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Erath County Texas Obituaries
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Erath County Texas Obituaries, F

We indexed 14,684 obituaries for folks connected to Erath County, Texas. Area genealogist Marilyn Ewers dedicated years to collecting these files. They are provided through this site with permision from the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.  Obituaries generally start in the mid-1980s, but there are a few from earlier years. All years through 31 December 2006 have been consolidated into alphabetical lists by the first letter of the surname
F-053Fagan, Amelia Wagner
F-019Fagan, Marion
F-008Fagan, Ola Ann
2003-029   Fagan, Worth B
F-016Fagg, Faye
F-013Faglie, Bobby Lee
F-010Fail, Vada
2003-090   Fails, Inez Johnson
2001-091   Fair, Altha Pauline
F-013Fair, Connie Orval
F-012Fair, Gloria June
2003-097   Fair, John Hamilton
F-033Fair, May Elrod
2001-041   Fair, Ray V
F-028Fairey, Curtis Jess
F-003Fairey, Lillie A
F-005Fairey, R N
2004-056   Fairman, Jessie L
F-017Fairman, William J
F-032Falkner, Eunice V
F-008Falkner, Oliver Glen
2003-119   Falkner, Vernon Lee
F-049Fallin,  Lettye Elizabeth
F-007Fallin, Curtis
F-044Fallin, Elmo J
F-058Fallin, Gail
F-006Fallis, Frank Clay
2005-149   Fallis, Jewell G
2002-020   Fambro, Joe
F-018Fambro, Raymond Lee
F-053Fann, Modena Richardson
F-047Fann, Ted
2004-150   Fanning, Bill
F-016Fanning, Carrie Roulston
2000-013   Fanning, Charlsie W
F-034Fanning, Jessie
F-060Fanning, Jo
F-037Fanning, Mary Frances
F-036Fanning, Robert Gerald
F-019Fanning, T D Doug
F-028Fanning, Verna Snow
2003-034   Farin, Marjean
F-040Farley, John Williams (J W)
F-010Farmer, Clyde Monroe
2000-006   Farmer, Helen A
2003-138   Farmer, Jettie Faye Seachrist
F-055Farr, Russell
F-060Farrar, Annie Ruth Bryan
2004-002   Farrar, Clarence Raymond, Jr
F-027Farrar, Dora B
F-037Farrar, Jo Ann
2003-117   Farrar, Lauraine
F-034Farrar, Marion L
F-054Farrar, Mary Isabelle
2000-127   Farrar, Myra C
2001-052   Farrar, William Thomas
F-046Farrar, Willie Jo
F-060Farris, Barbara Ruth
F-017Farris, Lockie M
2004-061   Farris, Ory Ozella
2000-045   Farris, Wynona Cecilia Redford
2006-094   Farrow, Annie Belle
2001-016   Farrow, Donal Pruitt
2006-126  Farrow, Jean Frazier
F-037Faught, Nealy Alma
F-053Faulkenberry, Luches John (Boots)
F-021Faulkner, Cecil Ray
2001-084  Faulkner, Elizabeth Julia
F-051Faulkner, Elsie Nerine
F-026Faulkner, Harold
2004-031   Faulkner, Joe Gwendolyn
F-006Favors, B F
2004-029   Favors, Vera Faye
2004-031   Favors, Vera Faye
F-023Fawver, Taylor
2002-146   Feagan, Johnny Ray
F-001Feagan, Nathan (Bill)
2004-157   Feagan, Patsy Fay
