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Erath County Texas Obituaries
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Erath County Texas Obituaries, M

We indexed 14,684 obituaries for folks connected to Erath County, Texas. Area genealogist Marilyn Ewers dedicated years to collecting these files. They are provided through this site with permision from the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.  Obituaries generally start in the mid-1980s, but there are a few from earlier years. All years through 31 December 2006 have been consolidated into alphabetical lists by the first letter of the surname.
M-159Maass, Millie Melissa
2000-077   Maberry, David Ross
M-093MacArthur, Charlotte Ann Winburn
M-113Macias, Jesus
M-167Mack, Harriett B
2005-128   Mack, Marvin Frederick
2005-130   Mack, Marvin Frederick
M-013Mackenzie, George M
M-153Mackey, Frances V
M-005Mackey, Grady Winfield
2001-191   Mackey, Herman Odell
M-036Mackey, Joseph Weldon (Redbird)
M-018Mackey, Wallace A
M-131Mackey, Wynona Mae
M-041MacLevey, LaVada
2000-055   Macon, Arthur Riley
2003-209   Macon, Martha Ann
M-071Madden, Grace E Scales
2004-037   Maddex, Bonnie Jean
2002-133   Maddox, Robert (Bob) Willis
M-078Maddux, Cassaundra Jeanea
M-076Madeley, Beulah Mae
M-018Madeley, Roland C
2006-131   Madison, Harry John
M-044Magee, E L (Mac)
2000-165   Magee, Helen M
2003-100   Magee, Terry Layne
M-007Magee, Willie
M-012Maguire, Bertha Eugenia
M-082Maguire, Stella Nix
M-147Mahan, Charlie Elmer
M-165Mahan, Nancy
2006-018   Mahan, Wilma Southall
M-077Mahon, Lucile J
M-065Maikell, Bobby Glenn
M-148Maikell, Elgin Lewis
2005-160   Maikell, Jack
2005-163   Maikell, Leona Emily
M-043Maikell, Loyd Douglas
M-081Maikell, Mary
2006-067   Main, Frances Estelle
M-041Main, Ruby C
M-170Maize, Alpha Mae Hilliard
2000-156   Maker, Halcie
2005-173   Malina, Jerome Frank
2002-187-8Mallory, Bobby Lee
2006-046   Mallory, Felix William
2000-128   Mallory, Nanelle Harris
2000-045   Malone, Cecil B
M-128Malone, Dorothy
M-038Malone, Elva Lena
M-080Malone, Gearaldine
M-166Malone, Lynn W
M-112Malone, Timothy Wayne
M-121Maloney, Hazel S
2005-061   Maltby, Louise
2004-143   Mancuso, Carmela Mary
2000-150   Maness, Fay Laverne
M-110Maness, J T
M-009Mangan, Ernest Leonard
2004-124   Mangan, Joe Levi, Jr
M-009Mangan, Michael Shane
M-061Mangrum, Minnie Lorene
M-027Mangrum, William J
2003-099   Maniotis, James G
2004-062   Mankin, Dee
M-088Manley, G W
M-108Manley, Joel W
M-066Manley, L H (Cotton)
M-051Manley, Mary Ruth
M-054Manley, Michelle Alese
M-096Mann, Cleao Boyd (C B )
M-142Mann, Eugene Albin
M-106Mann, Evelyn F
M-103Mann, Jean Jones
2001-123   Mann, Lee Roy
2005-114   Mann, Leota
2000-116   Mann, Lona Jean
M-096Mann, Ruby
M-073Manning, Artie Lee
2001-118   Manning, Jack
M-104Manning, Leota
M-059Manning, R F (Shorty)
M-119Mannis, Jerry Otis
M-141Mantooth, Revvie Mae
2001-076   Manz, Ruth Pauline
2003-125   Manzanarez, Eloisa
2001-038   Marchlewski, Felix
M-080Marimon, Obie Jesse
M-068Marinelli, Vera Larkin
M-156Markham, C H
2003-179   Marlar, Lois Marie
M-097Marney, Bennie Thyra
M-046Marr, Gladys
M-072Marr, Iva
M-014Marr, J W
M-098Marrs, Gladys
2003-174   Marrs, William Earl
M-171Marsh, Eunice Mae
M-095Marsh, Ornitha Wauldine
M-167Marsh, Rose Blair
M-107Marshall, Alta May
2001-055   Marshall, Arthur Glenn
M-158Marshall, J M (Jimmy)
2002-018   Marshall, Kathleen Greene
M-061Marshall, Maurine Elizabeth
M-029Marshall, Pearlie Mae
2004-148   Marshall, Quata Madolyn
2003-050   Marshall, Sammy Dale
2001-007   Martin, (Robbie Don) R D
M-137Martin, Albro
M-095Martin, Alice Clayborn
2006-034   Martin, Anita Lucille
M-033Martin, Anna Ida
2004-074   Martin, Barbara Ann Young
M-046Martin, Bessie T
2002-155   Martin, Billie L
M-169Martin, C A (Bud)
M-033Martin, Chester
M-081Martin, D L
M-040Martin, Dale G
M-043Martin, Dell Helen
M-011Martin, Dollie Audrey
2006-148   Martin, Douglas L Jr
2006-144   Martin, Dwain Trice
M-119Martin, Elton Ray
M-023Martin, Evelyn Turner
M-137Martin, Fannie
2002-125   Martin, Frank Debs
M-095Martin, Geraldine
M-042Martin, Glen F
M-004Martin, H Chris
M-148Martin, Hattie A
M-038Martin, Hazle Harris
2006-097   Martin, Herbert Frank
2002-050   Martin, Herman Eason
2006-120   Martin, Howitt Gaston
2002-084   Martin, James Henry, Jr
M-050Martin, James William
2000-174   Martin, Jesse Pearl
M-041Martin, Jo
M-126Martin, John G
2005-046   Martin, Juanita
2005-011   Martin, Katie M
M-092Martin, L A
M-108Martin, L L Johnnie Mae Mrs
M-011Martin, Lambert D
M-121Martin, Lee Miron
M-145Martin, Leona (Ladybug)
M-120Martin, Lettie
M-167Martin, Lora
M-100Martin, Lora Royal
M-059Martin, Mary Louise
2004-073   Martin, Michael
M-165Martin, Mildred
2001-098   Martin, Opal Griffith
M-015Martin, Ora
M-098Martin, Ora Mae Rogers
M-130Martin, Patricia Ann (Patty)
M-122Martin, R E, Jr
2006-189   Martin, Rosemary Rucker
