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Erath County Texas Obituaries
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Erath County Texas Obituaries, L

We indexed 14,684 obituaries for folks connected to Erath County, Texas. Area genealogist Marilyn Ewers dedicated years to collecting these files. They are provided through this site with permision from the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.  Obituaries generally start in the mid-1980s, but there are a few from earlier years. All years through 31 December 2006 have been consolidated into alphabetical lists by the first letter of the surname.
2003-114  Labadie, Kaitlyn Denae
2000-080  LaBaume, Claude Beatrice
L-026LaBaume, Doris Lucille
L-045       LaBaume, Harry S (Bunk)
L-030LaBaume, Tom
2000-069  Lacewell, Joseph Arthur
2002-108  Lack, Steven Wayne
L-045Lackey, Bernice Inez
L-007Lackey, Docia Beatrice
L-037Lackey, Edna Lois Sills
L-028Lackey, Francis E (Poss)
2002-055  Lackey, Grady Rankin (Doc)
2006-178  Lackey, Horace Grady Jr
L-055Lackey, R W (Bill)
L-014Lackey, Virginia Capitola Waugh
2003-025  Lacy, Donald Howerton
2000-026  Lacy, Freda Serita (Craig)
L-034Lacy, Trecie
L-013Ladesic, John Peter (Jack)
L-013Laird, Lillie Ruth
2002-030  Lak, Larry Michael, Jr
L-049Lamb, Charles Edwin
2001-063  Lamb, Daphne Jane
2004-005  Lamb, Ethel Savage
L-033Lamb, Wayne
L-022Lambert, Albert S
L-013Lambert, Bill
L-048Lambert, Eva Gladys Laney
2005-010  Lambert, Juanita Virgie
L-021Lambert, Myrtle Ellen
L-006Lambert, Ola Mae Richie
L-033Lambert, Sadie
L-076Lambert, Thelma
L-033Lambert, Winnie Davis Giesecke
2006-183A-184  Laminack, Jay Wayne
2006-183ALaminack, Mary Alice Crist
L-070Lamkin, Glenn T
2003-157  Lamkin, Karen
L-042Lammons, Earl (Tonto)
2004-040  Lammons, Etta M
L-076Lammons, Robert J
2005-129  LaMont, Jerry J
2003-086  LaMont, Louise
L-030LaMotte, Lola Mae
2001-147  Lampe, Dorothy Nemec
2000-092  Lampman, Albert Isaac
2002-126  Lampman, Lawrence Henry
L-052Lancaster, Barbara
2003-048  Lancaster, Franklin Monroe (Frank)
L-053Lancaster, Johnnie Martin
L-019Lancaster, Norma Joyce
2004-035  Lancaster, R D
2005-089  Lancaster, Thomas (Rusty)
L-044Lance, Geneva
L-053Lance, Lloyd Herman
L-004Land, A D
2000-137  Land, A J
2003-031  Land, Bethel Odethel
L-024Land, Cal G
2005-188  Land, Chester William, Sr
L-043Land, Gracie E Giesecke
L-023Land, Henry E
L-044Land, Jo Ella
L-019Land, Nadine
L-003Land, William Harm
L-027Landers, Edna Moser
2003-201  Landers, Erin Leigh
L-054Landers, Ernestine Hall
2006-128  Landers, Evelyn "Puddin"
2006-181  Landers, Hazel Lucille
L-027Landers, Jane Thomas
L-045Landers, Shannon Eugene
L-008Landes, Deryl
L-049Landes, Dora E Malone
L-020Landes, Horace Dale
L-035Landes, L B (Bill)
L-079Landes, Lora
L-036Landes, Nettie Eula
2006-112  Landes, Pearl L
L-073Landes, Willie Melvin
L-021Landress, Bonnie Ella
2005-041  Landress, Leota
2003-174  Landreth, Eppie Jean
2005-186  Landrum, Bertie Grier
2005-157  Landrum, Netta Jewell
L-046Landrum, O D
2003-182  Lane, Alma
L-006Lane, Alvie Eugene
2006-097  Lane, Bonnie Bell
