Erath County Texas Obituaries
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Erath County Texas Obituaries, A

We indexed 14,684 obituaries for folks connected to Erath County, Texas. Area genealogist Marilyn Ewers dedicated years to collecting these files. They are provided through this site with permission from the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.  Obituaries generally start in the mid-1980s, but there are a few from earlier years. All years through 31 December 2006 have been consolidated into alphabetical lists by the first letter of the surname.
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A-043Aardal, Robert
A-047Aaron, Pearl E (Green)
A-043Abbey, Dorothy
2001-115   Abbey, Nita
A-027Abbott, TiTi
A-029Abel, Ben H
A-001Abel, Dorothy
A-025Abel, George Herman
A-047Abell, Morain Lanham
A-024Abels, Mason Chance
2001-080   Abels, Ruby Rebecca
A-037Abels, Verna Lee
A-028Abercrombie, Ferrell
A-018Abercrombie, Maurice
A-010Abernathy, Addie
A-028Abernathy, Jack Ellon
A-003Abernathy, Melvin Floyd
A-011Abernethy, Vada
2003-043  Ables, Carroll Dean (Dink)
2003-065  Ables, Dean (Dink)
2003-070  Ables, Dean (Dink)
2006-130  Ables, Jimmy Wayne
A-033Ables, Lizzie Eunice
2001-081  Ables, Matthew Stewart
A-035Ables, Nora Alice
A-054Ables, Opal Lee
A-021Ables, Steven Ray
2005-143  Ables, Vernon Edwards
A-043Acevedo, Consuela
A-058Acevedo, Ramona Constancio
2003-036  Acker, Jean Hooks
A-014Ackerman, Florence Shirley
A-005Adair S B (Pete)
A-021Adair, Ruby Powell
A-019Adams, Arvil
2006-131  Adams, Carmen Clarisse
A-050Adams, Cherie Helen-Louise
A-020Adams, Clyde
2006-115  Adams, D R (Sonny)
A-058Adams, Delma Jones
A-017Adams, Dessie
A-035Adams, Doyle
2005-224  Adams, Elbert Lyn
2002-121  Adams, Gayle Darwin
A-052Adams, Idella Farrar
A-020Adams, Iva Arizona
2006-104  Adams, James Eason
2004-073  Adams, Julia Wenonah
2005-173  Adams, Kenneth James
A-037Adams, Lona Ann
2003-073  Adams, Margie Fay
A-041Adams, Marjorie Lea
A-030Adams, Mark Tod
A-040Adams, Mary Erma
A-050Adams, Mary Oliva
A-053Adams, Mattie Ella
A-013Adams, Newton
A-058Adams, Nina M
A-033Adams, Raymond Tull
A-028Adams, Ruby L
A-004Adams, Steven Eugene
A-024Adams, Thomas Bate
2006-102  Adams, Wiley W "Babe"
2004-044  Adan, Armando A
A-033Adcock, Bertha
2001-143  Adcock, Billie L
A-047Adcock, Bonnie Mae Lewis
A-048Adcock, Helen Z
A-016Adcock, Jack E
2001-105  Adcock, Lucille
2003-181  Adcock, Mike
A-034Adcock, R J, Jr
2006-001  Adcock, Richard Harold
A-043Adcock, Roy
A-019Addison, Kenna
A-006Addison, Nancy Ann
2004-134  Addison, R W
2002-011  Addison, Raymond Nathaniel
A-028Adkins, Peggy
A-013Adkison, Callie Etta
A-011Adkison, Eunice S
A-049Adkison, Grady Leon
A-007Adkison, Ila
A-004Adkison, Kenneth Orvil
A-012Adkison, L F (Mike)
A-006Adkison, Ruby Bell
A-010Adkison, Travis Deacon
A-016Adkison, William James
2004-125  Agee, Ralph
2004-126  Agee, Ralph
2003-023  Aguilar, Irma
2003-193  Aguilar, Rosa
A-038Aguirre, Brandy Gene Deiterman
A-034Ahluwalia, Nanda
A-011Aikman, Melvin Ivy
2006-145  Ainsworth, Greg
2000-143  Ake, Dustin Tyrell (Dusty)
