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Erath County Texas Obituaries
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Erath County Texas Obituaries, C

We indexed 14,684 obituaries for folks connected to Erath County, Texas. Area genealogist Marilyn Ewers dedicated years to collecting these files. They are provided through this site with permission from the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.  Obituaries generally start in the mid-1980s, but there are a few from earlier years. All years through 31 December 2006 have been consolidated into alphabetical lists by the first letter of the surname.

2005-065   Cacy, Billy
2002-073   Caddell, Nathelee Wallace (Shorty)
2005-086   Cadenhead, Jim Bob
C-075        Cadenhead, Mollie
2005-140   Cadenhead, Walter B (Pete)
2000-021   Cadle, Violet Pearl
C-124Caffey, Ina Ruth
2004-172   Caffey, William Burton
C-100Caffey, Winona A
C-032Cage, James G
C-005Cage, John Martin
C-053Cagel, William Gene
2000-058   Cagle, Floyd
C-085Cagle, Gene Edwin
2005-016   Cagle, Macin Kage
C-085Cagle, Montie W
2001-133   Cagle, Thomas Lohman
2003-214   Cagle, William Carl
C-109Cahela, Franklin (Jack)
C-023Caile, Tony Leon
C-031Cain, R C (Cliff)
C-067Cain, William Dwight, Sr
C-068Cain, William Dwight, Sr
2002-083   Calaway, Frank H, Jr
2002-146   Calaway, James Stephenson
C-041Calder, Addie Delpha
C-113Calder, Bert Ira
C-030Calder, Dee Sherman
C-034Calder, Earl Leslie
C-065Calder, Ethel Maye
C-038Calder, Gordon Allen
2003-035   Calder, Grady Hall
C-022Calder, Jessie Andrew Duffie
C-127Calder, Joshua Glenn
2004-090   Calder, Mary Alice
C-043Calder, Raymond Myles
C-016Calder, Roy Lee
2004-143   Caldwell, Alma
C-095Caldwell, Cassie O
2003-004   Caldwell, Essie Fay
2004-002   Caldwell, G G (Buck)
2000-014   Caldwell, Gladys Irene
C-047Caldwell, Mildred Florence
C-039Caldwell, Thomas Coy
C-089Calhoun, Ozella Eva
C-049Callihoo, Joseph
C-056Callison, Thomas James (Jim)
2004-171   Callison, Treva Vineyard
C-121Calvert, Bernice Scott
C-077Calvert, Judy Karen
2006-201   Calvert, Mattie Lou
C-062Calvery, Charlotte Ann
C-129Cameron, Charles Eugene
C-004Camfield, Robert Frank
2001-071   Camfield, Wynoma Dell
2005-178   Camp, Kenny Lee
C-106Camp, Mildred Fern Masters
C-050Campbell, Albin Hobert
C-051Campbell, Audrey
2004-146   Campbell, Beatrice (Bea) Barnes
C-120Campbell, Beulah
C-132Campbell, Billy Gene
C-037Campbell, Carolyn Louise
2002-150   Campbell, Charlie (Scottie)
2004-179   Campbell, Clara
C-085Campbell, Clayton Lee
2001-173   Campbell, Craig M
2001-140   Campbell, George W
C-013Campbell, Gertie
C-130Campbell, Harold C
2003-134   Campbell, Hilton Coleman
2000-089   Campbell, James Alton
2001-012   Campbell, Joe Edward
2001-075   Campbell, Kathleen Weaver
C-065Campbell, Kithia Beatrice
C-048Campbell, Lillie Pearl
C-047Campbell, Maurine Alice
C-048Campbell, Myra Veta
C-118Campbell, Ora Mae (Pat)
C-012Campbell, Owen Gaston
C-029Campbell, Philip E
C-090Campbell, Ruby
C-067Campbell, William Leslie
C-093Campos, Andres B
C-076Campos, Andres, Jr
2006-033   Campos, Rafael
C-127Canady, Annie Sue
2001-009   Canady, Dollie Hukel
C-006Canant, Ruby
2000-033   Cannady, Kevin Michael
C-079Cannon, Bryce Russell
C-058Cannon, Christopher Michael, Sr
2006-162   Cannon, Mickey LaVerne Thiebaud
2004-022   Cannon, Mildred Musgrove Reed
C-128Cannon, Robert Lee, Jr (Bob)
C-084Canon, Robert Earl (Skinny)
C-086Canonico, August Robert (Gus)
C-054Cantrell, Curtis Ray
C-098Cantrell, Edna
2006-195   Cantrell, Helen Lois Minatra
C-014Cantrell, Jewel M
2006-145   Cantrell, Jodie Neal
C-031Cantrell, Lena Armstrong
2006-078   Cantrell, Linnie Ruth
C-020Cantrell, Luther Rice
C-040Cantrell, Maxine Baker
C-060Cantrell, Odell
2002-138   Cantrell, Tillie Emma
C-108Cantwell, Chris
2002-041   Capehart, Lorene
2003-041   Capell, Beth
C-038Capell, Lottie Littleton
C-012Capell, Mickey Dianne
C-027Caraway, Agnes (Peg)
C-104-A   Caraway, Billy Jack
C-043Caraway, Carol M
2004-102   Caraway, David
C-025Caraway, Glenn Lafayette
C-044Caraway, Jessie Lee