L-016Lane, Chivona Lynn
L-037Lane, Corinne (Cody)
2003-088  Lane, Dayton Gray
2002-139  Lane, Doris Lenora Needham
2003-074  Lane, Dwight Graham (D G), Sr
L-041Lane, Eugene P
2002-160  Lane, Eva (Hazel)
2003-173  Lane, Georgia Gertrude
L-058Lane, Harriet Pierson
L-009Lane, Jewell
2000-016  Lane, Katherine Kight
2001-125  Lane, Keith
L-078Lane, Loveta Lorene Sharp
2004-154  Lane, Nelda June (Harlow)
L-039Lane, Richard Glen
L-046Lane, Robbie Lynnell
2005-104  Lane, Tolbert Alexander, Jr
L-020Lane, W S (Bill)
L-005Lane, William Walter
2004-049  Laney, Bill
2005-107  Laney, Dean
L-062Laney, G E (Jiggs)
2003-209  Laney, Marland B
2000-102  Laney, Mary Lois Stasey
L-013Laney, Raymond E
L-035Laney, Ruth
L-060Laney, Tommy
L-003Laney, Wylie Lynn
L-004A     Laney, Wylie Lynn
2004-015  Lang, Christopher Glenn (Chris)
L-061Lange, Louis A
L-017Langford, Gerald Dwain
2003-137  Langford, Joy Denise Freeman
L-058Langley, Esta Mae
L-074Langley, Maulee M
2004-098  Langley, O T (Hackie)
2004-104  Langley, Ursula (Sue)
L-080Langston, Jimmy Odell
L-004Langston, Louise Adams
L-020Lankerd, Clifford, Jr
L-040Lankford, Tillie H
L-032Lansford, Bay E
2004-100  Lansford, Vern Stevens
2006-157  Laphak, John Peter
L-025Lapham, Dorothy McCleskey
2006-063  Larner, Alphia Mae "Miller"
L-025Larner, B A
L-031Larner, Belma O'Neil
2004-184  Larner, Don Curtis
2004-186  Larner, Don Curtis
L-062Larner, Margaret Lee
L-032Larner, Maude
2000-157  Larner, Ruth Bramlett
2001-116  Larner, Wayne
2001-011  Lasater, Annis Lucille
2003-157  Latham, Anna Ruth
L-018Latham, Cora Francis
L-079Latham, Elton
L-014Latham, Floyd Newton
L-015Latham, H T
L-022Latham, Lawrence L (Shorty)
L-078Latham, Lucylle Cox
L-061Latham, Rubye
2002-137  Latham, Walter Judson
2005-032  Latham, William E (Bill)
L-064Latham, William E (Bill)
L-064Lathe, Janie Marie
2006-163  Latta, Clara
L-049Latta, Melvin
L-023Laube, Charles Oscar, Sr
L-048Laughlin, Carl Glen
L-039Laughlin, Judy
L-068Laursen, Dick
L-046Lavergne, Karen Rae
2003-172  Lawless, Donald W
2005-117  Lawless, Gilbert
2003-057ALawless, Medda Rauhut
L-031Lawless, Opal Marie
L-011Lawrence, Burl G
L-040Lawrence, James Roy (Bodie)
L-039Lawrence, Lorene Ray
2003-193  Lawrence, Madelyn
L-012Lawrence, Ruth Mae Pettibon
2004-120  Lawson, Anna Beatrice
L-015Lawson, Curtis Eugene
2004-086  Lawson, Louis Allen
L-021Lawson, Mary Sue Gann
L-005Lawson, Mattie Lavina
L-055Lawson, Minnie Jane
2000-024  Lawson, Norene
2004-143  Lawson, Nowell A
L-044Lawson, Ora Dayton
2001-105  Lawson, Patricia Louise
L-030Lawson, Pauline Hampton
L-068Lawson, Pearl
2001-092  Lawson, Peggy Joyce
L-053Lawson, Ruth
L-048Lawson, Vaughan
L-067Lawson, Viva Favors
L-075Lawson, Wilma Morgan
2005-211  Lawton, Lorita
L-006Lay, Ruby Mae
2002-118  Lay, Willard Wayne
L-020Layfield, Bob
L-015Layfield, Wilmont (Bill)
L-061Layfield, Winnie Mae Lowrie
2003-039  Layman, Cuba Lea
2001-023  Layman, Ida Mae
L-032Laymon, Beatrice
L-018Layne, Lois Harrison Butler
L-009Leach, E M (Greasy)
L-072Leach, Herman Jackson
L-077Leach, Leon Nelson
2005-106  Leach, Willie May (Bill)