F-029Feagan, Robert Lee
2005-037   Feagan, Willie Anderson (Bill)
2003-037   Fears, Robert McCool
F-054Fears, Ruth Elizabeth
F-045Featherston, Tama Lynn Owens
F-031Featherston, Viola Mae
F-010Fehl, Fred
F-039Fehl, Mary Keeney
2005-138   Feist, Esther
2000-094   Feist, Linda, Jeanette (PeeWee)
2004-154   Fell, Trina (Cunningham)
F-011Fellman, Ethel I
F-022Fellows, Dora E
2000-096   Felts, Debra Larue
F-015Felts, Frank Edward
2004-004   Felts, Willard Lawrence (Curly)
2002-133   Fenimore, Maxine
F-038Fenley, Truman Forrest
F-015Fenner, Curtis Wayne
F-017Fenner, Fern P
2004-149  Fenner, Hazel Esther
2003-218  Fenner, Leonard Wray
2002-129  Fenner, Olen L
F-048Fenner, Troy Phillip
2000-044  Fenwick, Michael E
F-030Ferem, Lucille McKinney
2005-153  Fergason, Bert (Nannie)
F-034Ferguson, Addlean
F-020Ferguson, Alvin G (Frog)
2005-136  Ferguson, Calvin D
F-057Ferguson, Clara Belle
F-047Ferguson, Cleo Nelma Hancock
2001-166  Ferguson, Deena Marie Stevenson
F-008Ferguson, Ermer William
F-002Ferguson, Ethelene Jones
F-034Ferguson, Fred
F-025Ferguson, Frederick Dee
F-011Ferguson, George Daniel
F-051Ferguson, George O, Jr
F-028Ferguson, George Thomas
F-033Ferguson, H L (Hoot)
F-025Ferguson, J T
F-026Ferguson, Jim Ellis
2001-092  Ferguson, Jimmye C
F-020Ferguson, John W (Johnny)
F-016Ferguson, Mack C
F-011Ferguson, Marjorie Martha
F-058Ferguson, Minnie Mae
2004-091  Ferguson, Nell
2004-092  Ferguson, Nell
F-036Ferguson, Nola Mae
2003-164  Ferguson, Phillip Michael
2001-029  Ferguson, Richard Earl
F-025Ferguson, Thomas Nelson
F-009Ferguson, Wyatt Lee
F-055Ferkins, Tanner
F-042Fernandez, Florence
F-035Ferrel, Hubbard O
F-056Ferrell,  Emma Grace Boyd
F-052Ferrell, Amelia  Elizabeth
F-032Ferrell, Neta Mae
F-032Fewell, Kenneth Wayne
F-019Fey, Stella Viola
F-005Fidler, Eva Dell
F-027Fiedler, Winnie Beatrice
F-004Field, Michael Wesley
F-010Fielden, Billy W
F-039Fielder, Ollie May
F-023Fielder, W L (Bill)
F-034Fields, Charles Melvin
2003-194  Fields, Dewey Edmond
2001-168  Fields, Edna Louisa
2001-062  Fields, Elizabeth Deon
F-024Fields, Horace Monroe
2001-062  Fields, James Vernon
2001-062  Fields, Lindell Leon
2006-111  Fields, Lois Odell
F-042Fields, Lowell O (Boots)
F-019Fields, Maurice Thomas
2004-020  Fifer, James Forrest
F-058Fifer, Thomas Raymond
2002-086  Files, Junior R
2001-057  Files, Maudie
2003-146  Filizola, Gladys Olena (Lewis)
2000-003  Fillbright, Helen Mary
F-011Fillingim, Robert L
F-042Fincannon, Charles Douglas
2000-049  Fincannon, Donald Ray
F-008Fincannon, Dudley M
2003-076  Fincannon, Larry Douglas
2005-177  Fincannon, Laura Ada
F-028Fincannon, Louise
2005-147  Finch, James Weldon (Corky)
F-041Finch, Marvin Mitchell (Tuffy)
