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Erath County Texas Obituaries
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Erath County Texas Obituaries, S

We indexed 14,684 obituaries for folks connected to Erath County, Texas. Area genealogist Marilyn Ewers dedicated years to collecting these files. They are provided through this site with permission from the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.  Obituaries generally start in the mid-1980s, but there are a few from earlier years. All years through 31 December 2006 have been consolidated into alphabetical lists by the first letter of the surname.
S-088Sadberry, Dale
2000-022   Sadberry, J C
S-137Sadberry, Monnie Bell Newton
2006-140   Sadberry, Thelma Lee
S-177Sadler, Hyacinth Clanton
2001-028   Saldivar, Anita
2003-156   Salinas, D H
2003-153   Salinas, Esmarelda Victoria
2000-096   Salinas, Matias
S-173Salinas, Raymond Hernandez, Sr
2001-186   Salinas, Veronica Mae
2006-075   Salisbury, Earsel
S-049Salmon, Cleone M
S-157Salmon, Conda Wesley
2005-031   Salmon, Patsy Ruth Etheridge
2001-016   Salmon, Ronald Clayton
S-083Salmon, Wilburn Thomas
2003-008   Salter, Arlin (Salty)
2003-181   Salter, Darissa
2003-179   Salter, Darissa Kay
S-124Salter, Donald D
2000-079   Salyer, Ashton Lee
2004-123   Salyer, Beatrice
S-081Salyer, Bobby Dale
S-058Salyer, Denver City (Ike)
S-148Salyer, Eldon Lee
S-074Salyer, George Preston
2005-215   Salyer, James (Jim) Earl
S-032Salyer, Lena Candace Berbee
S-036Salyer, Lola Viola
S-054Salyer, Lou Ella
2003-221   Salyer, Mary Lou
S-052Salyer, Ollie Mae
S-049Salyer, Roy  Jefferson
S-062Salyer, Troy Selvin
2000-104   Salyer, Virgil Clay
S-004Salyer, Willie Belle
S-056Samples, Sharon Massengill
S-102Sampley, Mable
S-149Sampson, William Garlon
S-130Sams, Myrtle Mae
S-075Samuel, Thomas B
2005-181   Sanchez, Celestino M, Sr
S-029Sanchez, Daisy
S-048Sanchez, Frank
S-011Sanchez, Frumencio Joe
S-016Sanchez, Tommy, Jr
2005-140   Sanchez, Victoria Marie
2005-144   Sanchez, Victoria Marie
2001-148   Sanders, Barbara Kinson
2001-127   Sanders, Beulah G
S-035Sanders, Beulah Roach
S-135Sanders, Bonnie L
S-043Sanders, Danny Wade
2005-191   Sanders, Don Wayne
S-044Sanders, Duard
S-066Sanders, Gaston Wayne
2006-181   Sanders, Gay Norwin
S-033Sanders, Gus L
S-093Sanders, Jennie Ruth
S-028Sanders, Jere Hart
S-128Sanders, Jeremiah Wade
2001-097   Sanders, Jim
2004-160   Sanders, Joe Malcom
S-103Sanders, Johnny Mark
2002-097   Sanders, L D
S-056Sanders, Lena Gordon
S-157Sanders, Lloyd E, Sr
S-017Sanders, Madge
2004-141   Sanders, Maxine Moore
2001-183   Sanders, Ruby Faye Davenport
2001-170   Sanders, Sarah Francis
2003-163   Sanders, Sharon Lane Young Vore Miller
S-116Sanders, T J
2002-042   Sanders, Tolitha Jennings
S-126Sanders, Verma Simmons
S-084Sanders, Warren Eugene
S-103Sanders, Winfield Smith
S-024Sanders, Zylphan (Ann)
S-150Sandlin, Irwin (Sandy)
S-118Sandlin, Jacob Bentley
2001-149   Sandoval, Jose (Ernesto) Nestor
S-175Sanford, Carl (Bud)
S-113Sargent, Florence Aileen Goeppinger
2003-038   Sargent, Gene
S-108Sargent, Vera G
2005-190   Sarner, Doris Juanell [Garner]
S-104Sarver, Zelma Biggs
S-086Satterfield, Mary Elizabeth White
2001-130   Satterwhite, Kevin
S-169Satterwhite, Leron Eugene
S-070Satterwhite, Melba
S-027Satterwhite, Nita Sharp
S-020Saul, Leona
S-079Saunders, Allen Bradley
S-021Saunders, Louella Scrimsher
S-094Saunders, William Lawson
2001-082   Savage, Alma Faye
S-029Savage, Evie E
S-023Savage, Jay
S-160Savage, Manera Crass
S-137Savage, Opal
S-170Savage, Tiffany Brooke
S-072Savage, Vera A
S-153Savage, Vernon Howard
2004-060   Sawyer, Ervin Ural
S-021Sawyer, Ethel Nora
2004-098   Sawyer, J J (Jake)
S-090Sawyer, John G
2006-141   Sawyer, Joyce Earline
2005-066   Saxon, Frances M
S-078Sayles, Edna Lemay Cathey
S-074Saylors, Benton Brett
S-022Saylors, Landis Woodrow
S-010Saylors, Margaret Maxine
S-115Scales, Mary Louise
S-091Scales, Vernon Othell
S-065Scarborough, Delmo Hubert
S-081Scarborough, Joe V
S-179Scarborough, Lena Mae
S-051Scherbaum, Lois Winchester Cone
2004-022   Schmidt, Alfred
2005-192   Schmidt, Anna
S-044Schmidt, Ellen Frieda
S-036Schmidt, Hugo A
S-036Schnell, Flora Ruby
S-028Schomburg, Ethel
2002-007   Schoo, Wanda (Jan) Teten
S-073Schrader, Cecil
2000-175   Schrader, Ophelia
2000-175   Schrader, Ophelia
2000-157   Schrimscher, Wilma L
2003-080   Schrimsher, Alta Louise
S-081Schubert, Bessie
2001-147   Schuessler, Jimmy
S-047Schuessler, Norman George
S-143Schultz, Margie Smetak
S-127Schultz, Melissa Sue Long
2004-180   Schultz, Roger Dale
S-177Schulze, Thelma L
S-109Schumaker, Charles Dudley
S-129Schwartz, Clarence Emmanuel (Jazbo)
S-164Schwartzkopf, Dale E
S-097Schwartzkopf, Donald Nelson
2006-129   Scoggins, Darlene VanZandt
2005-062   Scott, Alice Adelia
S-113Scott, Archie Lee
S-125Scott, Ardelia Maxine
2006-093-94      Scott, Berl
S-031Scott, Betty Lou Neagle
2006-155   Scott, Catheryn B
S-100Scott, Clarence
S-074Scott, Clifford Roswell (Buck)
