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Erath County Texas Obituaries
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Erath County Texas Obituaries, D

We indexed 14,684 obituaries for folks connected to Erath County, Texas. Area genealogist Marilyn Ewers dedicated years to collecting these files. They are provided through this site with permission from the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.  Obituaries generally start in the mid-1980s, but there are a few from earlier years. All years through 31 December 2006 have been consolidated into alphabetical lists by the first letter of the surname.
D-056Dabney, John Bledsoe
D-041Dabney, Ruby Loyce
D-001Dacus, Hobert
2000-029   Dacus, Joe Darby
D-065Dacus, Josie
D-018Dacy, Helen Elberta
D-024Daffern, Adyne T
2005-224   Daffern, Charles T
D-027Daffern, J D
D-031Daffern, Merle Louella
2004-077   Daffron, Ruth Koonce
2004-153   Daft, Maye Pritchard Gandy
2005-205   Dahlem, Bernadine Elizabeth
D-027Dahlem, Billy Jack
D-017Dain, Barbara Sims (Bobbie)
2004-027   Dalby, James Edward
D-007Daley, Joseph
D-018Daley, Marcia Ford
D-038Dalrymple, Byron William
2002-119   Dalton, Murl
D-030Dameron, Helen
2000-041   Dameron, Taylor
2001-116   Dammers, Mark
D-008Daniel, Amanda Jane
D-064Daniel, Bebe Joyce
2005-024   Daniel, Brent J
2004-013   Daniel, Charles R (Tom)
D-011Daniel, Claude
D-015Daniel, Dayle B
D-053Daniel, Denver Lyonel
2004-140   Daniel, Dorothy Doris
D-014Daniel, Duncan Ardeene
2001-153   Daniel, Jerry Jordon
D-012Daniel, Jimmy John
2004-088   Daniel, John Kenneth
D-013Daniel, Lillian Elnora
2002-114   Daniel, Lola Mae
D-072Daniel, Mattie Ross
2005-058   Daniel, Nadine Guthrie
2000-038   Daniel, R J (Shotgun)
D-006Daniel, Ray
D-002Daniel, Samuel Henderson
D-075Daniel, Virginia Ione
2004-161   Daniel, William Bob
D-001Daniel, Zena Bess
2002-067   Daniell, Mary Alda Elizabeth
2004-049   Daniels, Allen Clyde
D-012Daniels, Jerry Louis
D-010Daniels, Keturah Rae
2006-183   Danley, Frank
D-034Danner, Acton G
D-027Danner, Emma
2001-022   Danner, Joe
2006-074   Danner, Leon Aldred
2004-131   Danner, Leona
D-034Danner, O G
D-015Danner, Texas Helen
2001-033   Dansbee, Mattie Marylene
D-037Dansbee, William Ottis
2001-077   Darbonne, Daniel Wade
D-038Darby, Cecil C, Sr
2005-025   Darilek, Alma Ruth
2002-047   Dark, Frances Ferguson
D-007Darley, Eloise H
2003-056   Darling, Bea
2003-131   Darling, Robert Edward (Bob)
D-030Darling, Virginia Roselle
D-069Darnell, Lillie
D-037Darnell, Paul Dean
D-001Darnell, Pearl
D-004Darr, Ferris Walker
2000-047   Darrow, Idahlia
D-075Daugherty, Alpha Wiggins
D-028Daugherty, Glen Marshall
D-047Daugherty, Jerry Wayne
D-070Davidson, Erman
2002-028   Davidson, Jay M
D-078Davidson, Joyce Anita
D-040Davidson, Leatrice Bagley
D-007Davidson, Lillie Mae
D-030Davidson, Ruby Fae Hale
2000-152   Davidson, Thomas Paul
