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Erath County Texas Obituaries
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Erath County Texas Obituaries, H

We indexed 14,684 obituaries for folks connected to Erath County, Texas. Area genealogist Marilyn Ewers dedicated years to collecting these files. They are provided through this site with permision from the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.  Obituaries generally start in the mid-1980s, but there are a few from earlier years. All years through 31 December 2006 have been consolidated into alphabetical lists by the first letter of the surname.
H-112Haass, Bruce Reed
H-169Hadaway, Farrand Jim
2006-184   Hadley, Lula May French
H-065Hadley, Marie Ruth
H-028Haedge, Lynell Wood
2005-136   Hafer, Jane M
H-060Hafer, Selma Pauline
H-039Hafer, William Fred
H-005Hafford, Alfred T
2002-090   Hafford, Derroll
H-004Hafford, Maude
2005-213   Hafford, Pauline
2005-214   Hafford, Pauline
H-069Hagan, Anna L
H-025Hagan, Jess Benjamin
H-071Hagan, Keith
H-054Hager, Ruth Walker
H-032Hager, William Oscar (Dutch)
H-069Haggard, Annetta A
2004-100   Haggard, Chandler
H-131Haggard, Charlene Marie
2006-035   Haggard, LaVerna Carpenter
2000-149   Haggard, Richard Spruce
H-168Haggard, Spruce F
H-089Haggard, Van B  (Red)
2006-065   Haggerton, Gladys Jewell
H-148Hagood, Elsie Mae
H-076Hail, Gurley Wallace
H-121Hail, Jessie L Markham
H-058Hail, Martha
H-040Hail, Virginia A
H-094Haile, James E
2006-190   Haile, John LaGene
2002-136   Haile, Joyce M (Atchley) (Schronk)
H-176Haile, Marguerite Rainwater
2005-104   Haile, Odell
H-172Haile, William Ray
2003-039   Hailey, Bill M
2003-038   Hailey, Charles Richard
H-067Hailey, W H
2004-158   Hailey-Beene, Martha Lois
H-146Hair, Billy Bruce
H-034Hair, Lona Beatrice
2005-166   Hair, Oneta F
H-050Hair, Winters
2001-003   Halbert, Billy Joe
H-097Halbert, Dovie Bertis
H-046Halbert, Edgar
H-068Halbert, Florence
H-174Halbert, Lawana
2000-150   Halbert, Robert Dixon
2004-136   Halcomb, Ollie Lorene
H-097Hale,  Mollie Caldwell
H-057Hale, Annye M
H-027Hale, Arnold
H-061Hale, Bertha
H-025Hale, Charlie Herbert
H-015Hale, Edith Mae
H-005Hale, Elsie M
2001-027   Hale, Frankie
2004-001   Hale, Gary Dwayne
H-045Hale, Geraldine
H-174Hale, Gladys
H-040Hale, Ida Whitworth
2006-178   Hale, Imogene Procter
H-046Hale, Irene Wilmont
H-147Hale, Jack C
H-069Hale, Leffel
H-053Hale, Linnie Mae
H-109Hale, Loy
H-051Hale, Mary Ellen Jenkins
H-024Hale, Mary Oletha
2000-074   Hale, Myrtle Lee
H-055Hale, Oletha
2006-029   Hale, Overton
H-008Hale, Red Mrs (Beulah T)
H-110Hale, Ronnie Dale
H-038Hale, Roy
2000-155   Hale, Thurman Claude
2005-171   Hale, William V (Buck)
H-009Haley, Basha Ann
2004-156   Haley, Bob
2000-083   Haley, Bonnie C
H-004Haley, Effie Mae
H-025Haley, Jess
H-088Haley, Jesse Edward
2005-089   Haley, June Vandergriff
2006-149   Haley, Matthew
H-046Hall, Agnes Amanda
H-033Hall, Allie Faye
2004-165   Hall, Alton Ray
2002-020   Hall, Anthon L
H-044Hall, Barbara Helen
H-007Hall, Betha Mae
H-099Hall, Bob Wayland
2003-138   Hall, Charles L
H-098Hall, Damon
2001-101   Hall, Donna Lee
2002-130   Hall, Dora Elizabeth
H-018Hall, Florence
H-094Hall, George Junior
H-123Hall, Herman L
2002-190   Hall, James Thomas
H-088Hall, Jean
2003-046   Hall, Kathleen Ponsford (Kay)
H-175Hall, Kenneth Audrey
H-033Hall, Lavada F
2004-120   Hall, Leonard (Bud)
H-070Hall, Lewis Wallace
2003-111   Hall, Linnie
H-132Hall, Lola Jo
H-014Hall, Lula Land
H-097Hall, Maggie Izora
2002-196   Hall, Mary Louise
H-026Hall, Olive R
H-176Hall, Oliver F
2002-031   Hall, Opal
H-073Hall, Oran Earl
2004-075   Hall, Otilla Mayhar
H-005Hall, Pat
H-175Hall, Patty Louise
2000-142   Hall, Robert Dean
2000-171   Hall, Robert L
2006-196   Hall, Robert Zack
2006-197   Hall, Robert Zack
H-079Hall, Sunshine
2003-222   Hall, William 
2003-218   Hall, William O (Pete)
H-099Halliburton, Irene Monk
2001-049   Hallman, Alfred Lee, Jr (Fred)
2005-087   Hallman, Edna Beatrice
2005-088   Hallman, Edna Beatrice
H-084Hallman, Marvin Castle
2003-060   Hallman, Thalia
H-003Hallmark, Annabelle
2002-127   Hallmark, Beth D
H-002Hallmark, Charlsie Hagler
H-000Hallmark, Charlsie Hagler
H-027Hallmark, Elmore Willie
H-027Hallmark, Ergle
H-122Hallmark, Fayteene
H-114Hallmark, George Taft (Ted)
H-069Hallmark, Glen Rudene
2004-048   Hallmark, Irene
2003-138   Hallmark, Jackie Windall
H-114Hallmark, Jewell
H-042Hallmark, Joe
2006-065   Hallmark, John David
H-054Hallmark, Lon
2003-098   Hallmark, Margaret
