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Erath County Texas Obituaries
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Erath County Texas Obituaries, G

We indexed 14,684 obituaries for folks connected to Erath County, Texas. Area genealogist Marilyn Ewers dedicated years to collecting these files. They are provided through this site with permision from the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.  Obituaries generally start in the mid-1980s, but there are a few from earlier years. All years through 31 December 2006 have been consolidated into alphabetical lists by the first letter of the surname.
G-010Gabel, Eugene (Tony)
2004-184   Gable, Maggie
G-023Gable, Viola Anderson (Bidy)
2004-119   Gaddy, Buck Wayne
2002-028   Gaddy, Eleanor
G-017Gaddy, Otto
G-010Gafford, Gordon Mayfield, III
2004-103   Gafford, Lucille
G-026Gage, Elizabeth Jean
G-020Gage, Frank Paul
G-019Gage, Grace Rowena
G-052Gage, Lucy
G-011Gage, Melvin Lewis (Schooner)
G-037Gage, Velma Ilene
G-056Gailey, Bruna Faye
2004-056   Gain, James Harvey
G0-24Gain, Mary Loyse
G-017Gaines, Alma Mae
G-016Gaines, Billie Cox (Bill)
G-039Gaines, Blanche Hightower
2004-039   Gaines, Christell
G-071Gaines, Dean
G-025Gaines, Dell
2001-150   Gaines, Hattie Alice
2000-168   Gaines, Inez
2003-203   Gaines, Martha
2001-036   Gaines, Martha Lee Neal
2002-147   Gaines, Murl Dean Jefferies
2003-201   Gaines, Shirley DeWitt
2002-157   Gaines, Victor Wayne
2005-111   Gaines, Wilburn Layfette
2005-115   Gaines, Wilburn Layfette
2000-015   Gaitan, Delores
2004-097   Gaither, Edwin Leo
G-017Galik, Conley J
G-070Galindo, Jose
G-070Gallaher, Gerald D (Jerry)
2002-044AGallaher, Jack
2006-160   Gallardo, Fernando
G-075Gallardo, Roseanna Michelle
G-043Gallaway, Eddie
G-048Gallegly, Jill Michelle
G-034Gallik, Rosalie Ella
G-068Gallina, Agnes Krensavage
G-079Gamble, Margaret Armstrong
2000-044   Gamel, Bonnie Bell
2006-125   Gamez, Juliana
2002-041   Gandy, Casilee
G-038Gandy, Joseph Oliver
G-041Gann, Rufus (R Y)
G-042Ganoe, Ellen
2005-039   Ganoe, Merle Smith
G-015Ganske, Ruth L
2005-015   Garcia, Angelita
G-078Garcia, Aurora Angelina
2002-021   Garcia, Christopher Wayne (Hill)
2002-002   Garcia, Esther
G-072Garcia, Eutimio Guerra, Sr
2001-061   Garcia, Frank Cantu
2001-186   Garcia, Gilbert Johnathan (Willow)
2006-028   Garcia, Guadalupe
2006-029   Garcia, Guadalupe
2003-155   Garcia, Janie R
G-063Garcia, Raven Tena
G-046Garcia, Salvador
G-067Garcia, Thomas J, Sr
G-038Gardenhire, Eva Marie
2006-114   Gardner, Dee Mayo
2006-115-116    Gardner, Dee Mayo
2005-219   Gardner, Greta Jo
G-050Gardner, James A
G-015Gardner, James D
2002-051   Gardner, Opal Zolah Counts
G-073        Gardner, Reba Irene
2005-134   Garmon, Wamond Glenn (Shilo)
G-018Garner, Adell
G-066Garner, Alice L
G-050Garner, Alma Elizabeth
G-058Garner, C G (Buzz)
G-060Garner, Clay Delman