D-011Davidson, W G (Bill)
D-028Davis, Albert (Abb)
2000-067   Davis, Alberta Vessie
D-024Davis, Alice Moss
D-015Davis, Alton Elvin
D-055Davis, Bertha Mae
2000-032   Davis, Bessie Gladys
2001-148   Davis, Betty Pruitt
2003-055   Davis, Betty Sue
2003-057   Davis, Betty Sue
D-072Davis, Billie Lane
D-042Davis, Bobby Lynn
D-026Davis, Bryan
D-076Davis, Carolyn Kay
2002-183   Davis, Cecil Lee
2004-026   Davis, Charles Allen
D-003Davis, Clifford M (Herk)
2006-101   Davis, Clyde Vernon
D-052Davis, Cordie Bell
D-019Davis, Corene
2004-096   Davis, Coy (Al)
2003-158   Davis, Danny Lee
2001-169   Davis, Darwin K
2001-064   Davis, Dayle Brasuell
D-077Davis, Dean Preston
D-001Davis, Dewey
D-031Davis, Dewey Carollyn
D-044Davis, Dianna Gayle (Garvie)
2000-016   Davis, Donna Mae Mabelle
D-074Davis, Donnell
2001-004   Davis, Dorothy Jeanette
D-078Davis, Dwindolyn Pearl
2005-215   Davis, Edwena Shain Barnes
D-013Davis, Effie M
2001-083   Davis, Elizabeth Bennett
2000-028   Davis, Elois
D-042Davis, Estelle Slade
2000-035   Davis, Esther L
2001-191   Davis, Evelyn Rowena
D-002Davis, Finas B
D-031Davis, Ford
2005-078   Davis, Fred F
D-066Davis, Gene
D-011Davis, Geraldine W
2005-104   Davis, Grace Marie Mackey
D-043Davis, Hamy Birdwell
D-022Davis, Harold Charles, Sr
2004-102   Davis, Hattie Jane
D-038Davis, Henry Ford
D-025Davis, Homer L
D-040Davis, J William
D-043Davis, Jada
D-020Davis, James Aaron
D-016Davis, James Alford, Jr
D-037Davis, James Arthur (Jobber)
2005-153   Davis, James Paul Sr
D-011Davis, James Vernon
2001-016   Davis, Jeff C
D-039Davis, Jimmy Glenn
2004-152   Davis, JoAnn (Jodie)
2000-025   Davis, Joe E
D-032Davis, Joseph S (Stead)
D-034Davis, Juanita Alma Hensley
D-073Davis, June Carol
2005-093   Davis, Karla
D-045Davis, Kathleen Ayers
2004-187   Davis, Kimberly Blackwell
2000-048   Davis, Kirsten Irene
D-067Davis, Leslie Wayne
D-065Davis, Lois
D-010Davis, Lorene
D-077Davis, Lorene Clark (Rene)
2005-067   Davis, M J
D-014Davis, Mabel Blanche
D-024Davis, Mamie
D-003Davis, Marie
2000-019   Davis, Mario Franklin (Buck)
D-052Davis, Mark Kevin
2002-119   Davis, Marshall Sidney
D-025Davis, Mary Crowder
D-003Davis, Mary Maurine
D-018Davis, Mattie K
D-006Davis, Maude
2003-177   Davis, Minnie Viola
2004-106   Davis, Montie Dow
2004-106-07      Davis, Montie Dow
D-042Davis, Myrtle Mantooth
D-071Davis, Nannie Laura (Babe)
D-017Davis, Naomi Ruth
D-009Davis, Nelson
D-025Davis, Nola M
D-033Davis, Nora Burdette
2002-156   Davis, Norene Watson
D-042Davis, O T (Buddy)
D-038Davis, Ola McInroe
2004-008   Davis, Ollie Bower
D-013Davis, Ollie Lee
D-066Davis, Ona Stigler
2002-195   Davis, Opal Mae
2004-163   Davis, Rebecca Lea
D-057Davis, Reid Kathryn B
D-056Davis, Rhoda Violet
2005-217   Davis, Robert Dixie
D-055Davis, Robert Latrell
D-024Davis, Robert Ross
2002-151   Davis, Ronald Glen
2004-038   Davis, Rosellen Eberhart