2003-044  Leake, Veta Roberson
L-063Leal, Manuel
2003-112  Leal, Santos P
2002-066  Leal, Timothy Tomas
2006-167  Leatherman, Charles Lee
L-052Leatherman, Lorraine Melton
L-031Leatherman, Marvin L
L-056Leatherman, Oda B
L-012Leatherman, Willie
2005-193  Leatherwood, Annie Lynn
2005-194  Leatherwood, Annie Lynn
2005-195  Leatherwood, Annie Lynn
2006-165  Leatherwood, Clarence Edward Jr
2001-021  Leatherwood, Gene Elizabeth
L-076Leaverton, Zelda A
2002-062  Leavines, Judy Dickerson
L-031LeClear, James J (Shawn)
2001-037  LeCroy, Bill
L-070LeCroy, Mary Lee
2000-093  Ledbetter, Agnes
2001-086  Ledbetter, Darrell William
2006-202  Ledbetter, Emma Jayne Jeske
L-007Ledbetter, Gerald Wayne
L-043Ledbetter, Ida May
L-030Ledbetter, Ila I (Sis)
L-014Ledbetter, Joe W
L-040Ledbetter, Nellie Bell
L-003Ledbetter, W E (Ewing)
L-020Leddy, Edward F
L-007Ledford, George A
2001-116  Ledford, Minnie
2001-088  Lee, Alice
2006-127  Lee, Alice Catherine Moore
2004-086  Lee, Ava Alene
2002-042  Lee, Crystal Jacobs
2006-111  Lee, David
2002-092  Lee, Don Earl
L-038Lee, Eunice Ruby
L-059Lee, Faye
L-004Lee, George Andrew
2005-034  Lee, Gladys Davis
2002-042  Lee, Isaac Chavez
L-011Lee, Jake
L-080Lee, James Allen
L-047Lee, Jessie Myrtle
L-060Lee, Jettie Jewell
2005-008  Lee, Jewel Gilder Wall
2002-195  Lee, Jimmie
L-041Lee, Jimmie Darrell
L-059Lee, Kimberly Diane
L-077Lee, Lecil
2000-062  Lee, Malcolm Jacob
L-018Lee, Mary "Lila"
2005-002  Lee, Melba Rudene Stephens
2005-044  Lee, Melba Rudene Stephens
L-031Lee, Mozell Lucrisa
2003-184  Lee, Norma Kennedy Hunter
L-015Lee, Pauline
L-029Lee, Riley Franklin
L-062Lee, Rosa L
2005-080  Lee, Vance
L-056Lee, Walter Joe
L-014Lee, Warren
2000-065  Lee, William B
L-014Lees, Carroll E
L-008Leeth, J B
2001-005  Leeth, James C
L-029Leeth, Lois M
L-055Legg, John Wylie
L-078Leggett, Ronald Lee
2000-015  Lehy, Nelda Pendleton
2004-122  Lela, Nola Marie
L-063Lemaster, Wanda Lightfoot
L-056Lemons, Gertie
2006-012  Lenzini, Clara
L-012Leonard, Elra LaVerne
L-017Lepard, Alton Eugene (Gene)
2001-056  Lepard, Alvie Jean
L-033Lerma, Mary Madaline
L-050Leschper, Lee Roy, Sr
L-054Leschper, Margaret Kevlin
2005-081  Lesley, Jane Matthews
L-045Leslie, Grace Smith
2005-074  Levens, Marcella
2006-083-84     Levens, Richard Lindell
L-056Lewallen, Albert C
L-069Lewallen, Alvin E
L-016Lewallen, Ethel
L-028Lewallen, Jesse
L-005Lewallen, Lillian Mozelle
2002-097  Lewallen, Mara Nell
L-067Lewallen, Marvin
L-032Lewallen, Nannie (Nancy)
2004-176  Lewallen, Violet
L-010Lewellen, Arthur Brooklen
L-007Lewellen, Tex
L-030Lewellen, Trudie Dora
2006-097  Lewis, Chuck "C B"
2001-134  Lewis, Clydell
L-038Lewis, Deborah Ann Kub
L-010Lewis, Elmer Weldon
L-058Lewis, Eloise
L-037Lewis, Elva
2002-166  Lewis, Gregg
2002-007  Lewis, Howard J
L-006Lewis, Ira G
2002-152  Lewis, Ivel Sylvia
L-046Lewis, J H Harlan
L-051Lewis, James M (Pearl)
2003-086  Lewis, Lori Gee
2003-154  Lewis, Marian L (Mercile)
L-036Lewis, Ray Franklin
L-060Lewis, Rudolph G (Skinnie)
L-023Lewis, Steve Lafayette
2006-084  Leyendekker, Jan
2006-083  Leyendekker, John "Jan"