M-151Martin, Steven John
M-088Martin, Thurman Dwain (T D)
M-094Martin, Tommy
2006-174   Martin, Wilma Leona
M-163Martin, Zana Magee
M-010Martindale, Hoyt Douglas
2005-211   Martinez, Alejandra
M-009Martinez, Edurdo Delgado
2002-076   Martinez, Eugenio
2002-043   Martinez, Francisco (Frank)
2002-173   Martinez, Paula De La Cruz
2003-143   Martinez, Sally M
M-073Martinez, Santana
M-146Marwitz, Neith Robinson Price
2000-074   Maserang, Curtis Lee
2000-048   Masias, Mira Reece
2003-109   Mason, Bettie
M-097Mason, Clarence
M-028Mason, Hazel Maurine
2001-139   Mason, Richard William
M-082Mason, Rodney
M-168Mason, Rosalyn Dallas
2000-154   Massarello, Jack T
M-065Massengale, Ida
M-149Massey, Betty
2006-149   Massey, Calvin Byron
M-037Massey, Iola
M-068Massey, Leila May
2001-141   Massey, Norman Lee
M-026Massey, Robert
M-065Massey, Thurman E
M-094Massingill, A M (Curley)
M-096Massingill, Eunice
2006-203   Massingill, Lucille
2006-148   Mast, Dock E
2006-199   Mast, Frankie M
2004-015   Mata, Beatrice Rene
M-006Mata, Trinidad Moreno
2004-176-77      Mathers, J C
M-133Matheson, Gladys M
M-039Mathews, Lurena
M-058Mathews, Oscar Ray (Bob)
M-078Mathews, Wanda Lea
2002-005   Mathis, Barksdale W
2001-170   Mathis, Iva Wayne
2000-158   Mathis, Mildred Louise
2000-153 AMathis, Paul Odell
2003-045   Mathis, Rex James
M-096Matlock, Dan V
2006-048   Matlock, Elizabeth Mae
M-066Matlock, Visa
M-014Matthews, Alex M
2006-073   Matthews, Alice
2006-098-99Matthews, Bonnie Nelms
2006-092   Matthews, Connie Lee
M-004Matthews, Coulter Jeff
M-153Matthews, Earl
2002-113   Matthews, Ennie Zell
M-084Matthews, Kenneth Neal
M-068Matthews, Marilyn Denise
2003-035   Matthews, Mary Geneva
M-093Matthews, Mary Louise (Mayfield)
M-162Matthews, Mary Viola (Vi)
M-056Matthews, Mayme
M-103Matthews, Nobie D
2004-114   Matthews, Odis
M-131Matthews, Robert James, II
M-132Matthews, Robert James, II
M-054Matthews, Roy (Blackie)
2002-088   Matthews, Thelma
M-032Matthews, Willie F (Bill)
2005-067   Matthews. John, Jr
M-063Mattingly, Lawrence J
2005-079   Mattiza, Mickie Douglas
M-067Mauldin, Beryl Charlene
2003-013   Mauldin, Bill
M-016Mauldin, Charley D
M-109Mauldin, Drew Mack, Jr
M-089Mauldin, Geraldine Griswold
M-015Mauldin, Hazel
2005-090   Mauldin, J G (Pete)
M-034Mauldin, Lois V
M-010Mauldin, Mary Ruth
M-131Mauldin, Oran
2004-140   Maupin, Era Margaret Poynor
M-161Maurice, Don
M-047Maurice, Frances
M-094Maus, Rex Marcus
M-028Maxwell, Allie Mae
2006-182   Maxwell, Calvin C
2006-090   Maxwell, David Lynn
2001-172   Maxwell, Erston E
M-069Maxwell, Jack A
M-016Maxwell, Jewel
M-018Maxwell, John
M-072Maxwell, Louie Alvin
2004-174   Maxwell, Raymond Alexander
M-042Maxwell, Thomas Andrew
M-071May, Dora Annie Ramfield
M-065May, Ethel
M-093May, Maggie Ann Baker
2001-123   May, Mary Eleanor
M-084Mayben, Ken (Kenny)
M-098Mayberry, Lester H
M-162Mayberry, Nikki Faye
M-082Mayberry, Thomas B
2001-134   Mayfield, Bill
M-064Mayfield, Bobby Dean
M-105Mayfield, Clara
M-158Mayfield, Dorotha Dean
2003-058   Mayfield, E V (Red)
M-007Mayfield, Earl Clayton
M-111Mayfield, Elaine
2001-089   Mayfield, George C
2003-068   Mayfield, Grady Henry
M-074Mayfield, Howard P
M-021Mayfield, Jessie Mae
M-045Mayfield, John Paul
2005-012   Mayfield, Kathleen
2005-013   Mayfield, Kathleen
M-078Mayfield, Kenneth Carl (Cotton)
M-092Mayfield, L R (Leroy)
M-005Mayfield, Lawrence M
M-111Mayfield, Lucylle L
M-044Mayfield, Margaret Adalene
M-043Mayfield, Mitchell Garland
M-117Mayfield, Mollie Belle
M-063Mayfield, Ora Elza
2005-192   Mayfield, P H
2004-153   Mayfield, Revis Earl (Poncho)
2006-091   Mayfield, Sally Lynn Schuman
2000-052   Mayfield, T C
M-081Mayfield, Theodore Wilkerson
M-079Mayfield, Timmy Dale
M-161Mayfield, Vernal Lucile
2000-084   Mayfield-Beat, Mary Jo
M-042Mayhall, Carmelita
2002-044AMayhall, Dearl Wayne
M-034Mayhall, Gaston W
M-020Mayhall, Hattie Lee
2004-096   Mayhall, Jodye
2003-022   Mayhall, Joseph Marrs
M-124Mayhar, Bennie Lee
2006-168   Mayhar, Brayden James
2002-072   Mayhar, Homer Lee
M-043Mayhar, L J
M-101Mayhar, Madge Lucille Jones
2006-136   Mayhar, Ophelia Agnes
M-101Mayhar, W M (Bill)
2005-026   Mayhew, J Lloyd
2001-100   Mayhew, Lila Mae
M-169Mayhon, Ella Beatrice Pittman
2001-160   Maynor, Margaret Inez
M-135Mayo, Margie
M-115Mays, Bobby William
M-070Mays, James Trosper
M-085Mays, Lois M
2000-145   Mazurek, Margaret Josephine
2006-077   Mazurek, Thomas Charles
2004-186   McAdams, Dennis Lee
M-119McAdams, John Dee
2004-046   McAdams, Melba Goodwin
M-161McAdams, Opal Alene Allen
2004-031   McAdams, R W
2004-032   McAdams, Robert Willis
M-101McAdams, W Bruce
2000-008   McAden, Alberta
M-116McAfee, Addie Lee Minnick
M-103McAfee, Charles Towers, Jr
M-114McAfee, David Ross
M-159McAfee, Jeffrey Ross
M-053McAfee, John W
M-080McAfee, Velma (Lois)
M-070McAlister, Austin Prentice
M-013McAlister, Cara G