S-172Scott, Curtis Elmo
2000-012   Scott, Dale Edward
S-169Scott, Dovie A
S-176Scott, Ealon Carl
2002-170   Scott, Ella Senora
S-176Scott, Eula
S-131Scott, Evie
S-171Scott, Frances L
S-091Scott, Golda
2003-124   Scott, Grace Oleta
S-164Scott, Herbert Von
S-094Scott, J A (Rip)
2004-176   Scott, J B
2002-127   Scott, James Julian
2000-005   Scott, Jewell
S-112Scott, John Deene
S-087Scott, Kathryn Adelle
S-113Scott, Kenneth
2002-175   Scott, Leveta
S-068Scott, Lorena Tidwell
S-074Scott, Lucile (Nanny)
S-160Scott, Marvin Chester
S-175Scott, Neppie Lou
S-037Scott, Patricia Kay
2004-065   Scott, Pauline
S-052Scott, Ralph Hardy
S-094Scott, Vada Taylor
S-014Scott, Vera Alma
S-150Scott, Violet King Laney
S-131Scott, Vivian Leona
S-129Scott, William Cecil
2005-007   Scott, Wyllette
S-108Scrimsher, Jerry
2001-145   Scrivner, Betty
S-053Scrivner, Pauline
2001-011   Scroggins, Charlie C
S-166Scruggs, Charles Milton
S-070Scruggs, Ethel Lucille
S-118Scruggs, Joseph Harold
S-165Scruggs, Maurice Alton
S-093Seabourn, Sara
S-016Seal, Roy Olen
S-160Seale, Eunice Oleta Mauldin Griffith
S-012Seale, Ralph
S-072Seale, Stella
S-076Seales, Della
2003-098   Sears, Billy L
S-046Sears, Charles W
2004-112   Sears, Morris V
S-037Sears, Ted
2003-152   Sears, Tressa Talamantez
S-164Seay, Billie Edward
2005-018   Seay, Glenda Frances Gore
2006-023   Seay, Harold R
S-174Seay, Kathaline Elizabeth
2002-151   Seay, Myrtle Lou
S-033Sechrist, Bobby Neil
S-149Sechrist, Calvin C
S-168Sechrist, Christopher Augustus
S-056Sechrist, Doug
2001-161   Sechrist, Estes Wagner
S-126Sechrist, Grannie Jude
S-146Se'Christ, Joyce Cook
S-123Sechrist, Julian
S-058Sechrist, Maxine
S-029Se'Christ, Raymond Dwain, Sr
2002-009   Sechrist, Sylvia Lorene
S-035Sechrist, Velma
S-175Secrest, William Samuel
2003-007   Sedillo, Henry James, III (Cougar)
2000-090   Seeger, Mary Ann
2003-031   Sego, Howard Marion
2000-002   Segrest, Erica Leann
S-057Segrest, Victor J
S-021Segrist, Kal
S-106Segrist, Loraine
S-138Seider, Alvin Glen
2006-195   Seigars, Gypsy Rose O'Banon
S-092Seigler, Seth Ryan
S-060Self, Connie
S-122Self, Ellie Lucinda
S-024Self, Ethel F
S-012Self, George Lewis
2004-170   Self, Grace Floella
2002-198   Self, H L
S-097Self, Kathryn Eola
S-176Self, Lewis Aaron
2006-044   Self, Ruth
S-105Self, Samuel Lewis
S-012Self, William Roscoe
2001-049   Sellers, Annie
2004-059   Sellers, Frances
S-024Sellers, Sam C
S-040Sellers, Thomas
S-004Sellman, Margaret McClure
S-002Sellman, Willard C, Jr
S-061Senger, Dean Watson
2001-092   Senter, Alice Lorena
S-016Senter, Arvle E
S-064Senter, Barney Lee
S-050Senter, Vera
S-163Serratt, Jason Kirk
2005-087   Sessom, Verna Wilkerson
S-096Setzler, Arvil C
2004-136   Setzler, Merna Vee
2006-127   Sewalt, Taronna Dee
S-027Sewell, Clayton C
S-028Sewell, Frankie L
S-150Sewell, Jack Wells
S-002Sewell, Octavia
2001-145   Sexton, Amanda
S-101Sexton, Esther Doran (Jones)
S-035Shackelford, Ella Dee
S-133Shackelford, Ellis Cleo
S-093Shacklett, Odell Raymond (Blackie)
2003-061   Shadden, James Allen (Jimmy)
S-043Shadden, Linna Elizabeth
S-069Shadden, Ofis
2005-085   Shadden, Ronald James
2005-035   Shadden, Wanda Elaine
S-059Shaddy, Martha Francis
S-042Shaddy, Toye
S-177Shadle, Edwin P
2005-167   Shadle, Geraldine
2006-020   Shafer, Delbert L
S-157Shafer, Dorothy
S-099Shafer, Everett Dwain
2001-042   Shafer, J W (Bud)
2003-042   Shafer, Sue
S-052Shaffer, Buford W
S-104Shaffer, Donald Webster
S-118Shaffer, Joseph Webster
S-124Shaffer, Lois Lee
2000-049   Shaffer, Marion V
S-079Shaffer, Raymond Allison
2005-035   Shaffer, Thomas Reagan
S-175Shaffer, Vera Alice
S-172Shankle, Leo (Buddy)
2000-095   Shanks, Doyle Norman
S-030Shanks, Ward Beacher
2001-066   Shannon, Albert
S-069Shannon, Angela Kathleen
2005-128   Shannon, Elsie June Arthur
S-091Shannon, Fred N
S-032Shannon, Hazel Clair
S-166Shannon, Irene
S-034Shannon, J W (Bill)
2004-009   Shannon, Neva Gilbreath
2005-106   Shapland, Helen (Gwen)
S-038Sharley, Clarence Oren
S-036Sharp, A L (Chili)
S-068Sharp, Bill
2000-120   Sharp, Billy Ray
S-178Sharp, Brenda Sue
S-030Sharp, Celeste
2003-145   Sharp, Charles
2005-104   Sharp, Charles Imon (Mutt)
2006-129   Sharp, DeLores Bartlett Guinn
2001-082   Sharp, Delphia
S-029Sharp, Elton Jerald (Doc)
2000-102   Sharp, H C
2000-094   Sharp, Hazel Octavia
2000-102   Sharp, HC
2003-183   Sharp, Henry Grady (Jug)
S-081Sharp, Hershell Doyle
2003-140   Sharp, Ina Irene
S-104Sharp, Jackie K
S-172Sharp, Joe Bailey
S-002Sharp, Kenneth
2000-042   Sharp, L W
2001-053   Sharp, Leona Vera
S-003Sharp, Linnie Ellen
2000-042   Sharp, Marie Clendenin Blankenship
S-068Sharp, Olin Reid
S-023Sharp, Robert A (Colt .45)
2003-096   Sharp, Ruby Lee Stem
S-143Sharp, Sam Clark
S-146Sharp, Terrill
S-041Sharp, Wallace Watson
S-050Sharp, Weldon
2006-118   Sharp, William "Odell"
S-014Sharp, William Hugh
S-059Sharp, William Ocie
S-106Sharp, Wyna Ruth
2002-165   Shaw, Arthur (Pete) Carrol
2000-164   Shaw, B B
S-023Shaw, C R Mrs (Virginia)
S-160Shaw, Cressie Mae Berry
