren, H A
2001-006    Warren, Janette
2002-006    Warren, Jesie Royce
W-049Warren, Jessie (Buger)
2004-046    Warren, John Wesley
2004-048    Warren, John Wesley
W-046Warren, Leslie Danton (L D)
2005-185    Warren, Marcia Grace
2001-017    Warren, Mary Helen
2003-162    Warren, Mary Katherine
W-057Warren, Mattie Leona
W-113Warren, Mona Joyce
2001-192    Warren, Ora Wallis
W-024Warren, Paul W
2000-175    Warren, Rebecca Lee
W-027Warren, Verle P
W-130Wartes, Carolyn
2004-044    Wartes, Charles Grady
2006-141    Wartes, Grady
W-055Washburn, Carl Edgar
W-045Washburn, Mary Elizabeth
2002-081    Wason, Kelly Don
2006-031-32Waterland, Dorothy B
W-047Waters, Albert Bartlette
W-060Waters, David R
2001-061    Watkins, Barbara
2000-029    Watkins, Chester Lafayette
2002-107    Watkins, Christene
2002-185    Watkins, Dorothy
W-029Watkins, Eva Von
W-066Watkins, Glenn
W-115Watkins, John Robert
W-000Watkins, Malcolm E (Mike)
W-108Watkins, Orpah Alice Merritt
W-026Watkins, Willie
W-035Watson, Carl Edward
W-035Watson, Dale Everett
2003-081    Watson, Dieletta
2006-182    Watson, Eloise Bunnell
W-120Watson, Harold Loyd
2001-036    Watson, Horace Windell
2001-038    Watson, Horace Windell
W-066Watson, J W
W-067Watson, J W
2001-182    Watson, James C
2000-096    Watson, Janet (Jenny)
W-015Watson, Jimmie Lee
W-089Watson, Joe Ray
2004-182    Watson, John Perry, Jr
2002-091    Watson, L Aubrey
W-024Watson, Laura Ann Tugwell
W-066Watson, Lillian Florette (Micki)
2006-175    Watson, Mary Ruth
W-126Watson, R B Garvice
W-055Watson, Raymond (Buddy)
2002-107    Watson, Robert Wayne
2004-101    Watson, Sarah (Lizzie)
W-034Watson, Vergle Sledge
2006-007    Watson, Violet Mae
W-003Watson, Walton Oran
2005-106    Watson, Willie Erline
W-019Watterson, Lula B
2002-174    Watts, Floyd D (Brick)
W-008Watts, Gladys Mayfield
W-071Waugh, Hubert E, Jr (Hubie)
W-012Waugh, Hubert Eugene
2001-017    Waugh, Ray
W-079Way, Minnie G
2000-025    Way, Wade Armonde (W A)
W-119Waymack, Mona D
W-018Weaks, Nellie Viola
W-045Weaks, W F
W-094Weatherby, Charles Melton
2002-089    Weatherby, J H, Sr (Jim)
W-083Weatherby, Mary Frances
W-077Weatherly, Garland C
W-059Weatherly, Noah
2004-151    Weatherred, Carolyn
2002-132    Weathers, Juanita Cora
W-081Weathers, Lawna Joyce
2005-127    Weaver, Alzira Robertson
W-006Weaver, Angela Beth
W-094Weaver, Eula Mae
W-028Weaver, Hollis Melton
W-042Weaver, Leonard Daymond
W-022Weaver, Lester
W-017Weaver, Lora
W-095Weaver, Robert Edward
2005-032    Weaver, Ruby Leota
W-070Weaver, Sam
W-107Webb, Cecil Mae
2005-096    Webb, Emily Kay
2005-097    Webb, Emily Kay
W-114Webb, Isabelle Renae
W-083Webb, James (Jimmy)
W-050Webb, Juanita
2004-164    Webb, Kenneth
2004-162    Webb, Kenneth Ray, Sr
W-029Webb, Mamie Dee
2004-073    Webb, Martha Elephare
2003-115    Webb, R L
W-027Webb, Rose E
W-063Webb, Royal
W-052Webster, Edrie Mae
2002-115    Webster, Joan
W-078Webster, John W
W-081Webster, Marvin Roy
W-009Wedlich, John A
W-076Weekes, Kenneth P
2004-082    Weekes, Marjorie E
W-027Weekley, Louise
W-063Weekley, Pat
W-112Weeks, John Calvin (Buddy)
W-045Weeks, Leslie Young
2004-131    Weems, Albert Doyle
