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Erath County Texas Obituaries
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Erath County Texas Obituaries, V

We indexed 14,684 obituaries for folks connected to Erath County, Texas. Area genealogist Marilyn Ewers dedicated years to collecting these files. They are provided through this site with permision from the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.  Obituaries generally start in the mid-1980s, but there are a few from earlier years. All years through 31 December 2006 have been consolidated into alphabetical lists by the first letter of the surname.
V-010Vail, Charles R
2004-136   Vail, Melba J
V-005Valentine, Audry Mozelle
V-006Valenzuela, Matthew Saucedo
2000-001   Valle, Janalynn Davis
V-012Valle, Reynaldo Quebedo
V-001Van Item, Helen M
V-009Van Meter, Donald Ray
2000-017   Van Sickle, Woodrow
V-005Van Voast, Jean H
2005-060   Van Winkle, E B (Rip)
2000-102   Van Zandt, Lorene
V-009Vance, Eula V
V-011Vandagriff, Barbara
V-007Vandagriff, Ted
V-008Vander Horst, John James
V-002Vandergriff, Alyce
V-009Vandergriff, Ellen Noonkester
2005-201   Vandergriff, Jesse Clyde, Jr
2004-129   Vanderpool, Bennie Ray
V-011Vanderpool, Floyd
2005-012   Vanderpool, Opal Luella
V-009Vanderpool, Vera Odessa
2001-187   Vandevender, Everett William
2001-042   Vandeventer, Lorene Elizabeth
2003-169   Vande-Weerd, Mary Louise Bramlett
V-013Vandiver, Samuel Morris
V-007Vannatta, Carl
2002-073   Vara, Matias B
V-003Vargas, Benita Guerrero
V-009Vargas, Thomas, Jr
2000-025   Vasquez, Ezequiel
2002-010   Vasquez, Fred Francis
V-002Vasquez, Julio, Jr
2003-021   Vasquez, Louie
V-005Vasquez, Victor Javier
V-008Vasquez, Zaragosa (Kito)
2002-025   Vassar, James O
2002-182   Vaughan, Donald Dee
2001-178   Vaughan, Emma Lilian
V-004Vaughan, Essie Laverne
V-003Vaughan, Frits N
2002-170   Vaughan, Gary Dean
V-004Vaughan, Loren Hudson, Sr
V-011Vaughan, Thelma
V-008Vaughn, Bobbie Joe (Hamhock)
V-002Vaughn, Cecil H
V-002Vaughn, Clarence (Monk)
2000-001   Vaughn, Connie J
V-004Vaughn, Elsie Lue
2005-069   Vaughn, Esther
V-006Vaughn, Eula Faye
2001-065   Vaughn, Jewel
V-003Vaughn, Julia Ovella
V-003Vaughn, Leon
V-004Vaughn, Opal Fay
V-006Vaughn, Raymond Lesley
2002-182   Vaught, Ezma Louise
V-010Vaught, Jack
2003-076   Vaugn, Coda Cathey
V-008Vazquez, Esteban Rojas
2005-032   Vazquez, Louie
2005-021   Velecy, Grace Ellen Hallenbeck Taylor
2005-023   Velecy, Grace Ellen Hallenbeck Taylor
2001-072   Venable, Destiny Nicole
V-005Venable, Jim (Jimmy)
V-009Venable, Kari Lynn
2001-072   Venable, Taylor Jo
V-004Venable, Thelma
V-005Venable, Tommy R
2004-105   Vera, Elva G
V-012Vermillion, Ailsa
V-001Vernon, Eria
V-001Vest, Eugene C
2006-094   Vest, Rachel Ray
2006-131   Via, James Pratt
V-001Viator, Stella Elsie
2004-110   Vick, Dalton L
V-013Victory, Dorothy Lynn Thompson
2006-185   Villanueva, Leon
V-007Villalpando, Jacob
2006-182   Villanueva, Mary
V-007Villines, Ila
V-007Vincent, Donald (Shorty)
2003-166   Vincent, Max Elroy
V-011Vines, Drapon Ritchie
V-008Vineyard, A E
V-012Vineyard, Dean
V-013Vineyard, Steve
V-002Vinson, Annie Clare
2006-095   Vinson, Artie Myrtle
2004-104   Vinson, Charles J
V-003Vinson, Dessie Gladys
V-007Vinson, Elvis S
V-005Vinson, Virgle J, Sr
2000-172   Virgil, Clyde
2006-199   Virnich, Virginia Lee
V-010Viss, Neil
2004-088   Vivian, Patricia Marie
V-012Voight, Kirby Clifton
2005-043   Voigt, Arthur
V-006Voigt, Eula Mae
V-001Voigt, Stephen Clayton
2002-086   Volkart, Mary S
2004-154   Voorhies, Reta
V-002Voorhies, Roxie Annabelle
V-006Vosburg, Elves Roger
V-003Voshalike, Ernest Lee (Bo)
V-001Voss, Maxine I
V-006Voss, Verbon C
2000-101   Vowell, Ellen
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