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Erath County Texas Obituaries
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Erath County Texas Obituaries, P

We indexed 14,684 obituaries for folks connected to Erath County, Texas. Area genealogist Marilyn Ewers dedicated years to collecting these files. They are provided through this site with permision from the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.  Obituaries generally start in the mid-1980s, but there are a few from earlier years. All years through 31 December 2006 have been consolidated into alphabetical lists by the first letter of the surname.
P-079Paap, Ruth
P-060Pace, Velma Loueva
P-030Pack, Alan Dan
P-017Pack, Annie Mae
P-028Pack, Arnold Junior
P-025Pack, Bert S
P-070Pack, Carol Lynn
2004-126   Pack, Cecil
P-045Pack, Charles Wylie
P-079Pack, Christopher Brent
P-039Pack, Clarence O
P-067Pack, Clark
P-064Pack, Clayton (Granny)
P-009Pack, David Louis (Boots)
2004-186   Pack, Delbert Wayne
P-018Pack, DuWayne
2001-113   Pack, Earl
P-015Pack, Edward David
P-002Pack, Emma Frances
P-043Pack, Flora Maggie
P-005Pack, Gerald D
P-006Pack, Gerald D
P-070Pack, Gordon Lee
P-059Pack, Hazel
P-059Pack, Hazel
P-055Pack, Iva C
P-053Pack, J E
2002-063   Pack, Jacob Lynn
P-035Pack, James C
P-028Pack, Jill Langston
P-021Pack, Katie
2006-058   Pack, Linda Fae
2000-013   Pack, Lola B
P-039Pack, Lola Bell
P-069Pack, Lonny Boyd
2002-181   Pack, Lotena Oleta
P-017Pack, Luther Ray
2006-200   Pack, Mamie McChristial
2004-097   Pack, Martha Slawson
P-047Pack, Mary Belle Smith
2005-214   Pack, Mildred
2004-037   Pack, Myrtle Stone
P-073Pack, Nina Lou Goodman
P-023Pack, Ola
P-069Pack, Ora Faye
P-080Pack, Pauline Cox
P-040Pack, Pearl
P-058Pack, Raymon Clinton
P-019Pack, Robert J (Junior)
P-001Pack, Ross
P-017Pack, Sarah Ella
2003-028   Pack, Shannon (Bays)
P-018Pack, Sherley J
2003-178   Pack, Syble Nadine
2003-133   Pack, Thomas E
2005-093   Pack, Trent
P-041Pack, Virginia Russell
2004-024   Pack, W F (Jay)
P-010Pack, Wanda Christian
P-061Pack, Wayland
2006-048   Pack, William B "Blackie"
P-061Packwood, Coye A (Crank)
P-063Packwood, E A (Shorty)
P-060Packwood, Earl Meland
2002-157   Packwood-Janke, Patricia E
P-061Paddock, Tommie Keith
P-054Paganini, Edward Paul
P-087Page, Bobbie Jean Fowler
P-070Page, Cora Shelton
P-057Page, Crystal Irene
2003-124   Page, Frances Ettoyl Page
2001-128   Page, Monte Gordon
2004-071   Page, Monte M
P-093Page, Ruth (Cox)
2006-171   Page, Stephanie Foerster
2006-172   Page, Stephanie Foerster
P-089Painter, Clinton Elmo
2000-016   Painter, James William
P-100Painter, Lola L
P-052Pair, Alma D
P-032Pair, Aundernettee
P-040Pair, Calude
P-027Pair, Dean
P-009Pair, Mattie Bertha
2001-152   Pair, Odetta
2001-016   Pair, Ora
P-048Pair, Scotty
P-021Pair, Virl Sherman
2004-042   Pair, William Doyle
P-060Pair, Winnie
P-062Pairish, Estia Belle
P-011Pallanez, Rose Gomez
P-006Palmer, Alice
2005-074   Palmer, Doyle Gene
2000-108   Palmer, Elizabeth Alene Moorman
2001-179   Palmer, Irving
P-014Palmer, Jessie E