H-057Hallmark, Pamela
2000-023   Hallmark, Rose K
H-007Hallmark, Seth
H-080Hallmark, Tony
2003-025   Hallmark, Travis
2001-026   Hallmark, Verdie G
H-001Hallmark, W P (Uncle Buck)
H-129Hallmark, William Pascal
2003-190   Hallmark, Willie Hendrix
2006-049   Hallmark, Woodrow
H-020Halm, Victor
2004-010   Ham, Dorothy Mae
H-019Ham, Geraldine (Byrd)
2006-153   Ham, Paul
H-048Ham, Richard
H-108Ham, Ruby George Trussell
H-066Ham, Sammie
2002-032   Ham, Samuel
2002-029   Hambrick, Ethel
H-102Hamic, Flora
H-029Hamic, George Edward, Jr
H-017Hamic, Joe Garland
H-093Hamilton, Doc D
H-075Hamilton, Dorsey Colquitte (D C)
2000-078   Hamilton, Gladys Russel
2003-191   Hamilton, Heath
H-133Hamilton, Jack
H-121Hamilton, Jean
H-129Hamilton, John Paul
H-015Hamilton, Leslie
H-061Hamilton, Lillie
2004-176   Hamilton, Lois Helen
H-103Hamilton, Lota May
2000-046   Hamilton, Ludie
H-054Hamilton, Oliver Nugent (Nub)
H-092Hamilton, Raymond
2004-050   Hamlett, Inez Kay
H-033Hamm, Arie B
H-130Hammers, Ruby T
H-064Hammett, J B
2005-087   Hammett, Sarah Pearl
H-005Hammit, Anna B
H-088Hammit, Kenneth
H-073Hammit, Metta H
H-024Hammit, V M
H-091Hammitt, Raymond Lee
H-172Hammon, Delta Venita
H-123Hammon, Robert Tillman
2001-106   Hammond, A J
2000-133   Hammond, Alice
H-042Hammond, Ervin Raymond
2004-062   Hammond, Evelyn Cecilia
2003-048   Hammond, James Thomas
H-154Hammond, Loys Perishing (L P)
H-147Hamner, Gladys Vinson
2004-079   Hampton, Billie J
H-001Hampton, Ella Caldwell
H-008Hampton, Elvin
2003-071   Hampton, Eva Mae
H-070Hampton, Johnnie
H-051Hampton, Maggie Etta
H-025Hampton, Minnie Lee
H-097Hampton, Myrtis Marguerite
H-173Hampton, Nancy A
2005-215   Hampton, R W (Junior)
H-088Hampton, Raymond Morris
2003-007   Hampton, Royal W, Sr
H-056Hampton, William (Billy)
H-033Hampton, William Franklin
H-046Hamric, Sue Tate
H-091Hamrick, Carrie Lou
2003-011   Hamrick, Clinton Jim
H-068Hamrick, H D
2004-084   Hancock, Alma Ruth
2003-143   Hancock, Anne Mae
H-093Hancock, Bill D
H-065Hancock, Billye Diana
2004-116   Hancock, Bobby
H-031Hancock, Choyce Glynn
H-126Hancock, Cody James
H-005Hancock, David Marion (Dave)
H-036Hancock, Dick
H-041Hancock, Hubert Hummie
2005-140   Hancock, Hubert Leldon
H-117Hancock, Jack E
H-064Hancock, Jessie Ola
2001-046   Hancock, Joe
H-012Hancock, Joe Mason
2000-125   Hancock, Kenneth L (Kenny)
2001-136   Hancock, Leonard Marion
H-110Hancock, Lucille
2001-188   Hancock, Merle L
H-129Hancock, Muriel Marie
H-053Hancock, Myrtle
H-054Hancock, Noel (Red)
2004-175   Hancock, Norma Jean
H-042Hancock, Norville Wallace
2006-133   Hancock, Pauline Amelia F
H-066Hancock, Richard Jesse (Pitt)
H-074Hancock, Roy Talmadge
H-160Hancock, Rubye Lee Kilgore
H-020Hancock, Timothy Jackson, Jr
2002-098   Hancock, Wanna B
H-052Hancock, William Earnest, Sr
H-010Hancock, William Lee
H-034Hancock, William Thomas (Dub)
2006-170   Hanes, Hope
H-066Haney, Fern
H-165Haney, Johnie B Carlile Moore
2006-086   Haney, Lillie Jewel
H-118Hanifan, Judy Ann
2006-155   Hanifan, Loretta Johnson
H-049Hankins, Deedie C
H-007Hankla, W L
H-015Hanna, Doreen
H-013Hanna, Thelma
2000-149   Hannah, Florence J
H-051Hanover, Bob L
H-167Hansard, Irene Onecta
2005-018   Hansen, Jeffrey Blake
2001-179   Hansen, Leola N
H-169Hansen, Merle J (Butch)
2004-188   Hansen, Rachel Marie
2005-002   Hansen, Rachel Marie
2000-176   Hansford, Arthur Lilburn
H-099Hansford, Clara Lou
2006-089-90      Hansford, James Everett Jr
2004-099   Hansford, Mildred(Mickey)
2000-091   Hansford, Wanda Lou
2000-062   Hanshew, Ivis
2002-056   Hanshew, Loyd
H-067Hanshew, Ray Lynn
H-151Hansmeier, Patricia Ruth
2002-023   Hanson, Billie Jean
H-176Hanson, Carl Dean
2005-054   Hanson, Clara
H-041Hanson, Clifton L (Sam)
2005-225   Hanson, Donald Brian
H-086Hanson, Gerald
2006-199   Hanson, John Daniel
2001-099   Hanson, Johnny
H-111Hanson, Joy Dean
H-037Hanson, Lillian Granberry
H-111Hanson, Linda Jean Richardson
H-014Hanson, Melvin Oscar
H-164Hanson, Peggy Northcutt
2000-128   Hanson, Roxanna L
2000-087   Hanson, Teresa LaRue
H-111Hanson, William P (Pete)
H-070Hanszen, Arthur Hill
H-144Hanszen, Myra
H-101Hapke, Emil Arnold
H-009Hapke, Leonard L (Buck)
H-127Harbin, Elzo W
2002-048   Harbin, Imogene (Jean)
2002-153   Harbin, Jessie Gaye
H-152Harbin, Lela Belle
H-086Harbin, Mary Hoisnton
H-164Harbison, Lillie Luella
2005-075   Harbour, Kenneth JDarrell
2005-098   Harbour, Robert J
H-110Harbour, William Lynn
2005-166   Harden, John (J)
2000-075   Hardesty, Jack
2005-219   Hardesty, Katherine