G-064Garner, David Milton
G-026Garner, Donna Louise
2005-191   Garner, Doris Juanell
G-051Garner, Emmitt Harold
G-027Garner, James L
2005-209   Garner, Jessie Ruth
G-076Garner, L Edwin (Ed)
2001-099   Garner, Lovie Evelyn (Twinkle)
G-059Garner, Michael Scott
2005-041   Garner, Neal Thurston
G-025Garner, Wayne
2003-002   Garner, William Loyd
G-052Garrard, James Walton, IV
G-022Garrett, Elbert W
G-078Garrett, Lee Arthur
2002-128   Garrett, Louise "Mema"
G-046Garrett, Lucius Dean
2003-058   Garrett, Mary E
G-017Garrett, Mary Lula
G-056Garrett, Mitchell C
2005-070   Garrett, Morgan
2005-073   Garrett, Morgan
G-067Garrett, Ralph Watson
G-076Garrett, Serrah Ione
G-058Garrison, C E
2005-204   Garrison, Dorothy
G-030Garrison, Leslie
G-071Garrison, Violet
G0-54Garvie, Diana Davis
G-071Gary, Cary Davis (Jack), Jr
2001-030   Gary, Gwendda (Lee)
2001-180   Gary, Lotena
2003-175   Gary, Pauline
G0-24Gary, Richard B
G-014Gary, Robert
G-061Gary, S E (Gene)
G-012Gary, Tonya Lee
2005-116   Garza, Richard
2001-131   Gaskey, John R. (Buck)
2002-102   Gaston, Elsie Lee Rowe
2000-016   Gaston, Leo S
G-069Gates, Mary Hughes
2006-084   Gates, Nancy Olson
2005-148   Gates, William J
2005-150   Gates, William J
2002-054   Gatewood, Emma Aileen
2003-209   Gatewood, Louie L
G-034Gatlin, Earl Everett
2001-191   Gatlin, Mamie Miller
G-009Gauss, Charles C
G-072Gazaway, Bob
G-057Gazaway, Thelma
G-063Gee, Alma Lorain (Dot)
G-006Gee, Ione
G-042Gee, Ona Mae
G-015Gee, Ruby Graves
G-044Gee, William Lotos (Fats)
2005-180   Geeo, Viola T (Granny)
2005- 182   Geeo, Viola Thompson
2005-048   Geeo, Warren
G-029Geer, John Ray
2003-114   Geer, Ruby Joan
2003-118   Geer, Ruby Joan
G-059Geer, Thomas Floyd
2001-028   Geeslin, Elton
G-025Geeslin, Mark
2000-003   Geeslin, Mittie McKenzie
2006-065   Genther, Donald Alan
2002-099   Genther, Margaret (Peggy)
G-021Gentry, Bessie
G-050Gentry, Charles Ray, Sr
G-026Gentry, Cleo
2001-164   Gentry, Floy
G-042Gentry, George P (Bill)
G-066Gentry, Leslie V
G-019Gentry, Ruby A
G0-24Gentry, William
2005-159   Gentzel, Dora Yuba
G-043George, Clarence Henry (Fricke)
G0-54George, Dale Delmer
G-077George, Henry Nolan
2001-192   George, Laehler Faye
G-068George, Nell Rose
G-064George, Othell Parker
G-073George, Scott E
G-049George, Stella Sue
G-068George, Toni Dianne
2005- 183  George, Velma
G-012George, Wade Preston
G-040Gephart, William Eugene (Gene)
G-014Gregory, Danny Michael
G-079Gerth, Mary Lou
2002-095   Gerth, Raymond Charles, Sr
2000-132   Geurts, Shellie Renee Hicks
2000-132   Geurts, Wilhelmus Isaac Nickie James
G-049Geye, Frances
2004-067   Geye, Frankie Louise Hicks
G-053Geye, Fred Nolan
G-015Geye, Iva E
G-057Gibbs, Augustus Lovell
G-027Gibbs, Beatrice
G-040Gibbs, Doris
G-030Gibbs, Evelyn
G-043Gibbs, Willard
2005-047   Giblin, Grace Elizabeth
G-011Gibson Pearl
G-009Gibson, Alice Carroll
2005-148   Gibson, Annie Lou