2001-134   Palmer, Leroy Maurice
2000-046   Palmer, Pallie Frances
P-077Palmer, Ruth
P-073Palmer, Sylvester McKinley
P-097Palmer, Velva D
2000-021   Palmer, Vera Mae
P-019Palmore, Joe Bailey
2001-138   Palmore, Mary Alice
P-023Pannell, Nell McKee
P-096Pareo, Marceda Ann
2006-056   Parham, Adina Carroll
P-024Parham, Beulah
P-048Parham, Elvis
P-057Parham, Olivia
P-011Parham, Oscar F
P-002Parham, Scotty
P-020Parham, W C (Pete)
P-043Parham, Wanda Marie Jones
P-024Parish, LaVerne Whitacre
P-029Park, Dan
P-016Park, Donald Fred
2005-053   Park, Doris Ann
P-063Park, Durwood (Ducky)
P-032Park, Harry M, Sr
2001-054   Park, L V
2001-171   Park, Norman Lee
2002-015   Park, Paris D, Jr
P-061Park, Paul Ruedemann
P-021Park, Vera Jenice
2006-074   Parker, Arden
2003-185   Parker, Clyde E
P-032Parker, David A, Sr
2004-033   Parker, Edna C
P-101Parker, Imogene Burgan
2003-076   Parker, James Bobby (Bob)
P-071Parker, Joe M
2006-156   Parker, Kathleen
2001-044   Parker, Katie Sue
2004-094   Parker, Lauren Breann
2006-178   Parker, Margaret
2005-043   Parker, Maxine Wright
P-094Parker, Ophelia Lee
P-050Parker, Pearl
P-022Parker, Ramona Jo Fowler
P-057Parker, Richard
P-041Parker, Rosa Lea
P-022Parker, Roy
2001-112   Parker, Ruby
P-058Parker, Scott Matthew (Scotty)
2003-187   Parker, William G (Bill)
P-099Parker, Willie J
P-100Parker, Willis Wilbert, Sr
2001-124   Parker, Zeeva Scott
P-026Parkey, James Robert
P-050Parks, Donald Leo
P-001Parks, George Harold
P-079Parks, James Mac
2001-070   Parks, June Culleen
2005-194   Parks, Louise Brewer
P-057Parks, Ray Dixon
2001-144   Parks, Ricky Dixon
2002-021   Parks, Ruth
P-042Parks, Stephen DeeLee (Steve)
2004-100   Parks, Thea Jean (Missie)
P-040Parks, Wade
2001-152   Parks, William Franklin
P-097Parks, Woodrow (Woody)
P-063Parli, Waldean Elizabeth
P-096Parmele, James Jefferson (Jeff)
P-027Parnell, Anna Belle
P-071Parnell, Billy Wayne
2003-009   Parnell, Gertrude B
2006-193   Parnell, Jack Ivan
P-072Parnell, Joseph Quain
2000-032   Parnell, Learlene Mayfield
P-027Parnell, Roy
P-013Parnell, Shelby D
P-038Parr, Cameron C
P-080Parr, Gertrude Miller
P-049Parr, Leland Bruce
2005-220   Parr, Mary Sue Langston
P-055Parrack, Donald A
P-015Parrack, Ruby Pauline
P-087Parrish, Richard, Jr
P-007Parry, Sibyl Smallwood
P-003Parske, Gordon A
P-004Parsley, Ester Lee
P-074Parsley, Thomas Jefferson
P-073Parsley, Tommie Frances Ferrell
2000-077   Parsons, Donald Ray
P-033Parsons, Faye Steel
P-019Parsons, John
P-044Parsons, Percy
2000-113   Parsons, Ruby Wylie
P-024Partain, Cinda Lou
P-080Partain, Edwina Faye
P-062Partain, Lonnice Lee
P-028Partain, Minnie Kirklen
2002-013   Partain, Opal Harvey
P-092Parton, Emmett S (Buck)
2000-141   Parton, Harold
P-038Parvin, Wilma
2006-113   Pashcal, Ruby Lois
P-099Pate, Catherine Leona
2001-175   Pate, Elzie
2001-028   Pate, Joe J
2002-181   Pate, Norman Dee
P-023Pate, Ray A
P-074Pate, Ruth Carroll
2004-068   Pate, Vennie Ray Hilburn
P-058Pate, Wesly Dayton
2000-101   Patel, Anthony Neil
P-093Patillo, A E (Abe)
P-003Patrick, Edna Ella
P-092Patten, Donald Max