M-069McAlister, Elizabeth
M-071McAlister, Elmo
2000-140   McAlister, Ernest Elmo
2000-140   McAlister, Ernest Elmo
2000-051   McAlister, J P (Johnny)
2003-125   McAlister, John E
2004-053   McAlister, R B
M-023McAlister, W B (Bill)
M-005McAlpine, Lula Amara
M-026McAnally, A L (Shorty)
M-071McAnally, Clark P
2006-148   McAnally, DeAlva Cook
2004-063   McAnally, Freeman M
M-003McAnally, Lawrence B
M-111McAnally, Steven Lamar
M-119McAnally, Viola V (Kitty)
2006-038   McAnnally, Tommy Lamar
2000-002   McBee, Ron
M-035McBride, Betty Joyce Robertson
M-112McBride, Cheyenne Lane
2003-032   McBride, Ethel Edna
2005-140   McBride, Frances
2000-098   McBride, Joe
2003-207   McCabe, Philip Sheen
M-044McCain, Pina Bramlett
M-083McCain, Ruth Claude
M-060McCall, Dona
2000-116   McCamey, Billy B
M-079McCamey, Hardy Cullon (Bill)
M-011McCamey, John Hardy
2006-145   McCamey, Juanita Fay
2005-170   McCamey, Tillman Ted
M-022McCann, Alvin Lee
M-126McCann, Clyde B
M-034McCann, Ella Marie
M-134McCann, G N Slim
M-140McCann, James
2006-194   McCann, Lydia E
M-064McCann, Monema
2000-085   McCarroll, Annie Laurie
M-051McCarty, A D
2000-078   McCarty, Claice Lillian
2004-033   McCarty, Dimple Devoyse
M-089McCarty, Earl Andruss, Jr
M-017McCarty, Earl Orvil
2003-032   McCarty, Edith DeAlva
M-045McCarty, Eugene V
2000-005   McCarty, Eunice Inez
M-053McCarty, Fred D
2003-018   McCarty, Freeda Belle
M-132McCarty, James Porter
2003-186   McCarty, James Robert Bryant
2002-058   McCarty, James W
M-101McCarty, John R
M-034McCarty, Lewis Mitchell (Buster)
2005-186   McCarty, Martha Louise
2000-050   McCarty, Naomi Ruth Cowan
M-121McCarty, Oliver Norris
2003-074   McCarty, Rebecca B
M-092McCarty, Ruthine D
M-142McCarty, Zane Harris
2000-015   McCauley, Kathleen
M-063McClain, Mabel Grace
M-085McClammy, Kay
M-030McClammy, Lester Murry
2000-045   McClanahan, James T
2000-053   McClanahan, James T
M-118McClanahan, Mavis Lorene
M-120McClanahan, Mavis Lorene
M-031McClatchey, Jessie Annie
M-052McClatchey, William A
2004-162   McClatchy, Marie LeAnn
2004-164   McClatchy, Marie LeAnn
M-072McCleery, Lola W
2000-069   McCleery, Virgina
2000-088   McClellan, Agnes Thurman
2000-010   McClellan, Bobby
M-124McClellan, R O (Pete)
M-059McClellan, Robert Henson
M-050McCleskey, Cindy
M-031McCleskey, Eva
M-042McCleskey, Fred W
M-049McCleskey, Georgia Oleta
M-088McCleskey, Hugh W
M-164McCleskey, Juan (Skipper)
M-016McCleskey, Lucile M
M-086McCleskey, Velma Lucille
2005-031   McClesky, James Carl
M-124McClesky, Patsy Jo
M-027McCloy, Amzy W
2000-111   McClung, Harold Everett
2000-159   McClure, Ella Christine
M-043McClure, Frank
M-006McClure, James T
M-022McClure, Robert Boyd
M-038McClure, Velma
M-151McCluskey, John (Jack)
M-146McCollum, Barbara Ann
2002-177   McCollum, Ben B
M-022McCollum, Connie
2003-128   McCollum, Faye
M-015McCollum, George Washington
M-020McCollum, Kenneth Ray
M-003McCollum, Sam L
M-122McCollum, Shirley Ann
2003-031   McCollum, Winnie Marie
M-041McComb, Vernon
M-080McCombs, Roberta Allen
2001-021   McConachie, Paul
2000-176   McConal, Pattie Belle
M-058McConathy, Earl Odell
2003-049   McConnell, Charles Lawrence
2003-183   McConnell, Ila Nell
M-172McConnell, John Bascom
2003-015   McConnell, Weldon
M-057McConnico, Grayson, Jr
M-076McCool, Walter Erman
2004-134   McCord, Pauline Barron
2004-075   McCormick, Allene Bishop
M-141McCormick, Clifton Price
2004-135   McCormick, Coy James
M-141McCormick, Jeanne Annette
2004-117   McCormick, Johnny Mack
2002-047   McCormick, L E (Mac)
2004-018   McCormick, Ruby May
2001-076   McCormick, Shirley Perry
2000-123   McCoy, Allie Mae (Oxley)
M-030McCoy, Barbara Coel
M-086McCoy, Birdie Jackson
M-031McCoy, Donald Ray
M-169McCoy, Dorothy Lee Bullard
M-168McCoy, Earn W (Mack)
M-172McCoy, Edith
M-090McCoy, Floyd (Pug)
M-066McCoy, Ilma
M-143McCoy, Jim Henry
M-146McCoy, John Calvin
M-101McCoy, Joseph Floyd (Joey)
M-020McCoy, Lanette
M-044McCoy, Louella
M-110McCoy, Martha Frances
M-073McCoy, Mary Azalee
M-116McCoy, Mary Oriole
2003-060   McCoy, Nadie Hettie Shipman
M-006McCoy, Ruby L
M-099McCoy, Russell Lee (Dick)
M-116McCoy, Tommie
2002-012   McCoy, Walter
M-031McCoy, Wayne Ewell
M-064McCoy, Wylie Alvin
M-172McCrary, Boyd C
M-038McCrary, Florence
M-069McCrary, Ima Fay Meador
2000-058   McCrary, Leona
M-160McCrary, Ruby Lois
M-039McCreight, Bessie E
2000-118   McCrum-McKenzie, Dorothy
M-031McCuan, Jewell Gafford
M-143McCuin, Maurine P
M-114McCuistion, Nona
M-154McCullough, Elton Keith
2004-076   McCullough, Helen C
2006-025-26      McCullough, Jay Ray
2001-057   McCullough, Jessie
2005-129   McCullough, Milford Gayle
M-141McCullough, Pauline Marshall
2006-162   McCullough, Raymond C
M-163McCullough, Verna Pauline
M-167McCurry, Ruby Price Hardwick
M-011McDaniel, Beulah Maye
2001-189   McDaniel, Billie June
M-033McDaniel, Cecil L
2006-141   McDaniel, Dwight
