Erath County Texas Obituaries
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Erath County Texas Obituaries, B

We indexed 14,684 obituaries for folks connected to Erath County, Texas. Area genealogist Marilyn Ewers dedicated years to collecting these files. They are provided through this site with permission from the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.  Obituaries generally start in the mid-1980s, but there are a few from earlier years. All years through 31 December 2006 have been consolidated into alphabetical lists by the first letter of the surname.
B-046Babb, Eva Irene
2002-075   Babb, Winnie
B-124Baber, Otis
B-053Baccus, Melva
B-006Baccus, Sylvia Wilson
B-019Bachus, Edna
2006-096   Bachus, James P
2005-211   Bachus, Loyd
B-086Bacon, Earl I
B-074Baer, Virgie
B-046Bagley, James Melvin
B-046Bagley, Myra
B-094Bagley, Nellie Christine
B-136Bagley, Nevada Lee Rounsaville
B-103Bagley, Shirley Opal
2003-217   Bagwell, Betty June
2005-163   Bagwell, Joe
2006-020   Bailey, Alfred Joe
B-010Bailey, Alza Oleta
B-102Bailey, Avis Rose
2001-190   Bailey, Billy Joe
2002-077   Bailey, Bobby Warren (Bob)
B-055Bailey, C J
2001-191   Bailey, Carl L
B-061Bailey, Chess
2005-004   Bailey, Emmett Earl
B-129Bailey, Hazel Cogburn Powell
B-113Bailey, Hugh Osborn
2000-051   Bailey, John A
2001-187   Bailey, John Thomas
2003-056   Bailey, La Joyce
2003-017   Bailey, Maida F
B-016Bailey, Murry D
B-156Bailey, Naomi Nora
2001-086   Bailey, Patsy D
B-123Bailey, Perle Ola
B-121Bailey, Richard T
B-017Bailey, Ruth E
B-151Bailey, Sarah
2001-037   Bain, Laverta
B-143Bain, Leston F
2000-115   Baird, Della Meador McCrary
B-008Baird, J D
B-152Baird, Nelson Byron
B-060Baker, Aaron C
B-082Baker, Alberta Gordon
B-091Baker, Amanda LaChelle
2006-080   Baker, Andy
2002-019   Baker, Ann Stewart
2005-024   Baker, Annie Laura
B-010Baker, Bill
B-055Baker, Estelle H
B-097Baker, Gene
2004-028   Baker, Guy Brand
B-047Baker, H R
B-080Baker, Herman F
B-016Baker, Joe Edwin
2002-094   Baker, Kaydince JulieAnn
B-051Baker, Laura Cook
B-150Baker, Lola Beatrice
B-123Baker, Lorine L
B-081Baker, Mikayla Lee
2002-087   Baker, Nora Agnes
B-144Baker, Ollie Lou Garner
2002-079   Baker, Rayburn D, Jr
B-143Baker, Sarah Irene
2005-212   Baker, Virginia
B-160Baker, Virginia Gilbert
B-052Baker, Wilson Ross
2002-197   Bakke, Brenda Kay
2001-100   Bakke, Geraldine Bates
2004-080   Balash, John G
2002-125   Baldwin, Melvin L
B-142Baldwin, Ross Quincy
B-095Baldwin, Thelma
2002-172   Bales, Edward Franklin
B-092Bales, Mitchell
2005-046   Bales, Velma Oree
B-052Ball, Charlie Chloe
B-100Ballard, Clara Naretto
2006-179   Ballard, Floyd Lee
B-085Ballard, Henry E, Jr
B-153Ballard, Joyce Marie
2006-046   Ballard, Ruchard Stanley
B-020Ballard, Toby Joe
2003-071   Ballard, Vere J
B-056Ballard, Weaver Boyd
B-099Ballard, Woodrow M
B-064Ballard, Zelma Oveta
2001-011   Ballenger, Clara Pearl
2000-141   Ballenger, Clarence B
B-063Ballenger, Frances Marie Layton
2006-042   Ballenger, George Edward
B-011Ballenger, Sovola Don
B-144Ballmann, Jeannene
2005-036   Ballmann, Wesley Edward
B-062Ballow, Cecil C
B-088Ballow, Deborah
2004-141   Ballow, Juanell Rodgers
B-118Ballow, Marie Mayfield
2004-038   Ballow, R L (Dude)
B-026Baltzell, Virginia G
2002-083   Balzen, McKenna Grace
2000-056   Banda, Catarina
2005-182   Banda, Esiquio, Sr
B-087Bandy, James Hubert
2004-077   Bandy, Opal
B-131Bandy, Thelma O
2000-134   Banister, Constance
B-115Bankhead, George B
2000-114   Banks, (Thomas) Tommye Ray
B-018Banks, Melva Dean
B-054Banks, Ralph B
B-026Banks, Vera E
B-131Banks, Virgilea
B-012Banner, Earnest K
B-048Barbee, Benjamin R, Jr
B-126Barbee, Benjamin Read, Sr
B-127Barbee, Benjamin Read, Sr
B-086Barbee, Bethany Elizabeth
B-133Barbee, Billie Ruth
2006-106   Barbee, Clayton Bryan
2004-011   Barbee, Geraldine
B-072Barbee, H J
2004-101   Barbee, Harriet Louise Vaughan
B-047Barbee, Herman Adolphus
B-098Barbee, James Worth (Cowboy)
2001-104   Barbee, Leldon Gayle
B-137Barbee, Lisa Gaye Thompson
B-013Barbee, Martha Carolyn
B-024Barbee, Melvin Durward
2006-086-87Barbee, Naomi L
B-022Barbee, T (Garland)
B-027Barber, Lola M (Daffern)
B-047Barber, Lura Inez
B-022Barber, Minnie Evanell
B-012Barber, Treasure Davis
2002-011   Barefoot, Elizabeth June
B-015Barfield, Minnie
2001-074   Barfield, Willie Edward
B-028Barfoot, Albert Jackson
2000-141   Barfoot, Jessie Laurie
B-083Barham, Carroll
2005-118   Barham, Clint A
B-024Barham, Dohn Harwood
B-031Barham, Eunice Wynelle
2005-056   Barham, Jane
2002-044ABarham, Leta
B-155Barham, Madylyn
B-031Barham, Ruby Ileta
B-072Barham, Walter