W-087Weems, Arlon (Chink)
2005-061    Weems, Cecil Glyn
2005-221    Weems, Cecile
W-127Weems, J Eddie, Jr
W-055Weems, L G
W-071Weems, Mitchell Dwain
W-008Weems, Nellie O
W-065Weems, Nina Nambi
W-056Weems, Sherman Ralph
W-117Weese, Mary Elizabeth
W-102Weger, Dortha
2000-020    Weidenbach, Pansy Modena
W-036Weidner, Dee
W-116Weidner, Ima Gatha
2000-133    Weiland, Travis Lee
W-105Weir, William H, Jr (Tuffy)
2004-077    Welch, Alton Dewayne
W-036Welch, Angie White
2006-060    Welch, Bertha George (Georgie)
2004-145    Welch, Eddie Mac, Jr
2004-146    Welch, Eddie Mac, Jr
2004-147    Welch, Eddie Mac, Jr
2005-039    Welch, Eddie Ralph
2005-132    Welch, Elsie Jo
W-021Welch, Eva (Mrs R A)
W-061Welch, Georgia
W-044Welch, Hazel
2005-071    Welch, Jack C
2005-072    Welch, Jack C
W-007Welch, Jack H
W-108Welch, James Mancle
W-047Welch, James Porter
W-057Welch, Jessie Iona
W-062Welch, Larry Don
W-080Welch, Lila Christine
2005- 182   Welch, Mary Kathleen Sandidge
2004-179    Welch, Myrle
2000-005    Welch, Oscar
W-016Welch, Robert (Butch)
W-123Welch, Winston
W-079Welcher, Lilly Fay (Northcutt Mills)
W-057Weldon, Cornelius Michael
W-022Weldon, Effie Lodesca
2002-028    Weldon, Ima Odean
2000-059    Weldon, Jerry
W-007Weldon, Kenneth C
W-038Wellborn, Billy Joe
W-041Wellborn, James Thomas
W-121Wellborn, William Wayne
W-123Wellborn, Wilma Pauline
W-122Weller, Patrick
W-117Weller, Sue Helen Bradshaw
2001-150    Wells, Amanda Kay
W-091Wells, Ben H
W-014Wells, Clyde H
W-092Wells, Dennis Wayne
2003-215    Wells, Dessie Lowrey
W-026Wells, Edna
2005-045    Wells, Hershal Wayne
W-034Wells, Jack Marion
W-078Wells, Jimmy
2004-138    Wells, Joyce
W-004Wells, Lexie Tom
W-073Wells, Mildred Riley
W-009Wells, Patricia A
2006-027    Wells, Robert
2003-166    Wells, Ronnie Lee
2004-038    Wells, Rudolph Daniel
W-020Wells, Sam Houston
W-028Wells, Virginia
W-114Wells, Zelma Dutch Eula
2006-103    Welson, Billy Dale
2006-047    Welton, Francis "Ginger"
W-036Welton, Howard Emery
W-005Welton, Lucy C
2003-178    Wende, Elsie Johanna
2006-077    Wende, Martin Daniel
W-046Wende, W H (Bill)
W-013Wenmohs, John R
2000-017    Wentz, Herbert
W-090Werther, Lillie Mae
W-013Wesley, Oma
W-074Wesson, Ava Lee
W-012Wesson, Frank Henry
W-009Wesson, Opal
W-104Wesson, Tennie
W-086West, Audrey Faye
2005-194    West, Carrie Phlay
W-119West, Connie Modess
2004-025    West, George F (Curly)
2006-186    West, Harlen Reeves
2004-154    West, James Ray
2005-095    West, Lola Mae Ripley
W-054West, Loretta Ethel
2005-202    West, Ricky Joe
W-035West, Robert Keith (Chief)
2006-104    West, Robert Peat
2006-057    West, Vera Lavelle
2001-019    Westbrook, (Clair) Dean Ray
2004-041    Westbrook, Mary Ann
W-038Westbrook, Rosco
2003-105    Westfall, Boyd Lane
2004-018    Westfall, Leda Mae
W-019Westfall, William Elmer
2005-224    Westfall, William Jackson
W-116Westfall, Wilmer, Jr (Dub)
W-111Westman, Nora
2002-087    Westmoreland, Emma Luen
W-101Westmoreland, Euel Harland (Skin)
W-069Westmoreland, Juanita (Nita)
W-057Westmoreland, Maxine Collinsworth
W-111Westmoreland, Mozell Alice
2003-144    Westmoreland, Newman C (Wes)