D-077Davis, Roy J
2001-061   Davis, Ruby
D-028Davis, Ruth
2005-088   Davis, Stephen Eugene
D-049Davis, Stephen Franklin
D-048Davis, Stephen Franklin
D-008Davis, Thomas Morgan, Jr
D-005Davis, Viola Mosie
D-043Davis, Virginia Cleora Moore
D-039Davis, W C (Wick)
D-021Davis, W S (Bill)
D-012Davis, William L
D-033Davis, Willie L
D-039Davis, Wilma A
D-005Davis, Winford Edward
2005-159   Dawkins, Bayna
2001-108   Dawkins, Bessie Martha
D-007Dawkins, Billy Kyle
2000-068   Dawkins, John Hershel
2003-0020Dawkins, Violet
2003-020   Dawkins, Violet
D-043Dawson, Clarence Willis
D-011Dawson, Eddie Mae
2006-084   Dawson, Jimmie Deaton
D-036Dawson, Marshall
D-072Day, Ballard
D-023Day, Clona Elkins
D-016Day, Clyde Ruel
D-052Day, Curtis Edward
D-076Day, Essie Mae
D-053Day, Ewell Eugene
2004-155   Day, Ila May
D-050Day, Ira Frances
2004-065   Day, J N
2006-072   Day, J R
D-041Day, Jack W
D-012Day, Laqueta Stocks
D-070Day, Mary Etta
2003-109   Day, Mary Vesting
2001-033   Day, Ottis G (Bill)
D-010Day, Stella
D-022Dayton, Mary Elsie Hancock
2005-093   De Boer, Annie
D-051Deal, Coretha
D-050Dean, Frank A
2006-038   Dean, Goldie Marie Spencer
2001-190   Dean, Hezzie Carlton
2002-024   Dean, James William
2004-065   Dean, Lois Marie
2001-080   Dean, Maria Ann
2001-024   Dean, Myrtle May
2004-155   Deane, Billy Jo
2000-116   Deaton, Hugh Edward
2002-058   Deavenport, Jack
2006-090   Deavenport, Myrtle Faye
2004-091   Deaver, Aline Penninger
2003-188   Deaver, James F
D-030Deaver, John R
D-023Deaver, Lois
2002-114   Deaver, Robert M (Bob)
2006-010   Deaver, Ted R
2006-018   Deaver, Ted R
2003-125   DeBoer, Hengrik
D-004DeBusk, Charlie G
D-075DeBusk, William A (Dub)
D-027Dechert, Cody Shane
D-040Decker, Barbara Ann
D-025Decker, Billy Boyd
D-015Decker, Dahl Ray
D-040Decker, Dealva Gryder
D-074Decker, Dorothy
2004-012   Decker, Edward Wayne
D-018Decker, Gary Dale
2003-105   Decker, Lila Mae
2001-110   Decker, Matthew Dale
2001-111   Decker, Matthew Dale
D-016Decker, Mertyle
D-029Decker, Ramon Charles
D-063Decker, Willard
D-024Decker, Willie Blanche
D-030Deens, Jewel Parsons
2002-178-9Deerfield, Algie Louise
D-075Dees, Martha Ann
D-043Defer, E L (Chief)
D-044DeFord Margaret Smith
2001-043   Dehart, Bernice
2001-100   DeHart, E M
D-016Deisher, Angus (Red)
D-041Deisher, Charles D
2004-133   Deisher, Merle Dean
2006-180   Deisher, Mildred Monette
B-134Del Bosque, Eulalio
2003-044   Del Bosque, James
2004-090   Del Bosque, Javier
D-073Delatorre, Jesse Lynn
2001-070   DeLaurier, L Paul
2001-070   Delaurier, Laura Mott
2001-070   DeLaurier, Weston Lee
2005-062   Delay, Winnie Florence
2001-024   DeLeon, Miguel
2001-045   Delgado, Minerva (Minnie)
2004-089   Delk, Pat (Trissie)
2006-174   Delmasso, Freddie Glenn "Sonny"
D-046DeLoach, Delta A
D-041DeMasters, Mary Lee
2001-056   Demetruk, Emma Elsie