2000-136   Barham, Wayne
2000-123   Barker, Edwin
B-126Barker, Felton Jerry
B-110Barker, Geraldine
2002-005   Barker, Ina B
B-009Barker, Jessie Lee
2006-082   Barker, Roberta A
2004-067   Barker, William Charles
B-003Barkholtz, Winona Davis
2006-088   Barnard, Louise
2002-053   Barnard, Mattie A Pack
B-095Barnard, Myrtle McAlpine
B-083Barnes, Barton Todd
B-012Barnes, Benjamin Franklin
2001-185   Barnes, Daniel David
2005-040   Barnes, Dell
B-109Barnes, Elmo Redden
B-149Barnes, Hershell Louis
2005-105   Barnes, Jackie Cooper
B-032Barnes, Jessie K
B-145Barnes, Lanis Garner
B-068Barnes, Loice
2000-166   Barnes, Lola Annis
B-072Barnes, Oleta Faye
B-063Barnes, Robert T
2006-008   Barnes, Rodney Lee
2006-179   Barnes, Travis
B-113Barnes, Vencil (Cotton)
2002-122   Barnes, Weaver Lincoln
B-116Barnes, William Thomas (Dub)
2002-192   Barnes, Willie Mae (Bill)
B-087Barnett, Avanelle Shadle
B-038Barnett, Bertice C
B-074Barnett, Cecil Rhoads
B-113Barnett, Charles Vernon
B-055Barnett, Christine
B-073Barnett, Della Ellen
B-021Barnett, Doris Howard
B-060Barnett, Edmonia Louise
2006-144   Barnett, Francis V Hart
2000-172   Barnett, Joseph Warren
B-005Barnett, Laura Lea Munnerlyn
B-136Barnett, Marie
B-007Barnett, Marion
2002-101   Barnett, Thomas Jefferson (T J)
B-062Barnhill, Jean Miller
B-071Barnhill, Talmadge Perry
B-037Barnhill, Zora Zong
B-027Barnum, John Red
2000-043   Barr, C E (Ceb)
B-076Barr, Mary Joy
B-025Barrett, Annie Lois
B-012Barrett, Darrell Maurice
2001-165   Barrick, Alice Angeline
2002-118   Barrington, Lila Fae
B-051Barron, A T
2003-134   Barron, Antonio Cuellar (Tony)
2003-037   Barron, Donne Baehr
2004-148   Barron, George H
B-073Barron, Granville Richard
2004-064   Barron, Jimmy D
B-139Barron, Leonora
B-130Barrows, George Sartwelle
B-080Barry, Albert David
B-140Barry, Gloria M
2002-036   Barry, Rachel Marie
2002-046   Bartek, Charles D
B-044Barton, Dixie Forester
2005-050   Barton, Elsie Maurine
B-121Barton, Floyd Henry
2002-158   Barton, Wanda Jean Pruitt
B-042Bascom, Beatrice Othorpe
B-028Bascom, Lewis Ashley
2000-148   Bascom, Maureen Hitt
B-019Basey, John L
B-048Basey, Willie Mae
2006-088   Basham, Bill
2003-128   Basham, Dannie
B-112Basham, Douglas Roy (Nub)
2006-164   Basham, Elvie C
2002-008   Basham, Eugene P
2000-031   Basham, John A
B-013Basham, Lou Ann
B-126Basham, Mary Louise
B-070Basham, Roland A
2006-202   Bashaw, Ione Greene
B-017Baskett, Dee F
B-059Bass, George Howard
2003-170   Bass, Martha Algerine Stephens
2004-134   Bassett, Hazel Kinnard
B-142Bassett, J C
2004-165   Bassett, Richard Dee
B-080Bateman, Ben
B-083Bateman, Bryan Edward (Butch)
2004-026   Bateman, Laura Belle
2000-120   Bateman, Leslie Brooke
B-028Bateman, Tim
2001-135   Bates, Bobby Lynn
B-025Bates, Clifton Earl
2004-097   Bates, Cora Key
2002-064   Bates, James Walton
2005-113   Bates, John Louis
B-065Bates, Loree
2001-050   Batey, Beverly Diane
2005-096   Batson, David Warren
2005-096   Batson, David Warren
2001-041   Batson, Ollie Lacie
2000-122   Battershell, Ila B
B-008Battershell, Mary Lucille
2000-174   Battershell, Virgil C
B-043Baty, Milton Earl
2000-108   Baty, Tommy Lue Hicks
B-051Baugh, Albert Frank, Jr
B-158Baugh, Augusta Rosa
2005-066   Baugh, Debbie June
B-050Baugh, Ethel
B-116Baugh, Fate Willie
2006-173   Baugh, Gregory Allan
2005-062   Baugh, Linda Nadine
B-007Baugh, Nanetta Whitehead
2001-096   Baugh, Tommy Hugh
B-040Baumgardner, Marie
B-157Baxley, Carla M
B-048Baxley, Marjie A
2005-149   Baxter, Anabel Cowan
2005-151   Baxter, Anabel Cowan
2005-152   Baxter, Anabel Cowan
2003-161   Baxter, Cyrus McDonald
2005-154   Baxter, Edna Ray Whitehead
B-013Baxter, Jane
B-082Baxter, Julia Jo
B-072Baxter, Mamie, (Grandma)
2004-069   Baxter, Troy Vernon
2004-076   Bays, Bertha Louise
2001-119   Bays, Carroll
B-007Bays, Clarence Palmer
B-058Bays, Clell
B-133Bays, Dean
B-007Bays, Ernest E
B-096Bays, Euna
B-030Bays, Flora F
B-018Bays, Gordon B
2001-169   Bays, Harold Eugene
2006-181   Bays, Johnny
2002-138   Bays, Lawrence (L C)
B-138Bays, Louis (Junior)
B-097Bays, Louis J
B-041Bays, Loyd Samuel
B-090Bays, Maggie Ann
B-044Bays, Millie
B-079Bays, Reginald (Reggie)
B-159Bays, Sam Edward
2003-073   Bays, Sue
B-001Baze, Ginetta A Sikes
2000-162   Beach, Charles R
B-159Beach, Linda Jean
2001-075   Beadles, Madge Faye
B-036Beadles, Richard Dale
B-065Bean, Gladys
B-148Bean, Ivon Arthur
2005- 183   Bean, Joe Ward Jr
B-021Bean, Morice Russell
B-072Bean, Sherman Bradley (Totsie)
B-154Bear, Alma Faye
B-077Bear, Lois Emily
B-023Beard, William T
2005-148   Bearden, Lowell
2005-099   Bearden, Robert D