A-016Akers, Addie V
A-035Akers, Aurelia
A-059Akers, William L (Bill)
A-025Akey, Virgil
2001-135  Akin, Dora Mae
2004-127  Akin, Norvell Nathan
A-009Akin, Willard Henry
2000-096  Akins, L G
A-023Akins, Ruth Clementine Orr
A-026Albers, Bilie Gordon
A-044Albert, Victor Henry
2003-012  Albrecht, Hugo (H C)
2002-026  Albrecht, Nell (Ball)
2004-096  Albrecht, Winnell
A-038Albright, John
A-023Albritton, Lottie
A-039Alderman, Emmit
A-045Alderman, Tonnie Mae
2000-144  Aldridge, Don
2006-025  Aleman, Julia Silvas
A-005Alexander, Albert Cornelius
A-023Alexander, Alonzo III
A-056Alexander, Amy Morris
A-012Alexander, Andrew Newell (Punch)
A-055Alexander, Audrey Louise
A-020Alexander, Bertha Mae (Daffern)
A-021Alexander, Bob K
A-017Alexander, Carrie Koonsman
A-012Alexander, Charles R (Dink) Jr
2003-184  Alexander, Deana Gaile
A-003Alexander, Edith
A-058Alexander, Eunice
A-015Alexander, Geneva Cline
A-009Alexander, Grace Robbins
A-007Alexander, Guy C
A-013Alexander, Harvey
A-016Alexander, Ileta
A-022Alexander, James Elton
A-025Alexander, Jewell Odessa
2002-068  Alexander, Joe
A-016Alexander, John Richard
A-014Alexander, Jossie Belle
A-002Alexander, Kim
2003-058  Alexander, Lee
A-011Alexander, Lotena
A-039Alexander, Mildred
A-003Alexander, Orval Lee
A-024Alexander, Raymond L
A-038Alexander, Rhoda Hamilton
A-057Alexander, Stephen Earl
A-008Alexander, Thurman T
2000-119  Alexander, Velma Inez Kennedy
A-004Alexander, Verla Mae
A-006Alexander, Wanda Williams
A-018Allcock, Billy Ray, Jr
2006-097  Allen, Alice Sue
A-043Allen, Argeree
2002-022  Allen, Aubrey
A-046Allen, Aza Lee
A-028Allen, Ben F (Buddy)
2005-027  Allen, Berna Dean
A-012Allen, Bertha
A-018Allen, Beulah Ann
A-014Allen, Bob
A-048Allen, Bonita
A-017Allen, Boyd Earl
A-038Allen, Cathy Ann
A-026Allen, Edna Gaston
A-001Allen, Esther
2004-034  Allen, Flore
2005-064  Allen, Frank Coit
A-055Allen, Helen
A-027Allen, J B
A-026Allen, Jack E
2005-197  Allen, James T
2000-020  Allen, Jewel Kelly
A-031Allen, John M
A-019Allen, L G (Slick)
A-022Allen, Lloyd M
2003-127  Allen, Lu Fulcher
A-026Allen, Lucille Alexander
A-040Allen, Maggie Lee
A-039Allen, Mark Joseph
2004-055  Allen, Mary Evergreen Roberson
2005-033  Allen, May Louise Durham
2000-024  Allen, Naomi
2006-190  Allen, Noble Grant
A-016Allen, O G
A-032Allen, Odie Lee
A-004Allen, Oletha
A-022Allen, Paul
A-036Allen, Reta Ida
A-036Allen, Ricky
A-024Allen, Rockne Shawn
A-010Allen, Roy Joe
2000-146  Allen, Sadie
A-029Allen, Stephen
2005-135  Allen, Stephen Eugene
2005-027  Allen, Virginia N
A-036Allgood, Lola Mae
A-011Allison, Albert Lewis
2005- 183 Allison, Billy Winn
A-037Allison, Claud B
A-008Allison, D E
2004-156  Allison, Dianna Lou
A-015Allison, Don Forrest
2006-050  Allison, Loreta Pearl
2003-019  Allison, Nela Belle
A-057Allison, Ophelia H
2002-130 Allison, V C Brett
A-042Allison, Wallace Delman
A-007Allmon, May
A-059Alloggio, Betsy Pitman
A-013Allred, Jimmie Lynn
A-019Allred, John C
A-036Allred, Obie S
A-020Allred, Robert D
2001-085  Allsup, Melba A James
2004-121  Allsup, Robert Meadors