2001-176   Hardin, Herman Joseph
H-091Hardin, Opal
H-018Hardin, Thalia Mae
H-132Hardin, Wesley
2000-142   Harding, Edna Idell
H-109Harding, Jack
H-008Hare, Henry W
H-030Hare, Jack
H-058Hare, Joyce Earlene
H-171Hare, L T
H-103Harelik, Betty
2001-051   Hargrove, Betty Frances
2004-029   Hargrove, Dusty Ryan
H-018Hargrove, Leonard Lafayette
2005-011   Hargrove, Muriel
2001-114   Hargus, Martyne
H-111Hargus, Wesley
2003-051   Harkins, Mattie Jane
2002-029   Harkins, Morris Frazier
2005-174   Harkins, Ruby
2006-171   Harlan, Terry Lee
H-158Harlen, Ray Avers
H-062Harlin, John Boyd
H-044Harlin, T M, Jr
H-167Harlow, Joy Caree
2004-124A Harmon, David
H-091Harmon, Deborah Jean
2006-002   Harmon, Dennis
H-034Harmon, Florence
H-163Harmon, Lois Eliza Spinks
H-029Harmon, Ray W
H-017Harmon, Tim
2003-145   Harmon, William Edward
2003-028   Harmon, Wynama Eakins
H-153Harp, Charlie T (C T)
H-070Harper, Alfred D
2000-117   Harper, Alice Kelso
2006-123   Harper, Helen Sherian "Sherry"
H-102Harper, Ira Belle
2000-165 AHarper, Julie M
H-008Harper, Massey Orine
2000-097   Harpole, Edith Rhodes
2006-153   Harpole, James P
2006-154   Harpole, James P
H-096Harpole, William Tyler (Buster)
2004-047   Harrell, Doris
2004-035   Harrell, Frances Dean
2005-114   Harrell, Hayden
H-080Harrell, Luceil Ellen
2005-095   Harries, Terry
H-021Harriger, Linda Ann
H-095Harris, Alta Mae Bleeker
H-049Harris, Annie Louise
H-007Harris, Beada Mae Carter
H-008Harris, Bessie Luller
H-173Harris, Bessie O
H-110Harris, Bill D
H-152Harris, Bonnie Ruth Spindor
2006-035   Harris, Charlcie Lester
H-121Harris, Charles Curtis
2004-158   Harris, Charles Eddie
2000-169   Harris, Charles L
2003-050   Harris, Clarence Otis
2000-004   Harris, Colquitt
H-089Harris, Effie Rhoades
H-028Harris, Ernest B
2005-076   Harris, Evelyn (Chick)
2001-080   Harris, Faye
H-071Harris, Frances W
2000-117   Harris, Gary Lamar
2000-124   Harris, Henry Carl
H-022Harris, James Delmas
H-029Harris, Jason Edward
2005-012   Harris, Jerrel
H-086Harris, John Tillman
H-131Harris, Johnny
H-154Harris, Jossie May
H-112Harris, Kenneth Ray
H-144Harris, Leon F
2003-136   Harris, Lillian Geraldine
H-045Harris, Lily Mae
2002-105   Harris, Lloyd (Butch)
H-061Harris, Lota Roberts
2006-107   Harris, Marion C
H-027Harris, Mary A
2005-223   Harris, Mary Ruth
2006-186   Harris, Maxine
2001-086   Harris, Mickey Dean
2005-041   Harris, Myrtle Elizabeth (Bess)
H-012Harris, Nell Rose
H-077Harris, Pat
2006-069   Harris, Pauline
H-151Harris, Peggy
H-085Harris, Polly
H-011Harris, Rachel M
H-022Harris, Robert Wayne
H-035Harris, Tennie Davis
2002-162   Harris, Thomas Wayne
H-064Harris, W C (Dub)
H-061Harris, Zyelpha
H-104Harris, Verna
2002-116   Harrison, Donald B (Buddy)
H-032Harrison, Edna Ivey Pollard
2001-013   Harrison, Edwin Arlis
H-062Harrison, Emma D
2000-147   Harrison, Fannie Wenonah (Humphrey)
2000-153   Harrison, Gladys B
H-001Harrison, Joe
H-158Harrison, Lee
2001-013   Harrison, Marth G
H-063Harrison, Thelma
H-099Harriss, Mary Jane Cranfill
H-152Harrod, Lota Gladine Gandy
2000-078   Hart, Mary Antoinette
2005-004   Hart, Nora Magnolia Clegg
H-160Hart, Thelma IdaMae
H-124Harter, Leila
2002-102   Hartley, Jo Ann
H-057Hartsfield, Clara Belle
H-087Hartsfield, Oscar Ellis
H-077Hartsfield, Tommie
2003-199   Hartsfield, Velma Jewel
H-100Harvey, A J
H-052Harvey, Alice
H-089Harvey, Bessie F
2001-073   Harvey, Carmen Blanche
H-134Harvey, Charles, Jr
H-010Harvey, Charlie H
2003-164   Harvey, Gerry Kay Murdoch
2006-091   Harvey, Julian S
2006-093   Harvey, Julian S
H-050Harvey, Virgil Lee (Red)
H-157Harvey, Virginia L
2000-033   Harvey, Willie Mae
2003-066AHarvick, Gene
H-079Harwell, Emory Paul
H-119Harwell, Jim (Sonny)
H-118Hash, Nellie
H-067Haskell, Robert E
H-036Haskins, Dorothy O
H-164Haskins, Hatcher J
2001-040   Hasley, Dan Lewis
H-029Hassler, H H, Jr
2002-130   Hassler, Madolyn Cawyer
H-048Hassler, Marian
H-034Hastings, Lewie Ray
2002-026   Hastings, Theda
2002-109   Hatch, Bobby Gene
2004-014   Hatcher, Artie Baker Packwood
H-058Hatcher, Frank M, Jr
2001-192   Hatcher, Ida Jean
2004-112   Hatcher, Robert T (Bob)
H-009Hatcher, Troy Lee, Sr
H-078Hatcher, Veda Lois
H-048Hatchett, Ada
H-047Hatchett, Anna Lee Cornett
H-006Hathaway, Charles Henry
H-101Hathaway, Charles Henry, Jr
2003-177   Hathcock, Harold Wayne
H-118Hathcock, Lee Roy
H-103Hathcock, Rosa Claire (Clara)
2001-028   Hathcox, Joan Eileen
2006-047   Hathorn, J L
2006-039   Hathorn, Jewel Downing
H-152Hatler, Lora
2003-161   Hatley, Antonio Brooks