P-092Patten, Donald Max
P-008Patterson, Alice Allene
2006-124   Patterson, Alice Louise
P-018Patterson, Alva Lou
2006-090   Patterson, Billy G
P-023Patterson, Charles Eugene
2004-178   Patterson, Charles Linburgh
2005-215   Patterson, Clyde J
2005-221   Patterson, Clyde J
P-027Patterson, Dorothy L
P-016Patterson, Dorsey
2000-012   Patterson, Dottie Kendricks
P-011Patterson, Edna Bell
P-033Patterson, Eleanor B
2004-108   Patterson, Elizabeth M
P-086Patterson, Estelle
P-100Patterson, Grace Eunice Schooley
P-040Patterson, Judy Lind Bell
2005-154   Patterson, Mary Jo
P-001Patterson, Maudie Bell
P-019Patterson, Nathaniel Cone
P-098Patterson, Pat
P-015Patterson, R C
P-062Patterson, Rosalie Courtney
2002-019   Patterson, Sandra Sue
2005-046   Patterson, Soloman Emma (S E)
2005-075   Patterson, Willard L
2005-005   Patterson, William (Willie)
2003-012   Pattillo, Robert (Bob)
P-033        Patton, A H (Pat)
P-044Patton, Alton Jerry (Al)
P-052Patton, Billie Dee
2005-046   Patton, John
2002-173   Patton, John C
P-022Patton, Kathleen W
2005-204   Patton, Kermit Era
2002-004   Patton, Lena Elizabeth
P-005Patton, Loy Verdean
2005-092   Patton, May Margaret
P-013Patton, Nell F
P-016Patton, Reeves
P-009Patton, Robert Lee
P-056Patton, Ted
P-022Patton, Viola
2002-088   Patty, Krista Marie
P-085Patty, O C
2004-097   Paul, Donna Mae
2001-090   Paul, Sammie Rogers
2001-122   Paulino, Clara Belle
P-008Paulino, Douglas Don
2003-189   Paulino, Robert Eugene
2005-059   Paxton, Frank
P-033Paxton, Michael Reid
2006-170   Paxton, Phyllis Mary
P-025Paylor, Mildred E
P-071Payne, Billy Dewayne
P-014Payne, Carrie K
2004-156   Payne, Edward R (Bubba)
P-003Payne, Ira B
P-024Payne, Joseph Clinton
2002-098   Payne, Joyce
2003-091   Payne, Leona Minnie
P-086Payne, Martha
2001-084   Payne, Melinda
2005-173   Payne, Melvin R (Ronnie)
2000-150   Payne, Molena Murrel
P-034Payne, Ross
P-059Payne, Ruth Zanette
2001-055   Payne, Sherri Walker
2003-090   Payne, Stephen (Steve)
P-004Payne, Swan
P-059Payne, Waldean
P-003Payte, Edythe L
P-084Payton, Lottie Mae
P-041Payton, W L
2006-102   Peach, Eugene
P-014Peacock, Alec Dale
2001-119   Peacock, Creola Mae
P-029Peacock, Laura Lorene
P-029Peacock, Lucille
2000-170   Peacock, Margaret
2005-184   Peacock, Raymond Rex
P-027Peacock, Robert E
2006-078   Peacock, Thomas Lewis
P-033Pearcy, Bessie Lou
P-069Pearcy, Hollis Oda
P-101Pearcy, Verne
P-054Pearson, Charles T
P-095Pearson, Floyd (Pooch)
P-025Pearson, Mary Ellen
P-056Pearson, Mary Etta
P-072Pearson, William
P-067Peck, Minnie
P-042Peek, Charles S, Sr
2000-039   Peek, Janet
2000-040   Peek, Janet
2002-057   Peleberg, Ray L
2006-175   Pell, Jessie Lee
2000-004   Pell, Mamie
2006-096   Pemberton, Jay Will
2005-103   Pemberton, T C (Tucker)
2005-067   Pena, Alejandra Leija
2001-124   Pena, Edwardo
2004-071   Pena, Juan
2001-026   Pence, Lois Alma
P-062Pence, Luther Jackson
P-099Pendergrass, Ruby Templeton
P-030Pendleton, Annie Juanita (Penny)
P-035Pendleton, Bertha Mae
P-084Pendleton, Carolyn
P-049Pendleton, Clark
2002-187   Pendleton, Dandy
2001-046   Pendleton, Delma Jewel
