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Erath County Texas Obituaries
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Erath County Texas Obituaries, J

We indexed 14,684 obituaries for folks connected to Erath County, Texas. Area genealogist Marilyn Ewers dedicated years to collecting these files. They are provided through this site with permision from the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.  Obituaries generally start in the mid-1980s, but there are a few from earlier years. All years through 31 December 2006 have been consolidated into alphabetical lists by the first letter of the surname.
2003-137  Jacks, Beulah Gerein
J-009Jacks, Earl Baxton
J-003Jacks, Jettie Lillian
2000-060  Jacks, Sandra Gayle
J-033Jacks, Wesley, Sr
J-022Jackson, Annie Valeria
2000-148  Jackson, Bernice
J-035Jackson, Berthold Raymond
J-006Jackson, Bessie
J-063Jackson, Bill Greer
2001-087  Jackson, Billy
2000-098  Jackson, Christopher Everett
2005-177  Jackson, Clara Huffman
J-056Jackson, Climmon Eldon
2006-186  Jackson, Debra Renee
2004-184  Jackson, Emil Jarold
J-060Jackson, Emma Kate Moody
J-013Jackson, Ernest
J-030Jackson, Ethel
J-031Jackson, Ethel Jewell
2006-051  Jackson, Frances Roberts
J-015Jackson, Gladys N
2001-041  Jackson, Harry Douglas
J-014Jackson, Henry E (Lige)
J-015Jackson, Henry E (Lige)
J-054Jackson, Henry N
J-034Jackson, Howard (Tab)
2005-107  Jackson, Jack
J-008Jackson, James H, Jr (Jim)
J-012Jackson, Johnie Thomas
2002-004  Jackson, Kimberly Lia
2001-126  Jackson, L A (Andy)
2002-188  Jackson, Layne O
J-005Jackson, Lillie Ann
J-036Jackson, Lillie B
J-036Jackson, Lorena
2000-109  Jackson, Martha Ruth
2004-177  Jackson, Mary Hazel
2000-159  Jackson, Mildred Boatwright
2003-062  Jackson, Newt Vernon
J-039Jackson, Odie E
J-036Jackson, Odis J
J-058Jackson, Oleta Meador
2006-196  Jackson, Pauline
2000-072  Jackson, Pauline Ruth
J-037Jackson, Pauline Sheriff
2004-113  Jackson, Phyllis Elaine
J-044Jackson, Pruitt
2002-145  Jackson, Raymond
J-038Jackson, Raymond Alice
J-019Jackson, Robert Benjamin
J-025Jackson, Robert Bob
2003-140  Jackson, Rodney Kent
J-021Jackson, Roy
J-057Jackson, Ruby Opal
J-013Jackson, Velma
2001-022  Jackson, Viva Odell Stone
2002-017  Jackson, Whaley W
J-014Jacobs, C A (Jack)
J-037Jacobs, Dean
J-010Jacobs, Ernest Preston
2004-129  Jacobs, Eunice
2004-130  Jacobs, Eunice
2000-039  Jacobs, Hallie
J-011Jacobs, Ivan Paul
J-051Jacobs, Lucille Beck
J-042Jacobs, Pauline K
2006-124-125   Jacobs, Polly Ann
J-002Jacobs, Willie Lucille
J-040Jacobson, Elizabeth Hawkins
J-012Jacobson, Winnie Doris Burnett
J-045Jaggars, Aaron
J-027Jaggars, Debbie Griffin
2004-163  Jaggars, Dorris Fay
J-045Jaggars, Etta Bell Everett
2000-012  Jaggars, Guy Milton
2003-073  Jaggars, Kenneth Dow
J-059Jaggars, Marvin, Sr
J-048Jaggars, Nova Houser
2005-190  Jaggars, Waymond Dow
J-011Jaggers, Rayford
J-015Jahns, Robert E
J-058Jahns, Theodore Emil
J-061Jahns, Veta
J-062Jakes, Odith P
2000-013  Jamar, Truman A
2001-076  James, Bill
J-040James, Clifton Ray
J-016James, Ella Evadean Garner
J-057James, Gary Wayne
2002-059  James, Greta Joyce
J-064James, Jack R V
J-003James, Jesse M
J-062James, Leola Woolverton
2005-033  James, Melba Dean Rees
J-041James, Nilda Blanche Caulfeild
