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Erath County Texas Obituaries
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Erath County Texas Obituaries, T

We indexed 14,684 obituaries for folks connected to Erath County, Texas. Area genealogist Marilyn Ewers dedicated years to collecting these files. They are provided through this site with permision from the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.  Obituaries generally start in the mid-1980s, but there are a few from earlier years. All years through 31 December 2006 have been consolidated into alphabetical lists by the first letter of the surname.
2001-039  Tabb, Viola W
2000-037  Taber, Cora Mozelle
T-026Taber, Ellen Marie McDonald
2000-017  Taber, M F
T-056Tabor, Julia Agnes
T-063Tabor, Louis Milton
2001-088         Tackett, Charles Richard (Rick)
T-070       Tackett, Eula Bradley
2001-168  Tackett, Grayce Justina
2003-056  Tackett, Jesse Lee
T-046       Tackett, Jessie J (Mutt)
2002-195  Tackett, Johnnie Earl, III
2001-003  Tackett, Michael (Mike) Roy
2004-068  Tackett, Milton Wayne
T-027Tackett, Mont
T-037Tackett, Orval W
T-034Tackett, Rudy V
T-059Tackett, Vera Vanclief
2006-183          Tackett, Wilma Faye
T-025Tadlock, Odys E
T-016Tadlock, Parthena Bessie
2002-033  Tahmakera, Monroe
T-045Talamantez, Paula S
2002-073  Talamantez, Ruben
2005-030  Talerico, Ina
T-009Talley, Harmon H
T-071Talley, Mary Conner
2001-089  Talley, Naomi Stewart
T-025Talley, Ozella Jones
T-068Talley, Robert
T-042Talley, Vivian L
T-046Talley, William Carroll (Bill)
T-027Tally, Carl (Pop)
T-041Tamez, George R
T-033Tamez, Mary Lupe
T-019Tankersley, Billie V
T-049Tankersley, Dorothy Nell
T-061Tankersley, Kenneth
T-041Tankersley, Maggie Lee
T-002Tanner, Henry Hudson (Bud)
T-061Tanner, Ozella Monerger
T-036Tapp, Bryn Lawrence
2004-045  Tapp, Virginia
T-037Tapper, Dana
T-010Tarpley, Arthur R
T-014Tarpley, Barbara
T-056Tarpley, Esther Leora
T-009Tarpley, Henry C
2005-071  Tarpley, Walter D
2005-074  Tarpley, Walter D
T-028Tarrance, Charlie L
2002-160  Tarrance, Edward Eudell
T-034Tarrance, Emmitt
2005-171  Tarrance, Florence Louise
T-041Tarrance, Mary Linnie
T-029Tarrence, Fannie
T-038Tarver, Charles David
T-001Tarver, Clifton Haskell (Hack)
T-012Tarver, Climmie Marie
T-001Tarver, James W
2001-158  Tarver, Jimmy
T-022Tarver, Mattie Jones
T-020Tarver, Richard R (Toby)
2006-143-144    Tate, Barbara Ann Moore
T-001Tate, Billy Ruth
T-013Tate, Claude B, Sr
T-039Tate, Clyde E
T-028Tate, Donald Ray
T-034Tate, Eve Kraft
2006-146  Tate, Frances
2005-094  Tate, James Latham
2005-094  Tate, James Latham
2004-109  Tate, Joe Lynn
2000-086  Tate, John David
2005-091  Tate, Joseph Vernon
