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Erath County Texas Obituaries
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Erath County Texas Obituaries, R

We indexed 14,684 obituaries for folks connected to Erath County, Texas. Area genealogist Marilyn Ewers dedicated years to collecting these files. They are provided through this site with permision from the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.  Obituaries generally start in the mid-1980s, but there are a few from earlier years. All years through 31 December 2006 have been consolidated into alphabetical lists by the first letter of the surname.
2002-005   Raborn, Johnnie L
2004-052   Raby, Billy Eugene
2005-148   Raby, Juanita Frances
R-056Rackler, Melba Gene
R-047Rackley, Edwina Kay
R-009Rackley, Ellen Elizabeth
2002-045   Rackley, James Fred
R-021Rackley, Mamie Iun
R-021Ragan, Albert Lark
2002-189   Ragan, T C
2004-133   Ragger, Barbara Dean
2006-105   Ragland, Lula Miram "Babe"
R-032Ragnone, Margie Jean
R-036Ragsdale, Leora P (Sally)
2000-146   Raines, Linda Irene
2000-064   Rainey, Jesse (Tom)
R-048Rainey, Pansy Inez
R-053Rainey, Rodger
R-051Rains, Roland Virgil
R-042Rainwater, Carlena Clara Mae
R-024Rainwater, Eva Augusta
R-084Rainwater, Milton Truman
2003-132   Rainwater, Vera Marie
2005-170   Raley, Audrey Marie Jenson
2005-172   Raley, Audrey Marie Jenson
2002-016   Raley, Byron C
R-012Raley, William Dewey
2006-156   Ramage, Jimmie Lee
2000-106   Rambo, Harold (Hatch)
R-065Ramirez, Antonio Lopez
2002-175   Ramirez, Carmen
2002-046   Ramirez, Juan Aranda
R-079Ramirez, Juanita Aide
R-049Ramirez, Louis
R-050Ramirez, Louis
H-156Ramirez, Maria
R-079Ramirez, Maria
R-001Ramos, Daniel H
2001-110   Ramos, David
R-045Ramos, David, Jr
2004-028   Ramos, Gregoria
R-067Ramos, Onofre (Alfred)
R-038Rampley, Bill Kenny
2006-201   Rampley, William Custer "Ramp"
2006-203   Rampley, William Custer "Ramp"
R-039Ramsay, Eula Jane
R-032Ramsay, Louise
2000-157   Ramsay, Mary Audra
2004-044   Ramsay, Steve
R-001Ramsay, Ted V
2001-181   Ramseur, Ralph
R-061Ramsey, Beulah Darkas
2006-023   Ramsey, Billy Ray (B R)
2002-091   Ramsey, Cheryl
R-033Ramsey, Doyle
2002-029   Ramsey, Frances Ann
R-008Ramsey, Frank James
2005-049   Ramsey, Franky Lynn Hadlock
R-016Ramsey, H A
2003-142   Ramsey, Jerry Lynn
2001-092   Ramsey, Lula Bell
R-087Ramsey, Mildred D
R-017Ramsey, Nadine
R-018Ramsey, Orville B
2000-092   Ramsey, Pansey May
2000-127   Ramsey, Ruby V
R-038Ramsey, William Arthur, Jr
R-052Ramsey, William Aubry (Bud)
2005-157   Randall, Doris
2001-103   Randals, Dorothy Noland
2001-154   Randals, Ellis Hord, Jr (Buddy)
2006-052   Randals, Mary Lorene
R-035Randle, Nellie Florence Goodner
2006-068   Randolph Eugene