P-038Pendleton, Homer B, Sr
2006-059   Pendleton, Jerry Don
P-001Pendleton, Lee
2000-095   Pendleton, Vern Odell
P-058Pendleton, Vernon Earl
P-100Penn, Chester
P-092Penning, Raymond Henry
2006-037   Penning, Susie V
P-048Pennington, M A
P-077Penshorn, Donna K Pilcher
2004-109   Peppard, Mabel Lea
2003-064   Pepper, James Richard (J R)
P-046Perales, Jose Angel
P-012Perales, Louisa
2006-192   Perales, Tiburcio
P-043Perez, Antonio C
2006-153   Perez, Betty Jo Davis
2001-116   Perez, Ishmael R
2003-145   Perez, Judy Ann
P-023Perine, Hattie Nancy
P-022Perkins, Clara Bell
2001-059   Perkins, Donna Johnston
P-030Perkins, Doyle
2000-079   Perkins, Eugene
P-087Perkins, Gavin
2002-012   Perkins, Iva Lee
P-089Perkins, James
2006-052   Perkins, Jean
2002-098   Perkins, John William
2006-160   Perkins, Patricia Ann McDonald
P-055Permenter, Cleo Thelma
2006-003   Perry, Bernice Olivia
2006-017   Perry, Bernice Olivia
2006-031   Perry, Bobby Gregg
2001-085   Perry, Burdett
P-041Perry, Connie
P-046Perry, D L (Delmus)
P-038Perry, Della Loree Leatherman
P-043Perry, Eunice G
P-035Perry, Gladys
2003-192   Perry, Gus D
2001-006   Perry, J H
P-078Perry, Jack
P-013Perry, James Aaron
P-037Perry, Laura Belle
P-048Perry, Mary Frances
P-101Perry, Mary Jane
P-055Perry, Oma Lee
P-046Perry, W C
2006-142   Perry, Wilbur, Grady "Bus"
P-054Perry, Wiley Christopher
P-012Pesch, Alma Reeves
P-031Peterman, Addie Elizabeth
P-062Peters, Clara
P-008Peters, George B
P-044Peters, Howard Earl
P-090Peters, J L
P-004Peters, James Daniel
P-056Peters, Ruth Bailey
P-054Peters, Thomas Kellum
P-032Peters, Vivian Ellen
P-014Peterson, Doris
P-058Peterson, Russell Warren
P-049Peterson, Vayne Porter
P-100Petit, Elmer Lee
2001-053   Petit, Floetta (Faye) Josephine
2006-110   Petsick, Alline
P-050Petsick, Lorraine
P-002Pettey, Walter Weldon
2005-091   Pettigrew, Lee Elmer
P-045Pettijohn, Frances
P-008Pettijohn, John C
2002-080   Pettijohn, Lady Jane Grisham
P-044Pettijohn, Lorraine Doolen
2004-039   Pettijohn, Mary Jane
2006-116   Pettijohn, Valda Janiece
2006-058   Pettit, Edwin William
P-076Pettit, Emily June
2004-164   Pettit, Kenneth Earl
P-090Pettit, Mary F
P-097Petty, Ann
P-072Petty, Corinne Ysabelle
P-005Petty, Frances
2001-005   Petty, Martha Jan
P-016Pettyjohn, Thelma
P-072Phears, John A
P-045Phears, Roberta
P-030Phegley, Mr
P-052Phelps, Captola Lorene
P-015Phelps, Cecil Lee
2003-069   Phelps, Clara M
2002-009   Phelps, Fred Ray
2000-106   Phelps, James D Sr
2001-070   Phelps, Lena Elizabeth
2001-109   Phelps, Ola Mae
2004-103   Phelps, Sarah
2002-143   Phelps, T J, Jr
2005-083   Phelps, Weldon Boyd
P-075Phelps, William David
2000-100   Phenis, Elsie
P-034Philips, Stevie Don
P-020Phillebaum, Cordia Stephens
P-086Philley, D R
P-021Phillips, Ada Wesley
P-024Phillips, Arthur Wendell
P-057Phillips, Beatrice
2006-051   Phillips, Carl
2006-053   Phillips, Carl
P-041Phillips, Charlie
P-005Phillips, Clyde H
P-046Phillips, Dayton C
P-065Phillips, Elizabeth (Betsy)
P-026Phillips, Emma Golden
P-018Phillips, Felicia Kay
P-063Phillips, Geneva