J-028James, Peggy Karen
2004-179  James, Rozella
J-015James, Stella M
J-010Jameson, James William
J-047Jamison, G G (Gussie)
J-036Jamison, Janette (Mrs. G G)
2005-226  Janes, Hearshel
J-028Janes, Robert
J-060Janes, Wendall Robert
2002-155  Jantz, Kelly J
2004-150  Jaquess, Dan
2000-138  Jaquess, Wanda Marie
2003-202  Jaresh, Billy H
2004-137  Jarnagin, Bernice
2000-132  Jarnigin, Gene
2005-139  Jarratt, Whit E
J-047Jarrett, Billy E
J-052Jarrett, Herbert, Jr
J-040Jarvis, Myrtle Marie
2000-156  Jay, Webb
J-022Jean, Susan R
2001-169  Jeffcoat, Terry Lou Little
J-011Jeffery, Carroll B
2003-137  Jeffery, Maxine
J-043Jeffrey, Lola Bingham
J-039Jenkins, Bessie
2004-165  Jenkins, Charles William
J-016Jenkins, Dan Stanley
J-045Jenkins, Delma
2002-029  Jenkins, Edward Earl
J-023Jenkins, Jimmie Pauline (Polly)
J-018Jenkins, Pearl N
J-036Jenkins, Ralph
2004-045  Jenkins, Vernon Harvey (Pete)
J-007Jenks, Marguerite
J-005Jennings, Clyde Faith
J-051Jennings, Helen Alene
2006-121  Jennings, Larry Joe "Gramps"
J-012Jennings, Mable
J-060Jennings, Steven Richard
J-043Jennings, Victor Lowell
2004-050  Jennings, Virgil Earl
J-049Jenschke, Grady Ryan
J-055Jensen, Winston
J-025Jernigan, Bernell
2006-034  Jernigan, Hazel C
2003-088  Jernigan, Johnnie Lillian
J-040Jernigan, Lee O
J-053Jeske, Gilbert
J-025Jeter, Oran D
J-037Jeter, Ruby Lois
J-010Jewell, Delbert Clarence
2006-005  Jimenez, Jose (PePe), Jr
2001-169  Jimenez, Teresa
2001-117  Jobe, Doyle (Pinky)
2006-137  Johnny Richard Duncan
J-037Johns, Crystine Gordon
2002-097  Johnson, Agnes Marie
J-017Johnson, Albert Sid
J-025Johnson, Alma
J-046Johnson, Alta Sarah
J-014Johnson, Amber Bell
2006-177  Johnson, Anne Raelene
2006-178  Johnson, Anne Raelene
2006-043  Johnson, Arnold Frank
2001-109  Johnson, Audrey W
J-026Johnson, Bertie Marie
2000-063  Johnson, Bill
2002-001  Johnson, Billie L
J-061Johnson, Billy Tom
J-059Johnson, Bonnie L
J-006Johnson, C A, Jr
2003-111  Johnson, C W
J-042Johnson, Carl
J-059Johnson, Chester Clifton
J-032Johnson, Corey Ward
J-023Johnson, Deryl Ernest
J-025Johnson, Dorothy Morris
2003-088  Johnson, Doyl Samuel
2006-105-106   Johnson, E Olin
J-022Johnson, Easter May
J-063Johnson, Ellen Elizabeth
J-055Johnson, Elmer E
J-030Johnson, Emma S
J-008Johnson, Erica
2000-059  Johnson, Esta Lee
J-035Johnson, Esteen
2003-091  Johnson, Eva Odessa
J-052Johnson, Evia Lou Wallace Brewer
J-015Johnson, Foy
J-019Johnson, Gertrude
2003-170  Johnson, Glenn
J-027Johnson, H L Lynn
2002-093  Johnson, Henry Roy
J-027Johnson, Herbert Roy
J-038Johnson, Herschel C
J-013Johnson, Houston H
J-019Johnson, Howard L
J-047Johnson, Irene
J-012Johnson, J C
J-053Johnson, James A
J-002Johnson, James S
J-056Johnson, James W (Jim)
J-033Johnson, Jeffery D
2001-117  Johnson, Jerry Don
J-025Johnson, Jess (Budd)
J-039Johnson, Jimmy
2000-167  Johnson, Joe Daniel
J-005Johnson, John A, Sr
J-030Johnson, John W
2004-125  Johnson, Johnny M
J-037Johnson, Jonnye J
2002-138  Johnson, Josie Shipp
2002-080  Johnson, Kathryn Josephine
2001-163  Johnson, Kay
J-009Johnson, Kermit
2004-074  Johnson, Koby
2004-076  Johnson, Koby Don (Kobra)
2002-153  Johnson, Laveta Faye
J-022Johnson, Lloyd C
J-003Johnson, Louise D
J-033Johnson, M H
J-023Johnson, Mamie Lee