R-003Randolph, Codie Ethel
2005-229   Randolph, Danny Edward
R-028Randolph, Deotis W
R-090Randolph, Effie O
2004-148   Randolph, Myrtle
2006-016   Randolph, Sam Houston
2002-105   Raney, Samantha Joann
2003-213   Rangel, Dominga
2004-006   Rangel, Maria Elida
R-078Ranne, Patricia Ann
2004-040   Rapacon, Mary Jean
R-039Rape, William Joseph
2003-124   Rasberry, Artie B
2005-037   Rasberry, Carl Richard
R-037Rasberry, Clarence Lee
2001-190   Rasberry, Dorothy
R-064Rasberry, Frank (Chip)
R-053Rasberry, Hattie Tranquilla (Billie)
R-069Rasberry, Homer
R-009Rasberry, K C
R-061Rasberry, Leatrice
R-027Rasberry, Lois
2000-082   Rasberry, Mary
R-052Rasberry, Mary Edith
R-015Rasberry, Myrtie
R-054Rasco, Letha B
2003-221   Ratliff, Alvis Ray
R-026Ratliff, Arch
2006-143   Ratliff, Dera Gunn
R-066Ratliff, Dorothy Irene
2003-203   Ratliff, Guida
2005-120   Ratliff, Jo K
2004-138   Ratliff, Joel Lee
R-048Ratliff, Juanita Faye
2001-106   Ratliff, Mae
2001-107   Ratliff, Mae
R-019Ratliff, Marvin
2002-034   Ratliff, Raymond Monroe
R-070Ratliff, Tama
2002-099   Ratliff, Vera Bertress (Kite)
2006-174   Ratliff, Virgie M
R-026Ratliffe, Arch
2004-183   Ratzow, Jewell Carlisle
R-085Rauch, Nelda Fay
R-081Ravenscraft, Maxlee
R-052Rawlings, Donald Roe
R-063Ray, A C, Jr
2001-079   Ray, Billy Jack
2001-053   Ray, Byron
R-020Ray, Charles Frank
R-025Ray, Chester Henry
R-052Ray, Clint
2005-016   Ray, Craig Waymon
2006-059   Ray, Daviddie
R-027Ray, Edna Bradley
R-036Ray, Elva Watson
R-064Ray, Faye M
R-034Ray, Inus Fay
2000-093   Ray, Jessie Lee
R-040Ray, Jewell Ruby
2004-137   Ray, Linnie Bracken Porter
R-012Ray, Louida M
R-053Ray, Lucile G
2004-158   Ray, Marguerite Daphine
2003-009   Ray, Mary Jo
R-016Ray, Mont D
R-003Ray, Pearl Julia (Gentry)
R-011Ray, Richard (Dock)
R-023Ray, Tracy Lee
R-001Ray, Zona Beth Pemberton
2004-036   Rayburn D Lancaster
2005-029   Rayfield, Jack
R-087Raynes, Nora McNellie
2006-112   Rea, Beatrice "Bernice"
R-002Read, Edgar L
2004-169   Read, Lois
R-033Reagan, Lewis E
R-047Reagan, Lila
R-018Reagan, Marvin A
2002-054   Reagan, Wesley B
2000-169   Reagan, Zelma
R-029Reasoner, Zora
R-068Reaves, French
R-048Reaves, Lucretia Ann (Lou)
2004-159   Rebeiro, Mary Nell Scott
R-041Reck, Irma
2005-204   Redden, Lonnie
R-013Reddoch, Klien Steve
R-080Redmond, Catherine
R-002Redwine, Lila Mae
R-044Reece, Ethel
R-031Reed, Addie
R-030Reed, Billy Rayburn
R-048Reed, Cash R, Jr
2000-056   Reed, Charles Eugene
R-026Reed, Chelsea Dell
R-040Reed, Cherry Martin
R-046Reed, Clara Mae
R-036Reed, Dora Lou
2004-156   Reed, Ervin
2000-143   Reed, Fanny Elizabeth
2002-198   Reed, George W
2000-152   Reed, Hazel Louise
2000-078   Reed, James Dennis
R-090Reed, James Herman
2005-029   Reed, Jonathan Ray