2001-128   Gibson, Everett K, Sr
G-072Gibson, Howard D
2005-223   Gibson, Jack Edward
G-036Gibson, Lewis Fred
G-079Gibson, Marian Engel
2005-030   Gibson, Marvin
2005-031   Gibson, Marvin
2003-094   Gibson, Roger Lee
2005-082   Gibson, Vernon D
G-001Giesecke, Amy Jane Nix
G-001Giesecke, August
G-001Giesecke, Charles William
G-012Giesecke, Charlie, Jr
G-021Giesecke, Chester A
G-002Giesecke, Louis B Sr
2001-059   Giesecke, Louis B, Jr
G-003Giesecke, Martha Crawford Turpen
G-002Giesecke, Melbourne E (Mib)
G-002Giesecke, Millicent Irene Rogers
G-017Giesecke, Nettie Esther Howerton
G-032Giesecke, Oneta Pearl
G-002Giesecke, Stanley
G-002Giesecke, Susie Elizabeth Money
2003-078   Giesecke, Veda Mae
2002-096   Giesecke, Verlon Thornton
G-037Giesler, Myrl B
2001-188   Gilbert, Alberta Deloris
G-033Gilbert, Anna Audean
G-079Gilbert, Bertie McCann
2001-106   Gilbert, Cecilia
G-008Gilbert, Faye Belle
2004-187   Gilbert, George Reason
2005-123   Gilbert, Itha Elizabeth
2001-086   Gilbert, James Otto
2004-138   Gilbert, Patsy Darlene
G-040Gilbert, Sam Wilson
G-008Gilbreath, Amanda Ellen
2006-202   Gilbreath, Byron Alexander
2006-062   Gilbreath, Dwight Vernon
2006-067   Gilbreath, Dwight Vernon
2003-023   Gilbreath, Elizabeth (Libby)
G-030Gilbreath, Elnora
G-039Gilbreath, Emitt J
2001-073   Gilbreath, Grace
G-005Gilbreath, Hattie M
G-013Gilbreath, Helen Katherine
2004-093   Gilbreath, Helen L
G-019Gilbreath, Juanita Estella
G-036Gilbreath, Marlin
G-012Gilbreath, Noah Everett
G-009Gilbreath, Odie Orville
2000-024   Gilbreath, Ora Myrtle
2003-069   Gilbreath, Willie Mae
2005-121   Gilchrest, Dewey Gaston (Hoss)
2004-162   Gilder, Gus Henry
2000-111   Gildner, Cynthia Annette Cunningham
G-029Gill, Clara Alice
2003-070   Gill, Harold E (Red)
G-051Gill, Hettie Mae
G-028Gill, Lois Marie
G-044Gill, Mattie Otheta Barham
2006-095   Gill, Reginald F
G-048Gill, Venita Drummond
G-032Gillam, W E (Buster)
G-052Gilleland, Roy Lee
G-045Gillen, Meaghan Arian Olivia
2006-007   Gillentine, George Harbon
G-058Gilleon, Leon
2001-058   Gilleon, Pauline J
G-038Gillery, Bert Windell
G-020Gilley, Elvis Lavon (Jack)
G-033Gilliam, Hilton H (Toots)
2001-103   Gilliam, Veta
G-047Gillilan, Winnie E
G-037Gilliland, Roy Neal
G-045Gilliland, Vera Margreat
G-031Gilly, Ben D
G-022Gilly, Benny Boyd
2004-180   Gilly, C C
G-076Gilly, Doris V Gryder
2003-146   Gilly, Jack N, Sr
G-075Gilly, Sara Jo
G-074Gilly, Victor Vaughn
2002-171   Gilman, Frank
G-029Gish, Larry  L
G-063Gist, Viola Emerson
G-030Glasgow, Dora Volena
G-011Glasgow, Hubert
G-012Glasgow, Jackie
2006-045   Glasgow, Stella Mae
G-028Glasgow, Wenona Christine
2005-011   Glasson, Lloyd
G-035Glazier, Madie Bell
2006-201   Glazier, William Kyle
G-075Gleason, Janie Bessie
G-053Gleaton, E W (Cap)
G-077Gleaton, Walter Nabors
G-023Glen, Rosemarie Ann Ochojski
G-007Glenn, Annabelle L
G-029Glenn, Carl Lee, Jr
