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Erath County Texas Obituaries
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Erath County Texas Obituaries, E

We indexed 14,684 obituaries for folks connected to Erath County, Texas. Area genealogist Marilyn Ewers dedicated years to collecting these files. They are provided through this site with permision from the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.  Obituaries generally start in the mid-1980s, but there are a few from earlier years. All years through 31 December 2006 have been consolidated into alphabetical lists by the first letter of the surname.
This page was last updated on: April 25, 2010
E-015Eads, Jasper Ray (J R)
E-036Eads, Kathleen
E-007Eads, Mabel
E-014Eads, Odessa
2001-024   Eagles, Allen Dale
E-004Eagleston, Frankie
E-008Eakins, Doshia Louisiana
2000-113   Eargle, Lois
E-018Early, Doreta P
E-023Early, Vergil Wilbur
E-016Earnest, Gearvaise
E-013Earnest, Willie Choice
E-013Earp, Demple
E-002Earp, Gertrude Garner
2005-136   Earp, Milburn
E-017Earp, Ray
E-038Eary, Bonnie Juanita
2002-037   Eary, Goldia May
E-027Easley, Lowery B
2005-097   Easley, Nell O
2000-003   Easley, Pat
E-019Easley, Vera White
2001-025   East, Hellen Dorothy
E-017East, John
2001-173   East, Lillian Hester
2005-179   East, Ruth Looney
E-020East, William Eugene (Buck)
2000-066  Easterling, Robin Lynn
2003-211  Easterling, Veral Mable Mary (Mumsie)
E-036Easton, Joseph Lee
E-038Eberhardt, Billy Joe
2004-062-63      Eberhart, Cash
2003-101   Eberhart, Jacqueline Rene
E-005Eccles, Leslie L (Bob)
2001-128   Echols, Addie Mae (Pug)
E-017Echols, Clifton L
E-022Echols, Everett K
E-002Echols, Ina McElroy
E-019Echols, Octavia W
E-016Echols, Richard Ralph
E-026Echols, Roy
E-031Echols, Roy
E-026Echols, Weldon Carmen
2004-026   Eck, Robert Regan
E-015Ecker, Mabel G
E-019Eckhardt, Andrew H
2000-056   Eckols, Helen
2004-012   Eckols, Joseph C (Casey)
2003-072   Eddings, Louella
E-021Eddings, Nona Beatrice
2006-054   Eddleman, Florence Laverne Cline
E-002Eddleman, Patrick Henry
E-014Eddleman, Preston
2004-144   Eddy, J S
E-023Edgar, Ruby Marie
E-015Edgar, Zeddie C
2001-001   Edgmon, Lena R
E-024Edgmon, Sue
E-013Edinburgh, Vivian Irene
2001-183   Edington, James Leroy
E-022Edmiston, Leila C
2006-113   Edmonds, Cecilia B
E-026Edmonds, Hardy Lee
E-036Edmondson, Joycelyn Ruth Clendenin
E-018Edmondson, Wilma L
E-009Edmonson, Estelle Bagwell
E-019Edwards,  George L
E-009Edwards, Ben W
E-010Edwards, Boydell Joseph
E-017Edwards, C W
2004-159-60      Edwards, Christine Sue
E-009Edwards, Davie Faye
E-011Edwards, Delora Irene Dixon
E-038Edwards, Dennis Avery
E-035Edwards, Donald Fred
E-004Edwards, Frank M
E-020Edwards, Gwendolyn
E-015Edwards, Haskell Benjamin
2000-130   Edwards, Ione Mackey
2000-177   Edwards, James Justis (JJ)
2002-013   Edwards, James L
E-005Edwards, John Ezra
E-017Edwards, Leo
E-022Edwards, Mae Derrick