2002-032  Fincher, Bill D
2000-072  Fincher, Edwin C
F-014Fincher, Ethan Michael
F-015Fincher, Evan Lee
F-001Fincher, Everal
F-012Fincher, Fredda Lenora
F-050Fincher, Mary Louise
F-024Fincher, Nannie D
F-016Fincher, Oscar H
F-002Fincher, Rena
F-011Fincher, Sue
F-017Fincher, Thomas Ray
2005-077  Fincher, Wilma (Grandmama)
F-015Fine, Delma Opal
F-018Fine, Earl Christian
F-050Fine, Gary Dennis
F-002Fine, Hendrix James
2002-059  Fine, Ladoyt Christian (Lad)
F-052Fine, Maude Newton
F-001Fine, Oda
F-043Fine, Rissie Lee
F-057Fine, Vida B
2002-023  Finley, Cleo Stigler
F-003Finley, Henry Dave
F-054Finley, Kenneth Lee
F-002Finley, LaVerne Brummett
F-035Finley, Martha Jane Axtell
F-003Finnell, Addie
2004-168  Firestone, Bessie McCoy
F-023Fishburn, Dorothy
2006-035  Fishel, Ruthie Fern Fisher
F-057Fisher, Carl Mack
2000-155  Fisher, Ernestine Maedgen
2001-076  Fisher, Floyd A
2000-023  Fisher, Gladys
2002-068  Fisher, Glenna Sturdivant
F-048Fisher, Iona V
F-055Fisher, Jessie Vera
2003-061  Fisher, Joe Bob
F-034Fisher, Norman
2000-030  Fisher, Paul W
F-051Fisher, T C (Shorty)
F-037Fitzgerald, Charles William
2000-033  Fitzgerald, Don Kenyon
F-011Fitzgerald, Elton Teel
2002-197-8Fitzgerald, J Edwin
F-003Fitzgerald, Jessie Blanton
F-026Fitzgerald, LaNelle
F-054Fitzgerald, Mary Melissa Hunter (Mimi)
F-039Fitzgerald, Patricia Louis Thompson
F-012Fitzhugh, George C
2000-176  Fitzhugh, Mary J
F-033Fitzhugh, Parker P
F-007Fitzhugh, V F
F-056Fitzpatrick, James
2005-146  Flanagan, Willie Mae
F-042Flanary, Francis O (Frankie)
F-031Flannery, Willam A
2003-153  Flatt, Ernestine (Phelps)
F-027Fleming, James Heflin
2005-057  Fleming, Mildred Watson
2004-172  Fleming, Steve
F-013Flemmons, Baxter
F-059Flemmons, Jerry
2000-075  Flemmons, Myrtle Francis Eloise (Hudgens)
2004-029  Flenniken, Ruby
2001-138  Flenniken, T W
2000-153  Fletcher, Doris Louise
2000-049  Fletcher, Earl F
F-014Fletcher, George F
F-036Fletcher, Iva Lee
2006-081  Fletcher, Margaret Mae West
F-045Fletcher, Nettie Gertrude Acker
F-035Fletcher, Tommye
2003-036  Flint, Gloria Virginia
F-043Flippen, Minnie
F-058Flippin, Annitta
2004-182  Flippo, Billie Charles
F-015Florence, Hazen Lorraine Crowder
F-030Flores, Maria Esther
F-002Flores, Vicki Diane
F-028Flories, Annie Ruth Jones
F-020Flory, Hattie Mae
F-027Flournoy, Gracie Gentry
2001-073   Flowers, Alvin Lee
2000-070   Flowers, Rita Gandy
2004-185  Floyd, Clara Williams
2006-183A        Floyd, Hettie Rose Dale
2004-032   Floyd, Jerry Lee, Jr
2006-108-109    Floyd, Katherine
F-014       Floyd, Mary Elizabeth
F-017       Floyd, Paul J
F-016       Flynn, Elsie Lee
F-021       Flynt, Eugia Mae
F-009       Flynt, Marion
F-020        Fobes, Bertha C