2001-024    Westmoreland, Viola
W-082Weston, Dean
2005-020    Weston, Juanita
W-107Westphal, Ellwin Charles
W-118Wetzel, Elizabeth Koonce (Betty)
2005-017    Wetzel, Marie Launa
W-115Wetzel, Mo
2006-034    Whan, Donna Evelyn
2001-068    Wharton, Jerry Wayne
W-061Whatley, Ada Rudell
W-102Whatley, Doris Marie
W-110Whatley, Lois Nancy
W-106Wheat, Emily Jane
W-033Wheat, J B, Jr
2002-169    Wheat, Jack
2003-035    Wheeler, Barbara Posey
W-039Wheeler, Berton J
W-085Wheeler, Claudell (Bud)
2001-159    Wheeler, Lee Wayne
W-096Whelchel, Thazel
W-025Whisenant, Allen Andrew
2004-110    Whisenant, Coy F
W-056Whisenant, Edna
W-049Whisenant, Luddie Gay
W-065Whisenant, Martin
W-050Whisenant, Nathaniel Robert
W-019Whisenant, Richard Dale
W-034Whisenant, Ruby Vide
2005-118    Whitacre, James Bart
2005-074    Whitacre, James Bart  [n]
2005-017    Whitacre, Louise L
2000-106    Whitaker, Joe B
2003-202    White, Bessie Lee
W-074White, Bether Lucille
W-075White, Billie Ray
W-021White, Bobby Joe
2000-124    White, Buster
2000-124    White, Buster
W-087White, Carolin Ligon
W-066White, Clarence Elwood (C E)
W-070White, Cora E
2001-020    White, Delia Adell
2005-128    White, Dorothy Madeline
W-016White, Elsie Mae
2001-029    White, Elton L (Buddy)
W-119White, Forbes L
2005-141    White, Grady
W-091White, Harmon M
W-047White, Harrell Leon
2004-060    White, Herman Grant, II (H G)
2004-152    White, J G
W-020White, James Lee
W-022White, James Russell (Lefty)
W-040White, James W (Jack)
W-112White, Jesse Lee
W-055White, Jewel L
W-050White, John L
W-071White, John Oliver
W-075White, Juana J
W-054White, Juarice Camille
W-103White, Junius N (Son)
2004-072    White, Larry Carl
W-076White, Linda Jane
W-068White, Lola B
W-001White, Lula V
W-007White, Mamie Adams
2000-113    White, Margaret Norris
2005-151    White, Marjorie
2005-152    White, Marjorie
W-045White, Mattie Deaton Gordon
2006-180    White, Maxine
W-078White, Merley Lee
2004-025    White, Milton D
2002-123    White, Minnie Myrl
W-058White, Oneita
W-066White, Pauline
W-043White, Raleigh Lee
W-021White, Ralph W
W-126White, Robert L
W-064White, Rudine
2005-085    White, Shelly Sno
W-068White, Stanley
W-098White, Velma Leatrice Steele
W-050White, Viola Woods
W-051White, Viola Woods
W-018White, W Thelma
W-064White, Willie Mae
W-022Whitefield, Clyde (Bud)
2004-107    Whitefield, Flossie Jewel
2005-071    Whitefield, Grace
W-018Whitefield, H O
2005-045    Whitefield, Jerry Don
2005-047    Whitefield, Jerry Don
W-080Whitefield, John R
2001-148    Whitefield, Nancy
W-127Whitehead, Coy Allen
W-031Whitehead, George William
2004-129    Whitehead, Inez Landes
2001-138    Whitehead, Irene
W-052Whitehead, Irene
W-031Whitehead, Jimmy Monroe
2003-109    Whitehead, Mary LaNell
W-017Whitehead, Milton H
W-037Whitehead, Robert (Cotton)
2006-194    Whitehead, Ross DeWayne
2002-155    Whitehead, Thomas Dean, Sr
W-008Whitehead, William Rufus
W-012Whitehill, Joshua Lynn
W-058Whitehurst, Audie
2002-163    Whiteley, Birdie Marie
W-027Whiteley, Lois Alline
W-026Whiteley, Rue Addison (Hammer)
W-007Whiteley, Tommy Gene
W-125Whiteley, Victor Joe
W-113Whitely, Jessie D
W-045Whitely, L C