2001-104   Edwards, Margaret Coe
E-010Edwards, Melvin Dale
2005-209   Edwards, Roy Neal
E-022Edwards, Vada
E-031Edwards, Verma (Peggy)
E-034Edwards, Veta Mae Cole
E-025Eggen, Amos, Jr
2001-074   Ehrgood, Beulah B
2003-082   Ehrlich, Genda
E-024Eilers, Marvin H
2001-054   Eilers, Neva Sue
2000-134   Eisenrich, Bernice Emily
E-018Eitele, Anna
2002-121   Elam, Bobby J
E-013Elam, George Washington
E-008Elam, Misty Dawn
E-025Eldredge, Clayton R
E-020Elizalde, Ronda Kay (Ormsby)
E-033Elkins, Audrey
E-033Elkins, Audrey Hollis
E-014Elkins, Charles (Dick)
E-025Elkins, Festel Quince
E-004Elkins, Hazelwood Ferguson
E-028Elkins, Ione Marie
2006-189   Elkins, Lella M
2005-122   Elkins, M J (Red)
2003-024   Elkins, Murl
2000-019   Elkins, Ray Dean
E-016Elkins, William (Bill)
E-033Elkins, Yvonne
E-002Ellichman, Annie
2006-182   Ellichman, Ernest E
E-005Ellichman, Ned
E-023Ellington, Maxine M
2004-030   Elliot, Joseph J
E-009Elliot, Robert Harding (Bob)
2002-070   Elliott, Archie
E-024Elliott, Arnell Edward
E-018Elliott, Balvin Wesley
E-023Elliott, Casey Roy
2006-142   Elliott, Charles A
2002-174   Elliott, Clayton Lindley
E-037Elliott, Daisy Florene
2001-107   Elliott, Elizabeth Agnes
E-012Elliott, Fannie W
E-004Elliott, George Washington
E-015Elliott, Helen Elizabeth
2001-020   Elliott, Jack
E-008Elliott, Lester Earl
E-012Elliott, Lona Irene (Peggy)
E-003Elliott, Loreta J
2003-136   Elliott, Mary Jean (Jeannie)
2002-176   Elliott, Murlin E
E-006Elliott, Pattie Ray
E-003Elliott, Roxie Arthur
2006-169   Elliott, Tyler Wayne
E-013Elliott, Wilburn Buford (Boots)
2001-172   Elliott, Wilma Lessie Safell
E-017Ellis, Bobby Dale
2000-049   Ellis, Charles Ray
E-008Ellis, Darwin
2006-098   Ellis, Deborah Ann Huyser
2005-045   Ellis, Frances La Verne
E-032Ellis, Freda M
E-013Ellis, Henry
E-009Ellis, J O
2002-166   Ellis, Jesse Lorenzo, Jr
2004-089   Ellis, Jesse W, Jr
2000-071   Ellis, Jewell Edith Griffitts
E-037Ellis, Joel W
2005-027   Ellis, Joseph Earl
E-002Ellis, Katie
E-032Ellis, Mallie (Huckel) Hukel
E-002Ellis, Oren H
E-005Ellis, Ruth
E-012Ellis, Ruth
E-015Ellis, Tempie
E-005Ellis, Thelma D
2005-211   Ellis, Walter Joe
E-028Ellison, Oma Maye Loudermilk
E-007Ellison, Roy E
2000-017   Ellyson, Janie Parker
E-023Elmore W V (Bud)
E-012Elmore, Agnes Hunt
E-010Elmore, Lenard Doyle
E-020Elrod, Jho Nell
E-025Elston, Annie
2004-157   Elston, Caleb
E-036Elston, Charles A
E-010Elston, Colton Clint
2003-194   Elston, Dora
E-022Elston, Loe Ollan
E-026Elston, Myrtle
E-006Elston, Ralph
E-004Ely, Clara Lilly
2005-200   Ely, LaVerne Barton
E-031Embrey, Mary Neva
2004-054   Emert, Matilda A
E-025Emmett, A E (Ed)
2004-076-77      Emmons, Lula
E-007Endel, Allan Richard
E-028Endel, Van Allan
E-030Endly, Roy Harry (Archie)
2003-160   Endsley, M J Maples
E-012Endsley, Marvin (Mutt)
2005-036   England, A H
E-037England, Beatrice M
E-033England, Calvin Davis
E-009Engle, Alex D