2004-086   Bearden, Sterling W
B-147Bearden, W H, Jr
2001-045   Beasley, Ashley
2001-036   Beasley, Ashley Elizabeth
2001-140   Beasley, Erma N Bowie Roberson
2000-096   Beasley, Juanita Geraldine (Blain)
B-043Beasley, Richard H
2004-015   Beason, Emily B
B-039Beason, Homer
2000-177   Beason, Jerry R, II
B-055Beason, Nettie
2004-054   Beaty, Alton Monroe
2006-017   Beaty, Annie Earlene
B-032Beaty, Blanche F
2003-001   Beaty, Joe Carroll
2003-001   Beaty, Joe Carroll
B-090Beaty, John David, Jr
2003-196   Beaty, Velda
B-025Beauchamp, Katherine G
B-004Beauchamp, Linda
2006-164   Beaver, Walter A
B-073Bebb, Agnes R
B-080Becerra, Angie
B-106Beck, Grace Evelyn
B-052Beck, J W
2001-014   Beck, Judy Lanell Holland
2000-091   Beck, Lucille
B-015Becker, Barbara Lucille
2000-067   Becker, Illa Faye
B-084Beckworth, Earl McPherson
B-050Beckworth, Kathleen Dodd
B-057Beckworth, Paul
B-058Beckworth, Paul
2003-165   Becton, William Edwin (Ed)
B-111Beene, Lee Tilda Sharp
2000-165 ABehrens, Emil WIlllis (Cotton)
B-050Behrens, Ermin Thomas
B-063Behrens, Harold
B-065Behrns, Pauline
2001-001   Behymer, Betty R
B-160Beilinski, Frank William
B-053Beireis, Michael L
B-153Belcher, Ara Wallace (Toppie)
B-030Belcher, Audie
2000-120   Belcher, Ella
B-154Belcher, Gilmer Lee
2006-103   Belcher, Orville D
B-037Belding, David James
2004-066   Belew, Tressa Nan (Pat)
2003-156   Belk, Daisy
2006-065   Belk, Doil Dewitt
B-050Bell, Ashley
B-050Bell, Aspen
B-148Bell, Brandy (Brandi) M (BB)
B-067Bell, Frances Etoyle
B-134Bell, Howard Dean, Sr
B-089Bell, James Lawrence
B-020Bell, Jimmy Scott (Jim)
B-111Bell, LaRue Thompson
B-111Bell, Lula Mary
B-103Bell, Luther W
B-051Bell, Marvin C
B-086Bell, Regina T
2004-017   Bellenfant, Earl
B-003Bellew, Woodrow
2006-106   Belote, Joe Jr
B-149Belvin, Nelda, L
B-119Belyeu, Amogene Carnes
B-066Belyeu, Doris Mildred
B-011Belyeu, Ernest E
2005-219   Benne, Robert Eugene (Bob)
2006-200   Bennet, Bobby Gerald
2006-095   Bennet, Lottie "K"
2000-155   Bennet, Paul
2000-065   Bennet, Randy
B-075Bennett, Anita
2005-055   Bennett, Ethelda Odessa
B-152Bennett, Gene
B-109Bennett, Laura U
B-005Bennett, Nora (Olla)
2000-155   Bennett, Paul
B-034Bennett, Robert Gayland
B-031Bennett, Wilson A
B-061Benningfield, Henry Allen
2006-011   Benson, Thomas Howard
2006-014   Benson, Thomas Howard
B-015Bentley, Gaberella A
B-068Bentley, Jo Ann
B-040Bentley, O D (Goodeye)
B-078Benton, Charles Edgar (Ed)
2000-071   Benton, Charles Edward
B-022Berger, Blanche
2005-077   Bergmark, Mark R
B-029Berna, Annie Mae
B-039Berna, Carrie Cason
B-079Berna, Carrie Davis
2004-056   Berna, Elam Andrew (Junior)
B-056Berna, Lottie Mae
B-130Bernell, William Roger
2006-115   Bernhardt, Zita Corgill
2005-040   Bernhoft, Doris J
2005-042   Bernhoft, Doris J
B-156Bernis, Barbara Kay
2000-090   Bernis, Francis Anton (Frenchie)
2002-070   Bernis, Francis Louise
B-019Berry, A W (Doc)
2004-120   Berry, Andy Levi
2005-025   Berry, Charles (Chuck)
2005-026   Berry, Charles (Chuck)
B-030Berry, Ernest F
2004-093   Berry, Harold W
B-064Berry, Hatie Pearl
B-149Berry, Hixie Marie
2006-151   Berry, Luna D
2004-098   Berry, W H (Red)
2004-099   Berry, W H (Red)
2005-138   Bershers, Beulah Faye
2006-134   Bershers, Coy Leon Sr
B-158Bertino, Edith M
2004-152   Beshers, Floyd Earl
2005-133   Beshers, Uradean Drennan
2000-067   Bessent, Yvonne
2001-111   Bethany, Emma Jewel
2000-166   Bethany, Johnnie Robert Odell
2005-134   Bethea, Barbara Jean
2002-120   Bethea, Pamela Ann Stoker
B-003Bettis, A Z
B-080Bettis, Florence
B-096Bettis, Jimbo (Mrs James Tonie)
B-141Bettis, M A
2002-186   Bettis, Ruby Faye
B-003Beus, JoElla
2003-049   Beverly, Barbara Bostick
2003-210   Beverly, Clyde Boyer
B-021Beverly, Julius A
B-133Beverly, Wayne W
B-102Beverly, William F (Bill)
B-083Beyer, Carroll
2005-167   Beyer, Dillion Bryce
2003-008   Beyer, Edith Estelle
B-131Beyer, G R (Jack)
B-078Bibb, Claude Collier
B-056Bibb, Earl (Buck)
B-085Bielinski, Gloria Dumith
B-024Bielinski, Lottie
B-069Biggers, Cecil Curtis
2000-057   Bigham, Jeremiah Shane
2003-162   Bigham, Lillie Adell
2004-169   Biglin, Kitty Clare
2002-018   Biglin, Thomas Roland, Jr
B-157Billberry, James Edward
B-065Billingsley, Kitty Oleta
2005-001   Bills, Connie Gwen Hyles
2006-122   Bills, Dollie Fidler
2002-060   Bills, Kathleen Nichols
2003-167   Bills, Natell Pruett
B-027Bills, Pearl Marie
B-011Bills, Sterling
2001-179   Bills, Tommy Wayne
B-042Bills, Zula
2001-048   Binford, Jerald Duane
B-125Bingham, Gertie Bell
B-150Bingham, James Harold
B-122Bingham, Pink Lloyd
B-092Bingham, Rosie Lee
B-096Binnall, Thomas M