T-020Tate, Lena Fain
T-017Tate, Leone
2004-017  Tate, Leora
T-008Tate, Letha Maude
T-022Tate, Lois A
2006-126  Tate, Mary Elizabeth
T-004Tate, Mattie B
2001-091  Tate, Mattie Owen
C-002Tate, Mrs Ted
T-069Tate, Opal Pearl Lightfoot
T-015Tate, Ora Lee
T-035Tate, Sarah Marie
2000-096  Tate, Verna Z
2004-097  Tate, Vernon Jackson
T-025Tate, Viva C
T-072Tate, W H (Bill)
2000-178  Tate, Wanda Lou
2005-015  Tatsch, Anita F
2003-217Tatsch, Ed, Jr
T-006Tatsch, Elgin H
T-013Tatsch, Josephine Goodman
T-004Tatum, Audry Jean
2000-038  Tatum, George Ollie
2000-129  Tatum, Lena
T-067Tatum, Lois Irene
T-015Tatum, Thad James, Jr
T-048Tatum, Theola Elizabeth
T-011Taylor, Agnes Mae
T-008Taylor, Audie (Underwood)
2005-174  Taylor, Barbara Jane Bronson
T-034Taylor, Charles (C T)
T-015Taylor, Charles A
T-018Taylor, Della
T-065Taylor, Donald O
T-020Taylor, Elizabeth
2003-034  Taylor, Elyson B, Jr
T-034Taylor, Forrest N
T-071Taylor, George (Bud)
2004-161  Taylor, Gordon
2001-162  Taylor, Helen M
2000-174  Taylor, Ima
T-007Taylor, Joyce Nell
T-065Taylor, Kacee Lynn
T-006Taylor, Kenneth
T-003Taylor, Kenneth Ivan
2002-010  Taylor, Lawrence Eugene
2003-016  Taylor, Leonard F
2003-017  Taylor, Leonard F
T-017Taylor, LeRoy
2002-092  Taylor, Luther Eugene (Gene)
T-073Taylor, Mary G
T-038Taylor, Natalie Blair
T-004Taylor, Nona E
T-037Taylor, Owassa Mae
2005-201  Taylor, Phillip William
2000-142  Taylor, Sherl W
T-040Taylor, Shirley Ann
T-036Taylor, Sims B
T-042Taylor, Thomas Jefferson
2003-059  Taylor, Virginia Luker
2004-134  Teague, Avis Loraine
T-019Teague, Beatrice Williamson
2006-183  Teague, Billye Louise
T-042Teague, Chris
T-020Teague, Cleo Robison
T-014Teague, Forrest Chris
T-010Teague, Jim
2006-134  Teague, Leo M
T-043Teague, Louis Wesley
T-062Teague, Ray
T-012Teague, Verna May
T-056Teal, Deborah Joy (Debbie)
2004-116  Teat, Herbert Leroy
T-015Teater, Lela
2003-159  Teddlie, Margie
2001-042  Tefertiller, Charles Ray
2004-136  Teich, David Lamme
T-008Templeton, Benton L
2005-039  Templeton, June R
2003-184  Templeton, Mary Agnes
2003-185  Templeton, Mary Agnes
T-034Templeton, Mary Elizabeth
T-007Templeton, Vera Opal
2004-020  Templeton, Winona Ruth
T-030Tener, Ernest B (Ted)
2003-204  Tennyson, Carolyn Sue
2003-208  Tennyson, Carolyn Sue
T-044Tennyson, Savoy L
T-061Terrell, Vance
T-005Terrell, Vance (retirement notice)
T-004Terrell, Violet A
T-025Terrell, William Brown
T-032Terrill, Eldon
2005-220  Terrill, George Allen
2003-197  Terry, Corene Steward
T-069Terry, Doris
T-019Terry, Edna L
2001-081  Terry, Emogene
2005-199  Terry, Etta Mary
2003-113  Terry, Freddie Dane
T-033Terry, Inez
T-038Terry, John Aubrey
2006-061  Terry, Josie Bell