2006-156   McDaniel, Florence Evelyn
M-037McDaniel, Katha Lynn
M-086McDaniel, Lillian
2000-162   McDaniel, Lois
2005-191   McDaniel, Paul Davis (Bud)
M-057McDermott, Ines Susan Norwick
M-138McDonald James C, III (Jim)
M-160McDonald, Alma Flanagan
M-030McDonald, Billy Joe
M-153McDonald, Billy Lee
2000-060   McDonald, Buron A
M-038McDonald, Charles E
2000-150   McDonald, Dessie Beatrice
M-023McDonald, Donna
M-036McDonald, Frank
M-128McDonald, H G (Shorty)
M-049McDonald, James Newton
2002-128   McDonald, James, Jr
2004-065   McDonald, Margaret Kelly
M-059McDonald, Margaret Lillian
M-117McDonald, Mazelle
2001-127   McDonald, Myldred Martin
2006-100   McDonald, Perry F
2003-027   McDonald, Roy Carl
M-089McDonald, Thomas Alexander
M-125McDonald, Valree
M-041McDonald, William Fred
M-056McDonald, Willie Beatrice
M-017McDonel, Sinnie
M-111McDougal, E J
2005-196   McDougal, Merla Z
2005-178   McDougal, Sherry Elaine
M-010McDougle, Gladys Lee
M-140McDowell, Benny Ray
M-107McDowell, Eber Guy
M-057McDowell, Verna Maye
M-085McElfresh, Mona Deen
M-077McElreath, Katie Mae Franklin
M-125McElroy, Clyde Houston
M-169McElroy, Leona Opal
2002-050   McElroy, Linda Ruth
M-157McElroy, Margaret Walsworth
M-037McElroy, Mary
2006-016   McElroy, Shirley Ann Baze
2006-166   McElroy, Walter
M-050McElyea, Gertrude Leah
2003-130   McEntire, Charlotte Marie
M-061McEntire, James Dalton (M C)
M-043McEntire, Johnnie L
M-034McEntire, Lonnie Estes
M-105McEntire, Pearl
M-054McEntire, Vida Dove
2002-115   McEvoy, Windie Glasglow
M-162McEwin, Edward Dean
2000-121   McFarland, Lonnie Malcolm
2000-122   McFarland, Lonnie Malcolm
2003-079   McFarlin, Meagan
M-080McFarling, Marvin
M-015McGahey, Bobby Wayne
M-118McGahey, Rickey Lee
M-010McGalliard, Jewell C
M-163McGalliard, Jim (Mac)
2003-185   McGavock, Berniece Iris
2004-107   McGavock, Dennis Warren, Sr
M-005McGee, Iva D
M-008McGee, James Frank
2002-112   McGee, Lane Reid
M-075McGee, Laura Vedie Sanders
M-172McGee, Lily Mae
2005-104   McGehee, Donald Ray
M-039McGehee, John
2001-022   McGehee, Mary Fulcher
M-014McGehee, Nellie Wyatt
M-083McGehee, Rodney
M-083McGettes, Tressie Bea
M-090McGill, Earl Edson
M-161McGinity, Sue
2000-091   McGinnis, Agnes Ione
2002-193   McGinnis, Alec Van
2006-160   McGinnis, Eldon
2004-170   McGinnis, Gayle
2005-117   McGinnis, Laverne Grace
2001-173   McGinnis, Leo Ray (Punkin)
M-114McGinnis, Merle Katherine
M-034McGinnis, William (Bill)
M-067McGlothlin, Fay O
M-139McGlothlin, Glenda Bullion
2005-006   McGlothlin, Harold G
M-017McGlothlin, James (Pevine)
2002-193-4McGlothlin, Norma Lee
2002-054   McGlothlin, Tressie Juanita
2002-104   McGlothlin, Verlin
2006-183A McGinnis, Lily Belle Fisher
M-046McGoodwin, Ina Favors
M-092McGough, Melvin (Dan)
M-097McGriff, Billie Frank (Cotton)
M-045McGriff, Carrie Eoff
2005-168   McGuire, Nona (Jack)
M-099McGuire, William
2004-184   McHouell, Opal Swinney
2001-087   McIlroy, Atha
2002-185   McIlroy, Gerald Woodrow
M-163McIlroy, Helen Wilder
M-078McInnis, Roxie J
M-029McInnis, Sam Roper
M-048McInroe Dwight
2001-005   McInroe, Alvin "Mac"
M-094McInroe, Arvel F
M-003McInroe, Billy D
M-049McInroe, Carroll Hugh
M-016McInroe, Cecil Wayne
M-019McInroe, Ellen
2000-123   McInroe, Jerry
2004-040   McInroe, Jewel Josie
M-113McInroe, Kathleen
2005-081   McInroe, Lorena Grice
M-007McInroe, Mainard F (Jack)
2001-144   McInroe, Mary Leota Hunt
2006-023   McInroe, Melba Rose
2005-127   McInroe, Olen Hugh
2005-128   McInroe, Olen Hugh
2002-179   McInroe, Patrick Laroy (Red)
M-087McInroe, Philip Doss
M-017McInroe, Robert Lee
M-047McInroe, Stacey (Conner)
M-008McInroe, T O (Spider)
2004-091   McInroe, Una Odell
M-032McIntire, Cleo
2000-147   McIntire, F B
M-103McIntosh, Ernest Lee
2004-081   McIntosh, Scott Bradley
2002-183   McIntosh, William Andrew
M-162McIntyre, Noah Gene
2000-098   McJunkin, Leveda G
M-049McKain, Eulah Mae
M-123McKain, William Homer, Sr
M-102McKandless, Ola Eugene Berkley
M-075McKee, Claude R (Blackie)
2001-178   McKee, Hannah Jane
M-077McKee, Paul Wayne
M-131McKee, Wessie Myrle Carnes
M-135McKeehan, John L
M-125McKeehan, Joyce
M-066McKeehan, Quillah Wilson
M-171McKelvey, Bernece
M-169McKelvey, Wanda Louise
M-055McKelvey, Willie Ball
M-123McKelvy, Thelma Shaddox
2001-134   McKelvy, William Harold (Mac)
2004-081   McKenna, Diann
2001-077   McKesson, Jewel O (Pat)
2000-135   McKillip, Esther Rae
M-048McKillip, Troy Lee
M-086McKiney, Truman Weldon
M-149McKinish, Roosevelt Furges
M-067McKinney, Bruce Daron
M-145McKinney, Debbie
M-097McKinney, E B
M-007McKinney, Ellen
2004-135   McKinney, Lanny J
M-031McKinney, Lillie
M-075McKinney, Lynn Ray
M-018McKinney, Robert Bruce (Bob)
M-168McKinney, Sadie Jo
M-007McKinney, Sue F
M-089McKinnon, Edwin (Ed) Garland
M-136McKinzie, Minnie Mae
M-087McKinzie, Theron Elmo
M-165McKinzie, Travis
2000-001   McKnight, Dewey
M-037McKnight, Johnny Wesley