2005-035   Shaw, Elsie Lee
S-003Shaw, Evelyn Josey
S-046Shaw, Malcom, Jr (Mac)
S-016Shaw, Orra Nelson
2002-044AShaw, Robert B
2000-154   Shaw, Roy L
2003-203   Shaw, Virgil R (Rick)
2001-041   Shedd, Bessie May
S-025Sheehan, Florence
2001-183   Shelby, Alva Mae
S-128Shelby, Estel
S-041Shelby, George Riley
S-047Shelby, Marie Bertha
S-023Shelby, Travis D
2000-137   Shell, Maurine Davis
S-122Shell, Melvin
2000-020   Shell, Wilbur T
S-110Shelton, Delmer
S-121Shelton, Ernest Lee
S-086Shelton, Frankie H
2001-149   Shelton, Georgia Mae Tucker
2005-160   Shelton, Gussie Jewelt
S-075Shelton, Lennie (Bobbie)
2000-044   Shelton, Martha Dee Money
2006-184   Shelton, Quata Joy
2001-146   Shelton, R C
2006-188   Shelton, Robert Earl
2003-198   Shelton, Willard C
S-031Shepard, Doris Elizabeth
2003-027   Sheperd, Leroy (Buck)
S-114Shepherd, Audrey F
S-170Shepherd, Dan
2001-175   Shepherd, Joyce
2001-067   Sheppard, Billy
S-045Sheppard, J O
S-111Sheppard, Ruth Pauline Lam
2000-149   Shermer, Harry George
2006-144   Sherrard, Bill
2002-110   Sherrard, Hershel William
S-122Sherrard, Melton Etheredge
2003-119   Sherrard, Nellen Ruth Garner
S-105Sherrard, Willena Ogle
S-015Sherrard, William Otho
S-092Sherrill, Lowman Jack
S-005Sherrill, Mary Frances Stephenson
2004-169   Sherrill, Ollia Mae
2005-116   Sherritt-Hickman, Tempie
2005-117   Sherritt-Hickman, Tempie
2005-031   Sherrod, Archie Joseph
S-137Sherrod, Cloye Little
2002-186   Sherrod, George William
S-073Sherrod, Jesse Raymond, Sr
S-083Sherrod, Jimmy
S-123Sherwood, Oscar Meade
S-060Sherwood, Roxie Della
2003-055   Shields, Giles Leon
S-066Shiels, Lucille Fox
2000-060   Shifflett, Irene Janie Anderson
S-091Shillingburg, Audrey
S-102Shillingburg, Dealva B
2004-105   Shillingburg, Dorris
S-003Shillingburg, Eslie
S-088Shillingburg, F C (Shilly)
S-133Shillingburg, Lucy Armstrong
S-120Shillingburg, Myrtle Dee
S-002Shillingburg, Ollie
2000-109   Shingleton, Marguerite
S-065Shingleton, Willard L
S-042Shinn, Jerod William
2005-068   Shinn, Jimmy
S-061Shinn, M T (Maud)
2006-198   Shinn, Neva Chisolm
S-108Shinn, W E (Jack)
S-111Shipman, J W
S-171Shipman, Verda Virginia
S-141Shipp, Eileen
2004-099   Shipp, Robert (Dayton)
S-076Shipp, Wilbur Leman
S-058Shirley, Charles Leon
2002-109   Shirley, Jimmie Mae Jackson
S-042Shirley, Johnnie
S-075Shirley, Sam
S-147Shive, Charlie
S-094Shiver, Milford
S-007Shockley Harold Bruce
S-173Shoemaker, Bonnie Lee
2001-001   Shoemaker, Esther (Molly)
2004-183   Shoemaker, Lucile Vaughn
S-107Shoemaker, Marty Andrew
2002-150   Shoemaker, Paul Edward
2003-147   Shoemaker, Vada Dorothy
2004-098   Shofstall, Earle W
2004-149   Shook, Alfred Lee
S-031Shook, Beulah Juanita Wilson
2006-181   Shook, Billie Josephine
S-013Shook, Bynum Taylor
2002-043   Shook, Callie Arvona
2001-170   Short, Dola Belle
2005-012   Short, Doyce
S-169Short, Edith
S-158Short, Rita Aline Isham
S-154Short, Rubye Lillian
S-100Shoup, Calvin Arthur
2004-139   Shoup, Vera Mae
S-071Showalter, Minnie M
S-020Showalter, William P
2005- 183   Showers, Oleta Mae
S-098Showers, Tom J
S-053Shropshire, Leona
S-078Shrout, Florence Kimball
S-110Shrout, Stanley
S-061Shroyer, Juanita Fay
2003-209   Shubert, J B
S-077Shubert, Lewis David
2005-098   Shubert, William Daniel (Dan)
S-120Shue, R F
S-113Shuffield, Gwynta
2005-050   Shugart, Betsy J
2000-015   Shugart, Bobby E
2006-100   Shulze, Welsey L
2001-039   Shupp, Ora Inez
S-047Shurmon, Marguerite
S-090Shutters, Jake T, Sr
S-147Sibert, Eva
S-024Sibley, Jesse Daniel, III
S-013Sibley, Lillie Belle
2001-170   Sides, Elzie
2005-143   Sides, Lovie
S-096Sides, Lucy Caroline
S-179Sides, Shirley Sue
S-124Sides, Vernon (Grannie)
S-130Siefken, Myrtle Morgan
S-165Siegael, Nathan Leon (Labe)
S-038Sikes, Bobby J, Sr
S-107Sikes, Bonnie
S-100Sikes, Ernest Loyd (Jim)
S-117Sikes, George Leon
S-037Sikes, John Ernest
S-163Sikes, Lora Wilson
S-018Sikes, Shirley Ann
S-039Sikes, Windle Lee
2001-097   Silva, Emily Boucher
2005-193   Silva, Mike Soto
2005-195   Silva, Mike Soto
2000-140   Silvers, Carl Raymond
2003-110   Silvers, Vera Inez
S-012Silvey, A C, Sr
2001-077   Simmans, Pauline Davis
S-152Simmons, Ada Jean McKinney
S-057Simmons, Carl Phillip
2004-144   Simmons, Cheyenne Marie
S-130Simmons, Christine Caskey
S-076Simmons, Edna Earl
S-170Simmons, Elouise Fay
S-095Simmons, Erma Davidson
S-062Simmons, Frank M
S-128Simmons, Horace D
2000-129   Simmons, Jeffery (Jeffrye)
S-048Simmons, John Anthon
S-158Simmons, Juanita Stephenson
S-098Simmons, Maude
S-105Simmons, R L, Jr
2006-087   Simmons, William
S-006Simon, Edward Lee, Sr
2004-058   Simons, Darla Gayle
2000-070   Simons, Darrell Wayne
2002-192   Simons, Evie Faye
S-067Simpson, Bobbie Glen (Bob)
2003-208   Simpson, Bobby Carl
2005-055   Simpson, Buel G
2006-091   Simpson, Elbert
S-112Simpson, Ellen Lee May
2003-156   Simpson, Fern
2005-226   Simpson, Florene
S-105Simpson, Glenn
2003-142   Simpson, Ina Maurine Tate
S-082Simpson, Jack Hudnall Mrs
S-069Simpson, Jim Bob
S-056Simpson, Joshua Beau
