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Erath County Texas Obituaries
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Erath County Texas Obituaries, O

We indexed 14,684 obituaries for folks connected to Erath County, Texas. Area genealogist Marilyn Ewers dedicated years to collecting these files. They are provided through this site with permision from the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.  Obituaries generally start in the mid-1980s, but there are a few from earlier years. All years through 31 December 2007 have been consolidated into alphabetical lists by the first letter of the surname.
O-010Oakes, Duane
O-013Oakes, Gwen
2004-098   Oakes, Neal Richard
2004-082   Oakley, Dorothy Nell
O-001Oakley, Michael Shawn
2005-155   Oakley, Nellie Katherine
2004-110   Oakley, Ollie Velma (Bonnie)
2001-140   Oates, Fay L
O-006O'Banon, Sadie Mae
2006-085   Ober, Charles W Sr
O-011O'Brien, Audrey Graves Weathers
O-005O'Brien, Winnie
O-002O'Bryant, Carroll
2001-123   O'Bryant, James Arthur
O-003O'Bryant, Marie
2001-125   O'Bryant, Mary Frances Parham
2004-081   O'Bryant, Morris Alvin
O-014O'Bryant, Pearl
O-004Ochojski, B Charles
2000-061   Ochojski, Elizabeth Edwina
O-007Ochojski, Elsa Muller
O-005Odell, Elsie Lee
O-006Odom, Charles J
O-012Odom, Christine Tate
2006-012   Odom, Ivon Sterling, Jr
O-007Odom, Jewel B
O-009Odom, John C
O-006Odom, Luther Wayne
2006-190   O'Donald, Ernest Ray
2000-057   O'Donald, Estelle
O-015Offutt, Mattie Lou
O-009Offutt, Thomas Denton
O-009Ogan, Grace C
O-014Ogan, Ruby
O-007Ogle, Avinelle
O-016Ogle, Betty Hefner
2004-127   Ogle, C J
2006-039   Ogle, Don W
O-007Ogle, Helen Louise
O-008Ogle, Jacob Mauwic
O-005Ogle, Marjorie Elizabeth
2003-092   Ogle, Nell Connally (MaMa)
2000-158   Ogle, Orville
O-003Ogle, Robert Thomas
2004-058   Ogle, Rolen
O-008Ogle, Ruth Esther
O-004Ogle, T G (Pat)
O-011Oglesby, Exa
O-016Oglesby, Lillian Louise
O-017Oglesby, Olin Bailey
O-009Oglesby, Roy Lee
2006-152   Ogletree, Lee
O-002O'Hair, Thomas Rusk
O-007O'Hara, Lena Pearl
2001-173   Ojeda, Clarita Rachel
O-012Ojeda, Pablo Guiterrez
O-009Oldham, Alma Mae
O-006Oldham, Harold Glynn
O-012Oldham, Vella Mae
O-013Oliver, Clara
O-015Oliver, Darrell Wayne
2000-135   Oliver, Lavenia Belle
O-006Oliver, Pearlie Morton
O-017Oliver, Rayrerne
2005-095   Oliver, Rosmary Corkery
O-007Oliver, Vileta
O-011Olivera, Tony Franklin
2001-125   Olliff-Ward, Mary E
O-017Olson, Bessie Leona
2006-084   Olson, David D
O-010Olson, G A
O-011Olson, Ruby Rierson
2003-113   O'Neal, Gracie Jewell
O-010O'Neal, Ina Faye
2002-177   O'Neal, Keith
2000-168   O'Neal, Leck
2005-213   Orbison, Fern
2005-215   Orbison, Fern
2003-188AOrlowski, Becky
2000-131   Ormsby, Hettie Belle
2006-181   Orr, Vernon Ethridge "Mutt"
O-016Orren, Iva Mae
2001-112   Orren, Valory June
2001-047   Ortiz, Pilar Martin
2003-101   Ortuno-Torres, Idolina Morales
2001-057   Osborn, Dorothy Nell
2005-121   Osborn, Gary James
2005-123   Osborn, Gary James
O-015Osburn, Alta Mae
O-014Osburn, James J (Jay)
O-013Osburn, Jay Darvin (J D)
O-002Osburn, Wanda Lee
2004-171   Ostovich, Lois Neoma Rogers Jackson
O-007Ott, Elvis
2001-035   Ott, Ray
O-004Otto, Alfred
2003-216   Otwell, Alene Lavoyce
2004-155   Otwell, Coy
2003-196   Otwell, Finas Ray
2002-047   Otwell, James Clinton
O-015Otwell, Mary Ruth
O-012Outlaw, Floyd
O-004Outlaw, Helen
O-008Outlaw, S L
O-008Overman, D W (Bud)
2005-182   Overman, Melba
2005- 182  Overman, Melba Little
O-004Owen, Alva G
O-012Owen, Barbara Ann
O-008Owen, Clemmie Acton
O-005Owen, Curtis D
O-013Owen, Edwin Otto (Eddie)
2005-157   Owen, Emogene White
2004-140   Owen, Jennie Elmira
2005-168   Owen, Joe Frank (Bud)
O-002Owen, John F
2006-165   Owen, Louis III
2002-102   Owen, Margaret
2001-180   Owen, Mary E
2006-062   Owen, Mildred Irene
2002-101   Owen, Rodger Wayne
O-010Owen, William (Sonny)
O-013Owens, Christopher (C C)
O-003Owens, Clyde Lee
2004-086   Owens, Esther L
O-009Owens, Leecil J
2001-071   Owens, Mamie Marie
2001-011   Owens, Marvin "Tooter"
O-016Owens, Terry Dean
O-017Owens, Willie Beatrice
O-003Oxford, Abbie
O-001Oxford, Annie Mae Hester
O-013Oxford, Colton Dewayne
2001-160   Oxford, E C
O-003Oxford, Effie
O-014Oxford, George Lynn
O-011Oxford, Leslie (Bill)
O-010Oxford, Myrle
O-010Oxford, Opal B
2000-165   Oxford, Sol
O-012Oxley, Charles Artie
2006-197   Oxley, Marguerite
2001-105   Oxley, Weldon
O-003Ozella, Paul Eugene

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