T-035Terry, Lee Edwin
T-036Terry, Lela Price
2005-082  Terry, Samuel Eldon
2005-085  Terry, Samuel Eldon
2001-006  Terry, Wesley H
2005-051  Terry, Zadine Annie
T-013Testerman, Shirley Kathleen
T-055Teten, Gertie M
T-010Tetley, Dorothy J
T-031Thacker, Lona Henson (Leoma)
T-064Thackerson, Thomas Elmer
T-018Thames, Gordon Delane
2005-071  Tharp, Mary Leta
2005-074 Tharp, Mary Leta  [n]
T-062Thaxton, Josephine Cox
T-070Thedford, Lucian Melvin
2006-159  Thedford, Lucy
T-033Thedford, William Melton (Slim)
T-016Thetford, Clemie
2004-069  Thetford, George D
2003-096  Thetford, Richard Allan
2004-003  Thiebaud, Amos Bryan
T-036Thiebaud, Ava Lillian
T-064Thiebaud, Glyn Otho
2003-057  Thiebaud, James Craig
2003-058  Thiebaud, James Craig
T-068Thiebaud, John Brook
T-070Thiebaud, John Pruyn, Jr (Sonny)
2006-081  Thiebaud, Nell (McCoy)
T-012Thiebaud, Opal Bernice Fincannon
2005-210  Thiebaud, Richard Lynn "Ricky"
T-043Thiebaud, Robert Bryan
T-009Thiebaud, Royce
2005-120  Thill, JoAnn
2002-152  Thomas, Artie
T-047Thomas, Bernard Franklin (Bum)
2005-135  Thomas, Billie
2004-070  Thomas, David L
2002-103  Thomas, Florene
T-070Thomas, Geneva
T-049Thomas, Georgia B
T-046Thomas, J E (Jack)
2003-083  Thomas, Jack D
2005-198  Thomas, Jeanne Whitmore
2001-126  Thomas, Jerry
2006-065  Thomas, Judge Walker
T-057Thomas, Julian Douglas
T-043Thomas, Katherine Betty
2001-126  Thomas, Kelly DeWeese
T-011Thomas, L E (Brit)
T-016Thomas, Lafayette Eberely
T-039Thomas, Lorna Jodeen (Jo)
T-069Thomas, Mona L Kimmell
T-035Thomas, Otis Wayne
T-042Thomas, Randen Alan
T-056Thomas, Retta J
2004-088  Thomas, Willard S
2000-035  Thomas, Wylene
T-008Thompson, Algia
2000-057  Thompson, Anna Orene
T-022Thompson, Annie Mae Stocks
T-030Thompson, Bessie Lee
2003-006  Thompson, Bobby Gayle
2003-215  Thompson, Bonnie Nell
T-014Thompson, Dallas E
T-060Thompson, David
T-021Thompson, Earl
T-011Thompson, Edith Fron
T-048Thompson, G E (Tommy)
T-027Thompson, Glenn Leroy (Bill)
T-024Thompson, H D
T-024Thompson, H E (Buck)
T-002Thompson, Harold D (Red)
T-030Thompson, Helen I
T-045Thompson, Henry D
2004-132  Thompson, J P, Jr
T-043Thompson, Janet Marie
T-040Thompson, John Herman
T-024Thompson, Kacie Marlene
T-017Thompson, Keith
T-070Thompson, Lela
T-059Thompson, Lola R (Midge)
T-040Thompson, Lola Rivers
2001-127  Thompson, Louise Baird
T-029Thompson, Luther C
T-024Thompson, Mary  Dell
2006-111  Thompson, Mary Agnes
T-064Thompson, Mary L
T-038Thompson, Mattie E
2004-090  Thompson, Minnie Mae
T-059Thompson, Nona Lee
T-069Thompson, Ramona Lea
2005-156  Thompson, Richard Clarence (R C)
2004-092  Thompson, Richard L
2001-030  Thompson, Robert Barkley
2002-033AThompson, Templeton Altman (T A)