F-054Foley, John Henry
F-001Foley, Lillie M
F-030Foley, Lucille
2001-065  Folley, Cecil Ray
2004-124AFolley, Wanda Marlene
2004-078  Fonville, Jimmie L
F-041Foote, Alga Erna
F-029Foote, Donald Michael, Sr
2000-165 AFoote, Mable Marr
F-024Ford, Acie Lee
2000-172  Ford, Ada Pearl
2000-133  Ford, Annie Chloe
F-021Ford, Archie
F-012Ford, Betty
2002-184  Ford, Carlos (C H)
F-012Ford, Charles H
F-021Ford, Dock R
F-030Ford, Don
2006-045  Ford, Dorothy Doris "Dottie"
F-017Ford, Eldora
F-031Ford, Eula May
2006-129  Ford, Francis Louise Edmonds
2004-101  Ford, Gene D
F-030Ford, Leona Stacy
F-005Ford, Nuel E
F-001Ford, Vivian
F-002Foreman, Florine  Crosby
F-036Foreman, Floyd (Blackie)
F-036Foreman, James E
F-019Foreman, John Charlie (J C)
2004-153  Foreman, Lena May Cunningham
2006-109  Foreman, Mary Anne
F-016Forester, Marjorie N
2000-022  Forno, Deborah Renee
F-001Forrer, Dollie
F-054Forrest, Bobby Ray
2005-189  Forrester, Bertha Mae
F-042Forson, James Richard
F-004Forson, William Rance
F-005Fortune, Allie Franklin
F-059Fossett, Calvin C
F-048Foster, Ashley
F-044Foster, Betty J
2005-176  Foster, Bobby J
F-055Foster, Colleen
F-014Foster, Coy C
F-020Foster, George Willie (Pete)
F-027Foster, James Edward
2003-114  Foster, John Timothy, Jr
F-020Foster, Raymond
F-037Foster, Roy
2002-020  Foster, Ruth
F-056Foster, Susan Chesley
F-004Foust, Alan S
F-028Foust, Florence Mary Peek
2000-170  Foust, James McLauren (Mack)
F-024Foust, John Lattimore, Jr
F-041Fouts, John Willis
2002-151  Fowler, Antha
2000-003  Fowler, Bernice L
F-008Fowler, Chlorris
F-016Fowler, Emmett L
F-046Fowler, Evelyn June
2000-019  Fowler, Floy Ann
2001-004  Fowler, Frank
2004-100  Fowler, Herman Lloyd
F-029Fowler, Jack
2003-102  Fowler, Lawrence (Lary)
F-018Fowler, Mary Helen
F-012Fowler, Mattie Elby
F-031Fowler, Nancy Rebecca (Bobbie Nan)
F-014Fowler, Ramona Jo (Parker)
F-005Fowler, William Sim
F-021Fowler, William Young, III
F-007Fox, Bobbie
2005-145  Fox, Carmen P
F-056Fox, Kay Anthony
F-027Frakes, Ura R
F-009Francisco, Roof
F-026Frank, Adam
F-050Frank, Heber William
F-052Frank, Norma H
F-036Frank, Ollis B Jr
F-005Frank, Walter R (Scrap)
2003-099  Frank, Wayne
F-052Franklin, Dorothy Bills
F-018Franklin, George H
F-009Franks, Henry S (Hip)
F-059Franks, Hildred Cauley (Tillie)
2002-009  Franks, Jean
F-003Franks, Lloyd G
F-013Franks, Maude Ethel
2002-095  Franks, Robert Wayne
F-038Fraser, Harold
F-043Frasier, Janie Mae
F-058Frasier, Lonnie Cole
2002-112  Frausto, Juan
F-024Frausto, Ramaldo, Jr
F-038Frazier,  Whitney Hosanna
F-040Frazier, Arch Norman
2000-038  Frazier, Bert W
F-013Frazier, Edward D, Sr
2005-045  Frazier, Gwennola
2005-057  Frazier, Kathleen
2003-103  Frazier, Perry Glenn