2000-086   Caraway, John Havis
C-115Caraway, L G
C-114Caraway, Lucille Jones
C-054Caraway, Marjorie L
2002-030   Caraway, Mildred Jones
C-024Caraway, Naoma Catherine
C-046Caraway, Pearl
C-116Caraway, Prentice Alvin
C-005Carden, Faye Hubbard
2006-193   Cardosa, Guadalupe
2004-124   Cardwell, Cai Daniel
2002-039   Cardwell, Lois Vera
C-027Cardwell, Lona
C-095Cardwell, Mozell
2005-184   Carey, Callie Rose
2004-061   Carey, Dorothy
C-018Carey, Eric
C-013Carey, Ethel D
2005-109   Carey, Helen E (Billingsley)
2005-178   Carey, Helen Garrett
2004-071   Carey, Hulon
C-094Carey, Lonnie
C-124Carey, Mae Pearl
C-113Cargill, Robert Estel
2005-007   Carithers, Wanda June
2005-008   Carithers, Wanda June
2001-019   Carleton, Bert M
2004-020   Carleton, Charline A
C-122Carleton, Earl Himton
2002-147   Carleton, Maymie Luker
2005-216   Carlile, Edmond L
C-077Carlisle, Eldred Mason
C-012Carlisle, Fay (Mrs John)
2002-013   Carlisle, James E (Jimmy)
C-101Carlisle, John L
2000-055   Carlisle, Mary Lee
2003-171   Carlson, Doris Aliene Meissner
2001-148   Carlson, Lula Evelyn Pittman
2000-137   Carlson, Marilyn
2000-137   Carlson, Marilyn
C-028Carlson, Ola
2004-047   Carlson, Sue
2000-107   Carlton, Elizabeth (Becky)
C-077Carlton, Fred L
C-096Carman, Larance (L C)
2003-055   Carnes, Grace
2004-059   Carney, Sidney Alec
C-085Carpenter, C R
2004-124ACarpenter, Delbert Stanley
2000-094   Carpenter, Dorothy Ann
C-129Carpenter, Dorothy Lee
C-087Carpenter, Euretha
C-018Carpenter, Flois Sikes
C-001Carpenter, Foy E
C-056Carpenter, Harley
C-003Carpenter, Jessie Ann
2000-064   Carpenter, Josephine
2004-013   Carpenter, Katie
2005-196   Carpenter, Mamie Laura Richards
C-111Carpenter, Marie
2002-194   Carpenter, Mildred
C-076Carpenter, Rayford
C-076Carpenter, Ruby Elizabeth Green
C-006Carpenter, W W
2004-107   Carr, Artie Elizabeth (Beth)
2002-151   Carr, Bert Ray
C-126Carr, Betty Mae
2001-018   Carr, Beulah Arabelle
C-067Carr, Bill
2006-080   Carr, Caleb (K-Leb)
C-031Carr, Charline Marie
C-033Carr, Dennis O
C-071Carr, Dick
C-084Carr, Edna Lee
2005-223   Carr, Elaine
C-080Carr, Fay
C-078Carr, Frances A
C-005Carr, Hugh Austin
C-046Carr, Katie E
2003-002   Carr, Katrina Lynn
2003-002   Carr, Katrina Lynn
2002-017   Carr, Leland L
C-002Carr, Leona A
2001-094   Carr, Linnie Marie
C-122Carr, Marvin Dale
2004-187   Carr, Michele (Mike) Perry
C-052Carr, Nettie Lee
C-041Carr, Ruby Ray
C-007Carr, Sylvia Jo
2003-177   Carr, Toby Andrew
2001-108   Carr, Tommie
2001-109   Carr, Tommie
2002-014   Carr, Truman H
2006-146   Carr, Velma
C-005Carr, Walter Caudine
2004-094   Carr, Wendell Hatchett
C-005Carr, Willard Boelker
2001-182   Carr, William Cleon
C-096Carr, Wilma Mae Swan
2005-207   Carrasco, Johnny Ray
2003-068   Carrico, Hazel Pair
C-026Carrigan, Bee Edward (Charlie)
C-019Carrigan, Lydia Bell
C-083Carrizales, Ezekial
C-100Carrizales, Roy
2004-138   Carrol, Roy
C-077Carroll, Alfred David, Jr
C-064Carroll, Betty Davis
C-125Carroll, Burns K
2006-013   Carroll, Christy Marie Greenway
C-062Carroll, Lila V
C-038Carroll, Lottie
2003-077   Carroll, Melvin
2004-130   Carroll, Patsy Ann
C-121Carroll, Raymond Monroe
2006-086   Carroll, Stephen A
2005-185   Carroll, Villa Thomas
C-010Carroll, Vina
2000-118   Carroll, Volney Franklin
2005-065   Carroll, Zelma Gracie
2000-014   Carruth, Beatrice Imogene
C-058Carruth, Glenn Edward
2002-123   Carruth, Roy A
2005-176   Carruth, William L (Billy)
2006-019   Carson, Beatrice
C-018Carson, Charles William
C-124Carson, Ollie Mae Judkins
2001-014   Carter, Alvis Nadene
2006-117   Carter, Angie
2004-143   Carter, Billie Gene
C-007Carter, Cora Lee
2001-056   Carter, Dorothy Graves
2005-074   Carter, Faye
C-058Carter, Finis G
C-074Carter, Floyd Albert
C-120Carter, G W (Doc)
C-123Carter, Gene
C-104Carter, Gene Rawlings
2006-008   Carter, Georgia (Tennie)
2006-006   Carter, Georgie (Tennie)
C-125Carter, Gladys Faye
C-045Carter, Herman M
2005-159   Carter, June Huey
C-081Carter, Kay
C-042Carter, Luther B
2002-091   Carter, Marian Geraldine
C-113Carter, Martha Lou Reba
C-075Carter, Mary Grace
C-098Carter, Max