D-044Demke, Josephine Margaret
D-055Dempsey, Gerald
D-017Dempsey, Ruth
D-012Dendy, Bill
2005-184   Dendy, Billie Jean
D-063Dendy, Charlotte Sue
D-021Dendy, Lilly Mae
2003-087   Denecke, George A
D-035Denham, W A (Buck)
D-031Denio, Gene L
2002-004   Denman, Burk
D-023Denman, Cecil R
D-010Denman, Mary
D-009Denman, Oran Harvey
D-019Denman, Thomas Edgar, Jr
2005-019   Denning, Charles Edwin, Jr
2004-181   Denning, Joan Damaris
D-054Dennis, Augusta Mae
D-017Dennis, Beverly Juanice
D-047Dennis, Cecil Alvin
2000-036   Dennis, Diantha
D-024Dennis, Dooley H
2004-176   Dennis, James F (Jim)
2003-041   Dennis, Lorena Ruth
2006-094   Dennis, Terrence E
D-042DeNoon, Alma C
D-056DeNoon, Nelson Erick
2002-120   Depwe, Archie Wynne
2005-066   Derdivanis, Verna
2003-143   Derrick, Adam Daniel
D-014Derrick, Joe Herman
D-069Derrick, Johnnie
D-036Derrick, Lois
2002-119   Derrick, Lydia Leona
2003-151   Derrick, Maxine Faye
2005-225   Derrick, Nita Merle
D-066Derrick, Opal Chandler
2005-028   Derrick, Rhonda Marie
D-037Derrick, Willie Mae
D-029DeShazo, Doris Lucille
D-051DeShazo, Robert Marshal
D-036Despain, Billy Alan
2002-161   Devoe, Charles Walter
D-017DeVries, Wiebe
2002-020   DeWitt, Estelee Jamar
D-038DeWitt, Glenn W
2004-081   Diaz, Cresencia
2002-018   Diaz, Ignacio (Nacho)
D-009Diaz, James Madison
2004-115   Diaz, Manuel
D-057Diaz, Mary Christian
2004-123   Diaz, Salvador, Sr
2004-124   Diaz, Salvador, Sr
D-003Diaz, Steven Justin
D-046Dick, Olan Ashley
D-001Dick, Reba Lucy
D-033Dickerson, Ernest Earl
D-013Dickerson, James Junior
D-002Dickerson, Joe
D-034Dickerson, Lillian Estelle Tribble
2004-021   Dickerson, Michael Lee
2000-051   Dickerson, Tommy
D-032Dickerson, Virgil
D-078Dickey, Lucille B Lear
2000-162   Dickey, Patricia Loudean
2006-172   Dickey, Wanda Jean
D-065Dickie, Edith Iona
2002-063   Dickson, Aileen Virginia
D-033Dickson, Thomas (Tommy)
2001-046   Dickson, Uveila (Sam)
D-046Die, Dora Ruth Cupp
2005-216   Diener, Chelsea Dawn
2001-155   Dietrich, Don Edward
D-010Diffee, Raymond
D-065Diffee, Raymond Artamas
2003-060   Dillard, Brandon
D-018Dillard, Clifford S
2006-049   Dillard, Jean May
D-006Dillard, Mary Lucy
D057-062ADillon, Catherine Patricia
D-073Dillon, Donna Rose
2002-196   Dillon, Marion
2003-089   Dillon, Paul
D-009Dingler, O E
2001-050   Dingler, Roy
2003-182   Dirickson, Toby Ray
D-055Ditmore, Julia Ida
2005-135   Ditmore, Lucille Marie Maxwell
2002-030   Ditto, Edwin L
D-003Dittoe, Iva R
D-045Dittoe, Paul W
2004-170-71      Dittrich, Zula Louise
D-026Dixon, Ida
2000-104   Dixon, Jack Tolbert
D-039Dixon, Juanita Parham
2002-010   Dixon, Mrs Travis Maurice
2000-109   Dixon, N D
D-008Dixon, Norma Jane
D-006Dixon, Pearl Hattie
D-050Dixon, Ruthetta
D-014Dixon, Z R
D-053Dobbins, Erby Alice
2003-100   Dobbs, Larry A
2002-183   Dobson, John Blaine
D-036Dobson, Kathryn Cora Carr
2006-171   Dodd, Earl B