2006-093  Thompson, Thomas Glenn
2004-160  Thompson, Thurman
T-003Thompson, Thurston T (Preacher)
T-033Thompson, Vera I
2002-059  Thompson, W L
2002-100  Thompson, W L (Squeaky)
2002-062  Thompson, Zon
2002-066  Thompson, Zon
T-026Thomson, Della May
2003-006  Thormann, Fred L
T-072Thornhill, Brady Thomas
T-017Thornton, Callie Betty
T-010Thornton, Conda Daniel
2001-154  Thornton, Elsie Minnie
2000-137  Thornton, Everette Guy
T-057Thornton, H P (Pete)
T-062Thornton, J T
H-135-139Thornton, Joseph
T-050Thornton, Joseph
T-051Thornton, Joseph
T-047Thornton, Lawrence Dewell
T-035Thornton, Noel Miller
T-072Thornton, Otha
T-072Thornton, Ruby Rayfield
T-030Thornton, Thoreau E
T-069Thornton, VeElla Mae
2004-012  Thorp, Richard
2006-068  Thorpe, Charles L
2000-117  Thorpe, Velda M
2001-064  Thrash, Floyd William
2002-067  Threadgill, James Carroll (J C)
T-006Threatt, Michael Arthur
2000-161  Throne, Carl Junior
T-026Throne, Nellene
2003-140  Throneberry, William Marshall, Sr
2000-131  Thruman, Chad
T-019Thurman, Blanche
T-044Thurman, Bobby Gayle, Sr
2004-093  Thurman, Brittania Destiny Jade
2004-095  Thurman, Brittania Destiny Jade
T-065Thurman, Conley Ross, Sr
T-003Thurman, Cora Velma
T-003Thurman, Gladys
T-023Thurman, Loyd Terrell, Sr
T-016Thurman, Mary L
T-042Thurman, Troy
T-031Thurman, Truman K
2006-037  Thurmon, Donice June
2003-210  Thurmon, Frank Stanley
2001-124  Thurmond, Curtis Amilia
2002-016  Tiblets, Bill
2006-005  Tice, Murlene
2003-047  Tidmore, Alicia
T-011Tidmore, Kenneth
T-041Tidwell, Alta Florine
T-048Tidwell, Charles Harris
T-032Tidwell, Courtney A
2001-069  Tidwell, Dorothy Lee Wilhite
2004-008  Tidwell, Edna
2000-112  Tidwell, Harley Ray
T-016Tidwell, Hoyt H
T-067Tidwell, Lillie
2002-115  Tidwell, Marion T
2001-038  Tidwell, Matthew D
T-021Tidwell, Mildred Jeanette Howell
T-022Tidwell, Robert Wier
2003-005  Tidwell, Thelma Turner
T-039Tiemann, Howard
2003-135  Tijerina, Juan Humberto
T-026Tillery, Bert Windell
T-024Tillery, Teresa
T-028Tilly, Mabel Maude
T-063Timberlake, Geneva Bryant
2000-138  Timmons, Jake
T-038Timmons, Myrtle Naoma
T-017Timmons, Orval
2000-157  Timmons, Traci Faye
T-062Timms, Jessie J
T-036Tindell, H C
T-029Tindell, Tula Mae (Tim)
T-023Tiner, Fonda Thomas
2006-099-100    Tiner, Lois Kathleen Carmack Whitney
T-055Tinney, Bertie
T-014Tinney, Effie Lou
T-066Tinney, J C
T-037Tinsley, W H, Jr
2004-183  Tipper, Louis Pope, Jr
T-038Tippett, Joy
2004-078  Tippie, Frances M
2003-057  Tipton, Melvin Emmett
2001-060  Tischler, Glen
T-067Tobar, Ysidra
2004-177-78     Tobias, Victor Abel
2003-212  Tobin, Mary Rose Patutka
2000-042  Todd, Grace Lynn
2002-041  Todd, Hazel (Rossiter)