J-046Johnson, Marcus Dean
J-049Johnson, Marjory Grace
J-029Johnson, Martha F
J-035Johnson, Melinda
J-034Johnson, Michael Ray, Jr
J-019Johnson, Mildred Mozell
2001-156  Johnson, Montie Q
2004-023  Johnson, Morris Landon, I
J-041Johnson, Naoma
J-034Johnson, Nina
2003-065  Johnson, Odell
J-008Johnson, Odessa H
2005-067  Johnson, Patricia Ann (Patti)
2006-049  Johnson, Perelene Ruth
J-018Johnson, Richard Vernon
J-061Johnson, Roberta Halbert
2002-189-90     Johnson, Rose
2005-189  Johnson, Ruby (Mama Gan)
J-031Johnson, Rufus George
J-018Johnson, Ruth D
2005-208  Johnson, Stephen Layne
J-029Johnson, Sybil W Finstad
2006-030  Johnson, Teresa Lynn
J-004Johnson, Terry Don
J-032Johnson, Thomas Jack
J-062Johnson, Thomas Wiley
2000-165-A      Johnson, Thursie Ann Land
J-003Johnson, Timothy Marion
J-028Johnson, Tom
2002-033AJohnson, Tyler P
J-036Johnson, Vance M
J-023Johnson, Viola Virtrue
J-021Johnson, W C
J-041Johnson, W E (Boss)
J-034Johnson, Wanda Allenworth
J-058Johnson, Webb
J-044Johnston, Albert N
2002-011  Johnston, Allen Lee
J-029Johnston, Bertha O
J-007Johnston, Beverly Ann
J-014Johnston, Carolyn Mae
J-017Johnston, Clinton Henry
2001-112  Johnston, Dena Mae
J-029Johnston, Emma Velma
J-003Johnston, Ernest W
2001-160  Johnston, Gaylon
J-006Johnston, Jeffery Glen
2003-084  Johnston, Lillian Williams
2006-135  Johnston, Madge Marie
2003-169  Johnston, Ray
2001-062  Johnston, Robert Lee, Sr
J-014Johnston, Sarah Freddie
2002-124  Johnston, Thelma Ola
J-064Johnston, Thomas Edward
J-041Johnston, Vina Mae
J-053Johnston, Wayne B
2005-045  Johnson, Bennie
J-008Joiner, Bohner Ward
J-039Joiner, Elmer Ray
2006-190  Joiner, Harvey Edward "Pete"
2002-141  Joiner, Irene Lois
2006-177  Joiner, Vera M
J-017Joiner, Wilbur Dwight
J-036Jokel, John James
2002-173  Jokel, Thomas Ian
J-016Jolly, Mickey J
J-016Jolly, William Melvin
J-040Jones - Sexton, Esther Dora N
2003-089  Jones T K
2000-158  Jones Thelma
2002-122  Jones, A D (Jack)
J-062Jones, Addie Lee
2006-160  Jones, Agnes V
J-002Jones, B F
2003-222  Jones, B O (Dick)
J-011Jones, Bennie C
J-055Jones, Beryl Kathleen
2004-033  Jones, Bethel Clark
2004-034  Jones, Bethel Clark
J-057Jones, Beverly G
2004-067  Jones, Billy Ray
J-027Jones, Bobby Gailey
2003-168  Jones, Calvin Harrison
J-049Jones, Carl Lewis
2001-141  Jones, Charlie D
2002-044  Jones, Christine Sandaez
2003-100  Jones, Clarice Elaine
J-012Jones, Clement Payne, Sr
J-026Jones, Cleo Faye
J-060Jones, Clifford Milton
J-060Jones, Daisy Lee
J-054Jones, Darrell Ross
2002-095  Jones, Delbert R
J-050Jones, Dicey
J-009Jones, Dolphus, Sr
J-032Jones, Dora
2001-068  Jones, Dorothy Clothteel Parker
2001-175  Jones, Eddie Mickell
2001-047  Jones, Edna
J-011Jones, Edna (Sis)
J-035Jones, Edwin Edzil (Buster)
2003-091  Jones, Effie J
2004-027  Jones, Ella Grey
J-002Jones, Emmett J
J-004Jones, Erma Roach
J-012Jones, Ernest Burette
J-063Jones, Eugene Clifford (Bucky), II
J-038Jones, Euna Evelyn
J-021Jones, Flora
J-050Jones, Floyd Garland
J-033Jones, Frank M (Sash)
J-031Jones, Fritzi Lucille
2000-063  Jones, Garland
2002-180  Jones, Garry Dean
J-006Jones, George L
J-038Jones, George W
2006-092  Jones, Georgia Vineyard
J-026Jones, Gerald L
J-044Jones, Glenn, Sr
J-027Jones, Harley Levi
J-021Jones, Henry Marvin