P-064Phillips, H L
P-055Phillips, Irlene E
P-049Phillips, J T Thurman
P-060Phillips, James Alvin
P-030Phillips, James Donald
P-001Phillips, Jennye Glenn
P-039Phillips, Jessie Elliott
P-016Phillips, Jessie Grace
P-056Phillips, Loma Polvado
2005-167   Phillips, Mack
P-020Phillips, Mamie
P-073Phillips, Mary Joann
2003-175   Phillips, Mary Lou
P-053Phillips, Maudie
P-059Phillips, Melvin M
2005-038   Phillips, Milburn
2004-086   Phillips, Mona Marcelle Wolfe
2002-035   Phillips, Olga Dee Key
P-070Phillips, Omega Lowe
P-045Phillips, Pauline
2001-172   Phillips, Ralph H
P-100Phillips, Rufus Charles, Jr
2001-098   Phillips, Rupert Lee
2005-169   Phillips, Vaughn Sensibaugh
2002-067   Phillips, W J (Bill)
P-088Phink, Audie Davis Wilson
P-036Phipps, D D (Dink)
P-077Phipps, Morene A
P-080Phipps, Robert L
P-030Phipps, Willis B
P-026Picard, Helen Claudine
P-063Picard, Roland Thomas
P-090Pickard, Eva Jo Cantrell
P-060Pickett, Annie Mae
P-004Pickett, Nathan C
P-052Pickett, Steven Howard
2004-017   Piel, Herbert
2002-074   Piel, Martha Frances Heffley
P-099Pierce, Bill K
2005-102   Pierce, Charles E (Charlie)
2003-053   Pierce, Cleo Faye
P-013Pierce, Ernest Franklin
P-050Pierce, Ernest H
P-025Pierce, Giles Truman
P-055Pierce, Jeanne Diane Young
P-073Pierce, John W
2000-176   Pierce, Monta Daniel
P-067Pierce, Nell
P-095Pierce, Olivia Anne
P-002Pierce, Ruth Pearl
P-060Pierce, Sammie Jo
P-020Pierce, Tommie Joe
P-010Pierce, Tommy Jefferson
2006-123   Pies, Robert Dale
P-069Pike, Albert Nolan
P-099Pike, Margie Cornelia
P-002Pilcher, J D
P-052Pilcher, Mary Mooreland
P-007Pilgrim, E L (Pigeon)
P-043Pilgrim, Marjie K
P-039Pilgrim, Paul Warren
P-095Pilley, J D
2006-203   Pillow, Lometa Irene Cook
2001-079   Pineda, Pasquala
P-074Pingleton, Ethel
P-048Pinkard, Ruby Harris
2003-098   Pinkerton, Wayne
P-040Pino, Caridad Godinez
P-050Pinson, Ammie Miller
P-068Pinson, David Mark
P-006Pinson, Eva
P-049Piper, Joe
P-067Pipes, Eugene
P-038Piskor, Frank
P-050Pistole, Clyde Burnell
2006-018   Pitman, Lois Rexroat
2002-027   Pittman, Alleyne
2005-179   Pittman, Arlena Jones
P-072Pittman, Betty
P-041Pittman, Buford M
P-009Pittman, Clyde W
P-085Pittman, Ellen A
2000-172   Pittman, Gladys
P-075Pittman, Hayden
2002-048   Pittman, James Alfred (Al)
2006-175   Pittman, Katherine
P-003Pittman, Lannie E
P-094Pittman, Lowell G
2001-167   Pittman, Milton
P-093Pittman, Morris C
P-076Pittman, Opal Harris
P-045Pittman, Pearl
P-005Pittman, Pearl Rivers
P-015Pittman, Raymond Edward
P-009Pittman, Robert Nelson
P-098Pittman, Sammie
P-075Pittman, Stella Faye
2002-064   Pittman, Tommye R
P-074Pittman, William Harold
P-091Plate, Edward Russell
P-084Platt, Robert J (Bob)
P-033Pless, Thomas J
2004-150   Plumlee, G L, Jr
2005-204   Plumlee, Jimmy
P-093Plummer, Foster Crockett
P-035Plummer, Lois
P-042Poarch, Sallie Louise
2004-141   Poe, James H
P-019Poe, Johnnie Mac
P-017Poe, Lola Marie
P-013Pogue, Charlie T
2006-152   Pogue, Neil
P-047Pointer, J T
2002-137   Polk, Derwood Ezra
P-071Polk, Helen Faye
2001-023   Pollan, John
P-003Pollard, Allie M