T-027Todd, James Dudley
T-032Todd, Levina
T-033Todd, Mabel Loveine
T-034Todd, Sue Pulliam
2000-043  Todd, Velma T
T-012Todd, William Forrest
2000-163  Todd, William Harold
T-060Toland, Mary Louise Maguire
T-007Tolar, Clara
T-021Toler, Ettie Ethel
T-028Toler, Howard Wayne
2003-036  Toler, Louise McCann
T-021Toler, Marvin V
2000-144  Toler, Mary Inez
T-058Toler, Therman F
2006-176  Tolleson, Harold
T-068Tolley, E R
T-055Tolliver, Charlie Wesley
T-063Tolliver, Ella Faye
T-022Tolliver, Lawrence Ernest
T-029Tolliver, Margaret Bullard
2000-014  Tomlinson, Jessie Mae Owen
T-073Tomlinson, Roydell
2002-082  Tomlinson, Thomas Ruff, Jr
T-023Tomlinson, Walter A
T-007Tomlinson, Wanda Hamilton
2000-100  Tompkins, Edie (Tookie Rodman)
2001-039  Tompkins, John E, Jr
2004-013  Tompkins, Thomas F
T-007Tong, Eugene Elsworth
T-003Tong, Marie L
T-028Tooley, Jewell Alyene
2004-096  Toomey, Dennis Junior
2003-049  Torquemada, Maria Jane
T-071Torres, Armandina Reyes (Nina)
T-041Torres, Guadalupe
2002-078  Torres, Roland Ray
2002-080  Torres, Roland Ray
T-047Torris, Maria Luz
2005-119  Towe, Gene
2000-090  Town, Jan Wyche
T-043Townsend, Clifton
2000-100  Townsend, Inez Du Valle
T-037Townsend, Michael Zane
2006-057  Townzen, Druanne
T-068Townzen, James A
2001-140  Trammell, Dean Guthery
T-011Trammell, H R
T-044Trammell, Henry Lee (Sonny)
2000-026  Trammell, Jettie Frances
2001-079  Trammell, Maxine Cooper
T-009Trammell, Onen Haile
2002-045  Trammell, Ruby Owens
T-028Travathan, Ethel Mae
T-025Traweek, Dovie Sarah
T-071Traweek, Jack
T-033Traweek, Joyce Marie
T-066Traylor, Doris Jean
2002-149  Treadwell, Rebecca (Becky) Renea
T-059Tressler, Margaret LaRue Ellis
2004-148  Tressler, Willard A
T-001Trewitt, Louise Elizabeth
2000-124  Trice, Billie Jean
T-034Trice, Bonnie Christian Grantham
T-002Trice, Frankie Mae
2005-085  Trice, Lucretia Hope
T-058Trice, Melba Adena (J V)
2005-186  Trice, S L, Jr
T-021Trim, Jo Anna
T-016Trim, Kenneth Wayne
2006-072  Trimble, Dorothy
T-021Trimble, Jack
T-045Trimble, Jory
2003-057  Trimble, Kenneth Bell
T-029Trimble, Luvella
2003-133  Trimble, Perle
2001-157  Trimble, Wanda
T-012Trimmier, Camele J
T-018Trimmier, Sam Loyd (Jake)
T-009Tripp, Frank
2000-014  Tripp, Harry Milton
2004-012  Tripplehorn, Kent O
2005-002  Tripplehorn, Willard Hugh (Bill)
2000-099  Trogdon, Altha Florene
2001-048  Trotter, Florence Malissa
T-030Trotter, Jimmie L
T-049Trotter, Malcolm E
T-007Trotter, Wilburn (Bill)
T-020Troup, Charles Bradburn
2002-012  Trout, Dallas Texas
T-026Trout, Lillie Viola
2000-097  Troutman, Richard (Dick)
T-031Trueblood, Harrison Edward
2003-103  Truesdale, Frank
2003-126  Truesdale, Wendy Sue
T-064Trujillo, Soveida