C-078Carter, Michael Ray (Butch)
2000-088   Carter, Rex L
2001-094   Carter, Robbie C
C-128Carter, Roberta Grimes Zimmerman
C-046Carter, Ruby Plez
2000-047   Carter, T G
C-081Carter, Troy P
C-070Carter, Violet Onadell
C-071Carter, William George
C-011Carter, Zane
2006-123   Carthen, Sara Ellen
C-023Cartwright, Blanche
C-074Cartwright, Chad
C-055Cartwright, W B, Sr
C-074Carvalho, Jacintho Delima
C-022Carver, Eunice
C-049Carver, Milton
C-086Cary, Maxie
C-087Casey, John T, Sr
C-019Casey, Robert Don
2003-124   Cash, Charles Douglas
C-043Cash, Clarence Marlin, Jr (Cash)
2004-147   Cashon, Ruby Jewel
C-088Cashon, Thurman
2000-002   Caskey, Mae
2001-135   Cason, Charles C
C-035Cason, Elbert
C-060Cason, Hubert H
C-092Cason, Iantha V
2000-158   Cason, Minnie Ola
C-064Cason, Thelma Davis
C-020Cason, W V (Sandy)
C-093Casper, Bernice G
C-058Cassidy, Hattie Felts
2005-139   Cassidy, Randall
2005-140   Cassidy, Randall H (Randy)
C-110Casstevens, C H (Casey0
C-083Casstevens, Dorothy Whitehorn
2006-170   Casstevens, Joy Marie Schick
C-027Castaneda, Juan
2003-115   Castaneda, Judy Gale Lindsey
2001-069   Castillo, Manuel
2003-081   Castleberry, Melvin Leroy
C-040Castleman, Elizabeth
2005-112   Castleman, William Morton
C-114Castor, Thomas William
2002-142   Castorena, Antonia G
2003-187   Castro, Norbert Howard
C-111Catchings, Edda Pauline Voigt
C-118Cate, Geraldine Lane (Gerri)
2000-103   Cater, Jay (Joe)
C-015Cater, Scott
C-088Cates, Rex H
C-083Cathey, Claudine
2001-009   Cathey, Myrtle Marie
C-132Cathey, Vera
C-036Cathey, Violet (Babe)
C-034Cato, Felisha Danielle
C-127Cattles, George Tom
2005-187   Cattles, Nadine Laverne
C-027Caudle, Blue Belle
2004-070   Caudle, Dena
C-059Caudle, Dorris
C-123Caudle, Fannie Louise
C-051Caudle, Letha (Tony)
2006-069   Caudle, Robert Wayne
2006-038   Caudle, Rodolph
2005-043   Caudle, Russell Odell
2005-044   Caudle, Russell Odell
C-070Caudle, Virgie
C-039Caughman, Oliver D
C-008Caughy, Mildred E
C-131Causey, Mattie Mae
2006-139-140    Causey, Shirlene Tate
C-070Cavanah, Wayne Richard
C-002Cavitt, Annie Laura
C-032Cavitt, Gene Arthur
2001-089   Cavitt, Ileta
C-104Cavitt, Juanita Snow
C-052Cavitt, Neta
2006-188   Cavitt, Russell "Rusty"
C-019Cavitt, Sylven V (Cy)
C-123Cavness, James E
C-102Cawyer, Aubrey Wayne
C-053Cawyer, Matthew Anthony
C-020Cawyer, Sarah Allison
2001-025   Cawyer, Shirley Clayton
2006-130   Cawyer, Telefus Beverly "Bud"
2006-132   Cawyer, Telefus Beverly "Bud"
2001-032   Cedars, Marie Meisel
C-117Celli, Esta Favors
2006-087   Center, Lila Louise
C-022Center, Maxie Loraine
C-090Cervin, Kenneth
C-082Chaapel, Barbara Kay
C-089Chadwell, Billy D (Bill)
C-033Chadwick, Billy Joe
C-076Chaffin, Lois Allen
C-028Chafin, Lottie D
C-022Chalk, Donald or David Scovel
2004-173   Chambers, B W (Wayne)
C-115Chambers, Ben H
C-010Chambers, Birdie
C-113Chambers, Charlotte Miller
C-082Chambers, DeAlva F
2004-100   Chambers, Doyle Lee
C-005Chambers, Edd Welton
C-024Chambers, Ida Gladys Scott
C-030Chambers, Ina May
C-105Chambers, L B
C-016Chambers, Nona C
C-046Chambers, Pauline
C-018Chambers, Pauline Brown
2004-133   Chambers, Rayford Lynn
C-018Chambers, Wayne Bruce
C-015Chambers, Wilson
C-053Champion, Ona (Tot)
C-033Chan, Leta
2006-119   Chance, Ann
C-091Chancellor, Annie Lee
C-081Chancellor, Carl (Jeff)
C-057Chancellor, George Wade
C-049Chancellor, Jerry Glenn
C-109Chancellor, Tommy
2001-021   Chancellor, Virgil
C-108Chandler, A E (Chan)
2002-009   Chandler, D C
C-000Chandler, E H
C-017Chandler, Edrie Lundberg
2001-101   Chandler, Flora Hazel
C-002Chandler, Fred C, Sr
C-093Chandler, Herbert C
2000-069   Chandler, Jeff
2001-181   Chandler, John David
C-036Chandler, Joseph Addison
C-044Chandler, L S
C-057Chandler, Lecil
C-110Chandler, Lillie Moon
C-041Chandler, Lucille
2001-053   Chandler, Noble
2003-051   Chandler, Pauline Williams
2000-139   Chandler, Ruth Cameron
C-000Chandler, Sallie N
2001-034   Chandler, Sarah Elizabeth Clapper
C-003Chaney, Clara A
C-096Chaney, Dale T
C-009Chaney, Edyth
C-010Chaney, Edyth H
C-108Chaney, Faye Rasberry