G-020Glenn, Mae
G-018Glenn, Stanley A
2006-093   Glick, Grace
2003-165   Gliddon, Tom
2003-166   Gliddon, William Thomas
2003-046   Glover, Bert E
2001-084   Glover, Butler James (B J)
G-032Glover, Edith Mae
G-013Glover, Orville Guy (Luke)
G-063Goad, Franklin O'Neil
G-016Goad, Teresa  Jean
G-047Goadin, Faye
G-026Goates, Leah Kathryn
G-037Goates, Roy Neal
2002-117   Goddard, Alton R
G-033Goddard, Kenneth L (Pop)
G-034Goddard, Lillie Hattie
2003-066   Godfrey, Alberta
G-077Godfrey, Cathy
2003-023   Godfrey, Druey C
2006-125   Godfrey, Jason Gayle
2006-101   Godfrey, Ruby Dean
2005-155   Godwin, Benny Bob
G-041Godwin, Kenneth L
G-009Godwin, Lessie B
2002-165   Godwin, Loeta T
G-051Godwin, Roberta L
G-029Goebel, Joseph R
2002-138   Goebel, Wilma Allen
G-047Goedert, May Bell Canady
G-036Goehl, Laura D
2005-117   Goeppinger, Dorcas
2005-131   Goeppinger, Dorcas (Giesecke)
2000-111   Goerdel, Hilda Marie
2004-144   Goerdel, Troy Alan
G-077Goforth, Essie V
2001-131   Goin, Ella Maude
2005-100   Gold, Corless Wayne
G-052Gold, Ethel
2004-108   Golden, Andrew Jackson
2003-147   Golden, Billye Jo
G-022Golden, J C
2000-146   Golden, John Dale (Jader)
G-022Golden, Lorraine
2001-171   Golden, Ricky Ward
2004-034   Golden, Seborn Eugene
G-065Golden, Weldon E (Webb)
G-048Golding, Eleanor B
G-049Goldsberry, David Roy
2003-047   Goldsmith, Maynard Landis, Jr
2003-136   Golightly, Delma (Littleton)
G-062Golightly, Glendene
G-004Golightly, Herbert Von
G-067Golightly, Iva Jordan
2002-099   Golightly, Janis
G-048Golightly, Kenneth (Ken)
G-010Golightly, Laura Keller
G-043Golightly, Mamie
2003-156   Golightly, Richard
G-055Golightly, Woody
2006-030   Golliday, John Tracy
2006-032   Golliday, John Tracy
2004-113   Golliday, Shepherd Fred (Shep)
2006-143   Gomez, Abel L
2000-128   Gomez, Dorothy J
G-021Gonce, Charles Wayne
2006-036   Gonzales, Angel, Jr
2004-175   Gonzales, Carlos Martinez
2003-188   Gonzales, Christopher
2004-161   Gonzales, Guadalupe
2002-062   Gonzales, Isbel (Bill)
2001-072   Gonzales, Luis P, Jr
G-017Gonzales, Lydia Coronado
G-074Gonzales, Nasario
2004-175   Gonzales, Pilar
G-065Gonzalez, Anastacia
G-012Gonzalez, Jeraldine H (Jerre)
2002-145   Gonzalez, Juan
2006-156   Gooch, Annie Aletta
G-036Good, Garland O
2002-109   Gooden, John Henry, Jr
2000-043   Goodman, Alma Irene
2001-038   Goodman, Clara Lucille
2000-009   Goodman, Cora Rohne
G-049Goodman, Grady
2000-149   Goodman, H R, Sr (Sam)
2003-101   Goodman, Harold R, Jr
2001-166   Goodman, Huey F
G-035Goodman, Mary
G-037Goodman, Rosa May
G-039Goodson, Berta Greene
G-036Goodson, Nancy Mirtle
G-018Goodwin, Ernest Loyd
G-020Goodwin, Joe
G-044Gordon, Bruce
G-022Gordon, C R (Jack)
G-023Gordon, Christopher Dale
G-009Gordon, Daisy Mae
G-057Gordon, Dorothy Pack
2003-015   Gordon, Eddie Ray Huffman
2002-163   Gordon, Floyd
G-031Gordon, Gloria June
2002-090   Gordon, Inez Fulfer