T-006Truscott, Laurence E, Jr
T-031Truss, Thomas Jefferson
T-057Trussell, R E
T-046Truxal, Robert Eric, Jr
T-024Tucker, Alice Lucille
2006-173  Tucker, Amber Marie
T-015Tucker, Anthony (Tony)
T-031Tucker, Faye Emily
T-068Tucker, Frances Ellen
2006-041  Tucker, Geneva Mae (Judy)
2003-071  Tucker, Jean Simmons
2004-071  Tucker, Joyce
T-046Tucker, Katherine Lee
T-045Tucker, Lois Adele
T-061Tucker, Louis Hazel
T-030Tucker, Marion G
2003-009  Tucker, Ollie Mae
T-032Tucker, Prentice Wayne
2002-051  Tucker, R H
2005-133  Tucker, Thomas Earl
T-013Tucker, Thomas W
T-039Tudor, Gladys Cork
T-056Tudor, Leonard D
2001-137  Tudor, Raymond H
T-008Tuggle, Sue Ellen
T-018Tumlin, Katie B
T-066Tumlinson, Toby Eugene
T-019Tunbo, Frances Smith
T-069Tunnell, Demple (Dot)
T-011Tunnell, Elsie L
T-019Tunnell, Evelyn Virginia
T-067Tunnell, Jesse C
2000-077  Tunnell, Jessie Lou
2001-147  Tunnell, Johnnie M
T-063Tunnell, Monroe Wilson
T-019Tunnell, Theodore A (Ted)
2001-191  Tunnell, Willie Orlon
2001-108  Tunstill, William Austin
2002-024  Tupin, Ernesteen
2000-071  Tupin, Jewell McKenzie
T-025Turknett, Dale
T-006Turley, A G
T-015Turley, Bertha
2004-118  Turley, Henrietta
T-058Turley, Ronnie
T-013Turley, S A (Bill)
T-003Turnbow, Cora Velma
T-021Turnbow, Eva Mae
2003-054  Turnell, Lela P
T-011Turner, Alta H
T-047Turner, Bessie Melvina
T-017Turner, Bryan David
T-032Turner, Charles Edgar
2001-081  Turner, Clarence Charles
T-036Turner, David Painter
T-057Turner, Donald G
T-002Turner, Effie Maude
T-004Turner, Eva
T-071Turner, Hiawatha Pete
T-026Turner, Imogene
T-040Turner, J L (Eddie)
T-035Turner, James Gaylord
2003-061  Turner, James Ronnie
T-010Turner, Juanita
T-014Turner, Leola Wood
2004-019  Turner, Leona Mae
2004-074  Turner, Linda Kay Fagan
2001-099  Turner, Marvin Harvey
T-040Turner, Roy
2004-054  Turner, Sally Ann
2001-066  Turner, Shaun Wilson
T-020Turner, Viola
2000-164  Turner, Virginia (Jennie) Bell
2002-026  Turner, Vivian Gunn
T-036Turner, Willie
2003-103  Turner, Wilma J
2000-014  Turney, Betty Rae
T-010Turney, Beulah Allien Parks
T-001Turney, Flora P
T-013Turney, Harvey Edward
T-001Turney, I H
2004-101  Turney, Jewel Cowan
T-002Turney, Lucy Mozelle
T-039Turney, Ruth M
T-044Turney, Willie Juanita
T-018Turpen, Emma
2003-104  Turpen, Jesse Earl, Sr
T-014Turpen, Mattie
T-029Turpin, Bertie Lee
T-023Turpin, Paul J, Sr
T-006Tweedy, Sarah Elizabeth Keith
T-014Tyland, Ed
T-026Tyler, Leo O
2002-003  Tyler, Lillian Lee
2003-122  Tyler, Sara
2003-121  Tyler, Sara (McNew)
2000-101  Tyler, Sheri Ann Byrd
T-058Tyler, Velma Joyce
T-006Tyner, Sarah D
T-057Tyree, Charles Henry
2001-027  Tyree, Emily Lita
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