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Erath County Texas Obituaries
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Erath County Texas Obituaries, N

We indexed 14,684 obituaries for folks connected to Erath County, Texas. Area genealogist Marilyn Ewers dedicated years to collecting these files. They are provided through this site with permision from the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.  Obituaries generally start in the mid-1980s, but there are a few from earlier years. All years through 31 December 2006 have been consolidated into alphabetical lists by the first letter of the surname.
2000-111  Nabors, Aaron T (Cotton)
2002-024ANabors, Alvalee
N-017Nabors, Alvin E (Gene)
2003-004   Nabors, Chad Jason
N-017Nabors, Edna Inez
N-035Nabors, Fae
N-021Nabors, John A
2001-180   Nabors, Julia Louise
2000-008   Nabors, Leland Bascom
N-029Nabors, Opal
2006-056   Nabors, Thomas Murray
N-007Nachtigall, Bill
2005-017   Nachtigall, Bobbie M
2005-015   Nachtigall, Bonnie M
N-015Nachtigall, Martha
2001-151   Nachtigall, Maxine
N-027Nachtigall, Robert (Bob)
N-009Nachtigall, Ted
2000-013   Nachtigall, Winnie Nell
2003-154   Nadovic, Helen Louise
N-018Nagle, Bernice S
N-014Nail, Addie Merle
N-003Nail, Maudie
2002-103   Nail, Thurman
2006-142   Nance, Anna Lucille
N-013Nance, Carl B, Jr
N-032Nance, Dub, Sr
N-008Nance, Elva Corrin
2005-116   Nance, Joye Ann
N-025Nance, Judge Otwell
2001-165   Nance, Julia Morene
N-008Nance, Kathryn
N-014Nance, Mary Alice Cook
2002-111   Nance, Nancy Amizone
2005-103   Nance, Russell Lyndon
2006-001   Nance, William Agatha Genoway
2003-062   Nanny, Doyle Clifton (Cliff)
N-007Nanny, James M
2005-089   Nanny, Lavona
N-004Napier, Ada Lee Grimes
N-008Naretto, Minnie
2001-192   Narramore, Alfred Jackson (Jack)
2003-141   Narramore, Forrest C
N-028Narretta, Vera (Verna) Ann
2002-148   Nash, Marguerite Foster
N-021Nash, Vesta (Toad)
N-017Nation, Bobby
2005-110   Nation, Robert LaVern
N-033Nation, Velmarie Moon
N-007Nation, W M (Dutch)
N-024Naul, A B (Red)
N-032Naul, Bonnie Lee Brown
2006-013   Naul, Gerald Eldon (Red)
N-026Naul, Lucy
N-019Naylor, Stevia L
N-006Neagle, Ebert Elzo
2003-220   Neal, Alex Leggett
N-011Neal, Goldie Isabell
2004-046   Neal, Jerry Philip
N-006Nease, Ted
N-021Neathery, Robert E
N-002Neblett, Charles, III
N-019Neblett, Ruth Clark
N-006Necessary, Mary
N-005Needham, Lorene
N-009Needham, Nell
N-011Needham, Virginia Mozan (Virgie)
N-009Needham, Willis
N-003Needhanm, J C
N-018Needles, Inez Florence
N-004Neel, Carrie Mae
N-005Neeley, Nettie Hufstedler
N-028Neely, Karen Lee
2000-150   Neely, Margaret Susan
2003-005   Neely, Maxine Thompson
N-023Neenan, Maurice Timothy
N-004Neie, Rosie
N-005Neie, Walter Henry
2004-046   Neill, Barbara Ann
2006-103   Neimann, Walter E
N-024Nellums, Brucille
N-026Nelms, Curry G
N-006Nelms, Doss G (Doc)
2005-061   Nelms, Kathy
N-026Nelsen, Virgil Eugene
N-029Nelson, Bertha Jane
N-030Nelson, Bertha Jane
N-005Nelson, Charles Washington
N-018Nelson, Doris Jean
N-034Nelson, Ernest Eugene
N-015Nelson, George
2006-076   Nelson, J D
N-009Nelson, John R
2006-197   Nelson, Kenneth G
2000-122   Nelson, Mary Inez
2005-025   Nelson, Nellie
N-010Nelson, Rubie Mae
2003-087   Nelson, Thelma
2006-147   Nelson, W Lorraine
N-015Nesbett, Ethel
N-019Nesbit, Kathryn (Katy)
N-013Ness, John W
N-008Nethery, Verna Floyd
N-002Nevil, Lola Agnes
N-016Nevill, Billie Jean Compton
N-016Nevill, Diana
N-009Nevill, N
N-016Nevill, Theresa
N-016Nevill, Tommy
2000-022   New, Eunice Pauline
2003-115   New, Frank Lesley
N-028Newbanks, Robert Hyer
2001-032   Newberry, Georgia
2000-077   Newberry, Maye
2000-117   Newberry, Stuart A
N-027Newbury, Wanda Lee
2002-009   Newcomb, George Burl
2001-041   Newcomb, Orville
2004-008-9Newman, David A
N-020Newman, Jean
N-012Newman, Porter Arlin
N-024Newman, Richard Ray