2003-220  Almonrode, Robert W
A-006Alsop, Mathew Charles
A-026Alsup, Odessa
2003-121  Altaras, Leon
A-050Alvarez, Mike
A-040Amaro, Jesus J (Sam)
A-050Amaro, Josephine B
2006-049-50Ames, John Edward
A-054Ammons, Estle G
A-032Ammons, R C
A-059Amos, Thelma
2003-057AAnaya, Esequiel, Jr
2004-109  Anderberg, Joyce Wyanell Luckie
A-027Anders, Anthony Wayne (Tony)
A-037Anders, Doretha
A-019Anders, Eugene Ezra
2002-145  Anders, Faye Pauline (Polly)
A-051Anders, Jack Tomas
2004-114  Anders, Omer (Don)
A-041Anderson, Arris F
A-053Anderson, Aubrey
2005-172  Anderson, Billie Pearl
A-044Anderson, Birma Evans
A-055Anderson, Bob
2004-074  Anderson, Clarence Eugene (Gene)
A-024Anderson, Clyde
A-056Anderson, Cora Lea Garrison
A-004Anderson, Dan
A-018Anderson, Dennie Broyles
A-045Anderson, Donald Wilks
2004-185  Anderson, Doris
A-010Anderson, Eddie
A-005Anderson, Estelle
A-015Anderson, Euphia Ann
2005-061  Anderson, Floyd Weldon
2000-027  Anderson, Fred
2003-211  Anderson, Garry M
2001-075  Anderson, Gertrude B
2000-012  Anderson, Greg
A-004Anderson, Harvey N
2001-030  Anderson, Hazel Little
A-027Anderson, Hubert C (Cheesie)
A-013Anderson, Ilene C
A-054Anderson, Jerry
2005-079  Anderson, Jessie H
A-001Anderson, John Franklin
2003-163  Anderson, Joyce (Stephens)
2004-131  Anderson, Juanita
2001-155  Anderson, Kerry Kay
2001-101  Anderson, Larry Charles
A-017Anderson, Lillie Mignon
A-018Anderson, Lloyd (Andy)
A-048Anderson, Lola
2003-005  Anderson, Louella Lane
A-009Anderson, Louis
A-009Anderson, M J
A-039Anderson, Mattie (Veda)
A-046Anderson, Milton
A-052Anderson, Myra Dean
2003-114  Anderson, Nancy Vance
2005-068  Anderson, Nelda Hubbard
A-023Anderson, Pearl Pribble
A-029Anderson, R J (Cotton)
A-030Anderson, Ralph Corbit
2005-034  Anderson, Rita
A-044Anderson, Robert Lee (Bob)
2001-005  Anderson, Rothwell Melvin (Rocky)
2003-149  Anderson, Roy Dalton (Andy)
2003-150  Anderson, Ruby Jean
A-023Anderson, Thurman
A-035Anderson, Vida
A-031Anderson, W B (Bill)
2001-080  Anderson, Willard Prockley Jr
2000-113  Anderson, William (Dink)
A-021Anderson, Wynama
A-015Andreatta, Mary Reck
A-051Andress, Garland
A-035Andress, Thelma Bernice Chupp
2001-102  Andress, Weldon A
A-055Andrews, D C
2002-070  Andrews, Kathleen
A-017Andrews, Leroy
2005-039  Andrews, Maxine
2005-041  Andrews, Maxine
A-006Andrews, Sid
A-003Angell, Louise Bryan
A-045Anglin, Curtis W
2005-211  Anguiano, Enrique, III
A-034Anthony, Boyd Hamilton
A-049Anthony, Stella Card
A-009Antoine, Hugh, Sr
2003-093  Apple, Doris
A-022Apple, Elvin Henry
A-008Apple, Francis
2002-076  Apple, Sherman
A-020Apple, Waylen
A-022Appleby, David Graham
2005-208  Appleby, Geraldine Ella Burden
2002-005  Aranda, Maria
A-046Arant, Minnie Ola
A-024Archer, Ila Katherine (Mema)
A-054Archer, Joy
A-053Archer, Marie
A-010Archie, Kyle
A-058Archie, Lounell
A-001Arendell, Homer Clifford
A-028Arendell, Joe Paul
A-057Armes, Woodson C (Dr)
A-029Armour, Dameon Lamont
A-027Arms, Edward Ray
A-010Arms, Jessie James
A-041Arms, Josie
A-037Arms, Mildred Deloris
A-035Armstrong, Ida M
2006-045  Armstrong, Alice H