2000-111   Engler, H H (Jake)
2002-070   Engler, Nettie Faye
E-021English, Effie Marion Dillahunty
E-022English, Gladys
E-031English, James E
E-014English, Leo
2005-226   Eoff, A D (Drew)
E-011Eoff, Bill
E-021Eoff, Eddie Dewayne
E-007Eoff, Elsie Lula
2006-129   Eoff, Etha Edith
2005-013   Eoff, Hellen
E-033Eoff, Martha
E-003Eoff, Milan (Milam) Kenneth
E-027Eoff, R C
E-010Eoff, Vallie
E-022Epley, Cecil Ray
E-002Epperson, Esther
E-021Eproson, Rena Horton
E-036Erichsen, Alta Lee
2003-187   Erichsen, Thomas Gore
2003-174   Ericson-Manley, Phyllis Ann
E-024Erlich, Ernest
E-008Ernst, Myrtle Almeta
E-037Erwin, Bernie
2003-211   Erwin, Catherine Ann English
E-005Erwin, Eve P
E-034Escamilla, Madeleno, Sr
2003-189   Escobar, Antonia
E-002Eshelman, Edna Fay
E-030Esquivel, Petra Gomez
E-016Estep, Cecil
2002-171   Estep, Donald Lloyd
2005-169   Estrada, Braden Keith
2004-118   Estrada, Guadalupe (Fish)
2000-134   Estrada, Loraine
2005-169   Estrada, Mathew Rylon
E-035Estrada, Micaela
2004-080   Estrada, Polo
E-016Ethetton, Oliver Justin
2004-122   Eubank, Mildred Carter
2002-157   Eudy, Newton Olliff Mary (Newtie)
E-027Eustace, Patricia Ann
E-011Evans, Ada Belle
2005-182   Evans, Barbara Walker
E-021Evans, Beulah Roberts
2001-096   Evans, Bobby Gayle
E-024Evans, Chester Loyd
E-006Evans, Elbert Gay (Snooks)
2006-048   Evans, Evelyn Chestnut
2000-176   Evans, Henry
2000-176   Evans, Henry
E-021Evans, Irene
E-035Evans, James Harrison
E-011Evans, James Lionel
E-014Evans, James R (Dick)
E-026Evans, Joe C
E-006Evans, Joe L
E-029Evans, Kenneth (Red)
2002-066   Evans, Lillie Olivia
E-035Evans, Lucille J
E-029Evans, M C
E-019Evans, Mack
E-022Evans, Margaret Gray
E-034Evans, Mary Kathleen
2006-151   Evans, Meba McCollum
2006-194   Evans, Mildred
E-020Evans, Minnie
2006-022   Evans, Quint
2005-148   Evans, R W (Bill)
E-037Evans, Raeford G
E-038Evans, Ronald Joe
2003-017   Evans, Ruby Louise
E-024Evans, Sherman J
2002-149   Evans, Thelma G (Pet)
2000-156   Evans, Van A (Barney)
2006-040   Evans, William Byron "Bill"
E-011Evatt, Gary
E-032Evatt, Loyd
E-029Evatt, Rubye
E-007Everett, Arthur Leroy
E-032Everett, Cecil Mrs (Lillian)
2000-022   Everett, Charlie Shelton
E-006Everett, Clara Bell
E-019Everett, Doris
E-006Everett, Dot
E-001Everett, Eric
E-007Everett, George Dudley
2001-058   Everett, H M (Mac)
2000-167   Everett, J B
2004-017   Everett, James Frederic (Jimmy)
E-018Everett, Lyda M Travis
2006-022   Everett, Tomye Belle
2002-131   Everett, Travis R
2002-140   Everett, Travis Rex
E-014Everett, Velma C
E-027Everett, Waynell Barham
E-020Evitt, Lula Maude
2000-076   Evridge, Chris
E-030Evridge, Imogene Gibson
E-004Ewers, Alice
E-011Ewers, Ruth M
2000-151   Ewers, Walter C
E-007Ewing, Albert
E-010Ewing, Donald Gray
E-014Ewing, Marie A
E-004Ewing, Mattie D
2005-062  Ewing, Vera Brown
2004-104  Ezell, Janice M
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