G-040Gordon, Joel Ray
G-063Gordon, Jonnie Moon
2000-119   Gordon, Joseph B, II
G-037Gordon, Juanita
G-053Gordon, Kenneth Newton
2001-144   Gordon, Laverne H (Slim)
2000-165   Gordon, Lee Roy
G-050Gordon, Nellie
2006-071   Gordon, Nicky Leroy
G-014Gordon, Olive Swanner
2004-182   Gordon, Robert Lewis
2003-066AGordon, Travis P
G-061Gore, Ava E
G-027Gore, Evelyn
G-021Gore, Tommy
G-004Gormley, Glen
2001-143   Gosdin, Betty L
2000-007   Gosdin, Grace Woody
G-023Gosdin, Homer
G-030Gosdin, Lotus Leo
G-019Gossett, Roy Kenneth
2002-135   Gott, Jodie L
G-027Goule, Ernest
G-034Goule, Larry Dwaine
G-044Govaerts, Victor M
2004-092   Gower, Matthew Albert
G-078Goyne, Helena Clifford Loden
2005-228   Grace, Louise Webb
G-050Graham, Billie Ruth Gee
G-064Graham, Carrie Mae
G-068Graham, David J
2001-104   Graham, Dorothy Mae Ayres
2002-008   Graham, Floy Dean
G-056Graham, Grace L
G-005Graham, H Roy
G-059Graham, Jim
2004-053   Graham, Joy Click
2001-089   Graham, Lona Dee Ewing
2004-168   Graham, Magilene Pierce
G-039Graham, Nola Bea
2003-093   Graham, Raymond Herschel
2004-128   Graham, Ruby Apple
G-006Graham, Selina
2002-019   Granberry, Jimmie Ellen (Jill) Nix
G-023Granberry, T C
G-004Grant, Donna Alice
G-020Grant, Leota Mae
2004-125   Grant, Oscar Aaron
G-014Grant, Ruth
2002-034   Grauke, Morris Charley
2003-213   Graves, Bennie Louise Lilley
G-007Graves, Billie Verne
G-065Graves, Dannie Louise
G-047Graves, Dorothy
G-019Graves, Doyle
2005-220   Graves, Grady
2005-222   Graves, Grady
2005-222AGraves, Grady
2003-151   Graves, Howard
G-010Graves, Iona Wright
G-005Graves, Jack, Jr
G-042Graves, Jane B
G-008Graves, Jewell E
G-023Graves, John Campbell
G-070Graves, L T
2000-168   Graves, Phillip (Jeff)
G-021Graves, Ruth Phillips
G-059Graves, W T
G-038Gray, A D
G-035Gray, Annie R B
2002-020   Gray, Billy Charles
2006-179   Gray, Billy Ray
G-045Gray, Charles Edward
2004-095   Gray, Crystal
G-046Gray, Geneva Quick
G-031Gray, J B
G-050Gray, James Earl
2004-183   Gray, Jean Z Smith
2004-184   Gray, Jean Z Smith
G-058Gray, Joe
G-032Gray, Johnie Ray
2001-124   Gray, Johnnie Calley
2001-125   Gray, Johnnie Calley
G-060Gray, Kermit M
G-034Gray, Lawrence P
G-008Gray, Linda Celeste
2003-003   Gray, Loman Coan
G-047Gray, Mary Ella
G-027Gray, Nada Elnora
2001-069   Gray, Ruth
2002-106   Gray, Stell
G-028Gray, Wanda Jean (Miller)
2000-032   Gray, Willie May
G-067Green, Alma Irene Hope
G-047Green, Annie
2004-142   Green, Ashley Nicole
G-041Green, Bennie
G-009Green, Berta Drake
G-040Green, Bertha B
2003-170   Green, Bertha Josephine
G0-54Green, Beverly Carol
2002-153   Green, Byron, Jr
G-032Green, Clara Jeffers
2001-114   Green, Cora E
2003-018   Green, Dennis Jack
2005-005   Green, Dorothy (Dot) Louise
G-030Green, Esther Salenia
G-049Green, Flossie I
G-011Green, Gordon Ray
2001-023   Green, James D, Sr (Jim)
2003-052   Green, Janet Joyce