B-006Bird, Jimmie
B-007Bird, Jimmie
B-111Bird, Mrs Newt (Melba)
B-088Bird, Newt
B-114Birdett, Ollie M
2000-173   Birdsill, Wilma Agnes
B-006Birdsong, Eula M
B-039Birdsong, Virginia Wishart
B-095Birdwell, Carl, Jr
B-091Birdwell, Dewie Wilson
2003-206   Bishop, Beverly Gray
2000-019   Bishop, Esta Fae
B-045Bishop, Irene
B-112Bishop, Irene
B-103Bishop, James T
B-147Bishop, Kathleen Elizabeth
2000-125   Bishop, Kenny Dale
B-020Bishop, L T (Bud)
2000-064   Bishop, Lois
B-063Bishop, Nell
2000-059   Bishop, Thelma
B-043Bishop, Thomas Leo
2005-162   Bishop, Virgil
2005-161   Bishop, Virgil L
B-099Bishop, W B Billy
B-106Bissett, Euna
B-042Bivens, Connie
B-105Black, Clara Ary
B-079Black, Edwin A
B-051Black, Ethel
2004-046   Black, James
B-043Black, James Hillman
2002-038   Black, Lula Merle
B-009Blackburn, Austin Truett
B-008Blackburn, Carl W
2006-166   Blackburn, Mary Annette
2002-012   Blackerby, Edith Irene
2002-013   Blackerby, Edith Irene
2002-134   Blackmon, Rickie Lee
B-089Blackstock, Arthur Thomas
2003-203   Blackwell, Don
B-023Blackwell, Howard F
B-045Blackwell, Juanita Packwood
B-062Blackwell, Leonard Dale
2000-068   Blackwell, Leonard Ross
B-090Blackwell, Ruby Lee
B-084Blackwell, Thelma Jewell
B-003Blackwood, Bernice
2003-069   Blackwood, Dorothy
B-137Blain, Donald Jerry
B-074Blaine, Lois Rachel
B-078Blaine, Paul Hubert
B-041Blair, Dianne
2000-153ABlair, Frankie Drake
B-152Blair, James Edward (Jim)
2000-085   Blair, Julius
2000-006   Blair, Louise
B-106Blair, Texanna
2006-064   Blair, Vivian Hammack
B-092Blair, Willie John
2004-042   Blake, Lillian M
B-033Blake, Stacy Annette
B-095Blakley, Vinita Mae
B-058Blanchard, Alice E
B-111Blanchard, E A (Doc)
B-097Blanchard, Nellene
2002-096   Blanco, Raul Herrara
B-085Blanford, Dovie Mae
2003-066   Blanford, Lockridge
2005-137   Blanken, Dorothy Marae
B-023Blankenship, Loma
B-059Blankenship, Olan Ruper
B-026Blankenship, Ralph W
B-008Blankenship, Vera Mae
2000-053   Blankinship, Darrell Lynn
2000-054   Blankinship, Darrell Lynn
B-053Blankinship, Opal May
B-054Blankinship, Opal May
B-041Blankinship, William Bryant
2004-123   Blankinship, William Ross (Bill)
2006-185   Blanks, Robert Henry "R H"
2002-110   Blanton, Benjamin Johnnie
2005-101   Blanton, Pearl Agnes
2005-113   Blanton, Raynell
B-048Blaylock, O A
B-061Blazi, Margie Louise
B-051Bledsoe, Carol Ann
B-125Bledsoe, Raymond P
B-143Bledsoe, Sula Laura Griffith
B-027Bleeker, Carol
B-156Blevins, Ralph Eugene
B-046Blevins, Virginia
B-055Blitch, Joe E, Jr
B-031Block, Shirley Jean
2000-089   Bloxom, Dave
B-091Bloyd, Clara Lucille
2001-096   Bloyd, Jessie Lee
2006-071   Blue, Ann
B-020Blue, Bernadine
B-132Blue, Bessie M
B-065Blue, Elza G
2003-043   Blue, Elza G (Adare)
2004-185   Blue, Grady Lee
2003-057ABlue, Lovoda
B-018Blue, May
B-128Blue, Raymond
B-101Blue, Robert Edgar
2003-128   Blue, Shirley Ann
2001-135   Bluethman, Irene
2003-075   Blum, Ed H
2000-012   Blum, Lawrence Edward
B-015Blumberg, Mimi
2000-082   Blunk, Mattie Mae
B-159Blunk, Ralph Aaron
2006-188   Boardman, Bill
B-013Boardman, Bill
2001-088   Boase, Arthur
B-023Boase, Bruce William
B-049Boase, Flossie Mae
B-075Boase, Frances W
B-062Boase, Lee
B-156Boase, Nelda Allene
B-033Boase, Nella V
B-107Boase, Roger Dale
2002-033   Boatman, Lois B
B-088Boatman, Sam A
B-016Boatwright, Helen Tatum
2006-172   Bob, Jordan Cornell
2006-189   Bobo, Alta Pauline Davis
2003-163   Bobo, Evalina
B-001Bobo, Jesse Robert
2006-192   Bodine, Gladys Mildred
2004-042   Bodine, Ralph
2001-157   Bodjo, Evelyn Edora
B-068Bodjo, John Anthony
2001-165   Boen, Allene
2000-003   Boen, Charlene Carrie
2000-005   Boen, Charlene Carrie
B-114Boen, Sharyn Lee
2003-057   Boening, Ernest L, Sr
B-073Boening, Fred John
2006-148   Boggs, Gary
B-044Boggus, Alfred L
B-086Boggus, Dale E (Scooty)
2002-023   Boggus, James Howell
B-026Boggus, Linda E (Hoard)
B-151Boggus, Verna
B-055Bohan, Francis G
B-088Bohan, Rose Mary
2000-101   Bolden, Lillie
B-153Bolding, Reggie
B-069Boldt, Mary E
B-035Boling, Bob
B-142Bolling, Ada
B-076Bolling, Ben
2004-112   Bolling, Bertha Brock
2004-089   Bolling, Cecil W
2003-094   Bolling, Curtis James
B-020Bolling, Jessie Roena
2003-093   Bolling-Paul, Emily Paige
2006-144   Bolstad, Delpha Daphine
B-119Bolstad, Lloyd Harold
B-104Bolton, Angie
B-049Bolton, Nancy Helen
B-039Bolton, Percy Buford
B-022Bolton, Raymond M
2003-146   Bombarden, Dick W
B-028Bond, Annie P
2003-180   Bond, Doyle Hamilton
2002-170   Bonds, Milton Clark
B-028Bone, James Kelly
B-151Bone, Larry
2002-017   Bone, Paul
B-089Bone, Ruth Railsback
2003-028   Bone, Thomas Riley