2003-217   Simpson, Katherine Laverne
2003-085   Simpson, Kathleen Marie
2005-161   Simpson, Lucille
S-132Simpson, Lucille Patterson
S-031Simpson, Madeline Lewis
2001-094   Simpson, Melton Varnell
S-173Simpson, Minnie Louise
2002-185   Simpson, Nell Campbell
S-117Simpson, Nora Estelle
S-176Simpson, Ouilda Trimble
S-025Simpson, Pearl Smith
S-040Simpson, Robert Edward
S-014Sims, David Jay
S-092Sims, Derelle
S-134Sims, Ella Mae
S-145Sims, Fredia
S-038Sims, Ima Love
2004-070   Sims, Jeanette
S-091Sims, John Merritt, Jr
2001-030   Sims, Kyle G
2002-116   Sims, Max W
S-159Sims, Mike J
S-065Sims, Odeal
S-144Sims, Peggy M
2006-081   Sims, Roy Brent
2000-111   Sims, Thelma (Melton)
S-088Sims, Virgil Lee
S-006Sims, Walter A
S-096Sims, Wayne A
S-068Sims, William Arthur Tate
S-106Sing, Elaine
S-015Sing, T J
S-026Singleton, Annie Florence
2003-066   Singleton, Dale Lee
2005-200   Singleton, De Loyn
2002-086   Singleton, Dempsey Mid
S-030Singleton, Earl Hunt
S-148Singleton, Ed
S-075Singleton, Elander Melina
S-071Singleton, Elizabeth
S-032Singleton, Emma F
2002-166   Singleton, Geraldean Joiner
S-009Singleton, Henry Edgar
S-034Singleton, Hugh A
S-009Singleton, Jennie A
S-096Singleton, John T
2005-052   Singleton, Lera Viola
S-028Singleton, Lounette
S-120Singleton, R V
S-163Siros, Ruth Louise
S-093Sisemore, Sammie J
S-023Sisson, Bessie Clementine
S-145Sisson, J C
S-131Sisson, Julie
S-017Sitton, Mary R
S-046Sitton, Matha Mayfield
2002-084   Sitton, Robert
S-008Sitton, Verda Elizabeth
2001-084   Skaggs, Artie Lee
S-089Skaggs, Don R
S-029Skaggs, Edith Bell
2001-010   Skaggs, Elsie May
S-099Skaggs, Helen Laverne
2006-168   Skaggs, Robert Stanley
2003-068   Skaggs, Vernon
2003-184   Skaggs, Willye Velle
2006-180   Skaggs, Yvette
2002-180-1Skiles, S E (Sammie)
S-041Skinner, Bessie C
S-076Skinner, Mary Elizabeth
S-134Skinner, Walter M
S-036Skipper, John D
S-119Skogland, William Robert, Jr
2004-049   Slack, Cecil Ray
2006-086   Slack, Janice
S-009Slade, Earl E
S-010Slade, Earl E
S-044Slade, Verredie Lorene
S-161Slater, Kirk F, Jr
S-078Slater, Kirk Franklin, Sr
2004-139   Slater, Vivian Marie
2004-020   Slaughter, Glenda Jo McInroe
S-033Slaughter, Laura Myrtle
S-073Slaughter, Lucille K
2001-119   Slaughter, Shirley Ann
2003-131   Slawson, John W, Jr
S-081Slawson, Lydia J
S-133Slay, Eunice Elaine
2004-001   Slay, Leslie Ray (Hoot)
2004-143   Sledge, Bernice Marie Tunnel
S-129Sledge, Gerald Dee
2004-167   Sledge, Jake
2006-120   Sledge, Marcell
S-064Sledge, Robert Lee
S-067Slee, Marie Robison
S-116Slemmons, Jerry M
S-169Slemmons, Stella Ann
S-054Sligar, James H (Jim)
2000-166   Sliger, Beverly Ann (Barret)
S-128Sliger, Irene Annamae
2005-210   Sliger, Jean
S-177Sliger, Ruby Ethel
S-046Sloan, Nita Tarver
S-088Sloan, Ruby Rae
2002-049   Sloan, William Van Zandt (Bill)
S-067Slocomb, Alice May
2001-130   Slone, Fred
S-077Sloniker, H Harvey
S-139Sloniker, Tommie Dell
2006-157   Slover, Norville Glenn "N G"
S-144Slovick, Ida Jewel
2005-198   Small, Doris Jean
2003-155   Smalley, David Curtis
S-170Smalling, Cecil Michael
S-053Smallwood, Bobbie Lee
S-077Smallwood, Irene
S-011Smallwood, Jim
S-174Smallwood, Modena Louise
S-063Smallwood, Orval Lee
S-007Smallwood, Thomas Green
2006-047   Smart, Ann
2004-101   Smart, Charles Michael
2006-198   Smart, Emmett Gorman
2002-193   Smart, Frank L
S-004Smart, James Harrison
S-098Smart, Minnie
2005-096   Smart, Truman V
2004-038   Smelley, Bertha Nellene
S-024Smelley, Maudie
S-023Smelley, Winnie C
S-107Smith,  Patricia L (Pat)
2002-051   Smith, A H (Shorty)
S-015Smith, Albert Monroe
2004-188   Smith, Allyson Mary
2005-010   Smith, Allyson Mary
2005-011   Smith, Allyson Mary
S-060Smith, Alma
S-089Smith, Alvie Earl (Snuffy)
2002-094   Smith, Anne Mae
2005-050   Smith, Arvel E (Junior)
2001-184   Smith, B F
S-046Smith, Betty Sue
2003-106   Smith, Brenda
2002-178   Smith, C R (Buddy)
2002-178   Smith, Carol Jeanne
S-102Smith, Cecil Seborn
S-030Smith, Charlie
2001-143   Smith, Clair B
2006-048   Smith, Claude Aubrey
S-047Smith, Clinton M
2000-135   Smith, Damon
S-028Smith, Darwin Ralph
S-114Smith, Davis J
S-085Smith, Donald
S-084Smith, Donald F
2005-101   Smith, Dorothy Ellen
S-088Smith, Dorothy Lorene
2000-131   Smith, Dylan Jacob
2002-163   Smith, Earnest L
S-080Smith, Erma Fay
S-110Smith, Ernest Archie (Sonny Boy)
S-161Smith, Fenton
2000-107   Smith, Flynch Elizabeth Hanson
S-095Smith, Frances Bray
S-013Smith, Freeman Hall (Pete)
S-053Smith, Galen R, Sr
S-099Smith, Harold
S-061Smith, Heath
S-094Smith, Ida Lois
S-161Smith, Ila Belle Young
S-009Smith, Imogene Dolly
S-043Smith, Ione
S-077Smith, Irene Nancy
2006-021   Smith, J C
S-057Smith, J C
S-072Smith, Jackie Dwain
S-044Smith, Jewell Brannan
2006-043   Smith, Jimmy Don
2006-184   Smith, Joe Hugh
2002-098   Smith, Joel Thomas
2005-209   Smith, John D
S-123Smith, John N
2000-093   Smith, Josephine
2003-165   Smith, Josie L
2004-003   Smith, Jud
S-087Smith, Kenneth A
S-015Smith, Lillie Emma
S-064Smith, Lisa Loveless