C-056Chaney, Louis Jackson
2004-039   Chaney, Sally Dona
C-089Chaney, T C
C-122Chapa, Martin Gage Santana
2000-107   Chapman, Arthula (Audie)
C-006Chapman, Clarence William
2000-135   Chapman, Ellen
2001-059   Chapman, Eloise
C-081Chapman, Freida Z
C-126Chapman, Juanelle (Pat)
C-086Chapman, Marie
2003-065   Chapman, Nina
C-063Chapman, Sharon
C-122Chapman, Zettie Viola
2002-046   Chappell, Don Lorenza
C-044Chappell, Gregory
2002-064   Chappell, Juanita Anne (Charlie)
C-095Chariott, Christopher
2005-069   Charles, Charlesy
2001-142   Charles, George Sterling
2006-195   Chase, Martha Louise
C-032Chastain, Bert R
C-078Chastain, Leta Roach
C-072Chastain, Paula
2003-030   Chasteen, Bobby Gene
2003-034   Chasteen, Bobby Gene
C-101Chaulk, Dorothy
2002-050   Chauncy, Thomas M E, Jr (Eddie)
C-009Chavez, Gustavo Vega
2004-040   Chavez, Modesta Barron
2005-086   Cheatham, Edward Boyd, Sr
2004-147   Cheatham, Irby Paul
2006-187   Cheatham, Thomas Leslie
2002-096   Cheeck, Lou Dell
2001-079   Cheek, Mayme Louise
C-016Cheek, Roy Alvis
C-109Cheek, S J, Jr
C-077Cherry, Overa
C-042Chesser, Ervin William (Bill)
2002-137   Chester, Don P
2001-035   Chestnut, Eual Travis
C-119Chestnut, Jimmie Reasoner
C-006Cheves, Gordon Bedford
2003-114   Chew, Beatrice C
C-103Chew, Bill
C-090Chew, Jerry Don
2006-072   Chew, Melvin Vernon
2002-024AChew, Scotty Wayne
2006-136   Chew, Seleta Elliott
C-068Chew, William Carroll
2003-214   Chick, Berna Lee
2006-042   Chick, Joyce Sanders
2003-149   Chick, Sybil Inez
2002-167   Childers, Birdie Rose Anne
C-112Childers, Darlene Gunn
C-026Childers, Julia Fay
C-079Childress, Bob
2000-155   Childress, Edwyna Golightly
C-031Childress, George W
C-105Childress, Laura Lynn
C-091Childs, Modena Livingston
C-026Childs, Neda
C-105Childs, Odessa
C-028Childs, William Carl
2004-085   Chilton, Ann Negy
C-006Chilton, Guida B
C-079Chilton, Jane
C-119Chilton, Mickey Blake
C-134Chisholm, Samuel Rodgers, Jr
C-036Chisolm, Walter Charles (Dub)
C-067Chisum, Cynthia Anne
C-080Chisum, Horace
C-058Chisum, Jeff
C-090Chisum, John Henry
C-069Chrestman, Thomas Armstrong
2000-173   Christian, Bill
2001-041   Christian, Charlie Ruth D
C-029Christian, Everett D (Chris)
C-035Christian, Garlan H
C-029Christian, Jan Roy
C-128Christian, Jewell Loraine
2004-114   Christian, Leon
2006-052   Christianson, Paul Benjamine
C-056Christie, Leona Yvonne
C-021Christopher, Jesse W
2006-176   Christopher, Juanita Carr
2002-032   Christopher, Leonard E
C-052Chumney, Billie E
C-134Chumney, Roy Glenn
C-051Chupp, Brenda Lemoine
C-104-A    Chupp, Elton Lane
C-102Chupp, Kenneth Gilder
C-092Chupp, Shenna Michelle
2004-002-3Chupp, Thurman Gayle (Tooter)
2000-055   Church, Jean
C-096Churchill, Marie Lydia
C-123Claitor, Mildred
2005- 165  Clamon, Helen
C-030Clamon, Tom Edward
2002-085   Clamon, Woodrow D
2003-139   Clapp, Alice King
C-082Clapp, L Russell
C-118Clark, Audie B
2004-028   Clark, Benny Glynn (Benn)
2001-040   Clark, Billie Cortez
2000-035   Clark, Buddy John
C-120Clark, Donald Fred
2003-141   Clark, Doris
2001-148   Clark, Edward
C-053Clark, Elizabeth D
C-116Clark, Freddie Kaye
2000-141   Clark, Grace Elizabeth
2004-135   Clark, Harlen
2002-061   Clark, Hazel Delle Beckworth
C-080Clark, Helen M
C-133Clark, Jeannie
C-030Clark, Jesse W
C-027Clark, Jimmie
C-025Clark, John F
C-052Clark, Leola
C-073Clark, Lora Mae
2000-057   Clark, Lucky
2002-195   Clark, Melba Geraldine
C-035Clark, Naomi Isham
2003-117   Clark, O J, Jr
C-028Clark, Ollie Conner
C-064Clark, Ovee John, Sr (Red)
2000-116   Clark, Percy Coyt (Sleepy)
C-080Clark, Ray
C-089Clark, Reubin Jesse
2000-085   Clark, Robert Carl
C-050Clark, Ruby B
C-130Clark, Ruth
2005-072   Clark, Thelma
2004-048   Claunch, Pauline (Polly)
C-016 Clay, Curtis L
C-132Clay, Wanda
2005-108   Clayton, David Edward
2005-108   Clayton, David Edward
2002-010   Clayton, Fred W
2005-026   Clayton, Garry Neil
C-021Clayton, Lemuel Vergil
C-091Clayton, Lucy Leona
2002-008   Clayton, Opal T
C-077Clayton, Rolene Inez
C-012Cleghorn, Doll
C-054Cleghorn, Mildred
2001-152   Clements, Edith Mae