B-085Bonhannan, William Henry, III
B-125Bonner, Lucius Franklin, Jr
B-053Bonner, Margie Margaret
2003-094   Bonner, Wilmer D
B-033Bonser, Cora
2004-057   Bonser, Lorena (Peggy)
B-126Bonser, Mary Ida
B-059Bonser, Russell Atwood
B-073Booker, Nina Ethel
B-005Bookout, Robert L
2000-083   Boone, Eugene A
B-132Boone, Jeannette Verduzco
2005-187   Boone, Jessie Phillips
2005-188   Boone, Jessie Phillips
B-086Boone, Lena Mae
B-107Boone, Raymond C (Ray)
B-146Boone, T H
2006-055   Booth, Arden C "Cody"
B-017Booth, Cecil C
B-016Booth, Isaac Earl
2000-007   Booth, James Eugene
2006-078   Booth, Linda Carol Jaggers
B-071Booth, Lola Bell
2004-092-93      Booth, Reta Joyce Grissom
2002-005   Booth, Rotha Pearl
2002-111   Booth, Roxie Ada Henson
B-062Booth, Ruth Lucille
B-092Boothe, Naomi Geneva
2006-057   Borcherding, Charles
B-087Borders, Cleo King
B-020Bordner, Esther Mae
B-049Bordner, George W
B-067Bordner, Mrs Alf (Peck)
B-014Boren, Winnie
2004-119   Bost, Danny Lee
B-139Bostic, G V (Gip)
2006-033   Bostick, Alvin L
2003-168   Bostick, Bob Sercy
B-001Bostick, Don Earl
2002-034   Bostick, H E (Bob)
B-088Bostick, Thelma J
2003-200   Bostick, Viola Ruth
2004-036   Bostick, William Edward (Ed)
2005-189   Bostock, Jim
2005-226   Boswell, H D
2001-031   Boswell, Jo Ann
B-082Boswell, John William
B-151Boswell, Ronald A
2006-030-31Boucher, Charlotte Elizabeth
B-002Boucher, Elvonda (Von)
B-012Boucher, Emma
B-003Boucher, Ernest (Ernie)
B-124Boucher, Hazel Margarite (Big Ma)
2003-110   Boucher, James A
2004-174   Boucher, James L
B-016Boucher, Kate M
B-096Boucher, Myrtle Inez
B-022Boucher, Nora B
B-060Boucher, Odd V
B-105Boucher, Thurman M
B-089Boucher, Wilburn Keith (W K)
B-037Boucher, Yuel
2001-075   Bouchillon, Neta Elgenia (Barker)
B-105Boudreaux, Isabel Jordan
B-077Boullt, Joseph Edward, Sr
2000-036   Boullt, Regina Mary
2002-119   Boultinghouse, Al
B-156Bounds, Calvin W
B-006Bounts, Ina Winona
2001-036   Bourke, Clarence Dee, Jr
2004-027   Bousley, Mary Helen (Sutton)
B-093Bousman, Peggy Jean
2001-186   Bowden, Bobbie Glen (Bob)
B-144Bowden, James Weldon, Jr (Jimmy)
2006-150   Bowden, Lillie Joyce (Rose)
2006-150   Bowden, Lillie Joyce Rose
2006-056   Bowden, Marvin
B-093Bowden, Vicie Richardson
B-141Bowen, Bessie Lee
2002-128ABowen, Charles Lamar
2002-128ABowen, Sheila Sue
B-084Bowers, Bernice Sears
2002-010   Bowers, Jim
B-110Bowie, Thurman Preston (Preacher)
B-118Bowles, Katherine Bristow
2002-139   Bowling, Jeff Wilson
B-025Bowling, Lunda Eula
B-047Bowling, Natalie (See Nevil, N-016)
B-016Bowman, Addie Fay
B-036Bowman, Ann F
2006-162   Bowman, Myrtle Richards
B-122Bowman, R L (Bo)
B-060Bowman, Robert W
B-135Box, Allene Weaver
B-128Box, Gaylord Young
2001-085   Box, Josephine Anthony
B-014Box, Zola Alice Aldene
B-023Boyanton, Vera Lee Ferguson Wilkins
B-025Boyd, A W (Doc)
B-150Boyd, Annie Claire
B-033Boyd, Annie Elva
B-049Boyd, Carolyn
B-070Boyd, Cleo Bell
2006-157   Boyd, Dollie Rudloff
2005-063   Boyd, Dorothy Lee
B-123Boyd, Flossie Jane Jones Thomas
B-044Boyd, Garland B
2004-049   Boyd, Golda Lee Rogers
B-049Boyd, Harve
B-076Boyd, Herman A
B-026Boyd, James D
2005-139   Boyd, James Ronnie
2004-186   Boyd, Jordas A
2001-012   Boyd, Lee
2003-095   Boyd, Leland M
B-130Boyd, Mabel E
2001-141   Boyd, Neta Jean
B-070Boyd, Neva Maude
B-119Boyd, Oleta Weaver
B-124Boyd, Ora Merle
B-076Boyd, Rose
B-064Boyd, Sibyl Inabnent
B-071Boyd, Tracy Renee
B-153Boydston, Jimmie L (Jim)
2006-110   Boyer, Beverly Ann
2000-023   Boyett, Ila
2002-159   Boykin, David
B-143Boykin, Gaston C
2006-173   Boykin, Gerry Slider
2004-124ABoyo, Archie E
B-134Boyt, Frances Irona
B-100Boyt, Herman Madison (Dynamo)
B-056Brackeen, Rita
2004-131   Bracken, Betty Lou
2000-066   Bracken, Larry Clifton
2005-055   Bradberry, Audrie Mae
2005-145   Bradberry, Harvey Aline
B-050Bradberry, J T (Jack)
2003-094   Braden, Dorothy Fae
2001-103   Bradford, Gladys Mae
B-045Bradford, Johnielu
B-049Bradfute, Decie N
B-002Bradfute, Marion Ed
B-027Bradley, Annie
2005-023   Bradley, Bernice
B-139Bradley, Beverly June
B-155Bradley, Bobby Charles
B-053Bradley, Doris Mozelle
B-008Bradley, Gladys Clary
B-033Bradley, Jeff
B-109Bradley, Mae
B-035Bradley, Miles
B-006Bradley, Mrs Edgar (Willo)
B-050Bradley, Ralph Emerson
B-064Bradley, Richard James, Jr
B-038Bradley, William Paul
B-127Bradshaw, Deborah Stone
B-045Bradshaw, Douglas L
2003-160   Bradshaw, McCoy (Mac)
B-062Bradshaw, Mildred
B-157Bradshaw, Taylor Bryanne
B-109Brady, Matthew Eric Thomas
B-061Braeuer, Donnie
B-085Braeutigam, Shelton
2006-154   Bragg, Margie
2004-108-09Bragg, Sondra Ann (Sonnie)