R-071Reed, Kathryn Davis
R-014Reed, Lake R'Lee Weatherford
R-058Reed, Lannon Dell
2000-162   Reed, LaVonia Ruth
R-090Reed, Lena Mae
2003-117   Reed, Lewis Edwin, Jr
R-021Reed, Oscar W
R-041Reed, Phillip
R-034Reed, Scott D
2005-051   Reed, Sherman Wallace (Red)
R-012Reed, Shroy D
R-016Reed, Wilma
2005-197   Reeder, Betty
R-042Reeder, Iva Condessa
R-091Reese, Emma Mae
R-014Reese, Florence
R-053Reese, John L
R-059Reese, Margaret Sikes (Tink)
2000-157   Reese, Ocie Lee
R-007Reese, Velon
R-030Reese, William
2003-180   Reeves, C L
2002-067   Reeves, Clem Alford
2000-046   Reeves, Fannie Mae
2000-071   Reeves, James B
R-023Reeves, Jesse Rains
R-041Reeves, Lillie Mae Ramsay
2000-139   Reeves, Lillie Waldine
2001-028   Reeves, Mary Francis
R-032Reeves, Mary Rosalie
R-013Reeves, Melvern C
R-080Reeves, Orville (Hog)
R-017Reeves, Rosie Lee
2000-037   Reeves, W C
R-028Regian, Granville Clarence
R-084Rehm, Audrey
R-044Reich, Avil E
2002-184-5Reich, Lily Mildred
R-002Reid, Austin M
2005-064   Reid, Deirdre Railynn
2005-066   Reid, Deirdre Railynn
2003-139   Reid, Douglas Carroll
R-020Reid, Enoch Edward
2002-112   Reid, Flossie Lucille Parkerson
2006-003   Reid, James Allison
2006-017   Reid, James Allison
2005-042   Reid, Pearl Tilly
R-006Reid, Raymond Hubert
R-005Reid, William Preston
R-060Reiger, Steven Ray, Jr
R-035Reitzer, LaVerne Bateman
R-020Renfroe, Lela G
R-002Renfrow, James Dewey
R-085Renfrow, Neil
R-013Reopel, Ella Clark
R-007Reopel, Eunice Faye Smith
2002-101   Revelle, David Louis
R-085Rexroat, J Orval
2005-217   Rexroat, Mary Elizabeth Clepper (Bettie)
R-089Reyes, Armandina (Nina)
2001-104   Reyes, Manuel
2006-099   Reyes, Prudencio
2006-165   Reyes, Ruben Sr
R-050Reyes, Trinidad
R-024Reynolds, Avery M, Jr
2002-008   Reynolds, Billie Lou
R-004Reynolds, Clyde Burl
2001-004   Reynolds, Frank
R-037Reynolds, Frank
R-091Reynolds, Gilbert
R-029Reynolds, H A (Gus)
2004-161   Reynolds, Irene Belle
2004-019   Reynolds, Iros D (Bob)
R-023Reynolds, Jack B
2000-014   Reynolds, Juanita Beason
R-075Reynolds, Kimberly
R-081Reynolds, Lillian Neva Hopkins
R-059Reynolds, Nell
R-077Reynolds, Paul Wesley (Herman)
R-033Reynolds, Ruby Mae
R-008Reynolds, Steward
2003-145   Rez, Randy
2003-154   Rez, Randy
R-035Rhea, John D
R-040Rhoades, Billy Joe
2005-129   Rhoades, Eileen Carroll
R-014Rhoades, Emery L, Sr
R-021Rhoades, Ethel
R-063Rhoades, Faye
R-090Rhoades, Frances
R-035Rhoades, Ila Foyle
R-005Rhoades, Joe Grady
R-006Rhoades, Mark E
R-040Rhoades, Paul C
2004-063-64      Rhoades, W J (Dub)
R-030Rhodes, Annie Mae
R-028?      Rhodes, Billy Jack (Bill)
R-022Rhodes, Clyde
R-042Rhodes, Jack Thurman
R-030Rhodes, Jo
R-080Rhodes, Marie
R-056Rhodes, Marvine Nail
R-086Rhyne, Duane W
2003-141   Ribbs, Katie Robison