2006-128   Clements, Helen
2004-166   Clements, Ila Halbrooks
2003-079   Clemmer, Clifford Hoyt
2005-199   Clemmer, Daphna L
C-120Clemons, Harriett Tipps
C-021Clendenin, Eliza Ernest (Monty)
C-066Clendenin, Michel Frank
2003-190   Clendenin, Ray C
C-004Clepper, Ida
C-033Cleveland, Alice
2002-001   Cleveland, Ray W
C-029Cleveland, T Hamilton
C-062Cleveland, Valera Nell
C-019Click, Ivan
2001-112   Click, Lessa Carole Crouch
2002-194   Clifton, Adner "Jean"
C-079Clifton, Daphne P
2003-194   Clifton, Harold Clay
C-036Clifton, James H
C-059Clifton, Kevin Len
2005-014   Cline, Don Choat
2002-076   Cline, Evert
C-011Cline, Frances
2005-159   Cline, Hiram Arlis
C-125Cline, John Pascal
C-050Cline, Lora Gertrude
2002-076   Cline, Neva Alice (Salver)
2004-171   Cline, Norman Dale
2004-172   Cline, Norman Dale
C-108Cline, Oda Gertrude
C-079Clinkscale, Randy Lee
2001-004   Cloud, Dorothy Denman
C-132Cloud, Harry
2000-067   Cloud, Jack P
C-028Cloud, Madge Greenwood
2005-037   Cloudas, Voncile Naomi
2005-038   Cloudas, Voncile Naomi
2000-080   Clough, Florence
2005-019   Cluff, Darrell
2005-023   Cluff, Darrell
2003-050   Coalston, Martha Roselle
C-008Coan, Alice Sanders
C-072Coan, Benjamin Newton
C-094Coan, Charles Wade
2006-121   Coan, Flossie B Walker
2006-122   Coan, Flossie B Walker
2001-129   Coan, Inez
C-051        Coan, James Rodger
C-067Coan, Lloyd
2000-010   Coan, Lockie Helen
2000-045   Coan, Lyndell Floyd
2002-135   Coan, Max
C-050Coan, Rodger E
2005-138   Coan, Suzanne (Susie) Stone
2006-008   Coates, William David
C-075Coats, David James
2004-052   Coats, Juanell (Nell) Maxwell
2004-044   Cobb, Elmo
C-070Cobb, Gary Joe
2002-008   Cobb, Grady Melvin
C-064Cobb, Howell Earl
C-017Cobb, Nola East
2001-137   Cochran, Christine B
2003-097   Cockerham, C L (Bud)
2004-001   Cockerham, Mary Jane
2003-126   Cockrell, Mary Louise
C-114Cockrell, Mary Rebekah
2004-053   Cody, Arthur Raymond
C-024Cody, Harrold Desmond
C-072Cody, Lloyd Elton
C-059Cody, Maurice Elmer
C-010Cody, Mrs P H (Lillie)
2001-187   Cody, Velma Lucille
C-063Cofer, Mack Walter
2005-119   Coffee, David O
C-088Coffee, E O (Cotton)
C-046Coffee, Lucille
C-086Coffman, Avery Conrad
2002-169   Coffman, Bobbie Mae Halbert
C-047Coffman, Monte L
2003-146   Cogburn, Delton (Dee)
C-115Cogburn, Jimmie Faye (Steele)
2003-087   Cogburn, Leslie Dean
C-104-A    Cogburn, Mary Katherine
2005-156   Cogburn, Oscar L
C-098Cogburn, Otho Valentine
C-026Cogburn, Sarah Thompson
C-103Cogburn, Shawn Gentry
2003-053   Coggins, L W (Leon)
C-057Coker, J D (Johnny)
2006-049   Coker, Margaret Ann
C-059Coker, Mary Louis
C-036Coker, Vera D
2000-011   Colbaugh, Helen Nadine
2000-170   Colbaugh, John Edwin (Ed)
C-074Colbert, Evalyn
C-026Colbough, Bonnie Marie
C-045Colbough, Johnnie James
2003-043   Colbough, Laura (Elete) Barkley
C-009Colburn, Ava Mae
C-051Colburn, Mavis
2002-011   Colburn, Richard
C-060Cole, Bruna
2001-032   Cole, Callie C
2005-063   Cole, Charles Thomas
C-109Cole, Corena G
C-013Cole, Donna Charles
C-035Cole, Florence A
C-076Cole, Herbert Tillman "(Hub)
C-060Cole, J J (Jud)
C-028Cole, Lee Roy
C-048Cole, Lucille Hallmark
2000-095   Cole, Margaret Elizabeth
2005-036   Cole, Mary Evelyn
C-026Cole, Mildred Ray
C-019Cole, Murray Baldwin
C-127Cole, Raymond Harris
C-037Cole, Richard Earl
C-104-A    Cole, Robert Alford (Bob)
C-018Coleman, Alvin Ford
C-031Coleman, Maedell
2003-031   Coleman, Nancy Christine
C-023Coleman, W F
C-080Colin, Ramona Davidson
C-043Collazo, Guadalupe
C-043Colley, Corey Ray
C-005Collier, Albert Floyd
C-121Collier, Grace E
C-094Collier, J M (Bill)
C-042Collier, Leonard Groves
2004-166   Collier, Nina Lou
C-053Collier, Tommie Lee
2006-006   Collier, Vera Oleta Horton
C-007Collier, William Clay
2002-007   Collingsworth, Lucille
C-050Collins, Albert
C-035Collins, Bernice C
C-016Collins, Dixie Madge
C-096Collins, Earl (Shorty)
C-061Collins, Elizabeth Clifton
C-045Collins, Ella Lee
2000-132   Collins, Era Davis
2004-066   Collins, Garland
C-067Collins, George Richard
2000-008   Collins, Hildon Von
2001-137   Collins, Hollie Cox