2004-051   Bragg, Willa Ione Sister
B-019Bramblett, Jerry Wayne
B-055Brame, Callie O
2000-119   Bramlet, Wilma Loiuse
B-007Bramlett, Beatrice
B-047Bramlett, Charles Don
B-135Bramlett, Charlsey Renfrow
2004-120   Bramlett, Clara Mae
B-067Bramlett, Earl
2000-136   Bramlett, Evelyn Hook
2005-080   Bramlett, Floice Loftin
2003-060   Bramlett, Frances Renfrow
B-074Bramlett, Mary R
B-028Bramlett, Maston Amesy (Mack)
2004-061   Bramlett, N H (Hack)
B-073Bramlett, Neva Adene (Barbee)
2001-097   Bramlett, William Lewis
2001-098   Bramlett, William Lewis
B-071Branch, Cody Louis
2002-040   Branch, Sharon Ruthanne
2003-081   Branch, Tommy Allen, Sr
B-017Branch, Walter Floyd
2001-106   Branch, Wanda Joyce
B-094Brand, Lou Etta
B-104Brandenburg, Krista
B-082Brandon, Arthur E
2000-091   Brandon, Crissie Alsup
B-126Brandon, Grace
B-093Brandon, James Larkin
B-005Brandon, Luther Preston
B-077Brandon, M C (Mac)
B-034Brandon, Velma (Dink)
B-150Brandt, Albert
B-108Brannan, Albert A
2005-030   Brannan, Charlie Wade, Sr
B-097Brannan, Katherine Gordon
B-120Brannan, Roy William, Jr
2001-163   Brannon, Betty
B-075Brannon, Deverle (Hoot)
B-042Brannon, Gary Wayne
B-148Brannon, John Lester, III
2000-047   Brans, Alatha E
B-029Branton, Fayth H
B-106Branum, Helen
B-080Branum, James A (Villa) (Slick)
B-074Branum, Robert Coleman
B-039Brashears, Wesly
2001-035   Brasuell, Una Wade
B-138Bratton, Capitola
2005-123   Bravo, Erika
B-054Brawley, Lola Rose
B-087Brawley, Vivian
B-078Brawley, Vollie Clark
B-036Bray, Harry Edward
2001-101   Brazell, George Elton
B-070Brazell, Glendell
2005-111   Brazell, Julia Ruby O'Dell
B-063Brazell, Wyma Elsie
B-068Braziel, John Spurgeon
2005-216   Braziel, Myrtle Jeanette (Perks)
B-128Breault, Dorothy (Sis) Mayo
B-081Breault, Medard A
B-018Breckinridge, Frances Naylor
B-029Bredberg, Thelma Creswell
2001-180   Brede, Marie A Connolly
B-101Brede, William G, Sr
B-100Breeding, Jessie Mae
2000-001   Brennam, Charles Dwayne
2005-008   Bresler, Joyce Evelyn
2000-077   Brevig, Hal A
2000-050   Brevig, Nellie
B-027Brewer, George Linn
2002-037   Brewer, Haston
2001-130   Brewer, Jeremy Lee
2004-156   Brewster, Mohlia Bertha
2003-152   Brice, Evelyn Maetta
2002-125   Bridges, Belle
2002-129   Bridges, Belle K
B-143Bridges, Doyle Lee
2000-028   Bridges, Elisabeth Lee McAnulty
B-094Bridges, James S
B-040Bridges, Mabel Tate
B-146Bridges, Rachel Thelma
2002-189   Bridges, Vera Vivian
2002-046   Bridges, W Howard
B-127Bridges, Wallace C
B-021Brigance, Joan Margaret (Peggy)
2002-049   Briggs, Christopher Todd
2002-052   Briggs, Christopher Todd
B-075Briggs, W D (Bill)
2004-125   Bright, Jason Ray
2006-198   Bright, Mary Ellen
2003-212   Bright, Nina M
B-084Bright, Roy Allan
B-087Bright, Sylvia N
B-155Brightman, Allean Bettis
B-066Brightman, Corinne
2005-054   Brightwell, Odie
B-030Briles, James A
B-154Briles, Ruth
B-043Brim, Julia
B-082Brinkley, Donna
B-037Brinkley, Lillian Keith
B-075Brinkley, Mildred
B-045Brinkmann, Ida Louise
2005-195   Brinson, Avis Luzelle
2006-088   Brinson, Clyde
B-005Brinson, Donal
B-147Brinson, Mattie Lou Layman
B-099Brinson, Neal
B-045Briones, Juan Moreno
2000-085   Bristow, Riley Albert
2006-190   Brite, Frances Evelyn
B-006Brite, John Gordon
2006-054   Britton, Bill
B-044Britton, Bobby Ray
2003-213   Britton, Martha Elizabeth
B-051Britton, Nellie F
B-077Broadwell, Carolyn C
B-029Brock, Ceaf R
B-001Brock, Clarence Spencer
B-094Brock, Glen
2004-078   Brock, Glynn E
B-002Brock, Lela Lee
B-107Brock, Lem
B-083Brock, Lillie M
B-047Brock, Margie
B-082Brock, Sheila
2006-028   Brock, Verna Irene
2006-029   Brock, Verna Irene
B-079Brock, Wilma E
B-152Brod, Mary Davidge Buck
B-054Brod, William R
2003-192   Brogdon, Angela Jo (Angie)
B-120Brogdon, Linde Raley
2003-108   Brokenbourgh, Dolores D
B-144Brokenbourgh, William James
B-038Bronniman, Michele Marie (Mickey)
B-098Brooks, Barbara
2006-044   Brooks, Bennie
B-014Brooks, Charles Lewis
2001-006   Brooks, Cheryl Suzanne
B-014Brooks, Clovis Laverne
B-097Brooks, Edd L
B-015Brooks, Edna
2004-167   Brooks, Felton Don
B-059Brooks, Frances Pauline
2002-103   Brooks, Jackie
B-045Brooks, James W
B-004Brooks, John O
B-052Brooks, Joseph W
2006-039   Brooks, Justin
B-045Brooks, M K (Red)
B-098Brooks, Makenzie Mariah
2003-042   Brooks, Naomi L
B-039Brooks, Neal Elizabeth
2000-073   Brooks, Raymond W
B-090Brooks, Russell Dillard
B-003Brooks, Virgie
B-004Brookshire, Bessie Grace
B-064Brothers, John P
B-022Brotherton, Hubert V
2001-066   Brotherton, Pauline Bills
2000-108   Brouckmeersch, Joseph Henry
2006-003   Broughton, Milton Eugene
B-029Broughton, Milton Leon