J-013Jones, Henry Otis
J-046Jones, Hettie Orene
J-008Jones, Hubert H
2004-021  Jones, Hubert Ray
J-016Jones, Irene
2000-029  Jones, J L
2004-151  Jones, J P
J-009Jones, James Druid
J-004Jones, James Edward
2000-016  Jones, Jessie Martin
J-021Jones, John
2001-158  Jones, Johnny Ray
J-017Jones, Jone Ed
J-019Jones, K Ewell
J-015Jones, Kathleen H
2001-142  Jones, Keith Wayne
J-048Jones, Kenneth Clint (K C)
2001-183  Jones, Kenneth Darrell
2004-157  Jones, Kenneth P
J-010Jones, L C (Tex)
2001-087  Jones, LaNell Hart
J-039Jones, LaVonne
2004-056  Jones, Lawana Beatrice
J-040Jones, Lee Roy
J-027Jones, Leila Vada
2004-171  Jones, Leland E
J-017Jones, Lena B
2006-079  Jones, Leona
2003-045  Jones, LeRoy
2000-074  Jones, Lerron Wayne
2004-108  Jones, Levi Barbour
J-002Jones, Lida Blanche Bordner
2003-214  Jones, Linda (Jeannie)
2003-215  Jones, Linda (Jeannie) Sellers
J-038Jones, Lindsey Mason
2004-114  Jones, Linnie Marie
J-033Jones, Louis M
J-030Jones, Loy R
J-020Jones, Luther Darrell (L D)
2006-149  Jones, Margaret "Jonesy"
J-035Jones, Margaret Louise
2006-028  Jones, Mary Hattie
J-046Jones, Maudie L Layfield
J-062Jones, McClevey
J-044Jones, Merriman Madison (Bud)
J-041Jones, Michael Aaron Edward
2002-025  Jones, Morraine G
J-004Jones, Myra
J-049Jones, Nan Levena
J-019Jones, Naomi
J-013Jones, Nathan Levi
J-030Jones, Nellie France
2006-167  Jones, Nina Fern Burgan
J-018Jones, Nina Winn
J-028Jones, Nora Bell
J-006Jones, Nora F
J-017Jones, Ola B
J-026Jones, Ollie Marie
J-031Jones, Oran Nelson
2001-146  Jones, Orville Westley
J-038Jones, Ova L
J-006Jones, Ovada
2002-089  Jones, Parelee Moser
J-057Jones, Patricia Ann Kinney
J-018Jones, Paul J
J-023Jones, Pauline Winkler
J-063Jones, Pinkie
J-046Jones, Ralph Don
2003-092  Jones, Reecie R
J-018Jones, Robbie D
J-054Jones, Ruby C
J-050Jones, Ruby Randolph
J-047Jones, Rudiger
J-060Jones, Russell Benton
J-034Jones, Ruth
J-061Jones, Ruth E
J-035Jones, Sarah Deatrice
J-039Jones, Sarah Jane
J-032Jones, Selma Lee Weidner Phillips
2001-002  Jones, Susie Diffee
J-004Jones, Ted
2000-158  Jones, Thelma
J-061Jones, Thelma Trice
2002-036  Jones, Thelma Wood
2003-080  Jones, Thomas L
2004-019  Jones, Trudie Juanita
J-046Jones, Vera
J-047Jones, Victoria Ware
J-020Jones, Vida Marie
J-001Jones, W P (Mose)
J-012Jones, Wiley Gene (Casey)
J-056Jones, William (Bill), Jr
J-026Jones, Willie D
2002-028  Jones, Wilma Reeves
2003-134  Jones, Zane Grey
J-011Jones, Zenobia (Mrs Clement)
J-051Jordan, Carl
J-004Jordan, Claudia Beatrice
J-037Jordan, Frances Briggs
J-010Jordan, Frank E
J-020Jordan, Ila Belle
2001-158  Jordan, Ila Mae Holloway
J-006Jordan, J Wilbert
J-026Jordan, James Allen
J-033Jordan, John C
2001-014  Jordan, Martha Smith
J-021Jordan, May Bell
J-008Jordan, Millie Ovada
J-031Jordan, Walter R
J-055Jordan, Waynez Dyer
J-021Jordan, Willie Faye
J-034Jordon, John William, Jr
J-042Jordon, Leona Fern
J-056Jorgenson, Joan C
J-038Joyce, Bobby W
J-041Juarez, Erik
J-016Juarez, Manuel
J-014Juenemann, Bernard John
J-056Julian, Michael Wayne
2006-016  Jurney, Donald Charles (Donnie)
2004-082  Jurney, Dortha Jean (Bradley)
2002-055  Jurney, Wilber
J-029Justice, Lena Mae
2003-075 Justiss, Pansy Marie
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