2000-152   Hatley, Barbara Ann
H-038Hatley, Brian
H-167Hatley, Eddie
H-147Hatley, Ermon Eugene
2001-133   Hatley, Jonah Max
H-111Hatley, Levi
H-059Hatley, Noah Carter
H-027Hatley, Ola Dee Nowlin
H-148Hatton, Rex
2002-116   Hattox, Betty Kay
2001-085   Hattox, Fay
H-168Hattox, Lucy B
H-082Hattox, Richard Payne
2002-113   Haught, Ethel Evelyn
H-118Havens, Ira Tull
2006-026   Havens, Jo Barbee
2006-178   Havens, Lela Mae
2006-179   Havens, Lela Mae
H-010Havis, Autry
H-150Havis, Jewell Laviel
H-050Havner, Bernice Louise
H-108Hawk, Estelle
H-127Hawkins, Annie
H-031Hawkins, Jack Ross
H-158Hawkins, Madele D
H-108Hawkins, Morene
H-015Hawkins, Rhonda Denece
2006-106   Hawkins, Sharon
2006-108   Hawkins, Sharon
2006-107   Hawkins, Sharon Delores
H-040Hawkins, Trixie
H-074Hawpe, Shirley Ann
H-141Hay, Clara Mae Martin
H-095Hay, Ross
H-016Hayes, Bert
H-035Hayes, Jack Carl, Jr
H-031Haynes, Bun M (Bill)
H-050Haynes, Chris
H-043Haynes, Emmett
H-083Haynes, Harvey Leroy
H-076Haynes, Julie Anne
2002-015   Haynes, Mary A
H-084Haynes, Nancy Jo
H-112Haynes, Philip Ray
2004-068-69      Haynes, Robert (Bob)
H-018Haynes, William Robert
2000-134   Haynie, Clinton (Junior)
H-006Hays, Edith Stephen
2004-109   Hayworth, Michael Kirk
2006-062   Hayworth, Scott
H-017Hayworth, Venia
2006-150   Hazel, Glenn
H-104Hazelwood, Al
H-010Hazlewood, Margaret Delores
2002-038   Hazlewood, Mary Wilbanks
2001-083   Hazzard, Arthur Durward
H-144Hazzard, Nellie Keith
H-081Head, Deward M
2006-073   Head, Hazel Jo
2006-076   Head, Hazel Jo
H-151Head, James Edward
H-044Head, Mildred Burgan
2001-037   Head, Pansy Annie
H-006Head, Robert
2002-146   Head, William Wilburn (Bill)
2006-128   Headrick, Donna
2002-152   Healey, F L (Ted)
H-040Heath, Beulah Frances
H-112Heath, Eula Mae Gross
2003-145   Heath, Laquinna Stone
H-092Heath, Lula Alma
2004-014   Heath, Preston
H-046Heatly, Dulcie
H-072Heaton, Earl Raymond
H-039Heaton, John Tom
2001-064   Heaton, Ruth Cushman
H-096Hedge, Katie L
2001-020   Hedges, Emma Dee
H-033Hedrick, B B
2002-154   Hedrick, Bradley
H-172Hedrick, Minnie Lee
2000-064   Hedstrom, Therressa
H-076Heffley, Darrell R
2001-120   Heffley, Doris
2001-035   Heffley, Ina Mae Dawson
H-112Heffley, Lorand
H-152Heffley, Ronald Clayton
H-050Heffley, Ted
H-149Heffley, Una Hutchins
2001-055   Hefner, Billy Warren
2004-140   Hefner, Mary Theresa Klein
H-029Hefner, Zula Hughes
H-088Hefton, Myrtle Mattie Riddle
2000-079   Heinrichs, Aletha Rowena
H-067Heizer, Farris Susan Rachel
H-126Heizer, Luther Woodrow
H-085Heizer, R P (Rich)
H-078Heizer, William Robert (Bill)
H-059Helm, Leola Frankie
2004-105-06      Helm, Luther
2003-197   Helm, Marie Robertson
2002-07    Helm, Meredith
H-024Helm, William E
H-171Helms, Alyne
H-052Helms, Horace
2002-053   Helms, Hubert Barney
H-170Helms, Jennie V
2002-065   Helms, Lloyd W
H-087Helms, Marjorie (Lady)
H-086Helms, Pauline
H-124Helms, Ruby McCook
2004-139   Helphenstine, Bob
H-108Helton, Elbert (Butch)
2000-048   Hemminger, Carrol Max
2006-089   Hemminger, Genna Dean
2002-176   Hemphill, Sue
2005-065   Henderson, Billie Beatrice
H-053Henderson, Donia May
H-113Henderson, Gary Leslie (Bo)
H-059Henderson, Ila E
2003-127   Henderson, J Edward
H-041Henderson, Jack
H-090Henderson, Leslie Bowman
H-116Henderson, Lois W
2005-170   Henderson, Mamie Seal Hilliard
H-078Henderson, Melvin E (Shorty)
H-165Henderson, Oma Lena Loudermilk
H-096Henderson, Oneeta
H-036Henderson, Pauline (Polly)
H-164Henderson, Rob
2006-126   Henderson, Robert P
H-098Henderson, Thomas Glenn
H-113Henderson, Virginia A
H-019Henderson, W E (Dink)
H-090Henderson, Zee (Zelda Lou)
H-123Hendon, Darrell D
H-077Hendon, Effie Mae
H-055Hendrick, Bessie Lea
2005-053   Hendrick, Bill
2000-144   Hendrick, Gladys Ruth York
H-032Hendrick, Hoyt
H-101Hendrick, Laura
2004-154   Hendricks, A Aevonne
2002-120   Hendricks, Emma Frances
2002-121   Hendricks, Emma Frances
H-020Hendricks, Gladys Crockett
2004-026   Hendricks, James (Jim)
H-019Hendricks, Jewel Ersie
2006-117   Hendrickson, Nina Pack
2000-009   Hendrix, Beulah Mae
2003-207   Hendrix, Gladys Marie
H-035Hendrix, Robert Dossey
2004-101   Henexson, Hazel McClure
2000-164   Henley, Josephine (Jo)
H-166Henningsen, Sammye
H-020Henry, Bertha Eudora
H-163Henry, Burton
2003-158   Henry, Frances Coley
2001-046   Henry, Jay
H-012Henry, Joyce Ada
2005-089   Henry, June Estelle
H-011Henry, Loula Mae
2000-123   Henry, Mary
2005-025   Henry, Odessa Marie
H-170Henry, Ola Mae
H-011Henry, Oliver Mrs (Irene) (Cassie? Cressie?)