W-119Whitenton, David
2006-131    Whitenton, David Ray
2000-059    Whitenton, Pauline
2002-192    Whitenton, Veleta Mae
W-035Whiteside, Benjamin Eural
W-107Whiteside, Cleo LaNelle (Linda)
2006-119    Whiteside, Frankie Cleo
2001-098     Whiteside, Opal Pearl
W-088Whitfield, Billie Ray
W-013Whitfield, Bryan Valton
2006-162    Whitfield, David Harrell
2002-194    Whitfield, Eudell
W-046Whitfield, Gary Gene
W-087Whitfield, Grover (Bill)
W-106Whitfield, Herman Alton
2002-056    Whitfield, Ila Mae
2000-082     Whitfield, Ina Faye
2004-114    Whitfield, Janis
W-037Whitfield, Mae Lee
W-075Whitfield, Page
2005-122    Whitfield, Thelma Almeta
W-037Whitfield, Wayland
2006-163    Whitis, Thomas Benton Jr
2002-040    Whitis, Thomas Benton, III (Tommy)
2001-056    Whitley, G L
W-067Whitley, Lisa Ann
2005-180    Whitling, Jack Oliver
2000-153AWhitman, Carolyn Moore
W-088Whitmire, Cletis Ray
2003-148    Whitney, Bonnie Sue
2002-105    Whitsel, Larry
2005-036    Whitson, Judy Faye
W-012Whitson, Mary Mauzee
W-079Whitt, Dorothy Griffin
W-028Whitten, Virgie Marie
W-026Whittenberg, Dollie
2001-143    Whitworth, Anita
2004-089    Whitworth, Bill
2005-167    Whitworth, Jimmy E (Tweet)
W-073Wichman, Mattie G
2003-108    Wiedebusch, Agatha Ann
W-060Wiedebusch, George Henry
W-095Wienecke, Otto, Jr
W-025Wier, Lee Roy
W-042Wier, Wallace Travis
W-045Wiese, Alma
W-020Wiese, Charlie W
2003-132    Wiese, Donna
W-099Wiese, Jerry J
2006-175    Wiggins, Irene
W-067Wiggins, Liston
2002-053    Wiggins, Mary
W-038Wiginton, Ila Smith (Barbee)
W-006Wigley, Regina Ann
2006-190    Wignet, Edith "Marienne"
2004-092    Wilborn, Diana Jean
2006-182    Wilcoxon, Maxine
2000-111    Wilcoxson, Jessie Faye
W-002Wilde, Loretta
2005-206    Wiler, Joan
W-027Wilfong, Casey B
W-023Wilhelm, Cortez Miller
2001-107    Wilhelm, Mary Elizabeth (M E)
2003-047    Wilhelm, Michael Lee
2002-022    Wilhelm, Ray Edmond
W-101Wilkerson, B K
W-099Wilkerson, Edna Myrle
W-070Wilkerson, Jim H
W-053Wilkerson, L D
2004-164    Wilkerson, Lou Ann
2001-051    Wilkerson, Lucille
2006-004    Wilkerson, Mary Alice
W-041Wilkerson, Sean Douglas
W-070Wilkins, Charles Edward
W-019Wilkins, Houston B (Jelly)
2004-172    Wilkins, Ila McClellan
W-028Wilkins, Nellie Mae
W-127Wilkinson, Eva June Smith
W-077Wilkinson, Sara Thomas
W-034Willard, Lucille
2005-130    Willard, Verna
2004-011    Willburn, Madge
2002-117    Willett, Joe L
2001-013    Williams, Albert Joseph
2001-033    Williams, Alice P
W-095 Williams, Allie J
2003-152    Williams, Alma Elizabeth
2001-018    Williams, Alvin Leon
W-084Williams, Barney
2001-186    Williams, Berry
2002-027    Williams, Bertha May
W-124Williams, Beryl Jo
W-004Williams, Beulah
W-022Williams, Billie Maxcene
W-062Williams, Billy Charles
W-074Williams, Brenda Joyce
2003-132    Williams, C B
W-128Williams, C C Bill
W-003Williams, C Weldon
W-072Williams, Cara Kathleen Douglas
2004-138    Williams, Catherine Naoma
W-043Williams, Charles
2006-016    Williams, Cindy Ann
2002-035    Williams, Clarence (C B)
W-078Williams, Cleaburn A (Clay)
W-053Williams, Corinne Tudor
W-031Williams, Darrell
2002-090    Williams, Dexter