2002-033A Rice, Betty L
2000-114   Rice, Billy Jo Taylor
2005-205   Rice, Clinton Dwayne
2006-168   Rice, Frances "Auntie"
R-032Rice, James Earl, Jr
2004-087   Rice, James William, Jr
2000-031   Rice, Jessie Ruth
2003-213   Rice, John Kermit, Jr
2003-010   Rice, Minnie Lee (Parker)
2003-108   Rice, Robert C
R-066Rich, Jerry Wayne
R-026Richards,  Minnie
2006-204   Richards, Ann (Governor)
2006-205   Richards, Ann (Governor)
R-057Richards, Bettye Jo
2003-139   Richards, Billy Bob
2001-189   Richards, Billye L
R-019Richards, Dorothy
2006-192   Richards, James W
R-006Richards, Jessie E
2005-199   Richards, John Robert, Jr
2001-065   Richards, Mary (Mildred)
R-014Richards, Mary L
2002-061   Richards, Paul
R-014Richards, Willie Salena
R-013Richardson, Alta Mae
R-004Richardson, Anna Lee
R-003Richardson, Bessie Irene
R-018Richardson, Betty Scott
2005-144   Richardson, Bula Sides
R-058Richardson, Creed O
R-073Richardson, David
R-061Richardson, Empress
R-023Richardson, Floyd M
2003-206   Richardson, Franklin
R-020Richardson, Hosie C
2000-026   Richardson, Irene
R-005Richardson, Irma C
2000-026   Richardson, J D
2002-069   Richardson, Jerry Owen
R-014Richardson, Joye
2000-105   Richardson, Judy Koerth
R-074Richardson, Kenneth E
R-075Richardson, Kenneth Eugene
R-041Richardson, Marshall Lewis
R-006Richardson, Martha Ann
R-039Richardson, Mildred
R-046Richardson, Mildred White
R-017Richardson, Minor
R-072Richardson, Ollie Irene
R-086Richardson, Rilla R
R-064Richardson, Ruth Fern
R-020Richardson, Sandra Jean
2003-120   Richardson, Swan
R-039Richardson, Vetress
R-007Richardson, William Henry
R-025Richbourg, Jessie Pearl Garth
2004-004   Richey, James Glenn
2004-005   Richey, James Glenn
2006-044   Richey, Lewis H
2000-070   Richey, Lorene J
R-010Richey, Merle Dean
R-082Richey, Ogoretta
R-035Richey, Rubye Vines
R-011Richey, Wilma K
2006-021   Richmon, L Millard
R-029Richmond, Harry
R-085Richmond, Michael
R-030Richmond, Samuel I, Sr
R-043Richter, Sophia
2001-080   Rickett, Charles W
R-073Ricks, Babe Adeline
R-036Ricks, Fay
2002-028   Riddell, Oma Lee
R-038Riddick, Bill
R-012Riddick, Wanda Balch
2006-146   Riddick, William Joel "Billy"
2005-161   Ridens, Claude (Jack)
2005-005   Rider, Bob Howard
R-055Riggins, John Matthew
2000-072   Riggins, Tommie Ann
R-031Riggle, Ercelle Blackburn
R-021Riggs, Elmo, Jr
R-010Riggs, Elvis
R-090Riggs, Marie Pack
2000-083   Riggs, Mary Olene
R-024Riggs, Orlin
R-039Riggs, Richard, Sr
2003-022   Riggs, Ricky Glyn
R-058Riggs, Verna Meador
2003-205   Riherd, Hazel June
R-009Riherd, Jack
R-049Riley, Betty Jo
R-043Riley, C O
2000-028   Riley, Donna
2003-011   Riley, Doris Ann
R-026Riley, Gaines Hardin
R-022Riley, Geneva W
R-051Riley, Ima Jean
R-087Riley, James Leeroy