2006-018  Frazier, Thomas Glenn
2004-152  Frazier, Thomas Joe
2002-072  Frazier, Wesley Carl (Cobby)
F-031Fred, Albert Graham
2000-039  Fred, Thelma Gladys
2002-178  Free, Billy
F-038Freed, Earl Eugene
F-006Freeland, Forrest Martin
2002-001  Freeland, Marie
F-044Freels, Bill
F-035Freels, Mike
2000-174  Freeman, Aleta Fisher
F-043Freeman, Alvin Wayne
F-024Freeman, Annie B Stone
F-029Freeman, Delma Turnbow
2001-156  Freeman, Edward D
2004-099  Freeman, Emily Parlea
F-039Freeman, Florence Irene
2006-085  Freeman, Karen Kay
F-026Freeman, Naomie Barnes
F-057Freeman, O W (Willard)
F-015Freeman, Terrell Billy (Bill)
2001-032  French, Amos
2000-106  French, Elbertine Stone
F-033French, George Roy
F-037French, George W
F-013French, Harold G
2000-099  French, Joe Wayne
F-026French, Nola Earlene (Polly)
F-029French, Vernon Allen (Buck)
F-010French, Willie Grace
F-019Fretwell, Lovie
F-032Frey, Elaine Holt (Mrs Joe B)
2003-167  Frey, Walter
2004-092  Frisbie, Elson Enos, Jr
F-044Fritts, Francis
F-051Fritts, Glen
2004-160  Fritts, Lloyd B
2004-123  Fritts, Ogden Lee
2000-056  Fritts, Vera Mae
F-022Fritz, Blake Hamilton
F-009Frizzell, Lula Holden
2003-001  Fron, Alvin T "Butch"
2006-036  Fron, Mischa Danielle
2004-181  Fron, Robert Nelson
2001-059  Fron, Tony Gene
F-025Fronk, Iris Geneva
F-046Frost, Clydie Ora
2003-027  Fry, Brenda Bishop
2003-027  Fry, Brenda Bishop
F-057Fry, Glenna Bradley
2004-011  Fry, Joan Mary
F-021Fry, L B
2001-009  Fryar, Mildred Rister
2001-010  Fryar, Mildred Rister
F-003Frye, Elizabeth Price
F-039Frye, Thomas David (Tom)
F-020Fryer, Jenny
F-008Fuentes, Susana
F-044Fuentes, Yolanda Ramirez
F-006Fulbright, Ora Mae (Susie)
F-017Fulbright, Pearl
2003-044  Fulcher, Jewell Kirksey
F-029Fulcher, Johnny C
F-010Fulcher, Martin Nathaniel
2003-207  Fulcher, Tina Mae
2003-208  Fulcher, Tina Mae
F-023Fulfer, Charles T (Son)
2005-091  Fulfer, Clifford Wayne
F-041Fulfer, Elvis T
F-035Fulfer, James Ralph
F-045Fulfer, Judy
F-023Fulfer, Margaret Louise
F-025Fulfer, Robert C
2005-053  Fulfer, Teddy Ray
2005-054  Fulfer, Teddy Ray
2000-031  Fulfer, W E
F-038Fulfer, Willie O
F-022Fulks, Allen E
2002-147  Fulks, Thelma Pauline
F-040Fuller, David W
F-041Fuller, Dearl
F-042Fuller, Floyd
F-036Fuller, Gary L
F-059Fuller, J D
F-030Fuller, Pauline
F-041Fulton, Agnes G
2006-185  Fulton, Edwin Frederich
F-049Fulton, Jo Ann
2002-064  Fultz, Dovie Eldelee
F-048Fultz, Richard Eugene
F-047Funderburk, John
2003-033  Funk, Barbara
F-055Fuqua, Alton Lee
F-025Fuqua, Clairece
2000-072  Fuqua, Dewey
2000-133  Fuqua, JoAnn
2002-175  Fuqua, Sara Elizabeth
F-015Furlow, Nila
2004-004  Furlow, Thomas D (Doug)
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