S-095Smith, Lon Taylor
2004-055   Smith, Louis Comer
2005-158   Smith, Louise
2004-031   Smith, Lukie
S-158Smith, Lula Mae Nude
2004-188   Smith, Madelyn Mary
2005-010   Smith, Madelyn Mary
2005-011   Smith, Madelyn Mary
S-082Smith, Mamie Daniell
S-013Smith, Margaret
S-055Smith, Margaret
2000-152   Smith, Marilyn Frances Wallace
S-008Smith, Mark Allen
S-023Smith, Mary
S-168Smith, Mary Helen
S-026Smith, Mary Kay
S-088Smith, Mary Remaley
2005-113   Smith, Maurice J (Moe)
2004-134   Smith, McKee Jane
S-022Smith, Mike Eugene
S-073Smith, Mike R
S-069Smith, Mildred Allene
S-008Smith, Millard
2000-094   Smith, Muriel N
S-141Smith, Nadalee Rosanne
2006-102   Smith, Nelda
S-058Smith, Opal
2001-144   Smith, Ory
2006-101   Smith, Patsy
S-063Smith, Paul Coffey
S-147Smith, Pearl Brinson
2001-024   Smith, Purnia Faye
S-013Smith, Ralph V
S-117Smith, Raymond Stevins (Ray)
S-151Smith, Rhonda Lynn
2002-089   Smith, Robert L (Pete)
S-132Smith, Rosa Fisher
S-024Smith, Ruby Ford
S-030Smith, Rubye
2001-071   Smith, Sadie Pauline
2000-066   Smith, Sibyle Sidney
S-100Smith, Stacy
S-135Smith, Tessie Ardell
S-179Smith, Thelma
S-003Smith, Thomas Bryan
2002-087   Smith, Thomas J (Jimmy)
S-093Smith, Tobbie Torrene
S-136Smith, Tolly Bell
S-174Smith, Toylena Stroud
S-098Smith, Travis Coston
S-040Smith, Truett Leonard
S-022Smith, Tullus V
S-128Smith, V Emory
S-115Smith, V L (Seal)
2004-022   Smith, Venece
2004-023   Smith, Venece
2004-130   Smith, Vera Mae
2005-133   Smith, W A (Wetzel)
2001-067   Smith, Wallace
2000-120   Smith, Wayne C
S-111Smith, Wickham P, Sr
2002-152   Smith, William Ray
S-166Smith, Willie S Mrs (Bill)
S-028Smithey, Ann E
S-125Smithey, Mary Carolyn
2003-107   Smith-Ross, Brenda Jean
2003-107ASmith-Ross, Brenda Jean
2003-107BSmith-Ross, Brenda Jean
2003-107CSmith-Ross, Brenda Jean
S-074Snead, Hazel
S-044Snead, Mamie
S-045Sneath, Bert
S-159Sneath, Bonnie
2003-0015 Sneed, Gladys Mae
2003-015   Sneed, Gladys Mae
S-156Snell, Bonnie B
2004-168   Snell, Ethel
2002-065   Snider, Flora Irene
2001-181   Snider, Hazel
2001-117   Snider, Lloyd
S-021Snively, Florence
S-065Snow, Benniesue (Sue)
S-068Snow, Howard Eugene (Gene)
S-020Snow, Jeff (J D)
S-144Snow, Lois Lorraine Mounce
S-005Snyder, Laura Lucille Wilson
2006-191   Sobkowiak, Johnnie Vernon
S-095Sohm, Benjamin Franklin
2002-032   Solberg, Vera
2002-134   Solley, Lee Roy
S-101Soloman, Alan Ray (Tooter)
2003-183   Solomon, Betty Keller
S-035Solomon, Elizabeth F Reed
S-149Solomon, James (Jim)
2003-162   Solomon, Myrle
2004-110   Solomon, Wilber (Dale)
S-079Solsberry, Marvin Ellis
S-155Solsbery, Norma Winnette
2003-016   Somano, Sandra Lyse
S-169Sommerfield, Myrelene
2005-078   Son, Bertha E (Walker)
2005-079   Son, Bertha E (Walker)
2005-060   Sones, James Paul
S-101Sones, John Wesley
S-055Sones, Ken
S-020Sones, Paul James, Jr
S-079Sones, Virginia Wood
S-046Sorell, Jane Fassett
2001-116   Sorgee, Almouth L
2003-111   Sorrells, Inez
2005-099   Sotelo, Arturo
S-055Southall, Eula Bessie
S-064Southall, Kenneth Dale
S-097Sowell, Billy Joe
S-145Sowell, Estelle Leoner
S-090Sowell, Flossie Sparks
S-018Sowell, Francis Odelia
2005-167   Sowell, Johnnie Shirleen
S-063Spain, Esta A
S-080Spain, Leonard
S-010Spain, Ross
S-080Spann, Mildred Marie
S-092Spargo, Viola (Vi)
2002-190   Sparkman, Johnnie Ruth
2002-075   Sparkman, Mary Lorena
2000-031   Sparkman, Nadine Canady
S-115Sparkman, Travis R
S-089Sparks, Ann Sherman
S-159Sparks, Arvella
S-101Sparks, Betty J
S-075Sparks, Charles Lynn
S-041Sparks, Daisy
S-056Sparks, DeAlva
S-004Sparks, Dixie June
2001-078   Sparks, Dollie Sarah Caroline Ford
S-104Sparks, Donald
S-178Sparks, Dorothy Jean
2006-147   Sparks, Eugene Monroe
2003-009   Sparks, Frank
2004-153   Sparks, Helen L
S-146        Sparks, Inis M
2004-048   Sparks, Ira W
S-011Sparks, John Edward
S-078Sparks, Johnny B
2003-025   Sparks, Leonard
S-162Sparks, Louise
S-152Sparks, Lowell (Popeye)
S-070Sparks, Mandia Jane
S-173Sparks, Morice L (Sparky)
2005-205   Sparks, Pamela Sue Worley
S-017Sparks, Raymond A
2005-149   Sparks, Rose Elizabeth
S-075Sparks, Rupert Arvin
2006-042   Sparks, Stephen Roy
2002-002   Sparks, T J
S-113Sparling, Doyle S
S-053Sparling, John C
2004-026   Spaulding, Charles Paul
S-172Spaulding, Frances
2000-036   Spears, Bobby D, Jr
2006-175   Spears, Cora Ima (Cook)
S-104Spears, Elmer L
2002-136   Spears, George Harrison, Jr
S-030Spears, Josephine
S-021Spears, Lydia May
S-068Spears, Steve (Dean)
2006-091   Speck, Leslie
2006-060   Speegle, Howard R
2006-150   Speer, James William Bruce
2000-056   Spence, Johny Dalton
2005-121   Spencer, Esther Faye
S-010Spencer, Gladys K
S-177Spencer, Henry Paul
S-131Spencer, Kenneth
2005-086   Spencer, Kenneth Melvin, Sr
S-144Spencer, Raynore Moon
2003-147   Spencer, Richard Byron (Dick) or (R B)
S-049Sper, Helen Juanita (Nita)
S-025Sper, Herman W
2003-199   Spikes, Ann
S-097Spikes, Arizona Neville
S-136Spikes, Lige J
S-076Spikes, W R
2000-173   Spindor, Brett Allen (Simple)
S-112Spindor, Caso