L-079Lia, Priscilla
L-028Libby, Emmett V
2005-208  Licea, Mario, Sr
L-041Lidia, Mary A
L-011Light, Ed
L-070Light, Florence
L-008Light, Nelda Gene
L-033Lightfoot, Aubrey Lee
2001-027  Lightfoot, Cynthia Ann
2005-122  Lightfoot, Freddie Mac
L-032Lightfoot, John D, Jr
2005-080  Lightfoot, Lona J
L-058Lightfoot, Louella
L-006Lightfoot, Omarie
2001-074  Lightfoot, Viola
L-079Lightfoot, Whome Mrs
L-034Lightfoot, Willis H (Tucker)
L-042Ligon, Arno Buie
2005-205  Lilley, Jo
L-043Lilley, Josephine H
L-050Lilljedahl, Charles Ray
2005-073  Lilly, Al
2001-021  Lilly, Don C
2000-017  Lim, Simon
2003-032  Limmer, Helen
L-008Lin, Connie
2000-062  Lincecum, Chris
L-029Linch, Bessie Lorene
L-022Linch, Gladys Bronson
L-026Linch, Vada Alma
L-070Linch, Vesta
L-076Linch, William Theodore
L-074Lincoln, Bertha Loraine
L-028Lincoln, Douglas N
2000-026  Lindeman, Charles Anthony (Chuck)
2002-006  Lindenmeier, Richard L "Dick"
2002-003  Lindenmeier, Richard L (Dick)
L-011Linder, Marie
2005-187  Lindley, Donald M
L-011Lindley, Doodle Moser
2003-159  Lindley, Raymond
L-025Lindley, Rozell Sessom
2003-084  Lindop, Jennie Mae Albright
L-047Lindsey, Carol Evelyn
L-018Lindsey, Donnie
L-057Lindsey, Frank Corry
L-038Lindsey, Gordon
2001-040  Lindsey, James Monroe
2004-130  Lindsey, Madelyn
2002-088  Lindsey, Nola Randolph
2004-130  Lindsey, Rachel
2001-040  Lindsey, Ralph
2004-130  Lindsey, Yates
L-063Line, Alta Lena Rodgers
2001-166  Ling, Dorothy Dell
2003-208  Ling, Winton (Lee)
2002-186  Lingle, Carroll Wayne
L-072Lingle, Delta Edna
L-067Lingle, James D
2001-149  Lingle, Janice Springer
2003-180  Lingle, Joe David, Sr
2003-150  Lingle, Mada
L-016Linn, Edwin E (Eddie)
L-043Linne, A H
L-023Lionberger, Anna Eberhart
2002-056  Lipford, Alpene
L-068Lippard, Weldon
2002-015  Lippe, George Henry
L-020Lipscomb, Cora E
2000-112  Liss, Francis Maurine
L-074Liss, Walter
L-016Lisso, Andrew Lee
L-010Little, Alton Ray (Jug)
2000-051  Little, Azalean
L-051Little, Bessie D
2002-167  Little, Billie D (Chicken)
2002-168  Little, Billie D (Chicken)
2006-083  Little, Crystal Ann Howard
2005-056  Little, Dennis Ray, Sr
2005-058  Little, Dennis Ray, Sr
2005-059  Little, Dennis Ray, Sr
2005-060  Little, Dennis Ray, Sr
L-013Little, Ernest
L-064Little, Estelle
L-010Little, Evelyn Louise
2005-090  Little, Ferel W
2006-151  Little, Fred A
L-053Little, Helen
2001-013  Little, Herbert A
L-073Little, Iva Woodrow
L-024Little, James (Buster)
L-001Little, James T
L-002Little, Jesse Jefferson
2000-170  Little, John M (Buck)
L-002Little, Jones
2000-090  Little, Juanita
L-049Little, Julie
L-010Little, Lou Ceil
L-002Little, Marilyn
L-008Little, Noah E
L-047Little, Richard
L-042Little, Ruby Lee
2001-020  Little, S W  (Buddy)
L-002Little, Stella Cox
L-006Little, Walter
L-008Little, Wesley Lee
L-002Little, William, Isaac (Ike)
L-027Littleton, Clinton Eugene
L-027Littleton, Jerry Coleman
L-050Littleton, Lee Roy
2006-144  Littleton, Novice Dyer
L-036Littleton, Rose
2006-085  Litton, J D
L-037Lively, Clinton L
2005-020  Lively, Edith Maybell
2005-022  Lively, Edith Maybell