2003-013    Williams, Diane Lea
W-076Williams, Dianna D
W-015Williams, Donald H
2003-149    Williams, Donna Mae
W-112Williams, Dora Ann (Doodle)
2000-151    Williams, Doris E
2001-103    Williams, Dorothy Frances
W-025Williams, Dorothy Pauline
W-054Williams, Dorothy Syer
2003-159    Williams, Dulice LaVerne
2001-081    Williams, Dwight
2004-118    Williams, Ed Hurle
2004-007    Williams, Eddie Lum
2001-079    Williams, Eldean Thomas
2004-055    Williams, Eloise Wisdom
W-043Williams, Elsie
2004-052    Williams, Elsie Marie Hampton
2001-171    Williams, Emma Lou
W-088Williams, Eva Mae
2001-008    Williams, Evelyn
W-039Williams, Farrell James
2004-167    Williams, Faye
2002-123    Williams, Frankie Allen
2003-131    Williams, Gary Wayne
2004-126-27Williams, Gladys Vern
2005-146    Williams, Glenn H
W-077Williams, Goldie Bell
W-091Williams, Gwen O
W-031Williams, Harriet Annie
W-048Williams, Henry Neal
W-109Williams, Herbert Lee
W-115Williams, Homer Adair
2003-066A  Williams, Homer H
W-015Williams, Jack M
W-050Williams, Jack O
W-022Williams, Jess Calvin
W-055Williams, Jesse
W-071Williams, Jesse Melton Alexander
2005-083    Williams, Jimmie Ray (Dad)
2005-084    Williams, Jimmy Ray (Dad)
W-005Williams, John C
2005-147    Williams, John Wesley
2006-041    Williams, Johnie Floyd
W-035Williams, Johnny Bailey
W-076Williams, Kathleen (Kay)
2005-197    Williams, Leo M
2002-156    Williams, Leota Mae
W-120Williams, Lewis Edward
W-079Williams, Lillie Faye
W-086Williams, Lillie Melinda
W-021Williams, Ludie B
W-023Williams, Luther
2006-069-70Williams, Malinda Dee
W-096Williams, Marie Bean Walton
W-118Williams, Marvelene
W-114Williams, Mary Bell
W-070Williams, Mary Evelyn (Powell)
W-016Williams, Mary Louise
2002-188    Williams, Mary Ruth
2000-143    Williams, Maxine L
W-020Williams, Mildred Jones Glover
W-053Williams, Mozelle
2002-083    Williams, Myrtle
2002-124    Williams, Nancy Mae
W-040Williams, Neil
W-002Williams, Norma June
2005-068    Williams, O B
2005-069    Williams, O B
W-013Williams, Ola L
2003-039    Williams, Ora Hoskins Swain
W-017Williams, Paul F
W-020Williams, Paul V
W-065Williams, Pete A
W-074Williams, Phil
W-076Williams, Ray (Fluffy)
W-074Williams, Reba Alice Galoob
W-028Williams, Rebekah Lewis
W-021Williams, Rhudene
W-024Williams, Ruth B
W-043Williams, Ruth Clinton
2004-179    Williams, Sara Elizabeth (Reese)
2001-030    Williams, Sidney
W-018Williams, Tamma Jewel
W-044Williams, Thomas Collin
W-034Williams, Ursie Stigler
W-128Williams, Violet Carpenter
2005-122    Williams, Wayne L
2005-123    Williams, Wayne L
W-090Williams, William B (Bo)
W-053Williams, Willie Shelby
W-012Williams, Zelma Hamilton
W-051Williamson, Billy
W-059Williamson, Edna Doris
W-047Williamson, Gladys Edna
2003-197    Williamson, Glenn
W-038Williamson, J P
W-047Williamson, L E
2005-059    Williamson, Laura Jim
W-008Williamson, Lonnie
2001-103    Williamson, Martha Ann
W-048Williamson, Mary Elizabeth
W-006Williamson, Ruth
W-119Williamson, Sherman V
W-016Williamson, Shirley
W-032Williamson, Ura Maurine
W-060Williamson, Vada A
2003-218    Williamson, Willard
W-029Williamson, Zelma Trice
W-108Williford, Bealice