2001-161   Spindor, Earl
2001-087   Spindor, Elmer
S-035Spindor, Freda Marie
S-034Spindor, Joe
S-083Spindor, John
S-037Spindor, Posie Keeney
2004-001   Spindor, Reba Irline
S-027Spinks, Carl Edward
S-022Spinks, Charles Luther
2004-029-30Spinks, Tessie Mae Pruitt
2001-083   Spinks, Willie Lucile Crow
2004-008   Spitz, Walter
2002-001   Spitzenberger, Fritz
S-070Spitzenberger, Helma B
2006-156   Spiva, Corda "Corky"
S-090Spiva, Robert Louis
2001-188   Spivey, Cecil M
2003-189   Spivey, George W
2001-136   Spivey, H W (Cotton)
2003-121   Spivey, Janette
S-176Spivey, Ollie T
S-077Spoonts, Eddley Martis
S-076Spradling, Ray
S-174Sprague, Bessie Lucille (Betty)
S-026Spratt, Nannie Lee
S-063Springer, Gene
S-116Springer, Marsh S (Sonny)
S-154Springer, Myrlie Ida
S-051Springfield, Mildred
2005-112   Spruil, Vera Ellen
S-062Spruill, Carl M
S-167Spruill, Foy David
S-097Spruill, Hazel
S-058Spruill, Helen Marion
2004-188   Spruill, Ida Mae
2005-001   Spruill, Ida Mae
2002-004   Spruill, James H (Cotton)
S-153Spruill, Lottie Fay
S-166Spruill, Pearl Pauline
S-071Spruill, Ralph Lee
2005-210   Spurger, Bryan Lane
2006-165   Spurlock, Crawford Eldridge "Butch"
S-028Squiers, Ruby Lee
2006-022   Squires, Leroy (Bud)
2004-119   Srader, Paul Priesly
S-092St Clair, Byron L
S-145St Laurent, Alice B Roussin
S-020St. Ong, Armand J
S-080Stacey, Albert C
S-078Stacy, Alta Lee
S-090Stacy, Henry N
2002-141   Stacy, Jesse LaVirl
S-082Stacy, Mildred
2003-118   Stacy, Ora Bragg
2006-107   Stacy, Stephen LaVirl Sr
S-098Stacy, Tom Euesta
S-137Stacy, William O
2000-161   Stacy, Winifred
2002-113   Stacy, Wynema (Nema)
S-007Stafford, Fred
S-043Stafford, Mildred Elizabeth
S-050Stafford, Minnie Lee
2001-078   Stafford, Thelma M
2002-182   Stagg, Riley Joe
S-126Stagner, Teresa Despain
S-083Stagner, Uel
S-080Staig, Mary Sue
2000-026   Stailey, Ottis D (Tot)
S-002Stallings, Ovella
S-025Stalnaker, Robert L
2003-223   Stamps, Carol Ann Archer
2005-078   Stanberry, Johnie Curtis
2000-082   Standifer, Herman W
S-018Standridge, Abner B
S-086Standridge, Eugene
S-027Standridge, Lillie S
S-018Standridge, Lionell
S-099Standridge, Sally
S-139Stanford, Bishop (Cotton)
S-043Stanford, Bobby Dean
2000-040   Stanford, Gladys L
S-142Stanford, Gloria Jean
S-105Stanford, Jerry Eugene
S-067Stanford, L B (Pop)
2001-129   Stanford, Lula
S-034Stanford, Naylor B
2002-091   Stanford, Ola Belle
2002-092   Stanford, Ola Belle
S-096Stanford, Otis Woodrow
S-054Stanford, R V (Pete)
S-057Stanley, Ader Mae (Ada)
2000-140   Stanley, Pauline
S-142Stanley, Pauline Pruitt
S-033Stanley, Robert B
S-006Stanley, Roy Lee
2005-202   Stanley, William Henry, Sr
S-072Stanton, Irene
S-091Stapleton, Lois
2000-112   Stapp, Carmen R
2005-203   Stapp, Josephine (Jo) Novella
2005-192   Stark, Augie Mae
S-148Stark, C J
2001-066   Stark, Edward Fischer
2002-133   Stark, Faye
2000-041   Stark, J W (Jack)
2001-188   Stark, Mary Aubie
2001-182   Stark, Robert Overton
2003-044   Stark, Tim
S-105Starley, Glen Curry
S-173Starling, Dollie
S-100Starling, Dot Johns
S-132Starling, Stella
S-005Starnes, Dorothy Deskin
2001-184   Starnes, E C (Son)
S-083Starnes, Herman
S-110Starnes, Lawrence Veston
S-156Starnes, Nora
S-119Starnes, Orbin B
S-034Starnes, Tootsie
S-017Starnes, Truey T
2000-075   Starr, Tommie Faye
S-159Stasey, Anna Belle
2003-202   Stasey, Charlie Morris
2005-065   Stasey, Frank H
S-013Stasey, Juanita V
S-066Staton, Neal Riley
S-017Staude, Loraine W
S-114Staudt, Gladys Bevin
2003-030   Stautzenberger, Edgar
S-103Stearns, Robert Leroy
S-031Steel, Herman
S-178Steele, Annie Laura
S-142Steele, Barbara Fern Clawson
2000-154   Steele, Bobby Lee
S-062Steele, Elmon Lee
S-070Steele, James Adrian
S-168Steele, James Omer, Jr (Pat)
S-171Steele, Lester Julian
S-111Steele, Margaret Carolina
2001-059   Steele, Octavia (Tavia)
2000-171   Steele, Odelle Janie
2004-124ASteele, Rickey Dale
S-083Steele, Robert J
2002-068   Steele, Thelsotn Lundy (Mutt)
2001-175   Steen, Bobby Joe
2006-157   Steen, Robert Coy
S-166Steffenauer, Kay Ann
2005-095   Stehr, Allegra E Peterson
S-118Steigel, Anthony F
S-089Steigel, Hilda L
S-108Stell, John Dennis
2000-092   Stell, Lou Ve
2003-096   Stelter, Beverly Ann
S-006Stembridge, Eugene E
2001-073   Stembridge, Nathan C
S-066Stembridge, W C (Buster)
S-161Stembridge, William Doyle
S-014Stephen, Evelyn M
S-012Stephen, H Royal
2000-090   Stephen, Jo Margaret
S-059Stephen, Katherine Hope
S-051Stephen, King Wilbur
S-062Stephen, Leona Arizona
S-175Stephen, Merril D
S-103Stephen, Ryan Daniel
2000-145   Stephen, Tura Ellis
S-084Stephen, Virgil Edmond
2000-148   Stephens, Alford Laverl (Son) (Steve)
S-045Stephens, Alvin Omer (Tug)
2003-134   Stephens, Anna Ree
2005-203   Stephens, Barbara Yvonne
2004-051   Stephens, Billy Burl
S-128Stephens, Charles J
2001-132   Stephens, Claud T
S-168Stephens, Claude Ray
S-066Stephens, D M (Jack)
S-154Stephens, Dalphine O'Dell
S-005Stephens, Daniel Thomas
2001-184   Stephens, Dora Opal
2000-052   Stephens, Dorothy