C-088Collins, James Enoch
2003-141   Collins, Jayce Randall William
C-069Collins, Jo Frieda
2006-125-126    Collins, John
C-068Collins, Larry DeWayne
C-094Collins, Lee
C-011Collins, Lula T
C-049Collins, Mattie Lee
C-051Collins, Newell (Newt)
C-061Collins, Ruth
C-054Collins, T B (Tom)
C-007Collins, Thomas B
2000-073   Collins, Willard
2000-153   Collins, William Harvey
C-075Collinsworth, Douglas Wyatt
2002-106   Collinsworth, Leonard Graham
C-024Collinsworth, Margarete
C-098Collinsworth, Wilma Jean
2004-121   Collup, Doyle Elmer
C-092Colon, Jose David Soto
C-103Colvin, James E
C-072Colwell, Bob
2002-073   Colwell, Dustin Reed
C-029Colwell, Fred Dudley
C-087Colwick, Avis Baker
C-034Colwick, Grace Chandler
2000-043   Colwick, Karen Lee
C-101Combs, A B, II
2000-165 ACombs, Alica (Lisa)
C-044Compton, Augusta Short
2004-174   Compton, Claude Kenneth
2001-167   Compton, Elouise Frazier
2003-001   Compton, James Arthur
2003-001   Compton, James Arthur
C-114Compton, Jewell R
C-082Compton, Johnny (Chalk)
C-023Compton, Mildred
C-080Compton, Oleta Dotson
C-032Compton, Silas
2002-103   Compton, Wilma June
C-099Conatser, John Marvin
2004-146   Conatser, Kay H
2004-148   Conatser, Kay Hickey
C-103Conger, Baker Lee
C-019Conger, Finous Dunn
2005-206   Conklin, Lillian
C-120Conklin, Ronald Dale (Ron)
C-037Conley, Charles Robert
C-027Conley, Eugenia (Gene)
C-054Connally, Bud
C-130Connally, Ed
C-053Conner, Barbara Genette
2001-019   Conner, Jud D
C-047Conner, Roy
C-076Contreras, Maria E
2005-225   Conway, James
C-073Cook, Allene Knox
2000-163   Cook, Allie Wauldene Atkinson
C-065Cook, Annie S
C-039Cook, Benjamin David
C-070Cook, Byrd Belle
2004-084   Cook, Catherine
C-112Cook, Cleo Ellena
C-133Cook, Dale
2003-178   Cook, Deward Burford
C-025Cook, Durl Bane
2004-103   Cook, Edward L
C-060Cook, Faye R
C-091Cook, Frances Catherin
2003-067   Cook, Francisco Neave, Jr
C-025Cook, Glen
C-044Cook, I D
C-083Cook, Irene
C-128Cook, J Paul
C-068Cook, Josie
C-130Cook, Martin Holt
C-082Cook, Myrtle Bell
C-055Cook, Nautie Fae
C-056Cook, Nautie Fae
C-048Cook, O C
C-055Cook, O'Dale
C-071Cook, Robert Lee, Jr (Bob)
2006-104   Cook, Robert Reid
C-097Cook, Roger Gale
2002-158   Cook, Ron
C-078Cook, S J (Red)
C-074Cook, William Bailey, Jr
2001-102   Cooke, George Austin
C-014Cooke, Mildred Marie
2006-188   Cooke, Oren "Les"
C-012Cooksey, Dolly
2005-144   Cooksey, L Wayne
2005-146   Cooksey, L Wayne
C-129Cooksey, Major Hugh
2006-112   Cooksey, Regina Mary
C-118Coolbaugh, Charlie Crawford
2006-180   Cooley, Patricia LaNell
C-092Coombes, Rosa Bess
C-043Coop, William Elman
2002-093   Cooper, Beth
2001-118   Cooper, Eula Grace
2000-084   Cooper, Fred R
C-055Cooper, Howard Archie
C-052Cooper, Velma Lee
C-110Copeland, Donald A
2004-127   Copeland, George W
2003-120   Copeland, Naydene
C-037Copeland, Ruby Estelle
2002-184   Coppedge, James Walter
C-081Coppedge, Jessie M
C-039Coppedge, Vonzie Alma Carey
2005-124   Coquat, Pauline Chilton
C-041Corbell, Johnny Louis, Sr
2003-032   Corbell, Mary Emma (Bassett)
C-044Corbell, Mary Rhoda (May)
C-062Corbell, Nolen (Jack)
C-126Corbell, Ruby (Lois)
C-025Corbell, Ruby A
C-056Corbell, Tracia Caroll
2003-012   Corbett, Billie
C-014Corbett, Nell Wooton
C-011Corbin, George M
C-091Corbin, Louella
C-126Cork Effie D
C-031Cork, Ernest E
2002-159   Cork, Jewel Irene
2005-101   Corless, Wayne Gold
2005-103   Corless, Wayne Gold
2005-208   Corley, Theda
2001-021   Cornelius, Suejette
C-033Cornelius, Willie Mae
C-035Cornell, Calvert
2005-094   Cornell, Hazel
2005-094A Cornell, Hazel
C-052Cornell, Ida Ozella (Wesson)
C-026Cornett, Coyt E
2001-096   Cornett, Jim G
C-097Cornett, Jim George, Jr
2006-201   Cornett, Juanta Lorene
C-131Cornett, Kathleen Marie
C-059Cornett, Pearl
2005-053   Cornett, Wanda Lea
C-107Corregan, Hunt
2000-119   Corta, Joseph Nicholas
2003-112   Cortez, Jose Dolores
C-006Cosby, Raymond Edward
2003-164   Costabile, Frank
2005-128   Costales, Norma
2003-097   Coston, Cleo
C-010Coston, Oscar Newton
2004-135   Cotter, Irene J
C-133Cottrell, Albert (Hab)