2003-057   Riley, Jeffrey Don (Tiny)
R-045Riley, Loanna
R-060Riley, Newton E
2000-124   Riley, Tommy (Red)
2006-031   Riley, Wilma
R-065Riley, Winnie
2001-067   Rincon, Velma
R-078Rinehart, Anna Bell
R-060Rinehart, Curtis Eugene
R-036Rinehart, Daisy Albertine
R-054Rinehart, Frances Carolyn
2005-188   Rinehart, Nolan (Elvis)
2000-095   Riney, Odis Paul
R-076Ripley, Grady O
R-019Ripley, John Ambrose
R-067Ripley, Sandra Kay Elkins
2006-015   Rippetoe, Jessie Lee House
R-009Rippetoe, Sam
2002-025   Rippetoe, Walter Barnett
2006-032   Rippstein, Carolyn McBride
R-040Risinger, L V
R-031Rivera, Amando
R-064Rives, Annie Jones
R-004Rives, Barney V
R-058Rives, Beulah
2003-175   Rives, Mary Anne
2002-179   Rix, Jane Elizabeth
R-086Roach, David Manley
R-063Roach, Dorothy Hooks
R-048Roach, Eleanor Ringo
R-051Roach, George
2004-116   Roach, Rick D
R-037Roach, Ruth Layfield
R-013Roach, Stanley
R-055Robbins, Artie L
R-088Robbins, Benson Everrenthus
R-034Robbins, Buna Mae
R-037Robbins, Flota Mae
2002-127   Robbins, Gwendolyn Grace (Gwen)
R-061Robbins, Leta Mabel
R-028Robbins, Myron
R-072Robbins, Ona J
R-025Robbins, Ora Francis
2001-127   Robbins, Rose L
2005-060   Robbins, Royce
R-067Robbins, Shirley Carol
R-008Roberson, Albert Russell
R-001Roberson, Alta Oleta
R-070Roberson, Arthur V, Jr (Robbie)
2003-198   Roberson, Beatrice Bessie (Sis Stone)
R-029Roberson, Billy Frank
2004-173   Roberson, Billy Joe (Robby)
R-076Roberson, Bobby Jack (B J)
2001-189   Roberson, Charlene
R-083Roberson, Clynton Loyd (Rusty)
R-042Roberson, Condred M
2006-196   Roberson, D E "Roby"
R-046Roberson, Dora Bell
2000-086   Roberson, Edna Mae
R-024Roberson, Emma Stephen
2005-105   Roberson, Ernestine
2005-107   Roberson, Ernestine
R-084Roberson, Franklin Delano
2005-177   Roberson, Frederick I
2000-041   Roberson, Grady Weldon
2000-059   Roberson, Inez
R-007Roberson, J C, Jr
2001-004   Roberson, Jack
R-050Roberson, James Earl
R-002Roberson, Joe A
R-003Roberson, Lewis Edward Jr
R-057Roberson, Lizzie
R-010Roberson, Louisa E
R-011Roberson, Louisa Elizabeth
R-043Roberson, Mathew Clinton (Bud)
R-062Roberson, Quata Mae
R-031Roberson, Robert Henry
2003-123   Roberson, Venita
R-024Roberson, Vera Burgan
2006-099   Roberson, Vera Loraine
2003-217   Roberson, Virgil A (Fuzzy)
2000-066   Roberston Margie Rosiene
R-083Roberston, Ione
R-080Roberts, Adele
R-082Roberts, Bessie V
R-021Roberts, Bessie Wilson
R-008Roberts, Brandi Lea
R-089Roberts, Carroll Jay
2002-161   Roberts, Charles Ray (Pokey)
R-068Roberts, Dixie Helen Massingill
R-045Roberts, E A
R-019Roberts, E J (Bud)
R-089Roberts, Exa D
R-056Roberts, Gloria Mayfield Smith
R-085Roberts, Ikey Imogene
2003-108   Roberts, J W
R-047Roberts, Jack Lathen
2002-057   Roberts, Jodi