2006-166   Henry, Rickey
H-065Henry, T W
2006-087   Henry, Thomas Dale
2002-054   Henry, Tom
2002-042   Henslee, Aaron E, Jr
H-120Henslee, Margaret Catherine Davis
H-128Henslee, Nelda
H-049Henslee, Ray
H-077Henslee, Tommy Cates
2000-069   Hensley, Candy
H-074Hensley, Clyde C
H-102Hensley, Ollie B
2002-033AHenson, Alice Penn (Penny)
H-113Henson, Betty Scott
H-077Henson, Edwin Lee
H-044Henson, Gertrude
H-015Henson, Gladys
H-032Henson, I B (Bob)
H-101Henson, Louis Carl
H-021Henson, Marie
2001-041   Henson, Marlan E
H-102Henson, Mary Etta
2000-130   Henson, Nolan
2001-122   Henson, Oliver M
2003-068   Henson, Thurman Franklin (Buck)
H-122Henson, Willavene R
H-045Herbert, C V
H-063Herbert, Eunice Annie Laura
H-173Herd, Daniel Parker
H-021Hereford, Jeanette Hurt
H-122Hernandez, Arellano Ma Del Consuela Rodriguez
H-143Hernandez, Della
2001-110   Hernandez, Eleonor
H-107Hernandez, Joy
H-135-139 Hernandez, Marisa
H-156Hernandez, Sandra
H-085Herod, Billie Tom
H-169Herod, Charles Kelly
H-102Herod, Clyde Jackie
H-048Herod, Ida Inez
H-017Herod, Lester
2005-224   Herod, Stella Ann
H-071Herod, Thomas Clyde
2005-089   Herod, Verda Lucille
2001-037   Herod, Vivian C Mayfield
2001-063   Herod, Vivian Mayfield Copedge
H-081Heron, Donald Ashby
2000-148   Herrara, Guadalupe B
H-021Herrell, Jessie M
H-096Herrera, Daniel
H-128Herrera, Dominga Hernandez
H-043Herreth, Theresa P
H-076Herrin, A J (Short)
H-047Herrin, Annie Bollier
H-111Herrin, Berry Arthur, Jr
H-031Herrin, Carolyn
H-153Herrin, Dennis F
H-079Herrin, Henry Raymond
2001-130   Herrin, Mirlena Phillips
H-094Herrin, Myrtle Iona
2003-188AHerrin, Ray Oswell
H-093Herrin, Ruby N
2000-006   Herrin, William Robert (Bob)
2003-186   Herring, Charles W (Chuck)
2003-188AHerring, Charles W (Chuck)
H-146Herring, Connie
H-145Herring, Connie Ripley
2004-105   Herring, Dan Bishop
H-127Herring, Hugh T
2006-071   Herring, Iris Etta
H-097Herring, Jessie Lee, Jr
H-134Herring, Margaret
2006-062   Herring, Mary Frances
H-147Herring, Oliver Wendell
H-113Herring, Susie
H-161Herring, Velma
H-168Herrington, Faye E
2002-196   Hershey, Helen Frances
2001-136   Herzog, Floy
2001-019   Herzog, Hugo
2001-067   Herzog, Keith
2006-135   Hester, Barth B
H-034Hester, Joe E
H-145Hester, Mary
2001-113   Hester, Pauline M
2001-114   Hester, Pauline M
H-004Hewett, Gary Kevin
2003-019   Hewett, Marguerite Aileen
H-095Hewett, Vernon
H-100Hewitt, Huldah Tidwell
2002-031   Hewson, Harvey Willis
H-034Heyan, Jimmy
H-166Heyroth, Jane D
H-104Hickey, A W
H-115Hickey, Clara B
H-033Hickey, Ernest B
H-071Hickey, Fayne
H-079Hickey, Guilford Emmett
H-098Hickey, Harold J
H-005Hickey, Lillian L
H-026Hickey, Lola Pearl
H-115Hickey, Louise
H-088Hickey, Mary Farrar
2006-059   Hickey, Mary Isabell
H-028Hickey, Nez Clay
H-037Hickey, Otilda (Tea)
H-007Hickey, Robert L, Jr
2004-181   Hickie, Naoma Caudle Frey
2001-102   Hickie, Paul
H-062Hickman, J V
H-175Hickman, Velma A
H-067Hicks Helen G
H-123Hicks, Alvin Eugene
2006-027   Hicks, Charles Richard
H-063Hicks, Charlie C
2001-033   Hicks, Charlie L
H-078Hicks, Clarice Irene
H-063Hicks, Clinton E
2004-137   Hicks, Edna Elizabeth
2001-034   Hicks, Elvena Joy Giesecke
H-029Hicks, Falon Rae
H-141Hicks, Harvey Anglin
H-039Hicks, Ila Johnson
H-095Hicks, Jack Thurman
H-166Hicks, James P (Buddie)
H-024Hicks, James Woodrow
H-140Hicks, Jarratt Jay (J J)
H-068Hicks, Joe William
H-093Hicks, Leona Mings
H-126Hicks, Lillie Mae
H-129Hicks, Lou Dola
2000-028   Hicks, Maria Vivian Cox
H-030Hicks, Maude
H-134Hicks, Pebble
2004-049   Hicks, R H (Pepper)
H-069Hicks, Raymond Joyce
H-072Hicks, Tempie
H-124Hicks, Thelma Allene
H-058Hicks, Willadeen
2002-170   Hickson, Tommy Lee
2006-185   Hidrogo, Florenda "Linda" Soto
2001-179   Hidrogo, Juanita
H-096Hidy, Brenda Kaye
2003-006   Hidy, Elaine B
H-032Higginbotham, Clarence Ray
H-061Higginbotham, Elta Iona
H-052Higginbotham, Frances Lorine
H-061Higginbotham, Glenn Wayne
H-047Higginbotham, Joseph Martin
H-046Higginbotham, Mildred Edith Miller
2000-023   Higginbotham, Norma
2001-056   Higgins, Eva
2006-114   Higgins, Howard Ronald
H-103Higgins, John W
H-082Higgins, William A (Bill)
H-079Higgs, Rufus F (Bud)
H-081Hightower, Cato Sells
H-042Hightower, Dorris David
H-159Hightower, Ethel
H-019Hightower, Eva Loretta
2000-070   Hightower, Henry Marcus
H-143Hightower, Kate Bennett
H-073Hightower, Vella B
H-010Hilber, Larry
H-062Hilburn, Day
H-057Hilburn, Gussie
H-037Hilburn, Karen
H-009Hilburn, Louise P
H-081Hilburn, Ron D
H-098Hildenbrandt, Linda Estell
2001-001   Hill, Aaron Curtis
2001-002   Hill, Aaron Curtis
2002-087   Hill, Barbara Louise
H-075Hill, Becky Ann
H-041Hill, Bill
2006-077   Hill, Charles "Chile"
2000-179   Hill, Curtis