C-009Cottrell, Bertha
C-082Cottrell, Cecil G
C-061Cottrell, Horice
C-099Cottrell, Ova Pearl
2003-055   Cottrell, Viola
C-097Couch, Bobby Warren
C-117Couch, Ernest Wayne
C-101Couch, Floyd M
C-034Couch, James S (Santy)
C-010Couch, John Quincy
2000-010   Couch, Marth Mae
C-102Couch, Maxine P
C-045Couch, Morris B
C-013Couch, Nina Marie
2002-154   Couch, Preston
2003-029   Couch, T J
2003-157   Couch, Timothy (Tim) Trent
C-021Couch, Walter Jack
C-064Couch, Wanda Kennedy
C-055Couch, Wesley Kevin
C-018Couger, Bill F
2005-214   Coulter, Walter Jack
2000-123   Counts, Inez
2002-158-9Counts, James B
2000-165 ACounts, Joyce Parks
C-045Counts, Myrtle
C-022Counts, Rex L
C-024Court, Lottie Irene
C-064Courtney, Birdie Marie
C-020Courtney, Felder
2003-053   Courtney, Willie L
2006-017   Coutorie, Ravelda Ruth Rainey
2005-048   Covey, Kenneth Lee
C-093Covey, Loyd H
C-125Covings, Katy Kidwell
2003-104   Covings, William E
2005-097   Cowan, Alieta May
C-041Cowan, Bessie Longley
2006-043   Cowan, Bonley A
C-038Cowan, Dita Mae
2000-102   Cowan, Donald C
C-008Cowan, Faye Stewart
2003-171   Cowan, Ina Vaye
2006-006   Cowan, James Samuel
2001-008   Cowan, Lillian Ann
C-007Cowan, Pearl R
2002-143   Cowan, Rich Wade, Jr
2002-144   Cowan, Rich Wade, Jr
2001-096   Cowan, William Lewis
C-032Cowan, Winnie D
C-038Cowart, Helen L
2004-175   Cox, Alice Mason
C-122Cox, Alice Roseman
C-014Cox, Benjamin Franklin
C-015Cox, C Eckle
C-023Cox, Carl Abraham
C-077Cox, Carroll Virginia
C-014Cox, Charles Emmett
2003-222   Cox, Charles W
2000-161   Cox, Chartie R
2000-159   Cox, Chartie Rhudene Parnell
2004-115   Cox, Ciara Ann
C-125Cox, Clinton C
2002-086   Cox, Curtis N
C-072Cox, Dale Medford
C-003Cox, Dan
2006-085   Cox, David William
C-012Cox, Dean
2002-197   Cox, Diane
2004-031   Cox, Donald Carl
C-090Cox, Dovie Smith
C-089Cox, Doyle Edward
2000-003   Cox, Elna Maurine
C-069Cox, Eunice Estelle
2001-078   Cox, Felix James
C-066Cox, Forrest Wynn
2004-039   Cox, Frederick Dayle, Sr
2004-162   Cox, George T
C-024Cox, Gladys
C-075Cox, Helen C
2002-054   Cox, Helen Gertrude
C-130Cox, Horace Busby
C-021Cox, Hugh
C-003Cox, J Henry
2003-002   Cox, Jack R
2003-101   Cox, Jo Ellen
C-117Cox, Kenneth Ray
2005-084   Cox, Lavada Ruth
C-040Cox, Lena Etna
C-119Cox, Lena Otella
C-131Cox, Lender Clifton
C-008Cox, Lessie Nichols
C-013Cox, Lettie B
C-034Cox, Lillian
C-013Cox, Lillie Beatrice
2002-137   Cox, Lorene Inez
2001-164   Cox, Maravene Baldwin
C-054Cox, Margaret
C-014Cox, Margaret Bowman
C-021Cox, Maude Lee Briles
C-017Cox, Mel Gene
C-032Cox, Mona Yarbrough
2004-006   Cox, Myrtle Kemp
C-107Cox, Nell P
2002-162   Cox, Olive Inez
2000-089   Cox, Oscar Matthew
C-095Cox, Otha Wilburn
C-085Cox, Ozie Jane
2001-095   Cox, Patricia Ann
C-128Cox, Rudie Carolyn Hyatt
C-003Cox, Sebren Ross
2006-164   Cox, Susie
2003-095   Cox, Virl H
C-058Cozart, John Roger
C-026Cozby, Beryl
C-011Cozby, George Fine
C-068Cozby, Homer Granada
2005-147   Cozby, Ima Dee
2001-100   Cozby, Iva Pearl McGee
C-057Cozby, Opal Main
C-039Crabb, Grace Elizabeth
C-062Crabb, Marie Sherley
C-093Crabb, Roy Lee
2006-159   Crabtree, Charles Fred
2006-162   Crabtree, Charles Fred
C-043Crabtree, Fred
2003-082   Crabtree, Linda Sue Lambert Fulkersin
C-127Crabtree, Wahneeta Fisher
C-001Crabtree, Wendy
2006-188   Craddock, Dorothy J
2005-212   Craddock, Gunda Lilly
2005-213   Craddock, Gunda Lilly
C-105Craft, Donna Kay
2004-129   Cragwell, Albert O
2001-051   Craig, Bruce Porter
C-118Craig, Chandler Ed
C-025Craig, J D
2001-147   Craig, Jane Inez
C-063Craig, Lonnie H
2002-060   Craig, Mary E
C-080Crain, Grady
C-029Crain, Hubert William
C-022Crain, Josie Barrett
C-133Crain, Leta Fay Fulfer
C-012Crain, Mary Frances
2006-028-29      Crain, Oliver Jr
2005-163   Crane, Mae
2001-172   Crank, Elaine C
C-095Crank, Elzie Oleta
C-032Crank, Henry (Doc)
2000-159   Crank, Minnie Leola
2005-103   Crass, Linda Mae
2006-133   Crass, Vida Lorena
2006-070   Crawford, Charles Howard
2001-051   Creacy, Betty Jean (Gourley)
2002-034   Creacy, Durwood
2002-035   Creacy, Durwood
2002-003   Creacy, John Add