L-003Lively, Frank Bryant
2001-014  Lively, George Kenneth
L-075Lively, Rubin Quinton
L-036Livingston, Alice Melissa
2006-152  Livingston, Delbert Vernon "Bill"
2002-074  Livingston, Junior
L-068Livingston, Kyle Haggard
2006-088  Livingston, Vera Davis
L-058Lizcano, Noah
L-051Lloyd, Minnie LaVerne
L-072Loach, Gerald Eugene
2001-153  Lockard, Gerald (Jerry) Phillip
2003-078  Lockard, Virginia Sears (Peggy)
2003-193  Locke, Alfred Conner, Sr
2003-195  Locke, Alfred Conner, Sr
2004-163  Locke, Annie Lucille Burnett
L-047Locke, Florence
L-054Locke, Foy Jay
L-052Locke, Gerry
L-054Locke, Jesse (Jack)
L-075Locke, John D
2003-105  Locke, Lois Brown
L-080Locke, Lucille
2000-083  Locke, Myrtle Upshaw
L-078Locke, Ross
2001-031  Locke, Tom R
2003-046  Locker, Rilla Durine
L-040Lockhart, Hardy
L-041Lockhart, Hardy
L-072Lockhart, Helen Lucille
2002-016  Lockhart, Joe Bailey
L-009Lockhart, Johnny
2000-041  Lockhart, Kenneth, Jr
L-080Lockhart, Opal Inez
2006-142  Locks, Maynette Savage
2000-040  Lockwood, Ana
L-042Lockwood, Edward Morrison
L-067Lockwood, Herbert
L-003Loden, George W
L-045Loden, John Monroe, Sr
L-012Loden, Myrtle Evelyn
L-044Loden, Tom H
L-026Loden, William M
L-023Loehr, Eileen Jeanette
L-073Loftis, Ruby Lee (Cunningham)
2006-007  Logan, Bobby J
2006-070  Logan, Dorothy E
L-035Logan, Ethan Allan
2002-103  Logan, G W
L-019Logan, Georgia
2000-034  Logan, Maxie Lee Deaton
L-057Logan, Melvin M (Joe)
2000-086  Logan, R C
2001-123  Logan, Wilma
2000-141  Logsdon, Jimmy (Jim)
L-065Logsdon, Joe
L-066Logsdon, Joe
L-064Logsdon, Joe Sidney
L-069Logsdon, Velma Maudie Mae
L-037Lohrmann, Henry T
2004-126  Lohrmann, Lavinia
L-017Long,  Artie
L-032Long, Blanche
2001-072  Long, Doug
L-047Long, Earl
2001-143  Long, Genell Kay
2002-086  Long, Katherine
L-041Long, Kenneth Ray
L-016Long, Martin
L-038Long, Will Ray
L-017Longino, James Daniel
2003-054  Longino, Linda Kay
L-020Longley, Annie Lou
2002-058  Longley, Bobby George
L-076Longley, Cecil H
2000-007  Longley, Mike
L-055Longoria, Senovia M
L-034Lookingbill, Hattie
L-009Lookingbill, John T
L-012Looney, Charlcie Agnes
2005-084  Looney, Doyle
L-004Looney, Ira
2005-013  Looney, Madeline June
L-008Looney, Mary Wilson
L-024Looney, Omah
L-034Looney, Virgil
L-042Loper, Beth
L-004Loper, Rex Kelton
L-077Lopez, Augustine Weber
L-027Lopez, Felicia Flores
2006-099  Lopez, Gracella
L-071Lopez, Maria Carolina
2006-009  Lopez, Mitelia Garay
L-055Lopez, Susan Rez
L-043Lord, Charles Walter
L-020Lott, Elvis Franklin
L-078Lott, Gertrude Elizabeth
2001-067  Lott, Ida Lee
L-075Loudermilk, Bernice Morris
L-043Loudermilk, Don Wilson
2004-097  Loudermilk, Ellen
2000-154  Loudermilk, Emma Nathilee
2001-026  Loudermilk, Franklin Hardy
2004-133  Loudermilk, Garland
2002-162  Loudermilk, George Martin
L-033Loudermilk, Henry (Stoney)
L-017Loudermilk, Louise
L-024Loudermilk, Neva Mae
2004-063  Loudermilk, Theone K
L-058Loudermilk, Tommie L (Derby)
2000-105  Louis, Deborah Ann
L-019Loutherback, Hurshal A
2001-115  Loutherback, Myrtice
2001-184  Love, Billy Mack
2003-153  Love, Carl
L-015Love, Corinne T