2006-005   Roberts, Joe Baker
R-026Roberts, Joe M, Jr
R-087Roberts, John R, Jr
2002-126   Roberts, Kathy L
2005-091   Roberts, Laura Ann
R-062Roberts, Leon D
R-061Roberts, Mary Louise Medford
2002-191   Roberts, Mary Wanda
2002-093   Roberts, Marybeth
R-090Roberts, Mattie Braeuer
R-005Roberts, Mattie P
R-023Roberts, Merle
R-006Roberts, Neil L
R-036Roberts, Pearly Mae
2003-116   Roberts, Ray E
2004-173   Roberts, Ruben
2005-150   Roberts, Sam E
R-055Roberts, Viola Pryor
R-009Robertson, Addie Mae
R-011Robertson, Bertha
2006-048-49      Robertson, Bonnie
R-034Robertson, Brad Lance
2001-060   Robertson, Eula Beatrice
R-062Robertson, George Wesley
2001-129   Robertson, Gloria Griggs
2001-166   Robertson, John M
R-021Robertson, John T
R-022Robertson, John T
R-045Robertson, Kenneth Ray
R-027Robertson, Leonard Wayne
2006-060   Robertson, Neva Lee
R-064Robertson, Sue Shoemaker
R-021Robertson, Thomas S
2001-050   Robertson, William J (Robbie)
2002-008   Robinett, Joe
R-022Robinson,  Alice Lillian Crouch
2003-207   Robinson, Clarence M
R-050Robinson, Culbreath Woodrow
R-077Robinson, Don
2002-036   Robinson, Edith
R-066Robinson, Eva Bell
2004-060   Robinson, Eva Irene
R-017Robinson, Freddie Joe
2000-088   Robinson, Gilbert
R-042Robinson, H N, Jr (Tweedy)
R-013Robinson, Horace N (Lightnin')
R-010Robinson, I V F
R-015Robinson, Imogene
R-013Robinson, Inez
R-016Robinson, Ira V
2004-078   Robinson, Johnnie H
R-020Robinson, Lyman Eual
2005-043   Robinson, Margaret
2005-043   Robinson, Margaret
2001-182   Robinson, Marie Hook
R-055Robinson, Marjorie Lee
R-018Robinson, Maxine Williams
R-056Robinson, Myrl
2005-217   Robinson, Nina
R-015Robinson, Oran Lee (Sarg)
2004-016   Robinson, Travis
R-059Robinson, Verna Lee
2000-101   Robinson, William Dan
R-049Robison, Christelle Favors
R-046Robison, Clevie F
R-029Robison, D W (Red)
R-008Robison, Johnnie Marie
R-049Robison, Joseph Ernest
2004-057   Robison, Maggie Jo Warren
2004-058   Robison, Maggie Jo Warren
R-047Robison, Otra L
R-038Robitaille, Catherine L
R-043Robitaille, George C
2001-113   Rocha, Ana Maria
2001-110   Rocha, Anna Maria
R-030Rocha, Benita
2001-113   Rocha, David Ramos
R-043Rocha, Florentino
2001-113   Rocha, Leonor Hernandez
2001-110   Rocha, Rosario
2001-113   Rocha, Rosario
R-035Roden, Coy James
2005-078   Roden, Lowell M (Mac)
2000-073   Roden, Ouida Mae
2003-103   Roderick, Kate Shannon
R-011Roderick, L E (Rod)
R-025Rodgers, Kathy Armstrong
R-010Rodgers, Thoma
R-015Rodgers, Valentine
R-058Rodman, Wayne
2005-212   Rodriguez, Consuelo Mora
2005-213   Rodriguez, Consuelo Mora
2006-166   Rodriguez, Estella Lydia
2002-122   Rodriguez, John A
2001-065   Rodriguez, John Frank
2002-181   Rodriguez, Lisa Joy Kendall
2006-134   Rodriquez, Joe