2001-060   Hill, Edith Faye
H-118Hill, Elmer Clyde, Jr
H-013Hill, Eunice Quinn
H-038Hill, Faye
2005-102   Hill, Gay Nelle Allen
2005-041   Hill, Gene Samuel
H-014Hill, Glenn Robert
H-024Hill, Hazel Dell
2004-124AHill, Helen
H-081Hill, James (Smokey)
2003-077   Hill, Lenora Ella
2005-207   Hill, Lucy Pearl
2000-118   Hill, Odie Gordon
2003-085   Hill, Perry Dean
H-094Hill, Robye
2000-111   Hill, Sandra Hufstutler
H-092Hill, T F (Jack)
H-093Hill, Tommye Ruth
H-115Hill, Vella Ewards
H-099Hill, Vernon Gayle
H-159Hill, Vesti Aubrey
H-056Hill, William F
2006-052   Hiller, Norbert
H-043Hilliard, Addie Mae
H-010Hilliard, Cecil H
H-117Hilliard, Edra
2005-158   Hilliard, Merle
H-064Hilliard, Nonnie
H-009Hilliard, Verna L
H-043Hillier, Beulah Emma
2001-075   Hillin, Joel M
2002-068   Himes, Oliver Dee
2002-139   Hinds, Donna
H-156Hinds, Gail Bryson
H-157Hines, Alton Franklin
H-056Hines, Bobbie
H-073Hines, Finis C (Willie)
2003-182   Hines, Winnie Faye
H-140Hinkson, Patrick (Rick)
H-100Hinshaw, Bessie
H-053Hintner, Annie Mae
H-069Hirsch, Parker
2005-110   Hise, W P (Billy)
H-155Hitt, Alvin D
H-054Hitt, Ruby Jo
2001-012   Hoag, Alvin Thomas, III
2001-154   Hoag, Catherine O
2005-186   Hoag, Eric Thomas
2005-188   Hoag, Eric Thomas
H-016Hobbs, Bertha Louise
2001-050   Hobbs, Edward R
H-068Hobbs, Landon Christopher
2003-010   Hobdy, Mildred
H-163Hobgood, Price
2002-014   Hobson, Frank Willard
H-166Hobson, Lela M
H-108Hobson, Sidney Doil
H-087Hodge, Bartine Rivers Thomas
H-092Hodge, Lloyd David
2004-007   Hodge, Lloyd John
H-082Hodges, Billy George
H-083Hodges, Billy George
H-080Hodges, Claudia Virginia
H-069Hodges, Donald W
H-066Hodges, Fred
H-076Hodges, Genevien
2006-180   Hodges, Gifford L
2000-143   Hodges, Gladys Nelson
H-157Hodges, Goldie P
2003-019   Hodges, Lynda
H-084Hodges, Mary Beth
H-125Hodges, Sylvia Lewis
2006-164   Hodges, Virginia Carlyle
H-173Hodges, Wyatt Wade
H-176Hodnett, Nettie R
H-055Hoenig, Marmarita June
H-030Hogan, Chester C
H-087Hogan, Kathleen
2002-025   Hogg, Jimmie L
H-075Hogg, Marcus C
H-020Hogg, Myrtle Mae
H-053Hogg, Oma
2001-015   Hogg, Renia Marie
H-131Hohertz, Leta Maude
H-078Holbert, Homer N
H-098Holbert, Stella
2000-156   Holbrook, Charles R, Sr
H-011Holbrook, Julius D
2003-209   Holbrook, Mary Louise
H-162Holcomb, Inice
H-164Holcomb, Joe B (Dick)
2000-008   Holcomb, Lois
H-106Holcomb, Mack
H-107Holcomb, Mack C, Jr
H-105Holcomb, Mack or Mark
H-019Holcomb, Michele Morris
2003-014   Holcomb, Myrle Alexander
H-096Holcomb, O W (Cork)
2000-068   Holcomb, Otta Mae
H-158Holcomb, Roy Kay
H-050Holcomb, Terrance Wayne (Terry)
2000-156   Holdbrook, Charles R, Sr
2001-066   Holden, B C
H-035Holden, Bert C
H-165Holden, Carolyn Colborn
2004-162   Holden, Linda
H-171Holden, Opal Willie
H-001Holder, Bert W
H-093Holder, Dorothy P
2001-150   Holder, Hollis Dyson
H-170Holder, Horace
H-101Holder, John D
2000-052   Holder, Mable Mozelle
2003-198   Holder, Marianna
H-072Holder, Minnie Viola
H-162Holder, Norine E
2005-065   Holder, Sara Frances Jones
H-037Holder, Una
2000-075   Holderman, James Charles
H-084Holdridge, Annie Mildred
H-124Holdridge, Calvin Bert (Buddy)
H-079Holdridge, Gladys Lois
H-126Holdridge, Lee Warren
2005-143   Holdridge, Merle
2006-089   Holdridge, W C
2004-177   Holeyfield, Vivian L
H-060Holladay, George Ethan
H-171Holladay, Mildred Dawson
H-001Holland, Blanche Hortense
H-064Holland, Geneva Louise
H-084Holland, Harley Laycester, Sr
H-159Holland, James Randolph
H-172Holland, John J
2001-153   Holland, Joy Wilton
2003-007   Holland, L G
2000-058   Holland, Lorene Lightfoot
2000-118   Holland, Mona Irene
2001-171   Holland, Velma Lucile
2001-022   Holland, Wilford P (Bill)
2005-196   Holland, Woodrow
H-046Hollaway, William
H-008Holley, Aubrey O
H-110Holley, Cecil Ray, Jr
2002-111   Holley, Cecil Ray, Sr
H-163Holley, E
H-055Holley, Ida Pearl
2003-053   Holley, Jeannette Thomas
H-081Holley, Opal
2004-079   Holley, Travis W
H-096Holliday, Nina
H-028Hollon, Charles Noel
H-127Hollon, Eva Cleo
H-048Hollon, Gladys Carter
H-057Hollon, Harrison Harold
H-148Hollon, Maud Ann
2005-105   Holloway, David Michael (Uncle Mike)
H-094Holloway, Glenda Rae
H-072Holloway, Juanita
H-032Holloway, Lori Susan
2001-124Holman, Fay Burgess
H-141Holman, Hilton Amos (Tray), III
H-142Holman, Tray (Trey)
2003-063   Holmes, Amanda (Mandy)
H-052Holmes, David Morris
H-128Holmes, Edith (Granny)
H-047Holmes, June Virginia
H-130Holmes, Katie L
2000-151   Holmes, Laquita Joy
2005-161   Holmes, Lucille Watson
H-041Holmes, Lucy E
H-047Holmes, Merrill, Jr
H-043Holmes, Milton A (Buster)
H-075Holmes, Pauline
2001-035   Holmes, Rosa Lee
H-030Holmes, Roy G
2003-205   Holmes, Willie A
H-080Holmes, Winston O (Hook)
H-155Holmes, Zane