M-063McKnight, Lula Mae
M-123McKnight, Mildred
M-027McKnight, Minerva Ida
M-083McKnight, Nelma
M-016McLanahan, Dorothy Lorene
M-149McLaughlin, Jonnie Mathews Box
2003-003   McLean, Ricky Lee
M-095McLearen, Floyd Alton
M-098McLearen, Kerry Alton
2006-166   McLearen, L V "Sonny"
2001-049   McLearen, Ruby Nell Owen
M-090McLemore, John A
2003-186   McLemore, Larry Dale
2003-160   McLendon, Josie Bell Chaney
2000-113   McLendon, Marvin G (Mac)
2004-106   McLendon, Michael Brent
2000-058   Mclnroe, Vonna (Pat)
M-045McMahan, Autis
M-027McMahan, Bertha Reeves
M-032McMahan, Elizabeth Adele
2005-210   McMahan, Helen
2004-139   McMahan, J W, Jr
M-101McMahan, Nedra
M-117McMahan, Price
M-045McMahan, Travis Gerald
2001-155   McMains, James O (Mac)
M-040McMasters, Jewel Mae
M-111McMeens, Katie Lynn
M-100McMillan, James Alvin (Bill)
M-033McMillan, Katlynn Andres Nicole
M-113McMillan, Marguertie Carlton
2001-146   McMillan, Myrna Wilson Parrish
M-063McMillen, Minnie Mae
2004-170   McMillian, Anita Jo
M-107McMillian, Charlie
M-100McMillian, Eddith Frances
M-108McMillian, James (Jack)
M-122McMillian, Jesse Loyd
M-079McMillian, Sam Oscar
M-109McMillin, Amos Ray (Doc)
2004-053   McMillin, Foster
M-116McMillin, Geraldine Hampton
M-044McMillin, Helen
2000-156   McMillin, T H (Tom)
M-034McMinn, Ruby Lee
M-096McMullin,  Michael Frank
M-053McMullin, Helen Baley
2004-151   McMullin, Jerald G
2000-165   McNally, June Deerfield
M-114McNamara, Maidee Maxwell
M-044McNeill, Annie
M-104McNeill, Dan Nelson
2005-081   McNeill, Deane Christian
M-091McNeill, J M, Jr
M-048McNeill, Lois
2004-103   McNeill, Richard Don
2005-092   McNeill, Simmie Lucille Heaton
M-065McNeill, Winnie Lee
M-032McNellie, Eugene Charles
M-150McNutt, Billy J
M-116McNutt, Ella Elizabeth
2003-102    McNutt, Evie
2002-024    McNutt, Winston E
M-006McPeek, Nellie Ruth Dunlap
M-017McPeek, Noble Jefferson
M-051McPhate, Marcelle (Sally)
M-076McPhate, Thomas L
M-079McPherson,  Edna Ruth Harris
2005-034   McPherson, Cleta M
M-150McPherson, Dale
2002-059   McPherson, Elsie
M-064McPherson, Eva Lee
2002-165   McPherson, James (Mac)
2005-016   McPherson, James W
2004-014   McPherson, Ruby Marie
M-088McPherson, Sherrie Lee
M-145McPherson, Zora Alice
M-046McQueary, G D (Cub)
2006-089   McQueary, Helen Thelma
M-090McQuinn, Charles Bailey
2001-088   McRimmon, Ada Feral
M-171McRimmon, Garland
M-134McSpadden, Lavelle E
M-115McSwain, Michael Ray
M-155McSwain, Minola Lee Martin
2000-138   McSwain, Ray Alvah
2000-140   McSwain, Ray Alvah
M-107McVay, Samuel David
2002-131   McWherter, Jewel B
M-132McWhirter, Glen
2003-047   McWhorter, Larry Frank
2000-063   McWhorter, Louise
M-099McWilliam, James Mitchell (Micky)
2001-043   Meacham, Joseph Weldon Bailey (Joe)
M-158Meacham, Walterine Ellis
M-033Meador, Alma Olga
M-089Meador, Bethel Lenoia
M-003Meador, Bonnie Burl
M-012Meador, Charlie Melton
2001-190   Meador, Claudie
M-123Meador, Florence, Mae (Tony)
M-004Meador, Jeffery Dan
M-093Meador, Joe Bailey
2003-043   Meador, Joel Henry
M-153Meador, Vesta
2003-115   Meadows, Bonnie Mae Coffman
H-174Meadows, Tina Diann
M-170Meadows, Tina Diann
M-054Means, Benjamin Gillette
M-049Meares, Randy
M-055Meares, Wayne
2005-076   Medford, Jesse H
2004-055   Medford, Thelma Gilma
2001-117   Medina, Michael
2004-113-14      Medina, Sheree Denise
M-018Medlen, Mamie Lee
2003-054   Medlen, Sue Myrtle
M-068Medlin, William Fisher
M-099Meek, Arthur L
M-090Meek, Dorthea B Wiman
M-039Meek, Edna Odessa
M-032Meek, Fronie Boucher
M-060Meek, Robert Lee, Jr
M-059Meek, Sarah
2001-152   Mees, Leotis Ralph
M-128Meester, Mary W
M-035Mefford, Troy A
M-126Meglasson, Woodrow Wilson
2002-071   Mehaffey, Mabel Cunningham
2004-072   Mejia, Paulin
M-094Melchiorsen, Olivest Andrew
2005-151   Mellon, Albert (Andy)
2005-152   Mellon, Albert (Andy)
2005-149   Mellon, Albert Andy
2004-111   Melton, Ann Huffman
M-061Melton, Basil
2003-120   Melton, Billy Wayne
M-109Melton, Boneita
2005-193   Melton, Ellen (Pud) (Pudd)
M-017Melton, Gertrude D
M-127Melton, Herschel Leveral
M-048Melton, James
M-038Melton, O G (Bud)
M-050Melton, Roy L
M-109Melton, Velma
M-108Mendita, Francisco Javier Hernandez
2002-148   Menjares, Felicita Larralde
M-068Menting, Nina Lee
2001-068   Menzdorf, Marvin O
M-012Menzdorf, Richard Frederick
2002-134   Menzel, Bernice Rose
M-134Mercer, Bill
2002-147   Mercer, Deanna
2002-089   Mercer, Geneva
M-074Mercer, James Alton
M-051Mercer, Ronald Howard
M-130Mercer, Virginia
2006-117-118     Merchant, Ann Marie Gross
M-069Merchant, L E (Jerry)
2003-087   Mericle, Sandra Elaine
2003-088   Mericle, Sandra Elaine
2003-205   Merifield, Kathleen Naomi
2004-180   Merimon, Betty Ann
M-166Meroney, Bertie Faulkner
M-040Merrell, Jesse Byron
2004-087   Merrell, Mae Aldine (Pat) Pollock Burnett
M-166Merrill, Josie Belle
M-013Merrill, Louis P
M-052Merriman, Malcolm Baker
M-011Merritt, Jerry Presley