2005-120   Stephens, Douglas Lowell
2000-136   Stephens, E L (Junior)
2005-031   Stephens, Earleen
S-019Stephens, Ernest Mrs (Ola Mae)
2004-123   Stephens, George
2002-084   Stephens, Golda Louise
2000-125   Stephens, Gordon Cullen, Sr
S-114Stephens, Harold Arthur
S-050Stephens, Henry
S-041Stephens, Howard Warner
S-098Stephens, J D
2006-030   Stephens, Kasper C
S-029Stephens, Leota Hanna
2002-053   Stephens, Leota Smith
2004-176   Stephens, Letha Mae
S-086Stephens, Lucy
S-010Stephens, M E Mrs
2006-005   Stephens, Martha Jane
2000-136   Stephens, Mary Jessie
2001-120   Stephens, Medford G
S-102Stephens, Mozelle
2000-007   Stephens, Ola Mae
2001-027   Stephens, Rex A
2005-108   Stephens, Rodney
S-050Stephens, Roy E
S-096Stephens, Ruby G
S-081Stephens, Sarah Martha (Mattie)
2004-016   Stephens, Sid V
S-112Stephens, Siscero W
S-067Stephens, Vasco W
2006-008   Stephens, Veda
S-059Stephens, Virginia Leona
S-024Stephens, Vivian Lloyd
S-071Stephens, Vivian Oleta
S-005Stephens, Vonda (O'Neal)
S-139Stephenson, Clara
2006-050-51      Stephenson, Doyle Wade
2000-065   Stephenson, Lula Mae Russell
S-109Stepken, May
S-099Stepp, Helen
2006-020   Sterling, Frances
S-079Sterneman, John Edward
2003-216   Sterneman, Marcella
2005-022   Steubing, Jeanette Lee Flynn
S-002Stevens, Annie Jane
S-143Stevens, Baciel Butler
2000-097   Stevens, Carl, Jr
S-004Stevens, Clara Pauline
2004-005   Stevens, Doris C
S-029Stevens, Erma L
S-048Stevens, Kenneth Davis, Sr
2004-112   Stevens, Kenneth, Jr
2004-122   Stevens, Lillian Marie
S-119Stevens, Phillip Graham
2004-129   Stevens, Ruby P
S-090Stevens, Trubert Fowler (Steve)
S-134Stevens, Vesta Camella
S-078Stevenson, Ruby Auvine
2003-024   Steward, Iva Gillock
S-061Steward, Ora
2005-109   Stewart, Albert H
2005-114   Stewart, Albert H
S-171Stewart, Bennye Sue Lancaster
S-039Stewart, Bettye
S-155Stewart, Beulah Roberta
S-063Stewart, Charles Roy
S-057Stewart, Clory O
S-103Stewart, Clover Louise
S-009Stewart, Deola (Mac)
S-107Stewart, Dorothy B
S-121Stewart, Dorothy Lee
2001-044   Stewart, Edna Myrl
2000-024   Stewart, Edna Ruth (Millican)
S-084Stewart, Edward Ralph
S-126Stewart, Ethlinda (Bobbie)
2006-107   Stewart, Frankie Kayrene Northcutt
S-072Stewart, G L
2001-017   Stewart, G W (Jack)
S-123Stewart, Gerald
S-023Stewart, Henry Dean
S-052Stewart, Hershel Wayne
S-162Stewart, Homer
2003-123   Stewart, Irma
S-060Stewart, Jack Allen
2001-131   Stewart, James E
2003-196   Stewart, James Vernon
2006-102   Stewart, Jason O'Neal
2003-128   Stewart, Jeff
2002-003   Stewart, Larry J
S-003Stewart, Lillie G
S-123Stewart, Lorene A
2000-032   Stewart, Louis M
S-156Stewart, Macy P
S-018Stewart, Mamie Lou
S-002Stewart, Marvin W
S-063Stewart, Mary Augusta
2001-172   Stewart, Oleta
2002-150   Stewart, Olin Eugene
S-165Stewart, Phillip D
2006-044   Stewart, Queenie Victoria
S-051Stewart, Raymond E
S-173Stewart, Sheila
S-093Stewart, Sterling Price
S-030Stewart, Thomas W, Jr (Bill)
S-152Stewart, Thomas William
S-142Stewart, Velma
2005-093   Stewart, Velma Lorene
S-066Stewart, Vera Fern
2005-024   Stewart, Vernon
S-174Stewart, Wilma (Robertson)
S-016Stidham, Mabel
2000-024   Stidham, Mary Vance
S-054Stigler, Darrell E
S-004Stigler, Pearl E
2000-108   Still, Charles Wesley
2000-073   Still, Hazel Fenner
S-125Stinnett, Linda O Rasberry
S-059Stinnett, Ollie Thelma
S-102Stinnett, Rozetta
S-118Stipe, Bessie Gladys
2002-184   Stipe, Emma Mae Mackey
S-095Stipe, Frank G
S-086Stipe, William Ray
2000-147   Stockinger, Billy Roy
2004-147   Stockinger, Wunema Joyce
S-159Stockman, Erin Lea
2006-055   Stocks, Hayden Russell
S-032Stocks, John
S-019Stocks, Velma Jannie
S-080Stockstill, H E
2001-117   Stockstill, Mark
S-011Stockton, Frank H
S-082Stockton, Mable Rose
S-042Stockton, Naoma Ethel
S-109Stockton, Tom A (Johnny)
2000-007   Stoddard, C D
S-031Stoddard, Darrell Glen
S-039Stoddard, Lillie Beatrice
2002-150   Stoeppleman, Alma
S-064Stokes, Douglas Earl
2006-034   Stokes, Grady "Jimmy"
S-138Stone, A C
S-001Stone, Adell Lucas
2002-120   Stone, Alice Leona
S-010Stone, Alva
S-001Stone, Bertha Harrison
2006-100   Stone, Bill
S-022Stone, Bill
S-045Stone, Capitola Ellis
S-049Stone, Christine
S-094Stone, Daisy McNeill
S-016Stone, Dale Klepper Mrs
S-056Stone, David E
S-040Stone, Doris Jean
S-121Stone, Eddie Jack (Pa)
S-055Stone, Edgar H, Jr (Pete)
2000-065   Stone, Eric Daniel
2006-042   Stone, Ersie Fae
S-022Stone, Faye
2006-124   Stone, Fern Fincher
S-053Stone, Gary Lynn
2003-038   Stone, Helen
S-007Stone, Hubert Ray
S-032Stone, Imogene
S-125Stone, J T (Porter)
S-006Stone, James Delton
S-087Stone, James E, Jr
S-167Stone, James Edward, Sr
S-140Stone, Jean Marie Corbell
S-140Stone, Jerry
S-011Stone, Jettie (Mrs Alva)
S-015Stone, John D
2002-058   Stone, Leland G
2002-060   Stone, Leland G
S-058Stone, Leonard
S-155Stone, Leslie L
S-135Stone, Lewis D
2000-012   Stone, Lola
2005-056   Stone, Loretta Hargis
S-072Stone, May Belle
S-044Stone, O W
S-158Stone, Opal Inez
S-140Stone, Rhodney
2001-024   Stone, Ruby Mae