2003-223   Green, Janet Joyce
G-013Green, Jimmy, Sr
2002-087   Green, John Hubert
G-064Green, M C (Doc)
2004-093   Green, Reba Leona
2006-170   Green, Shelly Renee
G-014Green, Tamara Jo (Tammy)
2006-007   Green, Terry Shane (Connar)
G-051Green, Tristan Danae
G-018Green, Willie E
G-025Greene, Bessie M
2003-151   Greenhaw, B J (Bill)
G-079Greenhill, Charles Edward
2004-172   Greenhill, Lula Vivian Blankenship
G-022Greenly, Hal
G-021Greenway, Carolyn Sue
G-033Greenway, Martha Lou
2006-055   Greenway, Ruby Jane
G-044Greenway, William Josh
G-007Greenway, William Purves
G-047Greenwood, Genevieve Lee
2001-174   Greenwood, Rex
2001-086   Greer, Billy Franklin
2003-189   Greer, Frances W
G-005Greer, Fred
G-019Greer, Georgia Annie Latham
G-015Greer, Grace
2000-145   Greer, Lois Summers
G-014Greer, Otis
2002-107   Greer, Pauline
2003-064   Greer, Rickie Paul
2002-164   Greesen, Ima Lieuvine
G-034Greeson, Scott
2003-130   Gregg, Rose Ann
G-075Gregory, Alice Charlene
2005-216   Gregory, Barbara Jo
G-045Gregory, Bert W
2003-132   Gregory, Bob
2004-155   Gregory, Bruce L
G-031Gregory, Corine Boase
2003-041   Gregory, Elizabeth
2003-083   Gregory, Eunice
G-072Gregory, Henry C
G-047Gregory, Ivan Everett
G0-54Gregory, Jimmie
G-051Gregory, Leroy F
G-062Gregory, Lucille
2003-213   Gregory, Walton D (Buck)
G-010Gregston, Jerry Kenneth
G-067Gresham, Clark
G-041Gresham, Lowell
2000-027   Gressett, Clinton Claude
2004-118   Grief, Otto Albert (Obie)
G-005Griffey, Inez
G-004Griffin, Catherine Louise
2003-143   Griffin, Charles
2006-151   Griffin, Darlene
G-020Griffin, Donald
G-073Griffin, Doyle A
2001-015   Griffin, Elva Eugenia
2002-069   Griffin, F L (Buster)
2004-132   Griffin, Frankie Lee
G-025Griffin, Hal Glenn
G-007Griffin, John R
2003-118   Griffin, John W
G-060Griffin, Joyce
G-045Griffin, K C Samuel
G0-54Griffin, Kenneth Allen
2002-023   Griffin, Lorene
2006-143   Griffin, Louise A
G-004Griffin, Lowell
G-053Griffin, Millie Faye
2005-009   Griffin, Opal M
2006-181   Griffin, R C "Griff"
G-004Griffin, Reid
G-031Griffin, Sarah Winston
G-043Griffin, Vall P (Snooks)
2001-113   Griffin, Wilma H
G-045Griffith, Doris
G-049Griffith, Frank Leon
G-052Griffith, James Earl
G-066Griffith, Jim
G-056Griffith, Lucille Bernice
G-071Griffith, Robert D (Speck)
G-005Griffith, Ruth Hancock
2005-115   Griffiths, April
G0-24Griffitts, Christian Winfrey
2002-002   Griffitts, Dorothy May Cole
G-029Griffitts, George Austin
G-043Griffitts, James Frank
G-039Griffitts, Lucille
G-033Griffitts, Nellie Mae
G-010Griggs, Joe
G-055Griggs, Joseph Lee (Joe)
G0-24Griggs, Joseph R
G-020Griggs, Julia Fitzgerald
2001-008   Griggs, Paula Faye
G-044Grigsby, Clara O
2006-204   Grilley, Steven Campbell
G-049Grimes, A C
G-016Grimes, Carl Leo
2003-077   Grimes, Helen Stanford
2001-126   Grimes, Louis Y
2006-092   Grimes, Ottie Marie
G-042Grimland, Yern
2000-107   Grimshaw, Gladys Lee