2000-037   Merworth, Lewie Henry
2004-022   Merworth, Trudy Cleo
2001-151   Messina, Imogene
2003-051   Metsgar, Billy Joe
M-072Metsgar, Cecil
M-120Metsgar, Earl (Shaky)
2005-024   Metsgar, Johnia
2000-060   Metsgar, Lewis
2006-074   Metsgar, Sammie Charlene Stone
M-151Metz, Ethel
2003-082   Mewborn, Inez
2000-042   Meyer, Harriet M
M-143Meyers, Marshall (Gus)
M-102Meza, Augustin, Jr
2006-077   Michael, Eugene Marshall
2000-115   Michael, Maria Asuncion
M-105Michael, Paul William, II
2001-118   Mickey, Weslie L
2006-094   Middleton, Celia Ann
M-069Miera, Floripa H
M-032Miera, Joe M
M-153Mika, Fay Preston
M-070Milam, Thomas A
M-171Miles, Mary Lilljedahl
2000-011   Milhoan, Ona Altus
M-030Milhollin, Ida Keahey
2005-153   Miller Sarah White
2006-176   Miller, Billy Gene
M-026Miller, Bobby Jarrell, Sr
M-112Miller, Clint
M-023Miller, Cory Ryan
M-078Miller, Davis Michael
M-031Miller, Dean
M-100Miller, Dean Truett
M-039Miller, Faris L
2004-159   Miller, Frances E
2003-157   Miller, Fred
M-152Miller, Fred
2006-085   Miller, Garland Jack
M-165Miller, Gene
2004-104   Miller, George E
M-035Miller, Geraldine B
M-084Miller, Gertrude
2001-074   Miller, Grace Lee
M-094Miller, Hattie Mae Ford
2006-182   Miller, Hazel
M-027Miller, Huey R (Cooter)
2002-079   Miller, Inez
M-109Miller, J Ben
2002-176   Miller, Jewel
2006-175   Miller, Jo Nell "Jody" (Penn)
M-148Miller, Joe Bailey
M-095Miller, John Erven
2003-011   Miller, John Wesley
M-147Miller, Johnnie P
M-078Miller, Kellie Jean
2006-119   Miller, Kenneth D
M-144Miller, Lou Nelle
M-037Miller, Lucy Ollie
M-015Miller, Manuel T
M-150Miller, Marjorie Johnson
M-164Miller, Mary Etta
M-093Miller, Mary L
M-029Miller, Mrs. Grady
M-108Miller, Naomi Ruth McDonald
M-097Miller, Nels
M-045Miller, Ott
M-026Miller, Robyn Lynn
M-070Miller, Ruby
M-016Miller, Ruth Allene
2005-153   Miller, Sarah W
M-145Miller, Stanley Leonard
M-043Miller, Thelma
2000-134   Miller, Thresa Mae
M-066Miller, Vera
2005-223   Miller, Wanda Mackey
M-082Miller, William C
M-021Miller, William Madison
2004-014-15      Miller, Willie Middleton
M-085Miller, Zelda A
M-105Millican, Harlean Brown
2003-181   Millican, Larry Dale
M-104Millican, Veda P
2003-133   Milligan, Manley Junior
M-029Milling, Anna Flossie
2002-023   Mills, Audrey Pearl (Beach)
2001-107   Mills, Billy Hilton
2004-188   Mills, Caleb Joseph Price
2002-014   Mills, Cheryl Jones
2005-150   Mills, Christal Anne
M-133Mills, Christine Leatherman
M-002Mills, Danny Lynn
M-028Mills, Delbert Lee
M-001Mills, Jesse Jefferson
M-002Mills, John Williams (Doc)
2002-050   Mills, Joshua
2006-138   Mills, Kelly Gene
M-002Mills, Marion Frances
M-076Mills, Marion L (Tince)
M-002Mills, Minnie Irene Little
M-106Mills, Ramona J
2002-031   Mills, Richard D
M-095Mills, Ruth Allison
M-062Mills, Vernon E
M-097Millsap, Minnie Mae
M-165Milton, Ernest Wayne
M-070Mims, C H (Coach)
2000-011   Mims, Roy D
M-105Mims, Sarah Lila (Gloria)
2003-031   Mincy, Jerry Richard
2005-143   Mings, Cecil James
M-021Mings, Lyndol Dale (L D)
M-015Mingus, Bess C Laney
2004-117   Mingus, Nina Elizabeth
2004-119   Mingus, Nina Elizabeth
M-055Miniard, Elna Edith
M-030Minter, Alta Lee
M-035Minter, Kittie
M-081Minter, Worth Storye
M-117Mitchell, George Hatley
M-163Mitchell, John (Edd)
M-098Mitchell, L Roy
M-072Mitchell, Levi
M-135Mitchell, Marie E
2005-100   Mitchell, Mary Kathryn Horton
2005-101   Mitchell, Mary Kathryn Horton
M-057Mitchell, Ruth
M-129Mitchell, Sylvia Odessa
M-114Mitchell, Wanda Ivie
M-092Mitchell, William Jackson (Jack)
2003-045   Mix, Bruce Wayne
M-140Mize, Bert
2003-064   Mize, Lester Lee
2000-131   Mize, Lydia
2002-118   Mize, Pete
M-020Mize, Roger B
2004-095   Mize, Sarah Ann Rainey
M-056Mize, Willie Mae
M-167Mizell, LaJuan
M-050Mobley,  Randall Craig
2001-058   Mobley, Evelyn
M-053Mobley, Irene Land
M-011Mobley, Jennie V
M-075Mobley, Lamberth
M-010Mobley, Laura
M-117Modglin, William Oliver (Roxy)
2004-011   Mogonye, Emil Raymond
M-085Mohon, Alma Evelyn Cox
2001-064   Mohon, Hollie Lura
2001-185   Mohon, Olga
M-074Mohon, Salena Belle
2006-155   Moloney, Louis
M-020Moncrief, Bessie Vera
2002-090   Moncrief, Rendal Ray
M-005Moncrief, Thomas Gail
2006-136   Monden, L B "Luke"
2001-055   Money, Effie
M-120Money, Louise
2000-027   Monk, Billy H
M-166Monk, Dorthea P
M-122Monreal, Crystal Lynn Nena
2006-004   Monroe, Mabel
M-060Monroe, Mary Edna
2005-008   Monroe, Rebecca Frances Isham
M-102Monroe, William Earl (Bill)
2003-018   Montague, John Loyd
2000-020   Montague, Ruby Lee
2000-077   Montgomery, Clarence
2001-121   Montgomery, Cleo Christian
M-130Montgomery, Delbert
M-157Montgomery, Emmitt
M-136Montgomery, James Carroll
2006-177   Montgomery, Kathleen
M-071Montgomery, Louollie (Tince)
M-007Montgomery, Thula Mae
2006-153   Montgomery, Wilburn A "Monty"
2003-098   Montieth, Kaye
M-114Moody, Blanche
M-018Moody, Christopher Don