2005-144   Stone, S G
S-060Stone, Toby
S-060Stone-Freeman, Annie B
S-071Stoner, Wanda Lorene Boyd
S-119Stovall, Bill
S-127Stovall, C D
S-042Stovall, Robert James
S-171Stover, Dottie
S-141Stow,  George Anna
S-027Stowe, Frances
2005-072   Stowe, John H
2005-124   Stracener, Billie Wynelle
2005-125   Stracener, Billie Wynelle
S-014Stracener, Maude Ethel
2006-183   Strange, Harold Dean
S-104Strange, Orilla Rena
2003-169   Strasner, Alvie Audle (Al), Jr
2004-054   Stratmoen, EuGene
2004-060   Stratmoen, EuGene
2004-057   Stratton, Edward Charles (Bird Houseman)
2006-136   Stratton, Velma Helen
2006-022   Straub, Chris
S-172Strawbridge, Linda Clark
2004-131   Strawbridge, William Clarence, Jr
S-143Strawhorn, Autra Clinton (Straw)
S-043Strawn, Elmer E
S-075Strawn, Mary Lou
S-048Strawn, Myrtie Bennett
S-095Strawn, Raymond J (Buck)
S-038Strawn, William David
S-136Strebeck, A D
S-170Street, Lois
S-001Strepy, Wilena Purcell
S-039Strickland, Grady S
2000-071   Strickland, Hubert, Rae
2006-024   Strickland, O Z Newsom Wallace
S-149Strickland, Pearl Pauline
S-101Stricklin, Edith
S-069Stricklin, Jack
S-073Strieger, Elsie
S-054Striegler, Helen E
S-090Striegler, Mary Virginia
S-096Stringer, Bill
2001-010   Stringer, George M, Sr
S-082Stringer, James R (Bud)
S-137Stringer, Jerry Dale
2002-108   Stringer, Verna Burgan
2000-160   Stringer, Woodrow Wilson (Boots)
S-108Striz, Bessie M
S-024Strodtman, Dorothy L
S-032Strohmier, Ella Delora Prince
S-017Stroman, Viola Izora
2002-071   Stromquist, Helmuth E (Red)
S-014Strong, Donald J
S-100Strong, J T
S-160Strong, Mary Toka
S-048Strong, Mattie Dora
S-153Strong, Myrtle McAdams
2004-128   Strong, Rowdy Lee Carpenter
2006-183   Strother, Alice
S-103Strother, G B
S-001Strother, Luther Hinds
S-001Strother, Zuella Trimble
S-171Stroud, Dorothy
S-087Stroud, John Dee
S-062Stroud, Johnnie Alton (Shine)
S-065Stroud, Micheal Craig
S-039Stroud, Myrtle Amy
S-176Strube, Billy J
S-124Strube, Norman H (Bill)
2004-094   Strube, Rodney Wade
S-162Strube, Winnie Margaret Gray
S-087Stuart, Anna Mae
S-079Stuart, Charles F, Jr
S-097Stubblefield, Burnice Long Broadus
S-054Stubblefield, George J
S-025Stubblefield, Hazel Lucille
S-102Stubblefield, JoReta
S-055Stubblefield, Leta Maxine
2006-199   Stuckey, EuDean Jaynes
2001-106   Stuckey, Geraldine Fisher
S-033Stuckey, Hubert
S-086Stuckey, Mozelle Allen
S-034Stuckey, Otho Clayton
S-177Studer, Ailene E
S-007Studer, John Dennis
2004-127   Sturdivant, Bill B
S-135Sturdivant, Edgar
2003-004   Sturdivant, Helen Grissom
S-019Sturkie, John Harrold
S-015Sturkie, Lloyd Olen
2004-139   Suarez, Lorenzo, Jr
S-019Suitt, Lola Bernice
2000-017   Suitt, Marvin L
2005-052   Suitt, Mayo (Mayor?) Cornelia Webb
S-039Suitt, Pauline
2001-120   Suitt, Perry L
S-140Sullenberger, Hal McCallum
2003-075   Sullenberger, Madeline Ruth Funkhouser
S-074Sullivan, Beadie Bernice
S-033Sullivan, Bryan James
S-162Sullivan, Carroll Logan
2004-166   Sullivan, Dean Collins
S-012Sullivan, Isa Mitchell
S-020Sullivan, Kate
S-121Sullivan, Lavon Darland
S-116Sullivan, Lee Edward
S-092Sullivan, Patsy R (Tubbs)
2004-127   Sullivan, Robert D
2002-069   Sullivan, Thomas Darrell
2005-012   Sullivent, Joscellen Areese
2002-122   Sult, Claud
S-148Summers, Dean
S-168Summers, James Doyle
S-040Summers, John Haney
2006-067   Summers, Letha Elrod
S-033Summers, Minnie Iva
S-065Summers, Roy Deb
S-144Sumner, Eunice Tyson
S-041Sumpter, Veleta
S-070Sumrall, Ewing (Shorty)
S-011Sumrall, Rosa May
S-040Supercinski, DeAnna Kay
S-126Sutherland, Charles Eugene
S-109Sutherland, Evelyn
2005-210   Sutherland, Robert Warren
2004-080   Sutherland, Ruth
S-038Sutherland, Ruth Pirie
S-132Suttee, Leland Virgil
S-089Suttee, Priscilla Williams
2002-101   Sutten, Chloe Lynn
S-021Sutton, Connie L
S-047Sutton, Ed
2000-010   Sutton, Gladys Remington
S-178Sutton, John Edward
2002-142   Sutton, Peggy Adams
S-156Sutton, Shannon Dale
2003-075          Swagerty, Ila Ann
2002-049   Swaim, Bertha Bee
S-138Swaim, Virgil
S-031Swain, Barto
2004-018   Swallop, Bill
2004-168   Swallow, Doris Enola (Wallace)
S-036Swanner, Albert
S-025Swanner, Bessie Gladis
S-060Swanner, Marvin
2006-196   Swanner, Robert
2006-057   Swanson, Elaine Frances
S-061Swanson, Garvis L
S-052Swanson, Mabel A
S-112Swanson, Zanette Stephenson
2000-055   Swarms, Lola Marie
S-087Swatsell, Jennifer Jane
2002-060   Swearengin, Charles David (C D)
S-045Swearingen, Anita
S-084Swearingen, Clarinda Pearson
S-022Swearingen, George Edward
2006-136   Sweeney, Bettye Lou Haggard
S-045Sweeney, Kathleen Cameron
S-097Sweeny, Alice V
2004-106   Swenson, Peggye Rose Stampfli
S-165Swift, Alice Janette
S-042Swift, Clifford L
S-018Swift, Ernest James
S-059Swindle, Blaine Fenton
2003-216   Swindle, Estelle Minnie Lee
S-064Swindle, Gracie
S-049Swindle, Wayne M (Red)
2005-051   Swint, Walter Lloyd
S-120Switzer, Ida E
S-035Switzer, Margaret
S-038Switzer, Rusha Deisher
S-170Swygert, Albert M
S-061Synatzske, Lennert ( L M)
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