R-051Rodriquez, Vivian Lynn
2006-149   Roe, Eura M Bingham
2006-079-80      Roe, Walter Lee
R-044Roeming, Robert (Bob)
2004-169   Roeming, Rose Marie
2006-122   Roeth, Robert F
2006-126-127    Roetter, Joyce Fallin
2006-092   Rogan, Patti Faye "Willa"
2005-132   Rogers, Annabelle Frances
2006-194   Rogers, Betty Ann Collier
2001-107   Rogers, Billy G
2006-019   Rogers, Billy Joe
R-077Rogers, Charles Riley
R-078Rogers, Charles Riley
R-029Rogers, Dossie Gilbreath
R-047Rogers, Earl T
R-072Rogers, Frank Ira (F I)
2001-170   Rogers, Freddie Bill
2001-041   Rogers, Garland B
2006-201   Rogers, Georgia Belle Pate
R-085Rogers, Gilbert Thomas
2004-177   Rogers, H D (Kelly)
2006-105   Rogers, Henry Jack
R-021Rogers, Huston T
R-004Rogers, I B, Sr
R-028Rogers, Jay
R-084Rogers, Jewel
R-003Rogers, Letha Ethel
R-032Rogers, Lillian B
2001-015   Rogers, Lorene Wyly
2003-050   Rogers, Marshall Nelms
R-073Rogers, May
R-024Rogers, Maye
R-044Rogers, Merdell
R-049Rogers, Raymond Sherman
2001-017   Rogers, Ruby
2005-049   Rogers, Ruby Mae
R-027Rogers, Rudelle D
2004-028   Rogers, Sam Alton
2002-142   Rogers, Troy D
2000-153A Rogers, Vada
2006-046   Rogers, Wayne
2002-081   Rogers, Zola Letha
R-063Rojas, Esteban
2000-126   Rollins, Hilda Delois
R-016Rollison, George J
R-054Romero, Dany Abraham (Daniel)
R-055Roming, Lula Pearl
R-070Ronald, Dollie Bell
2002-094   Rone, Peggy Lynn
R-034Rood, Audrey E (Cowboy)
R-046Rood, Lola Mae
2003-173   Root, Charlene Clay
R-084Roquemore, Ola Glen (Wood)
2005-176   Rosalez, Adrian Juventino
2001-133   Rose, Evelyn Alsup
R-049Rose, Nell (Ma)
R-065Rose, Roy Robert
R-044Rose, Ruby Huston
2003-171   Rosner, Christian
2003-172   Rosner, Christian (Aileene K)
R-038Ross, Amelia Sue
2001-009   Ross, Charles Edward
R-081Ross, Charlie
R-049Ross, Clemmie B (Young)
R-007Ross, Frankie
R-037Ross, Gerald Wayne
R-048Ross, Gladys Worham
2003-061   Ross, Glenn Ray
R-004Ross, Gordon D
R-005Ross, Gordon D
2003-003   Ross, Hattie Pauline Hooks
R-008Ross, Horace Houston
R-077Ross, Howard Francis
2005-190   Ross, Jack
R-084Ross, James Ollie
R-081Ross, Jeanette Caroline
R-010Ross, Juanita Knox
R-071Ross, Lovie
2006-125   Ross, Lura Elsie
R-076Ross, Mauda Lee Farrar
R-041Ross, Orval T
2000-098   Ross, Robert Dewey
R-007Ross, Ruth Gordon
2001-081   Ross, Samuel S
2006-135   Ross, William Morse
R-071Ross, Willie Dee
R-041Roulston, Faye
R-045Roulston, J Cas
2005-198   Roulston, Mindi Janel
R-079Rountree, Lucille Alice
2000-093   Rountree, Margaret Elizabeth
R-054Rouse, Stacy Ann
R-044Rovenstine, Jay Arthur
R-078Rowe, George L
R-019Rowe, Joseph Horace
2005-082   Rowe, Marie
2005-083   Rowe, Mary Marie Griffin
2005-084   Rowe, Mary Marie Griffin
R-079Rowe, Wilburn
2000-022   Rowland, William G (Bill)