C-068Creacy, Robyn Rea
C-023Creamer, Vernon L
C-059Creath, Nadine Wiseman
C-100Creech, Bruce
2000-160   Creek, Maudie
C-081Creekmore, Evelyn
C-040Crenshaw, Dovie Evelyn
C-069Crenshaw, Herbert H
C-033Crenshaw, Opal
C-060Crenshaw, Paul Meredith
2005-038   Crenshaw, Saige Lillian
C-131Creswell, Mack Deaton
C-106Creswell, Rowena Clark
2001-122   Crew, Roy Lee
C-078Crews, Mary Lee
C-030Crews, Ray
C-085Crews, Rena Florence Nadine
C-028Crews, Sherman
C-111Crews, T G
2001-177   Crews, Thomas Glenn
C-107Crider, Joshua Vernon
C-084Crimmins, Carl E
C-129Crimmins, Nina M
2002-056   Crisp, Peggy Jo
C-132Crisp, Talmadge (Lucky)
2003-131   Criswell, Georgia Lee
2002-027   Crittenden, Mary Alice
C-113Crittendon, Archie J
C-121Crocker, Nina Marie
C-099Crocker, Roger
C-015Crocker, Royal A
2000-061   Crockett, Eltie Ina
2000-160   Crockett, Faye Anna
C-038Croft, Bess
C-041Croft, Danny
2004-037   Croft, John Ernest
2004-174   Croker, Neva
C-055Cromer, Herbert E
C-061Cronk, Albert Leslie, Jr
2006-050   Crook, Marjorie
C-007Crookshank, Elsie Hill
C-008Crookshank, Elsie Hill
C-100Crosby, Rosa Lee
C-017Cross, Inez M
2000-063   Crouch, Doris Tucker
2003-152   Crouch, Dorothy Kate
2002-035   Crouch, Elizabeth Jean
C-038Crouch, Emogene
C-040Crouch, Forbus
2006-190   Crouch, J G
2006-193   Crouch, John Gordon "J G"
2002-026   Crouch, John Lester, Jr
2002-027   Crouch, John Lester, Jr
C-017Crouch, Maud Patterson
C-011Crouch, Mentie
2005-228   Crouch, Norman
C-073Crouch, Pearl Florence
2002-083   Crouch, Raymond L
2002-082   Crouch, Raymond Lee
2001-007   Crouch, Robert Charles
C-040Crouch, Rose Ella
2006-180   Crouch, Willie Mae
C-030Crounce, T V
2002-102   Crow, Everett Braden (Joe)
C-029Crow, Floyd
C-051Crow, John Frazier
C-133Crow, Lillian
C-050Crow, Mrs A J (Ava)
C-015Crow, Pearl
C-042Crow, Terry David
C-006Crow, Thelma Gertrude
C-115Crowley, Lee
2003-174   Crowley, Leona Estelle
2000-030   Crownover, Arthur E
2000-028   Croy, Billy Joe
2006-098   Crump, Joella Bryson
2003-130   Crump, Tommy Dewain
2005-212   Cruse, Mildred Dorthyne Freeman
C-104-A    Cryer, Kelsey Nicole
C-063Cude, Billie Ray
C-065Cude, Don
C-009Cuellar, Benito G
2003-190   Culbertson, Juanita
2006-156   Culbertson, Oren Albert
2001-065   Culbertson, Virgil
C-088        Culifer, James (Buddy)
C-015Cullen, Alta Ellen
2002-085   Cullen, Maifred Hale
C-119Culp, Mitchell
C-047Culpepper, Lola F
2000-105   Culpepper, Rebecca Vivian
C-116Culpepper, Wiley Theo (W T)
C-131Culver, Travis Nolan
C-070Culver, Violet Bernita (Bonnie)
2000-103   Culwell, Katherine Louise Freeman
C-102Cummings, Ann
2003-173   Cummings, Dorthy Pearson
C-036Cummings, Dub
2005-207   Cummings, Ed
C-048Cummings, Frank Rolland
C-101Cummings, Melba Ruth
2006-037   Cummings, Ruby Inez
2000-145   Cunningham, Cynthia Annette
C-034Cunningham, Dallas Wilson
C-065Cunningham, Don W
C-078Cunningham, Frank Ollie
C-063Cunningham, Herbert B, Sr
C-124Cunningham, Mary Inez
2004-156   Cunningham, Paula Dale (Pete)
C-071Cunningham, Thelma McDonald
C-104Cunningham, W O
2003-218   Cunninhgham, O D, Jr
C-074Cunyus, Opal Shaw
C-085Cunyus, Paul Alonzo
2002-160   Curb, Zeoleate Violet
C-091Curl, Blake
C-020Curl, Elva
2002-032   Curl, James Dexter
2002-018   Curl, Opal Mae Tate
C-063Currie, Dennis H
C-050Currie, Douglas H
2003-010   Currie, Marilyn Harrison
C-046Currie, Maurice
C-129Currier, David Gene
2000-142   Currier, Kenneth
2005-054   Curry, Estelene
C-081Curry, Hurschel F
C-049Curry, Kenneth Edward
2000-005   Curry, Martha (Marty) Adams
C-104Curry, Mary Ball
C-049Curry, Ollie
C-112Curtis, Bob Z (B Z)
C-126Curtis, Clara Beth
2001-077   Curtis, Jack
2000-037   Curtis, James M
2003-219   Curtis, Loran Melbecher
2000-169   Curtis, Robert David
C-082Curtis, Wesley Dewey
2000-097   Curtis, Wesley Jr
C-108Curtoys, Evalyne M
C-083Cushman, Gertrude
2005-136   Custer, Plumlee, (P E)
C-075Cutbirth, Trixie Elaine
C-054Cutler, Earl Price
C-057Cutler, Minnie Thompson
2000-105   Cutting, Virgina Louise
C-072Cypert, Priscilla Jane
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