P-037Pollock, Bonnie Ray
P-022Pollock, Donald R
P-054Pollock, Judy
2006-192   Pollock, Nellynn Denise
P-037Pollock, Robert Ray
P-015Polvado, Nola Shannon
2005-157   Ponce - Mendujano, Efren Jr
2005-158   Ponce - Mendujano, Efren Jr
P-026Ponder, Evelyn M
2002-006   Ponder, Truett Lee
2000-157   Ponton, Juanita
P-073Pool, Alla Mallone
P-026Pool, Claud H
2006-090   Pool, James
P-068Pool, James (Jim)
P-068Pool, Jessie Miller
2001-174   Pool, Joe Nathan
P-007Pool, Lucille Neblett
2001-089   Pool, Ramona Cottrell
2004-002   Poor, Danny Herbert
P-035Pope, Delbert C
2002-125   Pope, Jimmy
P-064Pope, Lee C, Sr
P-042Pope, Lessie
2006-140   Pope, Walter William "Bill"
P-004Popham, Lewis Wilbur
2006-146   Popham, Rodney Lewis
2005-063   Popken, Randall L
2001-068   Porter, Arthur Ray
2006-159   Porter, Bernice Marie
2005-228   Porter, E J
P-029Porter, Gene Ray
P-078Porter, H A (Bud)
P-047Porter, James Isaac
P-054Porter, James Willard
P-055Porter, Mary
2003-042   Porter, Maurine Sears
P-034Porter, Myrtle
2002-079   Porter, Patsy Goree
P-093Porter, Pauline Bills
P-058Porter, William Luther
P-056Posey, Billy Joe
2005-214   Posey, J D
2003-029   Posey, Lea
2003-030   Posey, Lea
2002-071   Posey, Paige Annette
P-007Post, Alvan H
2006-068   Post, Ann E
2006-066   Post, Anne E
2002-116   Post, Constance Williamson
2002-033   Post, Jolene
P-076Post, Regina
P-023Poston, Kathryn
P-007Poteet, Edna E
P-029Poteet, Mamie Bell
P-053Poteet, Ruth Eudors Haines
2001-052   Pounds, Jerald Dean
P-012Pounds, Leona Mae
P-008Pounds, Lois Hester
2003-176   Powell, Alonzo Melford (Mel)
2003-177   Powell, Alonzo Melford (Mel)
2004-096   Powell, Donald
2000-165   Powell, Doyle
P-037Powell, Earl Stuart
P-068Powell, Floyd
P-053Powell, Helen Juanita Head
2002-021   Powell, Joyce Faye
2003-150   Powell, Loyd
P-098Powell, Mary Louise
2006-146   Powell, Nell Hudson
2006-120   Powell, Quata Faye
P-018Powell, Roxye Grace Hukel
P-012Powell, William Edward
P-043Power, Bill
2002-159   Power, Daymond
P-078Power, Ezra Gray
P-056Power, Gladys Mae
2002-016   Power, Irene
P-091Power, Jimmy Gene
P-018Powers, Eunice D
2001-164   Powers, Jimmy Wade
2003-192   Powers, Joseph Andrew
P-074Powers, June A
P-065Powers, Leota
P-030Powers, Ted
P-025Powers, Timothy Dean
P-086Poyner, Maxine Johnson
P-053Poyner, Virginia Frances
P-081Poyner, William Euell
P-029Prado, Albert, Jr
2005-227   Prado, Daniel
P-021Prado, Jane Franco
P-031Prater, Annie Pearl
P-004Prater, Bill Robert
2001-071   Prater, Charles Ray
2001-073   Prater, Charles Ray
P-011Prater, Dossie E Day
P-020Prater, Earl Dwaine
P-006Prater, Emma Willamina
P-036Prater, Harold Glen, Jr
P-056Prater, J C
P-060Prater, Lora Mae
P-028Prater, Vera Belle
P-094Prather, Frances Evelyn Durham
P-063Pratt, Delphine Harris
P-035Pratt, George Franklin
P-085Pratt, Jim
P-024Pratt, Larry Othell
2001-016   Pressley, Buena Fay
P-101Preston, Carter Lee
2001-125   Preston, Emilee
P-087Preston, Ewell Alford
2000-023   Preston, James C
2002-106   Preston, Laurette
2004-152   Preston, Lillian L
P-059Preston, Lucille E