M-072Moody, Don Curtis
M-029Moody, Ed W
M-164Moody, Emma
M-103Moody, G A
M-058Moody, Hansel
M-014Moody, Helen Irene
M-136Moody, Jim R
M-035Moody, Joseph F
2003-196   Moody, Joyce
2002-139   Moody, Kathleen
M-013Moody, Martha M
2001-012   Moody, Mary Beth
2000-134   Moody, Mary E
2003-192   Moody, Ruth Vivian
M-083Moody, Ryan Heath
2005-052   Moody, Webster Leroy (Tex)
M-056Moody, Willie D
2006-037   Moon, Billie Charles
M-023Moon, Bradley Gene
2004-004   Moon, Charles Matthew
2004-007   Moon, Charles Matthew
2004-008   Moon, Charles Matthew
M-058Moon, Delton Lee
M-052Moon, Doris Helen
M-155Moon, Faye Greenway
M-079Moon, J T
2000-074   Moon, J W (Hawker)
M-124Moon, James E (Corky)
M-106Moon, Joe Edd
H-106Moon, Joe Edd (in Holcomb article)
2002-144   Moon, Letty Grace
2006-112   Moon, Margie Marie
M-041Moon, Morgan
2002-037   Moon, Nila Gray
2002-038   Moon, Nila Gray
2003-026   Moon, Patsy E
M-064Moon, Veda
2002-045   Mooney, Arma Lean Johnson
2005-106   Mooney, Mary Alice
M-027Mooningham, Elmer James
M-102Moore, A M
M-111Moore, Alvie Daris
M-093Moore, Andrew (Doc)
M-098Moore, Annie Lou Brock (Nanna)
M-050Moore, Arthur B (Boss)
M-061Moore, Battle
M-040Moore, Benny Eugene
M-052Moore, Benny Wayne
2000-036   Moore, Bertha
M-069Moore, Beulah C
2003-144   Moore, Billy Ray
M-036Moore, Bryan Keith
2004-124   Moore, Bulah Lee (Kernie)
M-013Moore, C Norman
M-003Moore, Cecil Ray
2000-092   Moore, Charles (Chuck)
M-115Moore, Chris (Pickle)
M-101Moore, Clara Faye
M-112Moore, Cloy Genetta (White)
M-096Moore, Conda Hugh
2004-151   Moore, Connie Jo
2004-182   Moore, Edith Grace Ashmore
M-040Moore, Elsie Lee
2000-106   Moore, Ervin Willie
2000-138   Moore, Estelle
M-053Moore, Ethie L
2001-027   Moore, Fran
2001-043   Moore, Fredia Belle
2000-064   Moore, George H
M-120Moore, George Roy
2001-156   Moore, Gib
M-068Moore, Hayden D
2003-205   Moore, Hazel Lee
M-129Moore, Hazel Pricilla
2006-072   Moore, Iilene
M-155Moore, J J
M-105Moore, Jack
2006-050   Moore, Jacquieta
M-171Moore, James B
M-113Moore, James Franklin
M-152Moore, James Monroe
M-086Moore, James R (Jimmy)
M-058Moore, Jarrell N (J N)
M-074Moore, Joan Gail
2004-069   Moore, Joseph (Joey)
M-059Moore, Leroy Jerome
2003-063   Moore, Lessie Lee Millican
2003-200   Moore, Lila Mae
2000-027   Moore, Loren R
2001-060   Moore, Mabel F
M-046Moore, Mabel Glover
M-042Moore, Mabelle Marie
M-071Moore, Manley Morton
M-027Moore, Margaret Pearl
M-154Moore, Mary Allison
M-156Moore, Mattie Belle
M-023Moore, Maurine
M-171Moore, Michael Don
M-081Moore, Mildred Pauline
M-012Moore, Mitchell Mac
2005-055   Moore, Nevil
2000-027   Moore, Norma Evelyn Kincannon
M-006Moore, Owner Otis (Buster)
M-060Moore, Peggy Sue Stroud
2001-168   Moore, Raymond Eugene
2000-018   Moore, Rosie Vuyrl
M-152Moore, Ruby
2006-101   Moore, Ruby Lee
2003-084   Moore, Ruby M
2004-079   Moore, Ruth Inez
M-088Moore, Sabra Jane
M-171Moore, Seth T, Sr
2003-037   Moore, Sharon Christine
2003-038   Moore, Sharon Christine
M-054Moore, Shirley A
M-149Moore, Thelma Charlene
M-126Moore, Travis James
M-077Moore, Velton Wayne
M-066Moore, Virginia
2001-113   Moore, W D
2003-054   Moore, Walter E
M-056Moore, Wanda Lea (Lee)
M-140Moore, Zora
M-042Moorehead, Lillian E
M-112Moorhead, Edria Lee
M-063Moorhead, Ida
2005-121   Moorhead, Norma Terry
2002-164   Morales, Jose Antonio
M-042Moran, Lillian
M-147Moreno, Frances
2004-132   Moreno, Guadalupe (Lupe)
2005-052   Moreno, Willie
M-127Mores, Ernestine Pauline
M-074Morgan, Alma
M-136Morgan, Barbara Lee
2006-164   Morgan, Billie Jo Moore Parr
M-090Morgan, Charlie Jackie
M-064Morgan, Dana A
2000-136   Morgan, Dorthy Faye
2006-096   Morgan, Georgina
2000-005   Morgan, Howard Wayne
M-087Morgan, Ina Lee
M-162Morgan, Kenneth
M-012Morgan, Lucille Wylie
M-004Morgan, Margaret
2001-093   Morgan, Marie
2005-164   Morgan, Mary Annalue
M-028Morgan, Mildred A
M-046Morgan, Minnie
2001-037   Morgan, Myrtle
2000-119   Morgan, Nova Eulalia
M-106Morgan, Rex, Sr
M-032Morgan, Rowena Dale
M-005Morgan, Tresser Ann
M-083Morgan, Velma Sparks
2001-129   Morgan, Virgil E
2000-114   Morganstean, Floyd Allan
M-118Moricoli, Faye Lucille Cowan
M-119Moricoli, Faye Lucille Cowan
M-100Moricoli, John C
M-039Moring, Glenn L
M-076Moring, Gwen
M-102Moring, Harold Sherwin (Dusty)
2005-174   Moring, Hazel Blanch (Davis)
M-041Moring, Jennie Leola
M-129Moring, John E
2004-132   Moring, Orbon (Jim)
M-008Moring, Vance
2004-059   Morley, Alice B
2002-143   Morningstar, Barry W
M-076Morones,  Jose Manuel
M-077Morphew, Henry Ellis
M-153Morren, Bonnie
M-154Morren, Bonnie
M-100Morren, Verna Lavida
2005-199   Morrill, Mary Venita
2005-203   Morrill, Mary Venita
2001-083   Morris, Betty Darlene
2001-137   Morris, Blanche Allene
M-087Morris, Charles Kenneth
M-033Morris, Chester L
M-118Morris, Dewayne, Sr (Tex)
M-052Morris, Donald E, Sr
2001-141   Morris, Elizabeth