2003-023   Royal, Wilcey Metcalf
2006-175   Royall, Lytle Eugene
R-011Rozell, Lillie E
R-033Rozell, Robert W
R-039Rucker, A C (Red)
2002-177-8Rucker, Alyne Ford
2000-144   Rucker, Ethel Connally
R-006Rucker, H B
2005-177   Rucker, Jane
R-033Rucker, Joseph Ray
R-083Rucker, Kenneth
R-017Rucker, Laura Maynette
R-034Rucker, Nelda Mae
2000-050   Rucker, Ordie Ray
2001-165   Rucker, Pauline Favors
R-032Ruckman, Ima Dell
2000-066   Rudd, Dafna Lorraine
2005-209   Rudd, Garland Hensley
R-028Rudd, Ola Horner
R-059Ruddick, Janie Louellen (Ellen)
2001-009   Ruedas, Amalia
R-027Ruels, Saturnino
R-017Ruiz, Benito
R-051Ruiz, Maria Julia
R-038Ruiz, Tim, Jr (Chico)
R-052Ruiz, Timoteo, III (Timothy)
R-083Rulo, Davis Lloyd
R-060Rumph, Jennifer Joan
R-001Rumph, Ruby Beach
R-075Runnells, Kathleen
2001-142   Runnels, Hubert E
2004-080   Runyon, Bernice Odell Moon
2000-078   Runyon, Elmer Eliza Allen
R-054Runyon, J H
R-053Rusche, Noah Jacob
2003-148   Rush, Dave
2006-124   Rush, Eva Faye
2000-084   Rush, Jo Ann Ford
R-018Rush, Marvin H
R-037Rush, Virdie Sally
R-083Rushing, Henry Wayne
2002-171   Rushing, Louise
2002-006   Rushing, Novis
R-022Rusk, Betty Mae
2000-127   Rusk, Don
R-015Rusk, Peggy June
2001-052   Russell, Ada Elizabeth
R-045Russell, Alleyne Pittman
R-017Russell, Anna Belle
2000-105   Russell, Anna Mae
R-015Russell, C C
R-059Russell, Cameron Kyle
2001-011   Russell, Daniel Nathan
2006-153   Russell, David Wayne
R-028Russell, Ernest Don
R-042Russell, Gayle
R-012Russell, George Linsy
R-002Russell, J R (Bob)
2002-066   Russell, Jessie Faye
2000-112   Russell, Jodi Pfertsh
R-032Russell, Johnnie (Cricket)
R-009Russell, Lila Maye
R-001Russell, Lorena
R-019Russell, Mabel
R-014Russell, Margie
R-023Russell, Martha B
R-026Russell, Myrtle Vesta
R-075Russell, Nannie B
2001-138   Russell, R J (Doc)
2006-025   Russell, Robert L
R-016Russell, Roy H
R-082Russey, May Godbehere
R-043Rustin, Margaret Rae
2004-135   Rustin, William Deward
R-089Ruth, Alma
R-050Ruth, Grace Hillman
R-057Ruth, J B
R-062Rutherford, B G (Joe)
R-022Rutherford, Buddy
2000-098   Rutherford, Charlie H
2005-217   Rutherford, Helen L
2005-215   Rutherford, Helen Louise
R-068Rutherford, Jurine Lucille
2000-064   Rutherford, Lloyd Weldon
2001-063   Rutherford, Mary
2000-175   Rutherford, Noble Benton
R-031Rutherford, Yvonne Jane Fowler
2005-138   Rutledge, Avo Mitchell
R-011Rutledge, William Wayne, Sr
2005-082   Ryan, Azalea
R-069Ryan, Blanche Woods Christopher
R-016Ryan, Charles R (Bob)
R-024Ryan, Jim
2005-120   Ryan, Margie Mae
R-053Ryan, Rowena Turner
2001-030   Ryden, Brenda Joyce
2001-017   Ryden, Carolyn Ann
2000-011   Ryden, Merle
R-046Ryder, Dorothy Lou Mayes
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