W-105Williford, Carl
W-122Williford, Nettie A
W-071Willingham, Coye
W-097Willingham, James L
W-004Willingham, John Estle
2002-092    Willingham, Mae Petit
2000-029    Willis, Betty
W-114Willis, Clarence Lewis (Sonny)
W-001Willis, Donald Mark
W-127Willis, Dwight Dee
W-082Willis, I G
W-004Willis, J Hub
W-053Willis, James Norwood (Jim)
W-011Willis, Jewel M (Mom)
W-071Willis, Joyce
2006-039    Willis, Margie Lou
W-101Willis, Ollin Aubry, Sr
2000-074    Willis, Ollin Mrs (Willie Mae)
W-061Willis, Robert Cecil
W-034Willis, Suzanne
W-031Williston, Norma
2001-049    Willmoth, Ruby Mayfield
2006-189    Wills, Peggy
W-128Willson, Juanita Leona
2005-206    Wilmot, Esmer Holland
W-093Wilmoth, Lillian Ruth
W-073Wilson, Abbie Velma
2000-020    Wilson, Alta Louise Thompson
W-029Wilson, Ben E
W-087Wilson, Bobby W
W-070Wilson, Corona Miles
2001-026    Wilson, Daniel F, Jr
2000-068    Wilson, Elbert
2005-082    Wilson, Ella Mitchell
W-125Wilson, Elsie
2005-098    Wilson, Enza Dell
2003-164    Wilson, Frances Moss
2001-146    Wilson, George W
W-033Wilson, Georgia Savanah
W-049Wilson, Herma Alice
2000-071    Wilson, James Alvy
W-040Wilson, John
W-117Wilson, John
W-039Wilson, John L
W-058Wilson, Johnnie Thomas
2000-166    Wilson, Josephine Inez
2000-034    Wilson, Joyce Hope
2000-115    Wilson, Juanita La Verne Crabb
W-081Wilson, Laura Alice
2004-064    Wilson, Leeann Pate
W-067Wilson, Lessie Mae
2003-210    Wilson, Letha Faye
2003-010    Wilson, Lorene Kerley
2004-180-81Wilson, Lori Michelle
2002-110    Wilson, Lowell Eugene
2001-078    Wilson, Lucile
2000-088    Wilson, Mary Ida
W-085Wilson, Mary Ludie
W-036Wilson, Mary Vivian
W-123Wilson, Mazie Carlisle
W-104Wilson, Melvin Lynn
W-090Wilson, Mildred
2000-139    Wilson, Mildred (Marcie)
W-102Wilson, Modena Fraley
W-023Wilson, Olive
2003-033    Wilson, Otis Ralph
2005-217    Wilson, R L (Pappy)
W-082Wilson, R L (Rocky)
W-104Wilson, Ralph D
2005-154    Wilson, Ronald Lynn (Ronnie)
2005-155    Wilson, Ronald Lynn (Ronnie)
2003-217    Wilson, Roy H
W-051Wilson, Roy Jess
W-062Wilson, Tammy Sue
2001-073    Wilson, Verna Ima McFadden
W-054Wilson, Viola M
W-052Wilson, W F (Red)
2001-029    Wilson, Wade Walter
W-086Wilson, Walter Raymond
2006-177           Wilson, Wayne
W-124Wilson, William Brooklyn (Bill)
2003-027    Wilwant, Dorothy Jean
W-100Winberly, Eileen Natlee Gariepy
W-030Winchenbach, Randy Thomas
W-064Windham, Jack L
2002-110    Windham, Montie Marlene Oates Davis
2001-045    Winget, Henry M (Hank)
2002-113    Wingo, David S
2004-024-25Wingo, Ruth Jane
2004-032    Wingrove, Lela Marie
W-129Wingrove, R W (Bob)
W-130Winkle, Tennie Mae
W-007Winkles, Aletha Alta
2003-220    Winkles, Bobby Gail, Sr
2002-133    Winkles, Donna Kay
2004-186    Winkles, Mary K
W-077Winkles, W C (Dub)
W-063Winn, Zea Olin
W-068Winnie, Ethel Elizabeth
W-096Winnie, Neil
2006-034    Winsett, A W
2004-075    Winslow, Effie (Markey)
W-100Winters, Vera
2006-038    Winther, James
2001-159    Wisda, Larry
2002-166    Wisdom, Merlene
W-046Wisdom, William Jackson (Jack)
2006-130    Wise, David Douglas
2003-181    Wise, Dutchie
2006-095    Wise, James Porter