B-034Broughton, Opal
B-058Broumley, Laverne (Mully)
2006-121   Browder, Ann R
2000-076   Browder, Kathleen
2000-076   Browder, Marvin
2006-038   Brown, Ada Crank
2005-189   Brown, Alma Ruth
2005-190   Brown, Alma Ruth
2000-009   Brown, Alta D
B-151Brown, Andrew W
2001-106   Brown, Anne Barker
2005-139   Brown, Avo
2001-040   Brown, Ben Austin, Jr
2005-048   Brown, Bertie Louise
B-107Brown, Betty
B-102Brown, Beulah
B-035Brown, Billie (Stella)
B-132Brown, C H Sonny
B-041Brown, Cory Wayne
B-006Brown, Donnie Mae
B-076Brown, Dorothy B
B-042Brown, Dorothy Lavena
2003-189   Brown, Elbert Ray
B-066Brown, Elsie
2004-072   Brown, Elsie Marie
B-066Brown, Gary Doyle, Jr
2003-222   Brown, Gene
2003-223   Brown, Gene
B-015Brown, Hazel Laura
B-009Brown, Incie L
2006-139   Brown, Irene Mildred
B-153Brown, J Frank
B-077Brown, J Paschal
B-084Brown, J T (Jake)
B-081Brown, J W (Dub)
B-014Brown, James Albert (Jim)
B-015Brown, James Elwood (Bobby)
2003-112   Brown, James Tillman (Ticky)
2001-101   Brown, Jesse Doran
2003-147   Brown, Jo Ann
2001-049   Brown, Joe Boyd
B-092Brown, Joseph Ellie, III
B-023Brown, Justin Allen
B-030Brown, Kathleen
B-137Brown, Kenneth Keith
B-133Brown, Leland G
2002-002   Brown, Lonnie Gene (Todd)
B-060Brown, Lula
2000-132   Brown, Margaret Louise
B-081Brown, Marshall H (Bart)
B-079Brown, Mary Ellen
B-058Brown, Mary Louise
B-091Brown, Mary Lucille
B-140Brown, Mary Mildred
B-010Brown, Maud Latham
B-011Brown, Mrs (Dude)
B-139Brown, Nettie Maybell
B-104Brown, Opal Yarbrough
B-064Brown, Patsy Ann
2001-168   Brown, Ralph
B-100Brown, Rena Mae Benton
2003-116   Brown, Ruby Mae
B-131Brown, Sena Marie
2000-034   Brown, Sheldon Dale
2005-125   Brown, Teresa Ann
2002-125   Brown, Thelma J
B-014Brown, Thomas Watson
2005-156   Brown, Tom
B-103Brown, Verna (Babe)
B-030Brown, Virgil Clyde
2003-067   Brown, Virginia Merle Manning
B-040Brown, W N (Boone)
2006-129   Brown, Wanda Faye
2005-026   Brown, Wilbern Harold
B-035Browning, Angus Blake
2002-124   Browning, Beulah
B-116Browning, Calvin
B-122Browning, Ollie Mae
B-035Browning, Rex (Miss)
B-037Browning, Roy
2003-101   Browning, Vermont V
B-038Browning, Virgil J
2002-168   Brownlee, Barbara Ann
B-130Brownlee, Cecil
B-155Brownlee, Dayle
B-078Brownlee, Ella E
2002-097   Brownlee, Herman Earl
2005-065   Brownlee, Katie Pearl
B-110Brownlee, Mollie Angeline
2004-131   Brownlee, Nina May
B-149Brownlee, Olon F
B-101Broyles, Linda Northcutt
B-004Bruce, Cecil Lee
B-134Bruce, Elwanda V
B-053Bruce, Forrest T
2003-111   Bruce, Margaret Smith
B-002Bruce, Paul Marcus
B-146Bruce, Paula Vern
B-056Bruce, Sylvia D
2006-096   Bruce, Truman Samuel
B-112Bruce, William H (Chicken)
2001-158   Brumbalow, Shirley Henson
B-142Brumbelow, A N (Jack)
B-115Brumbelow, Leola
2003-070   Brumbelow, Merle Cliftine
B-005Brumfield, Elmer B
B-071Brumfield, Sidney R
B-145Brummett, Lucille Eloise Anderson
2003-136   Brummett, Ovee Hartwell
B-096Brummett, Ruby Lee
B-031Brummett, Woodword Petty
B-025Brune, Robert Lee
B-121Bruner, Joyce Frances
B-083Bruner, Laoma
2001-093   Bruno, Tifani Denea
2003-204   Bruns, Ralph D
B-068Brush, Rose Lee
B-114Brush, W C
B-021Bruton, Eva Pearl
B-114Bryan, A J
2006-186   Bryan, Alonzo Jr
B-032Bryan, Anise May
B-028Bryan, Beth Nannie
2002-069   Bryan, Doosie H
B-041Bryan, Edna
2002-014   Bryan, Louise Hancock
2005-014   Bryan, Weita Mae
B-159Bryant, Ada Fern
2004-127ABryant, Anita
2004-127BBryant, Anita
2000-120   Bryant, Cleta Fanning
2000-120   Bryant, Cleta Fanning
2002-064   Bryant, Dana
B-129Bryant, David W
B-004Bryant, Estell
B-148Bryant, Eula V
2004-127A        Bryant, Henry
2004-127B        Bryant, Henry
2000-008   Bryant, Herman Alvin
B-024Bryant, Kathleen Lucille Tunnell
2004-149   Bryant, Leona
B-136Bryant, Maudie C
2003-122   Bryant, Troy, Sr
2004-050   Bryant, Velvet Fletcher
2002-077   Bryant, William F
B-068Bryson, Arthur Neal
2006-032   Buchanan, Hazel Walker
2001-048   Buchanan, Mary Frances Wilson
B-009Buchanan, Reba
2001-152   Buchanan, Travis
B-059Buchanan, Trula Jackson
B-011Buchanan, Zera Juanita
2000-081   Buckmaster, George W, Jr
2006-003   Bufe, Brad Eugene
2006-002   Buffe, Brad Eugene
B-073Buke, Nelda
B-032Bull, James William
B-032Bull, Warren Hudson
B-008Bullard, Bertha Julia Lavada
B-125Bullard, Bobby Joe
2002-003   Bullard, C M (Mitch)
B-071Bullard, Charleta Faye
2005-092   Bullard, Delyghte (Britt)
B-017Bullard, Gail Bryant
B-075Bullard, Gaston Marshall
2001-160   Bullard, Jewell Thomas
2003-024   Bullard, Juanita Maye
B-069Bullard, Justin Ed
B-009Bullard, Justin, Jr
2006-019   Bullard, Pauline Wallace
B-061Bullard, Redmond Wesley (Slim)