P-039Preston, Newell Collins (Newt)
2000-013   Price, Alice Darlene
P-061Price, August B
P-014Price, Billy Owen
2001-018   Price, Boyd C
2004-188   Price, Caleb Joseph Mills
P-095Price, Danny
2005-076   Price, Ewell (E M)
2002-197   Price, Fairy
P-019Price, Frances Alita
P-067Price, George Jeff
P-089Price, Gretchen
P-007Price, Harlan B
2002-093   Price, Helen Electra
2003-206   Price, Ida B
P-042Price, Iva Graves
P-097Price, J T (Jack)
P-045Price, Lady Clyde
2004-182   Price, Mary Odell
P-096Price, Mary Virginia
P-047Price, Nina R
P-057Price, Nolan Travis
P-090Price, Olena Maye Latimer
P-017Price, Raford Charles
2003-142   Price, Robert H (Bob)
2004-157   Price, Ronald L
P-020Price, Stella Moss
2002-049   Price, Sterling Ross
P-062Price, Sylvia Lorene
P-010Price, Wilma
P-064Price, Winnie
2003-202   Priddy, Carl Henry
2004-128   Priddy, Dora Ann
P-070Priddy, Patricia Harris
P-053Priest, Eve Ester Turner
2001-133   Prince W I, Sr (Dub)
P-008Prince, Forrest
P-066Prince, H Shelton, Jr
2002-124   Prindle, Hershel Beebe
2003-067   Prindle, Linda Mae Harbour
2006-187   Prine, Mary Josephine "Jo"
2006-132   Prinz, Katharyne Vere Cunningham
P-006Prinz, Walter
2001-023   Prisk, Edna Inez
P-014Prisk, James Ira
2004-062   Prisk, Mollie Marie
2000-115   Privitt, Otiss
2000-115   Privitt, Otiss
2000-034   Proctor, Charles Henry
P-044Proctor, James Clarence
P-097Proctor, Marshall (Digger)
P-012Proctor, Nettie Beatrice
2001-132   Proctor, Robin Michelle
P-010Proctor, Terry Dee
P-044Proffitt, Alice Margaret
2001-031   Proffitt, Conrad Adolph
P-014Proffitt, Danie Ras
P-034Proffitt, Hazel
P-039Proffitt, Theodore Ray
2003-059   Profitt, Raymond H (Junie)
P-097Provins, LaRene
P-040Pruett, Edith McCoy
P-047Pruett, Robert H
2003-069   Pruett, Wilma John
2004-185   Pruitt, Bill
P-077Pruitt, Dortha Ludema
P-018Pruitt, Lee
2006-009   Pruitt, Mozell
P-059Pruitt, Noble Alexander (Alec)
2004-129   Pruitt, Roger Dale
P-021Pryor, Alberta A
2003-072   Pryor, Alfred H
2003-162   Pryor, Bill
P-031Pryor, Neva Lee
P-049Pryor, Richard Ray
2000-110   Pryor, Shaler Dwayne
2000-110A Pryor, Shaler Dwayne
P-005Puckett, Ralph Baker
2000-055   Puente, Maria D
P-059Pugh, Adeline W
P-093Pugh, James Kelly
P-098Pulido, Pedro, Sr
P-070Purdom, Ersie Homer
P-012Purdy, Dale Richard
2004-096   Purdy, Wanda Lee
P-013Pursley, Billie
P-052Purvis, Gladys Irene
P-032Purvis, Harold Robert
P-025Purvis, James Howard
2002-061   Purvis, Mills Clemons
P-019Purvis, Nettie
P-049Purvis, Nora Burdette
P-061Purvis, Tommie Lee
P-034Purvis, Willie V
2000-017   Putman, John
P-064Putman, Roger Curt
2003-055   Putrite, Marlene
2000-125   Putty, Addie Marie
P-009Putty, D (Booch)
2004-133   Putty, Eddie Lee
2006-046   Putty, Harlean Sue
P-065Putty, Vallie Mae (Robinson)
P-036Pyburn, Annie Leona
2005-149   Pyburn, Mozelle Blair Brown
2004-140   Pyeatt, Mamie Opal
P-036Pyeatt, Will Allen (Bill)
2001-154   Pyland, Frances Louise
P-051Pyland, Mary Dee McReynolds
2000-087   Pylant, Barbara Cox
P-016Pylant, J V
P-065Pylant, Maurice
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