D-070Dodd, John
2004-070   Dodd, Katherine
D-041Dodd, Richard Doyle
2002-031   Dodd, Roland Floyd
D-051Dodd, Wilma Wanona
D-026Dodson, Dalphine Head
D-013Dodson, Glady B
D-007Doggett, Denver Alexander, Sr
D-051Doggett, Eula Mae
2001-042   Doggett, Ruby Nell
D-041Dolberry, Allen K
D-014Dolberry, Elmer W (Mike)
2004-004   Dolberry, James Norman
2001-112   Dolberry, Maudie M
D-029Dollar, Esta Euell
2001-029   Dollar, Norman William
2004-052   Dollins, Kathy Lee
D-068Donaldson, Edith Loleita
D-033Donegan, Ivo Clifton (Butter)
2001-074   Donohoe, Gertrude I
2002-051   Dorman, Lou Ella
D-013Doroslaw, William Louis
D-009Dorris, Artemus
D-034Dorris, Bobbie
D-035Dorris, Fern S
D-028Dorris, Mildred
2005-069   Dorsett, Jimmie Don
2004-079   Dorsey, Iva G (Skeet)
2004-080   Dorsey, Joe
D-067        Dorsey, Lola
D-022Doshier, J H
D-029Dossey, Arbeth Raby
D-028Dotson, Myrtle Estelle
2003-123   Dotson, Ola F
D-021Dotson, Walter Allen (Bud)
D-076Doty, Don A
D-001Dougherty, Ray (Buck)
D-011Doughty, Grady Lewis
2000-104   Douglas, Gene
D-002Douglas, Guy M
D-003Douglas, Jackie
2003-204   Douglas, Laura Elizabeth
2001-112   Douglas, Ora Alice O'Neal
D-035Douglas, W B (Budd)
D-021Dove, Bobby
2004-147   Dove, Mada
D-005Dove, Margaret Evans
D-044Dove, Mildred
D-035Dove, Winfred Malcolm
2006-143   Dow, Lila G
2003-203   Dow, Ricky Warren
D-040Dow, Robert Clair, Sr
D-018Dowdy, Arvie Carter
D-020Dowdy, Leslie
2003-179   Dowdy, Susan E (Susie)
2005-137   Dowell, Anne Laura
D-023Dowell, Beatrice
2006-078   Dowell, Charles Lynn
D-008Dowell, Charles Vernon
D-008Dowell, Ed
D-077Dowell, Edwin Stephen
D-047Dowell, F H (Doc)
2002-157   Dowell, Foy C
D-021Dowell, Geneva Thornton
D-054Dowell, Gussie Insall
2006-127-128    Dowell, Jared Reece
D-009Dowell, Ora Bell
2001-136   Dowell, Vera
D-010Dowl, Freda
D-069Downing, Carl
D-070Downing, Carl
D-029Downs, Florine Clark
D-025Dowthitt, Danny
2000-095   Drake, Jimmy Carl
D-045Drake, John Palmer (Pal)
2003-020   Drake, Judi Lynn Pyron
2000-009   Drake, Oma Zell
D-002Draper, Claude M
D-008Drees, Albert
D-031Drees, Fayrene
2001-187   Drennan, Annabel
D-023Drennan, J D
D-030Drennan, Mamie Marie
2001-119   Drennan, Maxine Sikes
D-022Drennan, W A (Bud)
D-020Dresslar, Lola
2005-074   Drew, Emery Martin
2003-030   Drewry, Lonnie R
D-055Driskill, Beulah Robison
2004-169   Driskill, Roy Gene
D-007Driskill, Zelma
2004-030   Driver, Bud
2006-015   Driver, Carl A
2006-135   Driver, Clasrence Lee "Sonny"
D-002Driver, Grace D
2006-172   Driver, John "Al"
2006-173   Driver, John "Al"
2000-140   Driver, Johnny Wayne
D-026Driver, Joseph Lynn
2002-135   Driver, Winfred J
2006-171   Droke, Louis A
2001-164   Drueckhammer, Dora
D-035Drury, Brenda Carol
2002-036   Drury, Jessica Ann
2003-153   Drury, Mary Ann Spencer
D-015Duckworth, Grace Evelyn
D-040Duckworth, Marjorie
D-043Dudley, Daisy Charlyne