L-046Love, Doug
L-043Love, Jack
L-060Love, James Otto
L-047Love, Jane Hammonds
L-075Love, Modest Sutherland
L-031Love, William Arthur
L-070Lovelace, Tom, Jr
2000-104  Loveless, B G
L-060Loveless, Dewell Ebby
L-040Loveless, James Loys
L-079Loveless, Josephine Vernice
2002-077  Lovell, Ida Mae Chancy
L-069Lovell, J W
L-050Lovell, James Thomas (Jim Tom)
L-072Lovell, Thomas
L-073Lovell, Thomas
L-029Loving, Elouise D
L-015Loving, John Wesley
L-017Low, Tom
2001-163  Lowe, Carroll C
2005-191  Lowe, Chester Odell
L-025Lowe, Ernie R
L-022Lowe, Estelle
2000-141  Lowe, Grace Vera
L-039Lowe, Lucy E
L-018Lowe, Maggie M
2006-110  Lowery, A J
2005-050  Lowery, Allie Faye
L-009Lowery, Audie Gertrude
L-049Lowery, Beulah Mae
L-010Lowery, Clarence H
L-009Lowery, Clarice
2006-199  Lowery, D D
2000-153  Lowery, Illa Ruth
2002-167  Lowery, Walter
L-022Lowery, Walter Louis
L-039Lowery, Willie Donald
L-021Lowry, H L (Possum)
L-021Lowry, Janice
L-041Lowry, Linda Sue
L-044Lowry, M C
L-011Lowry, Thessell Eula
L-074Loyd, Cecil Frederick
L-050Loyd, John Andrew
2004-138  Loyd, Velma
L-059Loyd, William Raymond
2001-153  Lozano, Andrea
2000-010  Lozano, Roland Faustino
L-019Lucas, Basil Wayne
L-031Lucas, Charles R
L-005Lucas, Clarence Floyd
2005-100  Lucas, Cleo Branham
L-014Lucas, James Dempsey
2005-014  Lucas, Jewell V
L-024Lucas, Linda Jo
2006-035  Lucas, Lois
L-048Lucas, Lona Beatrice
L-051Lucas, Loyd
L-008Lucas, Lucille C
L-022Lucas, Ruby Wright
2000-021  Luckie, Cleora Mae Simpson
2002-108  Luckie, Elmer Lee
2005-144  Luckie, Essie
2006-113  Luckie, Golda Riggs
L-048Luckie, Herbert Odell
2004-167  Luckie, James Monroe (Bud)
2004-141  Luckie, Rillie Mary
L-059Ludwick, Jessie Sonora
L-040Lueck, Alan Doyle, II
2000-129  Lueck, Karen Stewart
L-048Lueders, Margie Evelyn
2001-102  Luker, Bobbie Faye Isham
L-026Luker, Clemons
L-007Luker, Dawn Margaret Sturkie
2003-172  Luker, Frank Bernell
L-016Luker, Iva Mae
2001-008  Luker, John Paul
2002-075  Luker, Levi, Jr (Luke)
2005-192  Luker, Martha Frances
L-024Luker, Mattie Lou
2004-045  Luker, Thomas Edison
2003-025  Luker, Tommie Elizabeth
L-021Lumley, Jovita McClung
2003-052  Luna, Basilio, Sr
L-034Luna, Elvira Cisneros
2005-213  Luna, Jennifer Marie
2006-117  Luna, Jose Ismael
L-025Luna, Manuel Cruz
L-056Lunce, Carroll Edward
2006-010  Lunce, Lucille (Lucy) J Seth
2005-038  Lundy, William Arthur (Bill)
2002-103  Luper, John Allen
L-013Lusky, Harley Wilfred
2000-120  Lusky, Myrtle Oleta
L-048Luttrall, Calvin Mark
2006-159  Luttrall, Donald G
L-012Luttrall, Maude Huckabay
L-057Luttrell, Alma K
L-077Luttrell, Bufford C
L-063Luttrell, Calvin C
2000-045  Luttrell, David Wayne
L-004Luttrell, Florence I
L-015Luttrell, Pearl
L-036Luttrell, Tellas V
2002-062  Luttrell, W D David
2003-215  Lutz, Oral (Burl)
L-018Lydia, Flaudie Mae
L-038Lynch, Nancy Faye Willis
2003-097  Lynden, Robert
L-030Lynn, Leslie Renee
2002-121  Lynn, Verna Elizabeth Howell
L-026Lyon, Grace Elizabeth
L-051Lyons, Basil
L-035Lyons, Michael A
2002-022  Lystad, Stanley
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