H-133Holmsley, Lewis Hart
2004-108   Holmsley, Nina Pearl
H-025Holt, Hardy Lloyd
2003-214   Holt, Johnny Ray, Jr
2001-151   Holt, Leslie M
2006-118   Holt, Terry Ottis
H-127Holt, Toy Otis
H-040Holt, Wrennie
H-090Holtzinger, Victor George, Jr
H-058Holub, Julia
H-154Holub, Ouida
2006-200   Honea, Dean
H-100Honea, Ettie Myrl Nix
H-004Honey, Maxine Stracener
2003-026   Hood, Beulah Delores
2002-109   Hood, Bonnie
H-089Hood, Dorothy Marie Peveler
2002-191   Hood, Mary (Virginia) Kilgore
H-070Hood, Pearl Lee
H-015Hook, Anna B
H-049Hook, Charlie Jacob, Jr
2003-041   Hook, William Warren, Sr
H-116Hooker, Thomas Edward
H-114Hooks, Bill (William Bryan)
H-090Hooks, Billy F
H-102Hooks, Flony
H-036Hooks, Gene Edwin
H-073Hooks, Gerald Edward
H-116Hooks, J T
H-062Hooks, Jerry Lloyd
H-144Hooks, Jewell Elizabeth
H-148Hooks, Johnny E
H-109Hooks, Lorene
2004-067   Hooks, Lucille
H-076Hooks, Manon Marie
H-042Hooks, Ora
H-155Hooper, Carmen Shelton
H-047Hooper, Estelle Booth
H-030Hooper, Gertrude M
H-077Hooper, Robert Irwin
2006-063   Hooper, Zonell
H-120Hoops, Don
H-150Hooten, Maude Lathan
H-089Hoover, Alma Mae
H-169Hoover, Donald Louis
H-036Hoover, Leona Jewel
H-170Hoover, Lois Noel
H-054Hoover, Louis
H-074Hope, Alva N
2006-147   Hope, Alvin Ray
H-009Hope, Betty L
2006-101-102    Hope, Billy H "Bill"
H-030Hope, Bonnie Jean
H-003Hope, Dora
H-029Hope, E L (Buck)
2001-148   Hope, Keeley M
H-072Hope, Rosie Lee
H-087Hope, Roy Lee (Red)
H-117Hope, Tommie
H-045Hopkins, Andrew Jackson
2005-124   Hopkins, Jack Frederick (Rooster)
H-094Hopkins, Willie Moore
2001-070   Hopper, Beryl L
2006-140   Hopper, Clara Jane
H-161Horak, Frank Henry, Jr
2002-103   Hord, Ada
H-119Hord, James Poston
H-162Horn, Aline Mohon
H-083Horn, Clifford Wayne
H-175Horn, Kayli Nicole
2006-116   Hornburg, Elsie Mozelle
H-115Hornburg, Paul Buckner
H-098Hornsby, Gurnsey Lewis
2001-087   Hornsby, Ilene Virgie Richardson
H-153Hornsby, Lillian
H-155Hornsby, Norman Ward
2002-144   Horton, James Otho (Toe)
2000-038   Horton, Lucas Terrill
H-025Horton, Mell Stigler
H-090Horton, Velma
2003-048   Houck, Cecil Robert
H-075Houghton, Hunter DeWayne
H-041Houk, Leona M Deisher
H-016Houle, Arthur Wilfred
H-031Hourigan, Frances
H-036House, Mary Lois
H-048House, Thomas Carl
2005-006   House, Thurston Lee
2004-010   House, Virginia
H-158Houser, Irene
H-053Housewright, Byron Mrs (Priss)
H-039Houston, Nanon Mary
H-101Houston, Samuel Wallace
H-080Howard, Bessie Ice
2001-151   Howard, Bobbie
H-110Howard, Donnie Andrew
H-109Howard, Dusty
H-085Howard, Elzie Chandler
H-056Howard, Erma Mae Burgan
H-018Howard, Gladys M
H-005Howard, Herman
H-013Howard, Joseph Clayton
H-104Howard, Joseph Clayton
H-014Howard, June
H-051Howard, Laura Mae
2000-178   Howard, Ona Novada
2001-097   Howard, Robert Granberry
H-073Howard, Roy Ferman (Chubby)
H-085Howard, T J
2003-210   Howard, William Carroll
H-173Howard, William James (Bill)
H-056Howe, Donna Lorraine
H-038Howell, Audrey C
H-068Howell, Benson
H-071Howell, Berta Edgil
H-019Howell, Bessie Alice
H-065Howell, Carlotta
2005-079   Howell, Curtis Mitchell
H-100Howell, Delia E
H-017Howell, Eva Mae
H-038Howell, Faye
2002-094   Howell, G W
H-099Howell, George W, Jr
2000-001   Howell, Imogene
H-017Howell, James Nicholas, III
H-027Howell, Larry Don
H-125Howell, Latham Lee
H-040Howell, Lera O
2004-090   Howell, Lyndol
2000-018   Howell, Minnie Lee
H-049Howell, Ray
2002-172    Howell, Roland Ethridge
H-070Howell, Troy Jerry
2004-041   Howell, W R (Bob)
2005-125   Howell, William Ray, Jr
2005-126   Howell, William Ray, Jr (W R)
2005-128           Howell, William Ray, Jr (W R)
2003-151   Howerton, Arthur N
2004-141   Howerton, Dorothy Neoma Evans
H-028Howerton, Goldie
2002-137   Howerton, James Douglas
H-162Howerton, Johnnie Wesley
H-155Howerton, Marie Louise
H-060Howeth, Barbie C
H-117Howle, John Morgan
H-160Howle, John Wayne
2000-160   Howle, Mary Lucille Killebrew
2002-136   Howle, Oleta McDowell
H-167Howle, Wayne Hearold
2002-179   Hoyt, Jack
H-042Hromas, Belle
2003-027   Hubbard, Gerald (Jerry)
H-039Hubbard, Iris W
H-115Hubbard, J C
H-153Hubbard, Leah Alice (Sis)
2002-066   Hubbard, Mary Jane
H-114Hubbard, Norman
H-168Hubbard, Rosie Lee
H-174Hubble, Cecil Ernest
H-059Hubble, Ernest A
H-016Huckabay, James Addison
H-043Huckabee, Alf J
2004-059   Huckabee, Cameron Jess
H-049Huckabee, Carl
H-026Huckabee, Claudia C
H-104Huckabee, Clyde Martin
H-171Huckabee, Ernest J
H-062Huckabee, Glen
H-074Huckabee, Lucille A
2002-126   Huckabee, Nina Pauline Chaffin
2003-027   Huckabee, Thelma Loree Nicholson
2005-171   Huckstep, Winifred J
2005-168   Hudak, Stephen
H-043Huddleston, Grace Margaret Bird
H-122Huddleston, Jewell Dukes
H-104Huddleston, Juanita