D-063Dudley, Eltos
2002-127   Dudley, Grace Lacy
D-071Dudley, Jackson Albert
2002-030   Dudley, Lawrence Leroy
D-039Dudley, Ruth Miller
D-012Dudley, Virtie O
D-073Dudley, William Sutton (Bill)
2001-185   Due, Carvil Dean
2006-133   Due, Leila Elizabeth Franklin
2001-192   Dugas, Curtis
D-027Duggan, Jessica Frances
D-020Duggan, Lorean
2002-048   Duggan, William Russell
D-019Dugger, Ray
D-042Dugger, Susan Ellen
2006-012   Duke, Clemmie
D-038Duke, Davis Presley, Sr
D-026Duke, Hazel Collins
2005-048   Duke, Mary E
D-005Dukes, L L, Jr (Shorty)
D-004Dumas, E E
D-016Dumas, Jerry Don
D-022Dunagan, Lillie Faye
D-015Dunagan, Roy H
D-054Dunagan, Sam Freedman
2006-041   Dunaway, Vere C
2001-042   Duncan, Alice (Rhea)
D-068Duncan, Derward Skeet
D-053Duncan, Edgar Clayton, Jr
D-032Duncan, Frank Berry
2002-055   Duncan, Glen
2005-205   Duncan, Jessie
2006-138   Duncan, Johnny
2006-139   Duncan, Johnny
2000-081   Duncan, Margaret Pauline
2002-139   Duncan, Minnie Claire
D-014Duncan, Myrtle
D-053Duncan, Preston Swift
2000-017   Duncan, W E
2000-087   Duncan, Walter Nollie
D-009Dunlap, Arthur Marion
2004-134   Dunlap, Edward (Spider)
D-067Dunlap, Obie Lee
2004-137   Dunlap, Rose Kathryn
D-003Dunlap, Samuel Austin
2005-115   Dunlap, W T
D-045Dunlap-Harper, Lola M
D-040Dunn, Almabel A
D-004Dunn, Charlie A
2002-096   Dunn, Cleo
D-004Dunn, David Michael
D-019Dunn, Elvis W (Dick)
D-032Dunn, Harrell Clayton
D-019Dunn, Jewell Foster
2005-161   Dunn, Keats Benjamin
D-068Dunn, Lloyd Daniel
D-042Dunn, Luther David
D-023Dunn, Myrtle
D-013Dunn, Robert Carroll
D-028Dunn, W D (Dub)
2000-073   Dunn, Wayne S
D-017Dunn, Zelda Ziporah Quill
D-054Dunnam, James Alton
2003-089   Dunson, Addie Belle (Betty) Cole
2003-090   Dunson, Addie Belle (Betty) Cole
D-021Dunson, Bertha Fobes
D-006Dunson, Claud H
2003-066ADunson, George Milton
2004-068   Dunson, Henry Hale
D-042Dunson, Lee W
D-015Dunson, Lester
D-050Dunson, Lloyd A
2003-185   Dunson, Mary Taber
D-070Dupree, Earl
D-002Dupree, Frank D
D-005Dupree, Manila (Dollie)
2005-070   Dupree, Robert Kirtley (Bob)
2002-131   Duran, Alicia
D-016Durden, Jurel
D-009Durgan, Dulcie Ellis
2001-106   Durham, Clara Belle
D-037Durham, Elizabeth Anthony
D-033Durham, Esther Sue Hassler
D-032Durham, Gilmore
D-064Durham, Lester Clarence (Jake)
D-074Durham, Ruby Lee
D-004Durham, Sarah
D-045Durning, G W (Buck)
2003-066   Durning, Sally Mae (Sadie) McGraw
D-026Durrett, Raymond A (Pete)
2002-146   Dust, Carolyn
2002-042   Dutton, Elmo Wilson
2000-148   Dutton, Kenneth
D-035Duvall, Ila Lee
D-005DuValle, Charles Edmond
D-037Dye, Mary Frances
D-013Dyer, Emma Lou
2005-006   Dyer, Jolly Joe
D-019Dyer, Lester Clorilla
D-027Dyer, Paula Gayle
D-034Dykstra, Patricia Louise
2001-162   Dyson, James Edward
D-031Dyson, James Foye
D-068Dyson, Joe D
2000-078   Dyson, Thelma
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