2005-156  Armstrong, Bessie
A-034Armstrong, Charlsie Teresa
2005-035  Armstrong, Dale T
A-042Armstrong, Floyd Houston
A-027Armstrong, Grace
A-021Armstrong, Irene Agnes
A-056Armstrong, Jacob C
A-032Armstrong, James Early (Jimmie)
A-003Armstrong, Jewell
A-024Armstrong, Lois B
2000-032  Armstrong, Lowell R
A-025Armstrong, Loyd Lester
2002-045  Armstrong, Morene
2003-130  Armstrong, Robert Edward (Bob)
2001-003  Armstrong, Roy Lee
A-034Armstrong, Teresa
A-051Armstrong, Wayne Eldred
2005-088  Armstrong, William E (Bill)
A-031Armstrong, William Wade
A-004Armstrong, Worley Dee
A-031Arndt, Bill
2003-148  Arnett, Russell Garrett (Red)
2002-113  Arnette, Leslie Dowell (Dow)
A-053Arnold, Annie B
A-001Arnold, Claud Earnest
2000-147  Arnold, Clayton Gene, Jr
2001-161  Arnold, Floyd E
A-005Arnold, Gladys Marie
A-012Arnold, Gordon
A-017Arnold, Heather
2001-177  Arnold, Kathleen
A-031Arnold, Larry Gordon
2001-053  Arnold, Linda
2000-010  Arnold, Robert Jack
A-056Arnold, Tommy Joe
2003-096  Arrant, Barbara Joyce
A-012Arrant, Betty Davis
2000-131Arreguin, Pedro Medina
2001-149  Arreola, Pedro
A-013Arrien, Phillip Felix
A-052Arrington, Bobby Ray
A-015Arrington, Nellie Gould Burks
2004-098  Arrington, Roy Robert
A-014Arrowsmith, Bessie Clementine
2006-076-77      Arteaga, Luciana Rubio
2004-034  Arther, Obera Alma
2002-085  Arthur, Alda Jane
A-026Arthur, Jack
A-042Arthur, Joe
A-039Arthur, Lela Mae
A-040Arthur, Louise
A-030Arthur, Paul
2005-125  Ary, Ron
A-059Asbury, Edward
A-037Asbury, Sandra J (Graham)
A-029Ascanio, Rosa Maria
A-022Ascencio, Jesus
A-056Ascue, Albert Aslee
2003-123  Ascue, Marguerite Tidwell
A-023Ascue, Wanda Colleen
A-006Ascue, Woodrow Wilson
2003-126  Ash, Joe W
A-003Ash, Minnie
A-050Ash, Roy Lee
A-048Ashby, Ruth Lillian
2000-048  Ashford, Ervin Alvin
2006-110  Ashford, Paul Arthur
A-011Ashley, Drusilla Ora
2004-066  Asmus, James B (Jim)
A-025Aston, Gracie Lee
A-033Atchison, Barbara Horrell
2001-069  Atchison, Ora Mae
A-030Atchley, Bertha Mae
A-018Atchley, Iva Myrtle
A-007Atheron, Woodroe Curtis
A-033Atkins, Artis
A-005Atkins, Clara
2002-174  Atkins, Eva Faye
A-032Atkins, Mabel Claire
A-013Atkins, Milton
A-032Atkinson, Odessa
2004-117    Atnip, Ursula E (Czada)
A-052Ator, Donald W, Sr (Don)
A-035Ator, Garland N
2000-103  Atwood, Anna Louise Ricketts
A-025Ausland, Linda Sheryl Rasberry
2004-183  Austin, Beedie Teressa Holt
2005-081  Austin, Culver
A-006Austin, Ethel P
A-008Austin, J Bryan, Jr
A-009Austin, Joe
2006-194  Austin, William G
2006-030  Auten, Marshall
2000-081  Autrey, M D
A-039Autrey, William L
A-015Autry, Gerald E
2005-174  Autry, Joseph W
2005-175  Autry, Joseph W
A-049Auvenshine, Clara Elizabeth
2003-026  Auvenshine, Grady
A-055Auvenshine, Mabel P
2006-183  Auvenshine, Mernell
A-003Avalos, Leah Rochelle
A-045Averhoff, Wil
2002-052  Averhoff, William
2002-175  Averitt, Louise
A-008Avila, John
A-044Aycock, Ivan Estes
A-046Aycok, Lou Etta Belcher
A-022Ayers, Andrea Dawn
2004-006-7Ayers, Waldine DeVoy Buchanan
A-007Aymond, Merke J
A-038Aymond, Shirley
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