2006-161   Huddleston, Rickey Joe
H-082Huddleston, Carver
H-065Hudson, Alice Eloise
2004-163   Hudson, Ardis E
2004-121   Hudson, Clara Mae
H-014Hudson, Claude H
H-024Hudson, Curtis Lee
H-059Hudson, Estella Mae
H-145Hudson, Gerald D
H-044Hudson, Helen G
2001-039   Hudson, Herschell Leslie
2006-031   Hudson, Ila Louise
H-085Hudson, John A
H-134Hudson, Juanita J
H-025Hudson, Laoma
H-094Hudson, Marie Deffa
2002-128   Hudson, N W, Jr
H-052Hudson, Opal C
2002-035   Hudson, Pauline Etta
H-066Hudson, Robert Fulton
H-083Hudson, Sandra
H-013Hudson, Saralee
2005-146   Hudson, Tommie
2005-147   Hudson, Tommie
2000-049   Hudson-Gordon, Kyle Dwayne
H-059Huerta, Santiago
2006-009   Huey, Harlan
H-099Huey, Imo Duncan
H-056Huey, Jean
H-174Huey, Marie
H-022Huey, Usco (Babe)
H-066Huff, R W
H-022Huffman, B W (Pete)
2006-014   Huffman, Betty Jean VanZandt
H-147Huffman, Charles Wayne
H-070Huffman, Clay
H-125Huffman, Don
H-014Huffman, Henry J
2001-054   Huffman, Hoyt Leon
H-016Huffman, Joe Bill
H-074Huffman, Leishia Gordon
H-117Huffman, Lois Merle
2004-159   Huffman, Margie Frances
H-039Huffman, Nona Alma
2002-085   Huffman, Rex
2002-129   Huffman, Teresa Irene
H-030Huffman, William (Bill)
2003-033   Huffman, William Cecil
H-148Huffman, William Francis (Frank)
2006-020   Huffman, Wilma
H-004Huffman, Woodrow Wilson
2005-051   Huffstutler, Lillian V
H-021Hufstetler, Fannie D
H-169Hufstutler, Annie Marie
2001-109   Huggins, Chester Huelon (Pete)
2004-132-33      Huggins, Gladys Ferrel (Robertson)
H-145Hughes, Aaron A (Bud)
H-161Hughes, Bethel Mae Burnett
H-133Hughes, Burton
H-099Hughes, Cynthia Lee
H-012Hughes, Ethel Ida
H-146Hughes, Eula Faye
H-039Hughes, George Dewey
H-010Hughes, Horace Milton
2000-057   Hughes, Iris Ann
2003-195   Hughes, James Woody
2001-155   Hughes, John Dowlin, Sr
2000-170   Hughes, Josephine Jane (Josie)
2003-155   Hughes, Lena M
2003-176   Hughes, Lisa
H-051Hughes, Oleta
H-100Hughes, Phil M
2006-063   Hughes, Susan "Esta Lee"
H-071Hughes, Thomas Dale
H-007Hughes, Thomas Joseph
H-014Hughes, Thomas Paddison, Jr
2004-009   Hughes, Travis Odair
2003-102   Hughes, Wanda Maurine
H-090Hughes, William Carl
H-034Hukel, Ethel May Walker
H-015Hull, William Carroll
H-013Hulse, Ruth
H-080Hulsey, Birdie Lambert
2003-161   Hulsey, Michael Wayne
2000-041   Hulsey, Mildred O
2005-125   Humberson, Charles
2005-126   Humberson, Charles
H-175Humberson, Doris
2004-037   Humberson, Frances
2000-113   Humberson, Lorene
H-159Humphrey, Loron Kathel
H-083Humphries, Ilva Lucille
H-109Humphries, Joe L, Sr
2000-124   Humphries, Kirk Marby
H-086Humphries, Melba Louise
2005-062   Humphries, Steven Mark
H-130Humphries, Thomas Don (Tommy)
2006-120   Hungerford, Louise Maxine
2000-161   Hungsinger, Cecil Wesley
2002-063   Hunnicutt, Martin A
2002-047   Hunsaker, Allen W
2000-052   Hunt, Charles
H-021Hunt, Guy Bernice
H-053Hunt, John L
2002-104   Hunt, Lowell P
2000-039   Hunt, Naomi G
H-120Hunt, Virginia L Moore (Polly)
2001-087   Hunt, Winnie Mae
H-091Hunter, Ann
H-044Hunter, Cora L
2003-018   Hunter, Daryl Wayne
H-167 A    Hunter, Joshua Kyle
H-168Hunter, Joshua Kyle
2002-044   Hunter, Joy
H-027Hunter, Kirkland
H-055Hunter, Mary Jane
H-068Hunter, Sam
H-045Hurley, Ada
H-037Hurley, George Wilford (Dick)
H-121Hurley, Nova
H-063Hurley, Willie Pearl
2000-158   Hurst, Bernice L
H-026Hurst, Gerald Evert
H-087Hurst, Jerry Lynn
H-045Hurst, Terry Dale
2004-004   Hurst, Vinnie Modell
H-121Hurt, Elizabeth Jane
H-101Hurt, Leonard Jasper
H-156Hurt, Lydia Margaret
H-026Hurt, Robert Z
H-026Hurt, Rose Perry
2003-093   Hurt, Velma Dona
H-007Huse, Billie Ray
H-098Huse, Iris Genn V
H-058Huse, Orval Guy
H-028Huse, Willies James (Bill)
H-132Huston, A C
2006-079   Huston, Darwin
2000-144   Huston, James Clifton
H-035Huston, T F
2005-111   Huston, William S, Jr (Sam)
2005-113   Huston, William S, Jr (Sam)
2006-066   Hutcherson, Carol Fortney
2004-137   Hutcheson, Chloe Dell
2005-053   Hutcheson, Jatha
H-075Hutcheson, John Dillard
H-130Hutchison, A B (Alton)
H-037Hutchison, Eleanor Murray
2001-170   Hutchison, Frances Lucille
H-119Hutchison, Minta Matthews
H-120Hutson, Jimmy D
2005-186   Hutson, Lela Frances
2005-187   Hutson, Lela Frances
H-151Hutson, Letha Evans
H-018Hutton, Billy Wayne
H-014Hutton, Lelia Docia (Peck)
H-103Hutton, Tennie Rose Blacklock
2003-179   Huxen, Edward J
2003-180   Huzen, Edward J
H-072Hyatt, David
2001-114   Hyatt, Joseph Calvin (J C)
H-035Hyde, Isaac Henry (Ike)
H-143Hyden, Daniel (D J)
H-167Hyles, Calvin Lee
H-170Hyles, Curtis Fred
2004-054   Hyles, Glen Ray
2000-141   Hyles, Janie
H-082Hyles, Mattie Grace Railsback
H-148Hyles, Odessa
H-117Hyman, Blanche
H-003Hyman, Ira
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