2001-014   Morris, Emery Y (Slim)
2004-051   Morris, Eula
M-112Morris, F E (Gene)
2003-186   Morris, Garland Penn
2003-135   Morris, Guindola Rosalee Jones
M-168Morris, Harlan Everett
2006-106   Morris, Harold Lee "Jake"
2004-142   Morris, Harris (Stick)
2005-030   Morris, John Wayne (Johnny)
M-159Morris, Juanita Faye
2006-114   Morris, Kenneth W "K W"
2001-174   Morris, Lillian
M-152Morris, Mae
2006-194   Morris, Marilyn Mason
M-164Morris, Marlin Blair
2006-097   Morris, Nathan Daniel
2002-141   Morris, Nellie Idella
M-139Morris, Olen Edgar (Olie)
M-156Morris, Reta Allene
2006-001   Morris, Ruby Lee Williams
M-144Morris, T R (Blackie)
2000-033   Morris, Vada Estelle
2001-193   Morris, Vassie
2002-100   Morris, Velma Ruth
2005-001   Morris, Vera Lucille
M-144Morris, Vivian Allene
M-078Morris, William Monroe
M-107Morris, William T
M-146Morris, William Thomas
M-167Morrison, Barbara June
M-104Morrison, Carl
M-073Morrison, Charlene Sherrard
2006-093   Morrison, Delilah
2005-121   Morrison, Delmon L (Bud)
M-087Morrison, Jimmie Loree
M-066Morrison, John H (Slim)
M-103Morrison, Marie
2000-130   Morrison, Marietta
M-039Morrison, Ora
M-084Morrow, Amy Belle
M-016Morrow, Annie Laure Key
2005-087   Morrow, Bobby Lane
2005-179   Morrow, Clifford
M-049Morrow, Earl
2000-094   Morrow, Erwin
M-110Morrow, J Willard
M-075Morrow, Lessie Faye
M-060Morrow, Maggie Beatrice
M-125Morton, Billy Gene
M-104Morton, Donald William
M-057Morton, Heloise
M-055Morton, Juliet Allen
2000-177   Morton, Robert L
2002-164   Morton-Packwood, Mackinze Rayanne
2005-141   Moseley, Joseph (Huck)
M-060Moseley, Randall Lawton
M-160Moser, Bob
M-070Moser, Day Una
M-103Moser, Estel E
M-029Moser, Geneva
M-092Moser, Jesse Howard
2004-131   Moser, Leona
2005-099   Moser, Mike
2005-102   Moser, Ralph Street
2004-150   Moser, Velton
2004-122   Moser, William Hervey, III
M-092Moses, Ruby Hinton
M-005Mosley, Calvin James
2005-173   Mosley, Cayson Reece
M-123Mosley, Ruby Pauline
M-133Moss, Dorothy
M-030Moss, Hazel J
2002-057   Moss, J B
M-012Moss, J Norman
M-125Moss, James D (Buster)
M-132Moss, Mary Million
M-013Mote, Benton S
2001-065   Mote, Reta Loraine
M-004Mote, Terrell Judson
M-037Motley, John Gibson, Jr
M-142Motley, Thelma F
2002-137   Moulder, Bob
M-084Mounce, Alabama
2004-106   Mounce, Frankie
M-147Mounce, Irene Little
M-003Mounce, Joseph Raymond
M-039Mounce, Lena
2002-085   Mountain, Pauline L Lane
M-094Moxley, Fairy E
M-021Moxley, Leonard D
2006-095   Moya, Natalia
M-170Moyer, Amma
2003-033   Mueller, Adolph Louis
2004-158   Mueller, Josephine
2005-085   Mulder, Nico
2002-033   Mull, Ronald L
2001-057   Mull, Vera M
M-149Mull, W L (Bill)
M-107Mullens, Lillie Maurine
M-046Mullins, Gladys
2000-035   Mullins, H D
2000-161   Mullins, Ida Virginia
M-033Mullins, Norman Obie
M-048Mulloy, Aubry Thomas Nunn
M-022Mulloy, Essie Faye
M-026Mulloy, Frances Elizabeth
M-022Mulloy, James N
M-118Mulloy, Jesse Donald
2002-163   Mulloy, Lindy Lee
M-130Mulloy, Nellie Mae
2000-072   Mulloy, Willa Dee
2005-027   Mulloy, William Doyle
2005-028   Mulloy, William Doyle
M-074Muncey, Ijuan Kennedy
M-113Muncey, William M
M-023Mund, Otto
M-075Munday, Desma Faye
M-037Munday, Edna
M-048Munday, Robert Eugene
2005-206   Munsell, Bob
2000-002   Munsell, Freddy
M-137Munsell, Mark
M-014Munselle, Grace Evie
2004-043   Munselle, Pierce A (Monte)
2005-153   Murdoch, Kristine
M-127Murin, Charles Stevens
2003-077   Murphey, Dee Alma
2003-193   Murphree, Jerry Allen
2003-195   Murphree, Jerry Allen
2003-077   Murphy, Dee Alma
M-109Murphy, Harold D, Sr
2005-057   Murphy, Michael
M-121Murphy, Michael O'Donavan (Coach)
2005-059   Murphy, Michael Wayne
M-035Murphy, Mildred
2006-177   Murphy, Ruth Carline
2006-191   Murphy, Wanda Margaret Wilkins
M-065Murphy, William Harvey
2000-109   Murrary, Chuck D
2000-031   Murray, Edia Larue
2004-094   Murray, Finnis Eugene
2000-007   Murray, Ina Amelia
2000-009   Murray, Ina Amelia
M-159Murray, Ira (Jack)
2006-201   Murray, Jack
2006-204   Murray, Jack Warren
M-157Murray, Johnnie Mamie
M-088Murray, Kirk Warren
2003-179   Murray, Lewis V (Joe)
M-028Murray, Lola Marie
M-139Murray, Lucille
2000-083   Murray, Mary B
M-116Murray, Ruby Doris
M-037Murray, William Dean
2001-178   Murry, Nancy Eva
M-073Muse, Verna Valwin (Tippie)
M-067Music, Bobby George
2004-180   Musick, Billy
M-086Musick, Horace G
2003-083   Musick, James J
M-021Musick, James Rance
M-099Musick, Jim
2005-169   Musick, Oleta Faye
2005-170   Musick, Oleta Faye
M-085Musick, Verna Ruth
2004-021   Musick, W F, Jr
M-169Musso, Mary Elizabeth Koerner
M-099Myers, Aaron Grady
2001-163   Myers, Clydie
M-057Myers, James R
M-113Myers, Jolly S, Sr
M-006Myers, Lela Anne
M-081Myers, Mary Bertha
2005-105   Myers, Nellie Winona
2003-008   Myers, Robert Alvin
M-078Myracle, J Paul
M-080Myracle, Jewell
M-166Myrick, Jean
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