2000-176   Bullard, Robert Thelston Jr
B-080Bullard, Tracy Unice
B-120Bullard, Virginia
B-013Bullard, Wilma Ophelia Oxley (Willie)
B-133Bullard, Windle Ray
2005-133   Bulloch, D E
B-112Bulloch, Vera Cora Williams
2005- 183  Bullock, Scott Reed
2006-115   Bulman, Christine S
2006-118   Bulman, Christine S
2005-012   Bumgardner, Cleo
2005-013   Bumgardner, Cleo
2004-121   Bumgardner, Harry Lee
2005-174   Bumgardner, Tina
B-090Bunch, Edgel (Poppy)
B-002Bunch, Jesse D
2005-004   Bunch, Ouida
B-030Bunch, Ramon
2001-121   Bundy, Carol Jones
2003-135   Bundy, Mary Ella
B-081Bundy, Patricia Dianne
B-093Bundy, Stanton Schofield, Jr
B-021Bunnell, Clyde H
B-005Bunnell, John W
B-036Bunnell, Marie
B-110Bunting, Jane
2000-002   Bunting, Larry Lanoy
2003-078   Buorne, Tommie Dee
2003-171   Burch, Leroy
B-108Burcham, Mary Trantham
2001-128   Burdell, Luther Andrew
B-018Burden, Arthur Herman
B-004Burden, Gladys Clark
2001-115   Burden, J W
B-046Burden, Luther Truman
B-049Burden, Max Jones
2006-116   Burden, Peggy Joe
B-041Burden, Ruth Charlyn Malone
B-044Burden, Susan Holder
B-040Burden, Thomas Wayne
2002-012   Burdett, Dorothy Mae
B-003Burdett, George Troy
B-121Burdett, Henry Andrew
B-141Burdett, Myrtle Irene
B-054Burdette, Herman Lee
2002-041   Burdette, Hollis Ray
2005-162   Burdette, Mildred Lavell
B-093Burdette, Myrl
B-048Burdette, Wilma Jo
B-035Burg, Christopher Allan
2004-024   Burg, Hazel Mildred Murdoch
2004-047   Burg, Marcus Felix
B-089Burgan, Irene Lackey
2001-118   Burgan, Iva Lou
B-112Burgan, Joyce Rae Lowe
B-002Burgan, Oma Alexander
2006-054   Burger, Anthony John
2000-025   Burgess, Jorsey Lee
2004-073   Buris, Lindel Wayne
B-122Burk, Deward Burl
2003-104   Burk, Joyce Foster
2005-164   Burk, Ruth Louise
B-017Burke, Jimmy Lee
B-096Burke, Katherine M
B-104Burke, Rusty
2006-121   Burke, Sharon Lynn
B-107Burke, Virginia Jean
B-065Burkeen, Alta Byrd
B-094Burkes, Toby Glen
2005-131   Burks, Clara Edith
2002-075   Burks, Daryl B
B-128Burks, Elizabeth Edna
2005-035   Burks, Gaylord (Red)
B-069Burks, Gus L
B-072Burks, Helen D
B-158Burks, James Burton (Jim)
B-085Burks, Kennith Earl
B-038Burks, Lloyd
B-036Burks, Narlene Joyce Powers
B-067Burks, Ouida (Deed)
B-138Burks, Voncille Alston
B-032Burleson, Alice
B-078Burleson, Harold Lloyd
B-159Burleson, Ima Lee
B-087Burleson, Jack
B-067Burleson, John E
2001-094   Burleson, Marilyn W
B-098Burleson, Tommie Lee
2006-004   Burlison, Gary
2005-099   Burlseson, Kenneth Myron
B-158Burnes, Jewell Marie
2000-169   Burnett, Bertie Allene
B-112Burnett, F R (Bro)
2005-057   Burnett, Robert Dale
B-007Burnette, Clinton Earl (Dad)
B-118Burney, Jimmie Mae
B-108Burney, L M
B-052Burney, Violet Mae
B-093Burns, Dulsie Islda
B-137Burns, Leocadia Helen
2002-129   Burns, Lillian McCoy
2005-163   Burns, Linda Joan
2003-019   Burns, Paul James
2006-194   Burns, Tommy Dean
2000-127   Burns, Vera Mae
2002-014   Burris, J W
2000-030   Burris, James W
B-038Burris, Vera
B-035Burrows, Caroline Adams
B-088Burrows, Ettie Ellen
B-025Bursby, Jean Carr
2003-028   Burt, Fannie Reese
2003-220   Burt, William Lee
2001-025   Burton, Bob
B-063Burton, Guy Edward
B-126Busby, Annie May
B-149Busby, Vernon Everett
2003-014   Bush, Jerry Alvis
B-009Bush, Joyce Katherine
2004-082   Bush, U E (Gene)
2002-043   Buskirk, Paul
2002-044BBuskirk, Paul Francis
B-040Bussell, Loyl (Jack)
B-157Butcher, Reginald W
B-034Buth, John
B-033Buth, Neta
B-013Butler, Beatrice P
2002-015   Butler, Bryan (Pops)
B-109Butler, C D
B-056Butler, Carroll O (Cob)
B-037Butler, Charlie
B-036Butler, Cletis
B-070Butler, Hattie Susan
B-123Butler, Ileta Joseph
2002-058   Butler, James Thomas (J T)
B-054Butler, John Frank
B-140Butler, Joyce
B-059Butler, Margaret Vivi-Ann
2000-104   Butler, Mary Orr
B-083Butler, Michael C
B-101Butler, Noble Glendale
2002-039   Butler, Opal
B-058Butler, Pearlene
B-077Butler, Sarah Cordelia
2002-100   Butler, Wade
B-115Butler, Winnie
B-061Butte, George Mitchell
B-098Button, Francis Paul
2003-139   Button, Lula Patton
B-048Button, Virginia Jane
B-029Buzzo, Pam Lumsden
B-042Bybee, Elmer
2006-145   Byler Nelma Jo
2003-014   Byler, Marion
2004-085   Bynum, Joe Douglas
2004-086   Bynum, Joe Douglas
B-046Byrd, Billy Joe
B-087Byrd, Cecil
B-066Byrd, Christopher William
B-145Byrd, Glen Aubrey
B-043Byrd, J C
B-150Byrd, Jackie Marlon
B-031Byrd, James Lee (Jim)
B-091Byrd, Jewel Chandler
B-139Byrd, John Ross
2002-078   Byrd, Leatha Corina (Rowe)
2002-145   Byrd, Monroe Taylor
B-017Byrd, Sherri Marina
B-079Byrd, W L (Leslie)
2006-114   Byrd, Willie Mae "Jackie"
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