2001-157    Wise, Jewel E Fields
W-006Wise, K W
W-109Wise, Lorita Elizabeth
W-052Wisnieski, Joe W
W-046Wiswell, Lois H
2001-048    Witherspoon, Mary Augusta
W-059Witt, Allene N
2005-207    Witt, Celinda "Sally" Morin
W-072Witt, James L (Bill)
2006-012    Witt, John Richard
W-043Witten, Alberta (Bertie)
2006-105    Wilson, Donald Lee
2002-073    Wochos, Ethel F
2003-137    Wofford, Braedon James
2005-132    Wofford, Jason Stewart
2002-084    Wofford, Louis
W-129Wofford, OtaLee Martin
W-005Wolf, Aubrey
W-004Wolf, Aubrey Bryan
W-023Wolf, Jo Ann
2000-050    Wolfe, Bernice Evir
W-092Wolfe, Billie
W-124Wolfe, Brenda Ada
W-084Wolfe, Daniel M (Danny)
W-083Wolfe, Ernestine
2004-043    Wolfe, Gerald
2006-159    Wolfe, Harry Dwain
2006-161    Wolfe, Harry Dwain
2004-033    Wolfe, Hollis L
2000-073    Wolfe, James Lelon
W-114Wolfe, Jewel Alene Hutchison
W-002Wolfe, Jewel Redwine
W-037Wolfe, Margaret J
W-100Wolfe, Mattie Mae
W-113Wolfe, Thelma Ator
W-111Wolfe, Wendell Herbert
W-080Wolfe, Zena Irene
W-068Wolfenberger, Willie Lee, Jr
W-024Wolley, G L
W-122Womack, Christine
W-082Womack, O L (Son)
W-059Womack, Rachel Ham
2006-010    Wood, Aleene
2000-018    Wood, Billy G
2005-090    Wood, Bonnie B
W-073Wood, Dora Ann
W-130Wood, Edward L
W-025Wood, Eula Mae
2001-099    Wood, Florence D
2002-128    Wood, Fountain Joe, Jr
2000-081    Wood, H N (Rope)
W-051Wood, Harold B
W-009Wood, Inez Watson
W-051Wood, Jesse Derrell
W-024Wood, Jimmy
W-085Wood, Joe Bryan
W-051Wood, Josephine McAlister
W-098Wood, Leola H
W-063Wood, Lula Bell (Dude)
W-126Wood, Micah Joseph
2003-219    Wood, Myrtle Evelyn Howell
2005-042    Wood, Norma
W-035Wood, Norval
2000-049    Wood, Olive Clara
W-094Wood, Pearl
W-063Wood, Robert Lee
2005-080    Wood, Sam (PaPa)
2000-177    Wood, Shaun
2002-117    Wood, Thurmon J
W-067Wood, Vesta Viola Hoy
2002-099    Wood, Veta Parnell
2005-084    Wood, Virgie Garner
W-042Wood, Virgil A
W-116Wood, W A
W-097Wood, William Doyle
2006-122    Woodard, Bobby Dean
2001-015    Woodard, Modena S
2004-108    Woodruff, Amanda Dawn
W-037Woodruff, L D
W-033Woods, Alma Lee
2002-160    Woods, Betty Jean
W-051Woods, Beulah L
W-081Woods, Carey D, Jr
2004-158    Woods, Charles (Chuck)
W-029Woods, Edna
W-042Woods, Elmer Cornelius
W-044Woods, Ernest Lee
2000-099    Woods, Floyd L
W-057Woods, Frankie McDonald
W-095Woods, James Dean
W-001Woods, Mamie
W-030Woods, Mildred C
W-024Woods, Roger Wayne
W-018Woods, Susan Jeanette (Atkins)
2002-148    Woods, Truman Odell
2000-164    Woods, Velma Gladys
2002-131    Woods, Vergie Pearl
W-003Woods, Viola Kerley
2002-088    Woods, Ward
W-011Woods, William Jay
W-099Woods, Wilma Elizabeth
W-114Woodson, Ruth (Mrs C C)
W-049Woodward, Eileen Easter
W-061Woodward, Jimmie (Granny)
W-062Woodward, Jimmie (Granny)
W-041Woody, Florence
W-018Woody, Homer Elisha
2006-116    Woody, Sallie Pearl
2006-119    Woody, Sallie Pearl
2002-171    Woody, Vonceil Wright
2005-155    Woolaver, Allen
2001-083    Wooley, Clifton S
2001-085    Wooley, Clifton S
2004-064    Wooley, Donald Wade
W-117Wooley, Douglas William
2003-003    Wooley, Douglas William, Jr
W-128Wooley, Frank
W-060Wooley, Joe David