2000-175   Grimshaw, James J
G-058Gring, Earl Warren
G-062Gring, Karen C
G-018Gring, Kathleen
2001-012   Grisham, Dale Thalia
2001-029   Grisham, Dorothy Bee
G-027Grisham, Eula Mae
2000-015   Grisham, Gene
2000-093   Grisham, George E
G-070Grisham, Jewel Eunice
2006-004   Grisham, John Edgar
2001-163   Grisham, Marcella Jean
G-076Grisham, Mertie
G-013Grisham, Mollie L
2002-005   Grissom, Arleen Elizabeth
2001-090   Grissom, Dalton Earl
G-008Grissom, Dalton Lloyd
G-053Grissom, Dorothy
2003-070   Grissom, F Dean
G-063Grissom, Fay
G-051Grissom, Grace L
2001-177   Grissom, Jackie D
2003-168   Grissom, James Harold
G-062Grissom, John Thomas (J T)
2002-072   Grissom, Louis H
G-076Grissom, Reta Lois
G-007Gristy, Artie
2000-044   Gristy, Edna Lucille
G-018Gristy, Firn Dell
2002-065   Gristy, Harwood (H L)
G-027Gristy, Ida L
G-006Gristy, Prentice Lee
G-008Griswold, Glenn Oley
G-035Griswold, Ray
G-011Griswold, Ruby Inez Crews
G-061Grizzard, Bursey
2003-158   Grizzard, Freda
2001-002   Gronek, Georgia B
G-046Grove, Elmo Wells
2002-100   Groves, Sammy Joe
G-035Grubbs, Garrett Henry
G-040Gruelker, Daphene Hukel
2000-100   Grumbles, James Jefferson
2001-185   Gryder, Artis
G-041Gryder, Arvel
G-077Gryder, Irene
G-070Gryder, James
G-048Gryder, Steven Duane
2006-176   Gryder, Tammie Ann
2002-193   Gryder, Virgil
2000-017   Guedes, Lucy Ane
G-069Guerra, Mauro P
2000-067   Guerra, Olga P
2006-029   Guerra, Raymond P
G-057Guerry, Royce Hutcheson
2002-191   Guerth, Edna Marty
G0-54Guest, Opal Hodgkins
G-055Guest, Ora Agnes
G-015Guest, Royce Levon
2006-067   Guest, Susie Mae
2004-102   Guill, Dale Ray
2004-082   Guill, Danny Joe
G-066Guill, Elmer
G0-24Guill, John Kent
G-006Guill, Mark Lynn
2005-201   Guill, Pauline
2006-149   Guill, Phyllis
G-060Guinn, Floyd Lane
2005-094A Guinn, Floyd O
G-061Guinn, Martha Frances (Fannie)
2001-162   Guinn, William H
G-007Guinn, William Houston Alexander (Bill)
G-060Gulley, Bobby Vernon
G-062Gully, Jason
2003-059   Gully, Matthew
2003-022   Gunderson, Laura
2003-024   Gunderson, Laura
2000-114   Gunn, Madge
G-013Gunner, Melvin C
2003-117   Gunter, Billie
G-038Gunter, Durell Marie
2004-019   Gunter, Mark
2002-022   Gunter, Netha Nell
2005-071   Guthery, Bettie Jane Clark
G-035Guthery, Tammy Oneta
G-033Guthrie, Beryl
G-026Guthrie, Charles James
G-042Guthrie, Gladys Othyne
2004-116   Guthrie, Oliver
2004-117   Guthrie, Oliver
G-025Guthrie, Randall B
2004-149   Guthrie, Viola Wright
G-073        Gutierrez, Amelia
2003-063   Gutierrez, Arthur
G-069Gutierrez, Gloria Lopez
2004-116   Gutierrez, Jesus
2000-135   Gutierrez, Joe E
2001-122   Gutierrez, Juan
2006-059   Gutierrez, Miguel Lugo
G-039Guy, Opal B Gosdin
2003-061   Guye, Wanda Claudine
G-026Guyger, Maurice M
G-013Guyton, H R
2003-161   Guyton, Novella (Toodie) Bohannan
2006-080   Guzman, Angel Bibian
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