2003-081   Newman, Ricky Michael
N-001Newsom, Bill
N-002Newsom, Bill
N-024Newsom, Charles Wilbur
N-031Newsom, Cora Mildred Williams
2006-112   Newsom, Elmo
N-034Newsom, Ernest Joe
N-015Newsom, Lillian Francine
N-010Newsom, Thomas Ross
2000-125   Newsom, W T (Dub)
N-007Newton, Dorothy
N-009Newton, Eula Mae
2001-176   Newton, Lewis Ferrell
2004-087   Newton, Mary F
N-013Newton, Robert Lewis
N-006Nichols, Alfred B
N-001Nichols, Ella L Cox
2003-221   Nichols, Estelle
N-029Nichols, Floy May
N-023Nichols, James W
N-006Nichols, Karl E
2000-030   Nichols, Leona Graham
2000-160   Nichols, Lloyd Benjamin
2000-163   Nichols, Loyd Benjamin
N-013Nichols, Margaret Ann
N-018Nichols, Mary E
N-014Nichols, Myrtle
2004-180   Nichols, Phillip Arthur (Phil)
2006-028   Nichols, Ruth
2005-055   Nicholson, Steven F
N-018Nicholson, Timothy Lynn
N-034Nicks, Charles P
N-010Nicks, D D (Doc)
N-012Nicks, Jesse D
N-030Nicks, Lois Kay
2001-007   Nielson, William H
N-034Nix, Albert Owen
2004-061   Nix, Clarice S
2001-061   Nix, Cliff
2001-063   Nix, Cliff
N-014Nix, Dewey A
2002-189   Nix, Doyle
2001-001   Nix, Doyle E
2001-094   Nix, Guston (Gus) Monroe
N-033Nix, Harold David
N-013Nix, Hugh L
N-020Nix, James Terrell
N-023Nix, Lettye Lee
2006-153   Nix, Mary E
N-015Nix, Myrl B Clifton
N-018Nix, Oleta Pearl
N-012Nix, Teddy (Theodore Roosevelt)
2000-168   Nix, Travis
N-010Nix, Troy Earl
N-018Nix, Vella L
2006-089   Nix, William C "Bill"
N-014Nixon, Evie Lee
2004-127   Nixon, Harold Bryan
2002-044   Nixon, Jackie Laverne
2003-155   Noack, Adolph W
N-002Noah, Luther Hoyt
N-031Noah, Thelma Ford
N-007Noble, Jo Ann
N-020Noel, Larry Jack
2005-077   Noerr, Robert C, Sr
2004-178-79Noerr, Ruth States
2005-037   Noguez, Maria Delsocorro
N-011Noland, DaAnna Rene
N-021Noland, Etta
N-014Noland, Ira
N-012Noland, James Weldon
N-017Noland, Joe A
N-030Noland, Louise M
2002-141   Noland, Thelma Nevada
N-010Noland, Truman
N-020Noland, Vada
2002-101   Nolen, Guytie May Rhodes
N-031Nolen, Linda Gene
N-011Noone, Dorothy Ada
N-019Noonkester, Amy Mae Giesecke
2005-160   Noonkester, Berna Louise
2005-162   Noonkester, Berna Louise
2000-006   Noonkester, Billy Dale
N-032Noonkester, Ruth
2002-196   Noonkester, Tommy
2000-069   Norcross, Carl
N-023Nordin, Lewis
N-004Norman, Johnny Lloyd
N-001Norris, Edna L
N-003Norris, Elsie Oma
N-032Norris, John J
N-027Norris, Julius Ervin
2006-154   Norris, Lillie Ruth Daffern
N-031Norris, Mary Helen
2006-002   Norris, Ownby Troy
N-030Norris, Paul Lewis
2001-044   Norris, Shirley Mae Fanning
2006-141-142    Norris, Wanda Louise
N-006Norrod, Earl
N-035Norrod, Jessie Augusta Nix
N-035Northcutt, Bertha Christian
N-023Northcutt, Bobby Winn
N-010Northcutt, C L
2005-086   Northcutt, Damon W
2002-186-7Northcutt, Doris Hurley
N-002Northcutt, Dorothy
N-003Northcutt, Ellis Winn
N-020Northcutt, Freda Mae Argo
N-008Northcutt, Garland Benton
N-012Northcutt, Garland G
N-013Northcutt, Lucy
N-004Northcutt, Nellie
2000-154   Northcutt, Ofadell
2004-119   Northcutt, Voyle Etta
N-008Northcutt, Willie E
2001-060   Norton, Wenoma Alpha (Janes)
N-021Norwood, Adren Elizabeth (Dollie)
N-020Norwood, Cecil C L (Pete)
N-021Norwood, Curtis
N-034Norwood, Eleanor
N-034Norwood, Frances
2003-116   Norwood, Henry E (Gene)
N-025Norwood, Hildred Jane Haggard
N-011Norwood, Lola Grace
N-022Norwood, Odessa Mae
2001-016   Norwood, Robert T
N-003Norwood, Willie Lura (Bill)
N-011Novak, Robert Joe
N-025Novit, Morris I
N-015Nowell, Dessie Loree
N-022Nowlin, Clara Adele
2006-189   Nowlin, Glen Winston
N-007Nowlin, Odell E
N-005Nowlin, Ola Dee Hatley
N-001Nowlin, R B
2005-064   Nowlin, Robbie Biggs
N-029Nowlin, Ruby May
N-017Nowlin, Sharon K
2000-068   Noyes, Goldie Mae
N-022Nunn, Marjorie Nell
2006-061   Nunn, Mark Leslie
N-003Nunn, Myrtle Alma
2006-152   Nutter, Layton Laverne
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