W-029Wooley, Lola Mae
W-033Wooley, Peggy Frances Weidner
2004-091    Woolley, Jerry R
W-118Woolsey, Lora Lucille
2001-038    Woolsey, Ruia "Sis"
W-040Wooten, Charles Robert
W-098Wooten, Cooper Reed
2002-162    Wooten, Dennis E
2002-154    Wooten, John Robert
W-016Wooten, Johnnie H
W-048Wooten, Mary Katherine
W-015Wooten, Willie
W-043Wooten, Zell
W-075Wooton, Alpha Cason
W-086Wooton, Buford Wayland
W-056Wooton, John Buford
W-050Word, John Fred
W-016Word, Vivian Ruth
2004-058    Worford, Edna Marie Chamberlin
W-002Wormwood, Eloise
W-001Worrell, Dock
W-118Worrell, Mary Elizabeth
2001-109    Worrell, Maxine J Harrison
W-056Worrell, Tommie
W-031Wragg, Bonner A
W-032Wragg, Bonner A
W-042Wragg, Inez I
W-096Wray, Thelma Oleta
W-063Wren, Dorothy Elizabeth
W-023Wren, Mayde Eva
W-072Wren, Olar Wendell
W-059Wren, Paul Neil
W-069Wren, Pearl L
2004-011    Wright, Bobby Joe
W-069Wright, Charles Dee
W-079Wright, Charles Wesley
W-078Wright, Chris C
2006-043    Wright, Clyde Buchanan "Hammer"
W-126Wright, Dee
W-093Wright, Dewey L
2003-200    Wright, Dorothy Edna
2000-042    Wright, Doyle
2005-018    Wright, Dyson Robert
W-023Wright, Elba Jordan
2001-174    Wright, Elbert George (Skebo)
2005-010    Wright, Elizabeth Claire Crenshaw
W-128Wright, Faith Caprice
W-080Wright, Frances Pace
2001-025    Wright, Gaylon "Gabe"
W-120Wright, George William
W-113Wright, Glynda Lee
W-025Wright, Howard
W-077Wright, Jacob C
W-123Wright, James Elvin
W-017Wright, Jay C
W-082Wright, Jesse M
2004-009    Wright, Jewell Williamson
W-125Wright, Joshua Donald
W-073Wright, Kenneth
2002-072    Wright, L A
W-089Wright, L D (Speck)
W-116Wright, Lallah M
W-069Wright, Lawrence Harold, Jr
W-106Wright, Leona Bingham
W-089Wright, Letha Fern
W-044Wright, Macie Smith
W-019Wright, Martha Augusta
W-002Wright, Mary Adeline
W-036Wright, Melvin Ray
W-019Wright, Metra Olga
W-072Wright, Mollie G
2006-009    Wright, Nelene Ashley
W-009Wright, Nona Wilson
W-010Wright, Nona Wilson
W-122Wright, Norman Elbert
W-062Wright, R D (Doc)
2001-146    Wright, Ray O
W-058Wright, Robert
W-013Wright, Sarah Elizabeth
W-111Wright, Vivian P
W-059Wrinkle, J M, Jr
W-104Wrinkle, Nella Beth
W-108Wuemling, Hans Dick
2001-082    Wuistinger, Shirley Ann
W-060Wulstinger, Jesse Rae
W-065Wyatt, Inez H
W-015Wyatt, Lloyd B
W-012Wyatt, Lloyd G
W-054Wyatt, Myrtle E
2002-044    Wyatt, Robert Leighton
2004-001    Wyatt, Terry Joe
W-110Wyatt, Willie
W-012Wyche, Fermon T
2002-123    Wyche, Rubye Alexander
W-120Wylie, Cage
W-003Wylie, Eura Mae
W-075Wylie, Harold D (Buck)
W-105Wylie, Nelson
W-124Wylie, Odessa Carter
W-115Wylie, R T (Etoyle)
2001-088    Wylie, Violet Mauldin
2005-179     Wyly, Billy Lewis
W-014Wyly, Eddie A
W-056Wyly, Emma Irene Carey
2001-031    Wyly, Grace May
2005-221    Wyly, Grady Earl (Pa Paw)
W-116Wyly, Lewis J
W-065Wyly, Margie C
2005-144    Wyly, Mary E
2005-145    Wyly, Mary E, Captain
2005-101    Wyly, Robert Edwin
W-008Wyly, Verna Lee
2003-046    Wyrick, Boncile
2003-185    Wyrick, Clayton Edward
W-048Wysong, Carroll
W-072Wysong, Julia A
W-002Wysong, Michael Julian
2003-008    Wysong, Pee Wee
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